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Lou's Reviews :: Collection 2000 vs Urban Decay

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As many of you will know, I am an avid fan of Lauren Luke (Panancea81) and her YouTube Makeup Tutorials.

In the last few, I have noticed she has used a Collection 2000 pressed eyeshadow in 'Frosting'. Seeing as Collection 2000 is so affordable (this 'Colour Intense Solo' eyeshadow is only £1.99), I decided to pick one up and give it a whirlybird. For £1.99 I wasn't expecting amazingness, I would have been happy with average but this little beauty has turned out to be a total gem!!

As with most white shadows, I use this on the inner corner of my eye to brighten or under the brow bone to highlight. It is a silvery white shade with teensy weensy finely milled silver sparkles- loves it!

I would compare this product to the Urban Decay single pressed eyeshadow in 'Polyester Bride'. Polyester Bride is also a silvery white colour with teensy weensy silver glitter flecks, except this product retails at around the £13 mark. Hmmm.

I have used both shadows in the same way (inner eye corners and as highlighters) and can honestly say that I prefer the more affordable, Collection 2000 shadow as the colour payoff is more vivid and it has a more silky feel. Keeerrrrazzy when you look at the price difference!

 This isn't to say I don't like my UD shadows, I luurrvve them, I'm just pleased when I can find something just as good (if not a bit better) for a fraction of the price.

Both have good lasting power, are easy to remove and blend well- super.

Packaging-wise I prefer the Collection 2000 one again, as it is a lot more compact and I have never been a fan of the Urban Decay singles. The grey plastic compact feels really cheap and bleaugh to me, which is surprising considering how beautiful and gorgeous all their palettes are.

Lesson to be learnt- It doesn't always pay to be a cosmetics snob and sometimes the cheaper brands are winners. Do you know of any product dupes like this? Tell me tell me!




  1. From that swatch, it looks like the Collection one is better and wouldnt need to be built upon. For £1.99 really good bargain!

  2. The collection 2000 one looks so much creamier! Such a fab find! Will have to have a good luck at this next time I'm in Boots! :)

    Great post.

  3. Can't believe how much better the collection 2000 one looks in the swatch! great dupe!


  4. wow the collection 2000 one looks great. I've been looking for a good eyebrow highlighter for ages and I think you may have just found me one :)
    Please check out my blog as I have started blogging again :) Its lacking at the mo but I'm working on it!

    Stacey x


  6. The Collection 2000 one looks way better and less "dusty". I shall definitely go check out the other items to go alongside this glorious lipgloss that I refuse to show you ;) xxxx

  7. Wow it looks like such a good dupe for such a cheap price! I always like checking up cheaper items because sometimes you can find some really great stuff!

  8. Wow. UD's Polyester Bride looks so chalky! I hate the UD eyeshadow packaging!

  9. The Collection 2000 colour is absolutely gorgeous, need to check out their colours.
    Great post :) x

  10. Wow I love that collection 2000 colour, it looks better than the UD one. I have to agree with you on not being a makeup snob sometimes, I used to be a big makeup snob before reading beauty blogs and seeing some of the awesome products out there at a fraction of the cost of HE brands.

  11. I like it a lot that you prefer and outwardly say that you prefer the cheaper one. x hivennn. p.s enter my giveaway?

  12. I love the h&m brand lipglosses as a sub for any lipgloss on the market! They are a bit sticky but they stay on for ages and have beautiful colours! x

  13. wow! thats really interesting, i dont have an urban decay eyeshadwo but i always thaught that the pakaging was aluminium or something! this was good well donee :)


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