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Pregnancy Update- 29 Weeks Pregnant

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I'm 29 weeks/7 months pregnant now and feel reealllllyyy big! I keep looking back at my summer holiday or wedding photos and struggling to believe I was pregnant even then- I feel like I've been pregnant FOREVER.

There's lots to tell but to make it a little easier, I'll categorise (you seeeee, I'm starting my organising resolution early!).


I have a big bump and am living in my maternity jeans and leggings, something I will be sad to give up. I am suffering with really acute sporadic pelvis pain, which I'm told is sciatica. It's where the ligaments in your pelvis stretch a bit too early and it HURTS! It hasn't flared up much this last few days so I'm enjoying the reprieve!

I've also been having a really horrid acidic throat type thing which sometimes makes me think I'm going to be sick, but then I'm not- anyone know what this is or how I can sooth it?

Fortunately, those are my only 2 big gripes. Obviously I have all the usual complaints like needing the loo a lot, stretch marks and breathlessness but those are par for the course and I don't mind.

On the very, very up side, I feel her kicking SO MUCH. Sometimes she kicks so hard you can actually see it from the outside, like a little alien! I love knowing she's having a little squirm and when she does it I wonder what sort of movements she'll make when she's out in the big wide world. 

(My bump on Christmas Day)

Everyone Else:

Matt has been great. He is really fascinated when she kicks and often strokes my bump and says hello. He fetches me drinks, my laptop, snacks, cooks dinners, everything! Woop woop!

I'm trying to prepare him for being a birthing partner because I'm nervous that he'll freak out and not cope with me screaming at him, and yes, I will be screaming at him. I'm not one for doing things gracefully or quietly!

People have been really generous and given us lots of baby things. The in-laws paid for our goorrrggeeouuss Silver Cross pram. It's not the ye olde fashioned Mary Poppins type, but a modern wonder in grey and pink. Shall I take some snaps and show you?

My Dad and Stepmum bought us a camcorder for Christmas so that we could film all the precious moments, we're even going to film the birth! Not from the business end though- urgh.

My Auntie has given us a steriliser, my other Aunties loads of baby shoes and clothes and my other Auntie bibs and cuddly toys- she's well kitted out! My Grandma has been on a knitting mission and knitted all sorts of things :)

My next midwife appointment is on the 4th and I'm really looking forward to it because I get to hear her heartbeat every time I go now, it sounds like she's saying "wow wow wow wow wow wow wow". :)

Hmmmmmmmmm I'm not sure what else to update you on, but if you have any questions, let me know and I'll be sure to answer.




  1. aww..I bet you can't wait to see the little wonder..! =)
    hope you stay strong and happy in your pregnancy times ^^
    ps: I've never been pregnant before, but I heard if you feel like vomiting, eating sweets or anything sour-ish (like oranges) could help..well, I'm not quite sure what type of acidic feel you're saying..but I only know one type of feeling sick and that's what I do..=D

  2. Being pregnant really suits you, you look stunning! Bet you can't wait to have your little girl in your arms :)
    Belle xx

  3. Aww, you look so happy and healthy :)
    My neice is pregnant atm and she was getting the acid sickness thing. Someone recommended to her to sleep with lots of pillows, supporting your shoulders so you kinda sleep sitting up. It helped her a bit :)

  4. The feeling in your throat could be heartburn, it's really common in pregnancy. Just as how relaxation causes you backpain, the valve stopping acid coming into your throat relaxes during pregnancy so doesn't work at well! Stuff like Gaviscon is safe during pregnancy so maybe give that a shot?

    Congratulations, to use the cliche, you really are glowing! :)

  5. Heyy, drinking milk works wonders for indigestion, better than any amount of rennies or anything else, thats what I found anyway. Love the pic of you on xmas day with ur bump, ya look gorge :) :) xxx

  6. Aww congrats, you look great!
    I'm just coming 4 months pregnant, hoping the sickness stops soon! x

  7. Gorgeous bump!

    The throat thing sounds like acid reflux, worth going to dr. about as I imagine they'll suggest Gaviscon after meals (neutralises the acid and stops it happening in the first place) and as you're pregnant you can get free prescriptions which should save you quite a bit!


  8. You really do have that gorgeous preg. glow! Love the cardigan you're wearing, where is it from?


  9. I want to see a picture of your pram! :) it sounds gorgeous.

    You look stunning, I want a baby!! xxx

  10. i'd love to see pictures of the pram :) (typical girly girl lol)
    glad everything's going well for you xx

  11. Love your bump. I'm 21 weeks pregnant and also expecting a baby girl. Cant wait til we get into our new house then I can start buying baby things!

  12. aww such a nice post! Im so excited for you. I don't have any children, but my brother has two, Alfie and Scarlett, and they are the most gorgeous 'things' on earth.

  13. I'm 25 weeks and have horrible acid reflux, I had it before I was pregnant too but my tricks are laying on my left side when I sleep (this reduces the amount of acid that can build up) and drinking some milk. If it is really bad the doctors can give you meds to prevent the acid from building. Good luck!

  14. Come visit me in Lush when you can lovely!

    As for acidic throat thing: Acid Reflux. It's the bane of my existance, I get it regularly and thus far I haven't found anyway to cope with it. Gaviscon is the only thing that comes to mind if the heartburn / acid reflux is really getting bad.


  15. Wow, you really suit being pregnant and look absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad to hear everything is going so smoothly - my mum had the same acidic throat thingy and swore by Gaviscon (I'm not kidding when I say she used to drink it periodically straight from the bottle) :)

    Sounds like Matt is a good man to have around! Lookin forward to future updates ♥

  16. I had heartburn/reflux really badly with my daughter, I used to drink Gaviscon from the bottle and the Dr prescribed me Ranitidine which helped loads x


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