Sunday, 13 November 2011

Making Money

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I've seen a lot of comments and tweets (I think there was even a #bbloggers night on the topic) about making money from blogs and youtube channels and I thought I would share my opinions with you. Naturally, we will all have ideas and views of our own, but I would ask that everyone respects everyone else's individuality and accepts these different views. I hope that you will agree with me, I know a lot of people do, but we are all entitled to feel what we like, otherwise the world would be a rather dull place indeed.

I am all for making money from your blog or channel, AS LONG AS you stay true to the heart of it. By this I mean, if you started of saying that your blog would feature honest beauty reviews (like I did), then continue to provide HONEST beauty reviews. If you are being paid to do something, or have been sent a complimentary product, it is important to still be HONEST. If you don't like it, say so. If you don't want to say so, don't review it. I don't actually review every single thing I am sent, because sometimes I just feel a bit blleaauggh about a product. A few times I have given negative reviews (remember the Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser? Yuk!) because that was really how I felt. Yes, I know the company spent money sending me it, but I would've felt awful if a Sprinklerino had spent their pennies on it, based on my recommendation, and then hated it. I care far more about your pennies than I do those of the PR companies.

If your doing a sponsored post and you have been offered money to write a certain thing or someone else is writing it, make it clear that this is a sponsored post. I never begrudge reading sponsored posts, as long as I know that's what they are. As yet, I have declined all offers of this kind of post on my blog because they haven't really fit in with my style, but that's not to say I am against them.


It is also possible to make a few pennies from YouTube as well. YouTube gives you the opportunity to 'monetise' your videos. That little strip of ads at the bottom of a video? That's what I'm talking about. This option doesn't make you megabucks (unless you have a whopping great following of squillions), but every penny counts. I am fine with these ads because viewers have the choice. They can click the cross and it's bye-bye birdie for the ads.

It is also possible to do sponsored videos. As above, I'm also fine with these, as long as people are honest and say they are being sponsored.

Another way people can make mula from their blogs is by having little blog sales or selling crafted items. I think these are fab and have picked up some great bargains myself! They are a fun way to pass on things which you never use or showcase your creative talents. Know how to knit lovely scarves? Why not sell them on your blog?


In summary, I don't think making money from your blog is bad, as long as you are a) Honest and b) It is not your primary goal.

Sprinkle of Glitter started as a humble little place for me to be me, be creative, share my thoughts, be part of a lovely community and have some wonderful experiences. Two years on and it still is that place. It hasn't changed. The difference is, my life has. I now have Baby Glitter. My maternity has ended and it's time to go back to an office job to pay the bills. Except I can't. I can't bare to leave Baby Glitter with other people and not see her chubby little cheeks when she smiles up at me. I know it is a real wrench for so many Mothers.

So for that reason, I have been putting my thinking cap on and coming up with ways that I can make a few extra pounds so I can continue to stay at home and raise her myself. I know I won't make the same as an office job (even after you take out nursery expenses), but if I can just make enough to cover maybe the monthly food shops or perhaps a couple of the bills, we'll scrape by.

So, I allow specific ads on my blog and might host a few blog sales. I'm also going to declutter my home and ebay off a few bits and bobs. I have a few other non internet ideas up my sleeves too so I shall definitely keep you posted on those. :)

I want to promise you something.

I promise Sprinkle of Glitter won't change. It may have a facelift every so often, I may put up some different ads now and then, I may loose my mind from teething baby crying sounds, but I will always be the same old durrbrainy me. Heck! Today I found a dead squirrel in the park and after failing to get it into a nappy bag without touching it, I rolled it into a little ditch, covered it in leaves and said a little prayer for it that it didn't get pecked to bits by crows. Is this the behaviour of a money grabbing business bod? I think not.

I'm interested to hear your views, but respectfully ask that we remain mature and give everyone a fair chance to voice their thoughts.

Also, have you ever tried to get a dead squirrel into a nappy bag? VERY tricky!




  1. i completely agree that as long as you're being honest about the product whether you were sent it for free or not is the main point :) and what happened with the squirrel?! xxx

  2. I totally agree, although I've never been sent products to review, any products I talk about I'm always honest because whats the point otherwise?!
    Great post!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. I couldnt agree with you more,I love how genuine and honest you are! I think making money from something you love is fine I have nothing against it at all and I think everyone wishes that they could make a living from their blog :) I trust all of your reviews. R.I.P Squirrel :(


  4. I think if someone starts a blog for money then they have started it for all the wrong reasons. Blogs are there for your words, not a money making scheme. totally agree with you! XX

  5. Great post! I totally share your beliefs! :) I love my blog even though I haven't earned a penny (yet) :P lol

  6. Could not agree more with you. Honesty is the best policy. I agree there is nothing wrong with making a little money from something you love or even accepting a freebie or two but just be honest with the readers that take time to subscribe and read and potentially purchase these items based on your recommendations! I love the honesty of your blog and may you continue to keep up the great work :)


  7. Totally, agree, its harmless :). Us bloggers put so much time and effort into find bargains to share with everyone, reviewing products etc, its the funnest thing you can do I love it :)! But if you can get a little dollar from a couple of adds and recieve something back from all your efforts, whats wrong with that? As long as your doing it to blog and not to try and get money.

  8. hahaha omg I can just imagine you with the squirrel.. too funny. Well ive been a follower of your blog/youtube since the beginning, I always enjoyed your videos because genuinely they put a smile on my face. For that reason I hope nothing changes, but of course I think if you can make a few pennies here and there then great (honestly who wouldn't given the chance) I agree its fine as long as all honesty remains, and the same old Louise I fell in love with all that time ago. x x

  9. I have a quick question regarding the youtube ads. If the close them do you still get the money? Or do you only get money if we actually click on the ad. 'Cause if so then I feel bad for always closing them and will click on them in the future :)
    I'm all for making money from blogs/youtube. It must be so lovely that something started off as just a hobby and then turns into a (sort of) paying job! It's every person's dream :)

  10. awwh louise :) i love the little story at the end :) xxxx

  11. Thanks for your honest opinion, we know we can trust you! Its lovely what you did for the dead squirrel, r.i.p. xx

  12. Completly agree, I don't mind reading sponsored posts at all as long as they're well written and honest, and I think some of the bloggers/youtubers that put so much time and effort into their blog shouldn't be made to feel bad for making a bit o' dollar from it!

    Your squirrel comment at the end was so sweet (despite him being dead, that wasn't so sweet), there should be more people like you around!


  13. Personally I agree.

    Theres this blog that used to be my favoriteeee, I used to love it. As a student I loved how the blog reviewed cheap and cheerful bargin things and helped me find some inexpensive gems. Most are still growing strong:)

    I feel almost every post now is about a realllly expensive item and has high praise for everything. With clear links to where to buy the product. Now I have a blog of my own and have subscribed to other blogs... I realise when everyone praises a certain product it will probably be PR sent - just others seem to be more honest about it than others!

    Glad your always honest !!


  14. totally agree, if it isn't your primary aim and you're doing your blog because you love it, why not?

  15. Totally agree, there's nothing wrong with wanting a little extra money from your blog as long as it's not the only reason a person is blogging. You're definitely right about being honest, I only have a few followers but I'd hate to mislead any of them just because I had something sent to me, honesty is the best policy (aargh, cheesy line!:L) xx

  16. I completely agree with you, the most important thing is to always be honest

  17. Fantastic article. You always manage to point across your views so diplomatically. I have alot of respect for you as a fellow blogger. Keep it up xx :o)

  18. Such an amazing blog article, I totally agree and you put it so well.
    It's clear that your heart is always in the right place whenever you blog and make videos, and there is problem with wanting to make a little money from it because again, it's obvious that isn't the reason you're doing.

    Also, the squirrel thing was so sweet, if everyone had the same heart as you, the world would be a much better place! :) xxx

  19. Louise, i just think you are just lovely. and its so nice to hear your thoughts and opinions on this and i love knowing i can trust everything you say or write about. x

  20. Love this article, I think it really needed to be said. If you start a blog purely for money then you're not going to get very far! You need to be passionate and excited about what you write, which you clearly are :) And then if after a lot of effort, further down the line, you can earn a few pennies then great.xx

  21. I agree with you :) If they start all about money, they aren't going to get far.
    Poor Squirrel.
    Lucy x

  22. Awh poor squirrel!

    Loved this post, totally agree with everything!

  23. I completely agree with you! :)
    Poor squirrel :(


  24. I applaud your efforts to stay home with Baby Glitter (who's cute little face just fills me with joy :D). With the cost of daycare/nursery being what it is you are saving more money than you would if you went out and worked! Here in America...daycare can cost up to $1000 USD a month! Some of my friends have quit their jobs to stay home because two thirds of their pay would have gone for care anyway!
    I don't mind people making money off their blogs or video's, as long as they are honest about it. I've seen so many beauty "guru's" up and change everything...including their personality. I don't see you doing that. You are just the loveliest person. I'm so glad I found you! Watching your video's is like catching up with an old friend...who doesn't have any clue who I am....but still. lol

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  26. You lazy bitch. Your ugly. Now your acting like your something special. You seem to waste money on a lot of tack. Grow up and act like an adult.

    1. This isn't really mature either.

      Anyhow, I agree with you Louise. Honesty is the word and I enjoy reading sponsored post as long as I know they are sponsored. Also, when bloggers like you spend (or youtubers) spends time on reviewing, writing, and making people smile then why not earn a penny or two.

  27. If you don't like you job, hard luck thats tough! You clearly did nothing at school. You make me sick. Don't try making money off other people. Scrounger.

  28. that anonymous idiot needs to shut up, it's louise' choice if she wants to make money, she has baby glitter now. i wouldnt want my child going away from me everyday at a nursery, so SHUTUP and get a life.. Get of anonymous and say it you turd!! You clearly have nothing better to waste your time on.. GET LOST. Dont listen to it/them Louise they've obviously not got anything good to say and need to stfu.. If you need money then keep it up what your doing.. always supporting you Lou.. Lots of hugs..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  29. You should totally try and do something to make money so you can stay at home. The anonymous idiot is a fool. You are very clearly a brilliant mother and that in its self is a full time job. And an extremly important one. You are clearly not lazy either. Uploading and editing all the videos you do, as well as your blog takes alot of time. You do it all for free (not the actions of a lazy person I feel) and with no garentee of any income from it. It just shows how much you care about your child that you want to find a way to work from home. If you were lazy you would not bother. You are not asking for money just any ideas on how to make some. I can not imagine why that person got so nasty.

    also as someone that loves your videos and blog. I would like to know what you recomend and if you do anything like sales or a shop.

    All the best xx

    (that is my You Tube channel. I can't put my google thingy up and did not want you to think I was another person hiding behind anonymous).

  30. I say..make money..I hope you make loads after putting in so much time and effort. I just started a blog myself...Do you have a post on "how to get people to actually read/find out about your blog? lol :-)

  31. completely agree with you!+love your blogs! sprinkle of glitter.1clearly from scotland;-)
    ^hopon over?:-)xxxxxxxxxx

  32. I completely agree, the only reason I come to read a blog post is for inspiration to buy a product and the views on it that people have, so if it's not honest then there is no point really!
    I have never been sent anything but no matter what I review, it's always going to be exactly how I feel about it.

  33. you are actually so inspiring, thankyuo for being you and making me smile and give me advice on how to make my life amazing one day i hope to be as selfless and as lovely as you.xx

  34. Every Time someone asks me about this kind of thing i always refer back to your post! I completely agree with you and feel that some people blog just for the 'free' things which is wrong!!

    TaTa xx

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