Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Issobelle's NOTD

Aloha Bloggerinos!

I have a few NOTD posts coming up soon because I was sent some GORGEOUS goodies from Tans and Talons - click HERE to visit this treasure trove of nail goodies, but when I was having a little sort out on Saturday, Issobelle popped round (not by herself, being only 4 years old, hahahaha) and was VERY excited by all the nail varnishes and eyeshadows and makeuppy goodness. So, with her Mummy's blessing, we went to town and she choose five colours for Aunty 'Ooweeze' to paint on.

Yes, I know I haven't done the neatest of jobs, but alas, little girls don't hold very still for very long! After we had painted them, she spotted a tube of glitter that was part of my Tans and Talons loot and instantly wanted some. It looks so cute in the little vial that I couldn't bare to open it so I sprinkled on a little of my MAC Glitter Pigment on the wet paint and we then had one very happy Issobelle!

In a bid to play longer with my nail goodies, she kindly modelled a few bits. I'll do full reviews later and I have mentioned them in my youtuberrino channel :)

Nail Art Glitter:

Nail Art Rest (very handy I tell ya!):

The nail art rest and glitter are only a couple of pounds each or so and are brilliant! The nail art rest is perfect for someone like me who is a nail art novice, it really does help :)

Hope you enjoyed my (well sort of "my") first ever NOTD. Many more to follow!

Toodlepip! xx

Little disclaimer- For those of you that don't agree with cosmetics on children, her Mummy removed this the next day and I don't put false lashes and tan on her so I hope you aren't too up in arms! :)


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