Saturday, 26 November 2011

Holidays are Comin', Holidays are Comin'

Aloha Sprinklerinos?

On a scale of one to ten, how much do you love the coca-cola Christmas advert (hence the title). I think I would say about eleven. As soon as I see it, I declare it Christmas time. I know a few people feel it crass or OTT to be Christmassy before December the 1st, but frankly, I'd be ready to celebrate from September onwards I love it so much.

I have so many Christmas related posts lined up for you! I plan on doing a few Christmas themed weheartit posts, like last year some Christmas Craft posts, tips for surviving Christmas, maybe a few gift guides, Christmas Money Saving ideas and since Ebay Hearts was so well received, I'm going to make that a regular feature and do a few of those too!


I love writing posts like these, where I get to offload my thoughts a bit and let you into what is coming up and going on. I currently have a horrid cold, so filming youtube videos is on hold and Matt is looking after Baby Glitter and bringing me plenty of lemsip!

If you don't already, be sure to follow me on twitter, because I chitchat all day and I like to say howdy to you all!

What sort of Christmassy related posts do you want to see on Sprinkle of Glitter?




  1. Yayy looking forward to Christmas posts!
    It's my favourite time of year, i'm feeling festive already :D x

  2. I love that advert too! I saw it for the first time during the week and felt the need to tell everyone. It is most certainly the official Christmas season starter.
    Perhaps you could do a 'twelve days of Christmas' feature with Christmas tips and ideas.
    Feel better soon

  3. I totally agree, we put our Christmas tree up today, baked Christmas biscuits and had a Christmas party already! It's so exciting :D xxxx

  4. i was just saying to my friend the other day, that when i see the coca cola advert, thats when i know its christmas! :) we put our tree up a few days ago, i put some photos on my blog! im so excited ! :) xxx

  5. I love reading christmas posts! Makes me feel so warm inside :) xxx

  6. cute post :)

  7. I put my Christmas decorations up last night so I'm right there with you :) I live in the UK but I think after American thanksgiving it's allowed!
    Excited for all these posts xo

    Amanda |

  8. Christmas coca cola rocks my world! I would LOVE to see all your Christmas Decorations in a post! I can imagine your tree would be too cute for words!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  9. Love this post! As soon as I saw the title on my dashboard I knew this was your work. I know what you mean by people thinking it's OTT, but me and my friend noticed that tesco were putting up christmas decorations on Halloween and I have felt christmassy since!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!

  10. It's definetley Christmas when you see the Coca-Cola advert :)

  11. So looking forward to your Christmas posts! My boyfriend says I 'AM the Christmas spirit' since I get excited roughly 2 months before. But the Coca-Cola advert is the signal that it's Christmastime for me. I've been banned from putting our tree up till the first though :(
    S xx


  13. i love the holidays! cant wait to see your posts! :D

  14. That photograph is so pretty! It makes me feel all Christmassey (I'm guessing that's not a real word, but oh well) :)

  15. wooooooooooooh its nearly christmas xx im so exited xx

    my blog :


  16. Whats on your Christmas wishlist? :) Xx

  17. Hope you get better, actually can't contain my excitment for these christmas themed posts! And the fact you just mentioned the coca cola ad, has litrally made my day (sad life i lead i know..)

  18. So excited!Is it just me or has the year whizzed past?Anyway..............x


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