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Blog Event :: Look Beauty

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Last night I attended the super swishness that was the Look Beauty event. Do you want to hear about it? Then read on oh chummy.

The beauty brains at Look magazine have put their glossy haired heads together and come up with a fabulous beauty range, comprising of over 100 beauty products ranging from nail polish to palettes, lashes to lipstick duos. It has something for everyone.

We were all given fabulous goodie bags and I was mightily impressed with this cute card. Trust me to pick that as my favourite thing! Haha! No, no, my favourite thing was actually this popsicle pink lipstick. More on that later.

With 32 nail varnish colours to choose from, whether you're a girlie girl or a gothic girl, you'll find your shade.

I love this shade, it reminds me of an Illamasqua one from last year, except £4 is much more managable than the £13ish that one was!

A little snap shot of the very reasonable prices. Even the huge interchangeable eyeshadow palettes were only £15. Also, £2 from every sale (which is A LOT) will go to the charity 'Look Good...Feel Better'. This charity is for women fighting cancer and allows them the opportunity to learn how to apply makeup to suit their new needs. Ladies are taught by professional makeup artists how to do things like draw in eyebrows or cool down a flushed complexion.

I would have loved for my own Mother to have had such an opportunity before she passed away but sadly Look Good...Feel Better only came to England in 1994 (it began in America in 1989). It now has 64 workshops across the country and a vast variety of brands denote products to this very worthy cause.

If you believe in the afterlife, do take a little moment to say (in your head or out loud), "Hello Mummy Glitter, hope you're enjoying heaven". I do that quite often.

Hat's off to Look Beauty for being so generous. I think this is the best thing about the entire range.

If you're a blusher girl, you're covered.

I love these! I must admit, I was pretty pessimistic at first. I thought the clear plastic packaging was a bit poopy and that the colours would be chalky. I hold my hands up and take it back. The packaging has a satisfying chunkiness and the pigment in the colours I swatched was AMAZING. Seriously, please go to Superdrug and give these a little swatch, they are fantastic. Velvety and beautiful. We were told that wet they are superb too. EEEeeeeeexcited!

A quick swatch shot. Excellent colour pay off.

The lip range comprises of lipsticks, lipglosses and a duo that contains both. Liptastic!! I have my eye on that very dark red one and the nudey corally duos. Yum!

I didn't swatch these but the palettes have interchangeable segments, so when they bring out new ones, you can refresh your makeup and mix and match til your heart's content. I love things that you can customise so this is another winner for me.

As an eyelashaholic, this floats my boat. I wish I had picked this up and looked at it more closely. I'm intrigued by all the little accessories.

And here we have it, the goodie bag. OOhhhhh yyeaaahh!

My favourite goodie bag treat, the aforementioned lipstick in 'Rock Candy'. I love the names in this range. My coral lipstick is called 'Juicy'. Yay!!

As if all that wasn't enough, Look Beauty had also put on this very cool photobooth dealio which we could all jump in, pose and take the prints home. I thought it was sooooo much fun and suspect Zoe and I may have overdone it somewhat!

How many bloggers can you fit in a booth? Nine. I'd like to apologise now to Zoe for the slight dry humping situation, I don't know what came over me!

All in all, I had the funnest night in a long time. The products were brilliant, the booth was a hoot, but most of all, it was just smashing to chitchat to all the other bloggers. I had a particularly long chat with Milly and meeting Anna of Vivianna Does Makeup was also a pleasure. Lily looked ever the fashionista, Kate had some pretty insightful tips re PRs and it was lovely to catch up with Jen again. Emma has the snazziest spotty sheer dress with customised sleeves I ever did see, Lily Pebbles wins it for the shmexy sparkly top award (I emailed her and it was from Forever 21 if anyone was lusting after it as much as I was!), and Corrie was a second away from having me break out into Disney song! Most of all, the tip top gal of the night HAS to be my original chummy Zoella, who even went out of her to escort me on the tube all the way back to Euston- that's friendship for you. <3

A great big thank you has to go to Zoe of The London Lipgloss for setting this event up and being the hostess avec la mostess! Woop woop and a high five to you Zoe! Also (Gosh I feel like I'm at the Oscars trying to remember everyone) a little shoutout to Victoria who I like to call 'Vixypops' because after a bus/taxi/train fiasco she couldn't make it *blue face*.

What do you think of this range? I'm excited for it!




  1. I live in the States but haven't heard of this brand! So weird. I love the pinkness. Especially the lipstick, but I could live with a few of the blushes. You look like you had fun!

  2. The event looks so fun! i love the shades of everything in this range, it all looks so pretty!

  3. Sounds like you had fun!

    I'm really excited to try a couple of these products when they're released!

  4. Looks like you had a great time Louis! :)
    Everything in the range looks so nice! :)


  5. This event looked so fun :) The products look lovely as well, thanks for sharing :) xxx

  6. Looked like such a fun event and I want that ribbon!! I really like the range when I see it that but when I went to my local Superdrug it looked slightly meh, but willing to give it another go now I've seen this post :).


  7. You literally got given the exact goodie bag as the press folk and fellow IPC Media beauty girls! I love that they're doing something for Look Good...Feel Better in relation to the wonderful Sophie aka Look's Beauty Editor - always nice to have a charitable cause made all pretty with good cosmetics.

  8. Ommgg I wanted to try those lippies! <3

    I live in the states, not sure if I heard em but I do wish we have it here. /sada

  9. Ahhh too excited for this range!, well excited for anything student budget friendsly AND I can justify a purchase because its for a worthy cause :) ALSO while reading this I noticed.. how hard is it to say 'quick swatch shot' :/ even in my head I got tongue-tied, if thats possible..

    Jade, xx

  10. Great post! I enjoy reading the little details you had about each blogger, so sweet!

  11. Cool pictures! and the stuff looks great, love the colors :)


  13. This event looks like it was soooo much fun!! Definately going to superdrug to stock up on some of this stuff! I need some of those lipsticks in my life xx :o)

  14. All the products look AB FAB!

  15. Hi I have given you the versatile blogger award go and check it out on my newest blogpost!


  16. oh my oh my! all that makeup makes me hyperventilate! you have no idea how lucky you are you get to attend all these events and all :) and i must agree, that candy rock (or something like that) hot pink lipstick of yours is gorgeous!
    as for the blusher and nail polishes, they looked really nice and pretty too! :)


  17. Oh my gosh it looks like you Girlies had so much fun! Looking forward to getting my hands on a few pieces and trying out the range when it's released! Xxx

  18. OMG I've died and went to the make up paradise! So many beautiful and girly things I love and want!!!
    p.s. In order to celebrate its first b-day I'm having a giveaway on my blog- Glam Chameleon Jewelry necklace. Check it out, maybe u'll like it!!;)
    Jelena (

  19. Wish I had everything!! xoxo

  20. Love the photos you took!! :)

  21. This event seems amazing! LOVE the photobooth shots! x

  22. cant wait to get my hands on some of this collection, looks fab. Looks like you had a wkd time x

  23. Such good pictures! Can't wait to go and buy everything!!!

  24. Ah it looks amazing, the pictures you took make the lipstick colours look amazing, I want to get my hands on some of these bad boys :)

  25. Hi lovely Louise!
    Wow - what a cool event! And the make-up looks totally fab! I hope it comes to the States. Great pics - looks like y'all had a wonderful, fun time. xx Lexi

  26. I had tears in my eyes whilst saying hello to mammy glitter! I love reading your blog and watching you on youtube! You have inspired me to start making videos on youtube too :) and i love it! Thanks louise :) xxx

  27. those photobooth shots are so cute :) i wish we still had those kind of things around! nowadays you just get the boring passport ones :(

  28. i love the packaging on these products xx

    my blog :


  29. bought the blusher. its actually one of the best ive purchased so far, loving the colour. i use a little for day to day for a subtle flush, and then a few more brushes of it for the night to create a fabulous glow.


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