Saturday, 6 March 2010

Ribbon and Gems

This is the story of a shoe. The shoe of Karen the Hottie to be precise.

Karen is my good chum from LiverpoolLand and she is a hottie. She is also incrediably clever and also kind and friendly, which naturally, is very annoying! ha!

Recently, Karen and our other chums came to stay with my in my palace in NorthamptonLand and Karen bought some black patent platform shoes. Forgive me for saying this but, Porn Shoes! The shoes were fine and good but the glitter running through my veins compelled me to jazz them up.

Here is the story in photographs (I love the word "photograph", it's so going on my micro hunting for happiness list- see older posts for more details), because as they say "a picture tells a thousand words".

Here is Karen the Hottie, getting hottied up. The curlers are oh-so-fetching dontchya think?

Karen foolishly left me, the shoes and a packet of pink hobbycraft stick on gems unattended. I was away!

By this point I had already attacked the porn shoe with some rather delightful pink lacey ribbon but this hadn't filled my glitz quota!

Karen returned to find the finished shoe and made quite an effort to not be annoyed and the shoe vandalism. Thank you Karen! I have now decided to do this to ALL my shoes and will be attending a stick-on-gem-addiction therapy course very soon!

The finished shoes:

The finished Karen:

Anyone else into a bit of DIY jazzing up? Tell us :)

Toodlepip! xx


  1. Bedazzled lol. It looks so amazing. Really hot :D

  2. love those shoes!! the little crystals in the heels are so cute!

  3. They look amazing,i'm sending you a pair of my shoes right away ;) xx

  4. I don't like rhinestones...I effen have a love affair with them. No really it's kinda sad I'm like a freakin raccoon if it's spirals it's mine! I'm as of right now bedazzling my burlesque outfit and from you to me I have found the holy grail of glues, it's called (no joke) E6000.
    Good luck to you and all your bedazzling DIY adventures!
    Love and Excelsior!

  5. Okay those shoes are AMAZING hahaha.


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