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Wednesday 3 January 2018

A Year In GlitterWorld 2017

Oh Hai, 

I don't think any of you are going to fall over backwards in shock if I admit that I'm a bit crap at being regular on this here slice of web. We know the score, I'm always on insta, twitter, facebook and the youtubes, I write books, I live the mumlife, I sit down a lot. It's dreamy. One thing I do like to do though is 'A Year In GlitterWorld'. I thought I'd done this every single year but it seems I missed a couple when life was being a bit shoddy. Hurrah for now though, life is shod free and here I am, blithering on about what the last 12 months have dished out- you are welcome! 


When I thought back to January this year I thought, 'Hmm don't think we did much that month', but after scrolling though my insta (aka my life highlights reel), we did! You can follow me on insta HERE. I update it daily. 

After a week of 'chrimbo limbo', we took to the countryside to get out and about and blow off the cobwebs. I always start the year vowing to be more active, have more walks, explore new places and 2018 will be no different. I look forward to doing it for about a month before I give up and concede that the soft play centre round the corner is more convenient haha. 

It was this month that I found my vlogging mojo and decided to give 'Weekly' vlogging a go. I didn't think it would last (like all resolutions oops!) but this one did! Throughout 2017 it became my most successful series in terms of engagement and core audience and was an absolute pleasure. I felt like a really solid community built up around it and look forward to growing and nurturing that this year.  You can binge watch the whole thing HERE

In January, much to the dismay of my wonderful Editor, I still hadn't finished Wilde Like Me (buy it here) and spent a lot of time in my lounge writing. I am in much the same position this year too - Sorry Eli!! 

Mid month, Liam and I had a spare weekend and decided to drive down to The Grove (my favourite country hotel) for a night of luxury. We booked a suite, I wallowed in the claw tub bath, we watched crap films, went cray with room service, everything. It was lovely! I have grand plans to do this again in 2018, with or without a newborn! 

If you're a bookworm like me, you will understand the joy I had in my heart for the opportunity to take afternoon tea with the one and only Sophie Kinsella. We chatted books and babies, travel and life lessons and I came away very inspired by a woman who has written so many things I have enjoyed. A good woman right there. 

For the last weekend of the month, we took Darcy on her first European jaunt to Alicante in Spain. Liam's parents live out there and since they don't come over here for Christmas, we jetted off for a couple of days. 

The weather though was less 'sunny spain' and more 'the rain in spain'! Just after I took the picture above, a huge wave surprised everyone coming up to that blue bin thing and a lot of people were soaked. Luckily, Darcy and I were stood really far back, unluckily for Liam and his suede shoes, he was not!

This shot below is us just topping up our tans on the boiling hot beach, aka, trying not to be blown over by gale force winds and spitty rain! Ha! 

Once back, we celebrated Grandma and Grandad's 70th wedding anniversary. 70 years!! It was lovely to spend an afternoon with so many of the family and lovely that Gma and Gdad are still living the dream. Or yanno, just living! 


Ermigerd February was a good month!

Francis, one of my lovely Mum friends, organised a trip to the theatre for 5 mothers and their 5 daughters to watch the ballet. I wasn't sure if it would be my thing but since all the little girls do ballet at school, I knew Darcy would be into it. 

We had lunch at ASK first (and cuddles), all the girlies dressed in ballet attire and the whole thing was LOVELY! I haven't included pictures of the other children because I don't have their Mum's permission. This lovely below though is Esther's Daughter and her and Doodles are besties. I love it.

I obviously also took the opportunity to co-ordinate outfits with Darcy, something I don't think I'll ever tire of! 

A few days after our successful theatre trip was a night in London with my publishing team (for Wilde Like Me, that book thing I did). Every year they have a huge bash where they invite a tonne of industry folk and it was ace. The fact that this is the best picture of the night says it all! Bonnier, you're the best!

Ok, so out of over a thousand pictures in my Disney'17 album, I've only selected 3. You're welcome. If you'd like a separate Disney post, I'm ALL over it! 

As you can see, we went to DisneyWorld Orlando and my God it was brilliant. I'm a Disney mega geek so I'm always going to love it but watching Darcy enjoy it and Liam experience it for the first time was incredible. 

I love that Darcy still enjoys the Princesses. My heart squishes so hard I do that lame-o Mum's-Crying-At-Her-Emotions thing. 

We've booked to go back again Oct '18 so keep your eyes peeled on instagram for a flurry of magical photos. 

Once home it was back to London to take a starring (the tiniest cameo) role in Red Nose Actually with these eggs. I don't want anyone to be too jealous but I was in the same room as Hugh Grant and breathed the same air as him. Yeah, I know. Epic. 

Back to life with a bump once the jetlag and 'stardom' had worn off with more writing, this time glamorously in the soft play cafe whilst Darcy burnt off energy and a spot of MumLife in Waitrose. 

Living life on the wild side. 


March began with a breakfast meeting in Pall Mall, London, hosted by Sarah Brown to talk about her #RewriteTheCode initiative which aims to lift and support women in changing the way we view ourselves and each other, in all facets of life. To build ourselves up in business, to step out of our stereotypes and to help other women reach their full potential. I left incredible inspired and hope to work more with Sarah and her team in 2018. 

From business in the city to high jumps with Darcy, I dashed home to collect her from school and try not to wee myself on the trampolines. I only get 3 good bounces before I remember what a big baby Darcy was to deliver naturally. 

Spring sprung and so I spent half my wages on over priced flowers from Waitrose. No regrets. 

The crazy kids over at channelmum invited me to #MumVidCon where I finally got to meet the joy that is Reb (MrsMeldrum) in the flesh. I have so enjoyed getting to know so many women from the 'mum community' this year, it's been a real game changer for me both professionally but more importantly, personally. Long may it continue! 

Now of course, the children's Easter Bonnet Parade at school is not a competitive sport and the aim is for each child to enjoy creating something lovely to show off in assembly and feel proud of their creation. F**k that, it's competitive, I bought a glue gun, I'm already researching ideas for March this year. Bring it on, bishes. (Please don't actually bring anything on, it's highly stressful). 

Big news, March was the month I exchanged on my new house. This was a Big Deal to me. 

I've ummed and arred about buying a new house since my marriage ending in 2014. The house I lived in was a joint home with joint memories and also, it was always meant to be a 'starter home'. The problem I has was that I loved it. I didn't care about the bad memories, I cherished all the wonderful ones, felt safe there and liked the area. 

I did want something bigger though, I needed a little more space and really, deep down I did need that fresh start. 

Moving felt really scary. It has taken me months to bond with and 'bed into' this house but now, months later, it feels like a home. The previous owners left it in a beautiful condition and it's been a joy to get used to. Also, I HAVE A DRESSING ROOM!

The last thing I did in March was hot foot it down to YouTube HQ for a round table chat with Susan Wojcicki who I got flustered with and called 'Sarah'. Cool. We talked about what we liked, what we didn't like and how we would like to see YouTube evolve. I thought it was really decent of her to take time to meet us and talk about the platform so openly. Big loves to you Susan. Not Sarah. 


In our house, April is Birthday Month. First Darcy's, then Liam's, then mine! 

Darcy celebrated with all her friends by having a princess themed bash at the local soft play centre. She had the exact same package for her 5th but asked for it again this year and I said yes. She asked for it again for her 7th but I'm going to see if I can tempt her with something else! We'll see! You only young enough for these things for so long so I sort of think, 'screw it, you have 3 princess parties in a row if you like!'. 

As you can see, my babe turned 6. Time flies! 

Next up was Liam's 40th and so we flew out to Malaga, Spain, with some of his friends and met his parents out there too. I really like Malaga. I've been once in 2016 as well and feel comfortable there. It's not too busy, not clubby, the streets are clean, the food is nice and the people are friendly. 

I took a LOT of photos (I always do when we're away). If instagramming your travels is your bag, give Malaga a go. If you're going with children, Hotel Barcelo is lovely- good breakfasts and a slide in the lobby! What more could you want?

Once home it was back to business panels and talks and all things industry for Cosmo magazine. Lovely! 

On the 26th, I had a photoshoot for a magazine (more on this later) and then 2 days later it was my birthday. You might be wondering where all these snaps are but that night, I went home feeling a bit funny (and knowing I was late in my cycle), took a pregnancy test and voila, I found out I was pregnant! My 'Big Night Out' plans where scrapped and we lived in a daze for about a week, which took us into May! 


May was a mixed month. 

I spent a lot of time on the sofa feeling sick and tired (oh hai first trimester of pregnancy) and working. My life is a pretty sweet deal with a lot of family & friends time but what a lot of people don't see is how much time I spend, 'growing my empire' as I call it haha! This shot was candid and taken by Darcy- I really like it. I'd never have taken it myself, everywhere's a mess, there's nothing nice on the window sill and I'm in PJ's but it's a rather accurate depiction of day to day life so I cherish it. Also, it has dear little Zula the cat in it who is no longer with us. 

A great honour for me was to be asked to share a stage with Nicky Gumble at the Royal Albert Hall, to talk about how The Alpha Course profoundly changed my life in 2011. I've spoken about this at length in a couple of videos so I won't discuss it here but do feel free to google. A great day, a big privilege. 

As my birthday present to Liam, I booked us a trip to New York because I knew he loved it there. Now, I booked this trip pre-falling pregnant and oh my god did I feel miserable out there. Every smell seemed more intense and mostly I wanted to throw up, cry and sleep- Lucky Liam!! 

One day I'll go back and really embrace everything the big apple has to offer but this time, I'm not sure I was a good travel buddy! 

We did all the usual sight seeing, ate at some amazing places (which I then threw up), walked through central park (I loved the peace/neutral smell of this place) and stayed in a lovely hotel but to be quite honest, I was glad when we came home and I could just be in my normal environment and throw myself daily pity parties. Ha!

Just as I like it to, Mum Life resumed and I spent time with my tiny babe and less tiny sister. Though we look nothing alike (same Dad, different Mum), in personality we're very similar so it's always fun to hang out, even if we don't always nail the insta! 

Later on in the month, we had the most fun Girls Weekend with some of the wonderful friends I've made through the mum community on YouTube. 

Reb (MrsMeldrum) came down to stay from Scotland and Katie (MummyDaddyMe) and Emma (BrummyMummyof2) drove over to hang out, film videos, laugh raucously and relax in the hot tub. Reb was about 5/6 months pregnant here and I made such a fun video telling them all that I was expecting too! I watch it quite often just because it makes me smile so much. You can find it here

I really, really hope 2018 brings more weekends like this. Perhaps I should make it annual? An Annual May Mum Summit! 

More sofa and laptop time, this time with my fur baby, Rocket. 

I think the highlight of May was love. My Dad married Tina, my super lovely step mum in the most beautiful church/country wedding. I uploaded this picture of my Dad and his Brother (Uncle Christ the best man) and a lot of the commenters thought they were the happy couple which made us all chuckle a bit. 

I had the great pleasure of filming the wedding for them both and it was only last week that I finished the edit and we all sat down to watch it together - it was over 90 minutes but so, so lovely! Perhaps at some point I'll cut it down into a tiny insta minute jobby and share it there. Happy memories. 

We also told Darcy this weekend that I was pregnant and took great joy in letting her spill the beans to everyone at the wedding (Dad and Tina already knew and weren't worried about 'thunder stealing' or anything like that) and watching their surprise. It was lovely to give her that job and let her feel so proud. 

I couldn't not include this photo of my Auntie Judith at the wedding. Isn't she fabulous! If I look half as good as this in my 60's, I'll be laughing!!


June began in the most magical of places - Disney! 

To celebrate the fact that baby-in-mummy's-tummy was going to have the most amazing big sister, she (although we didn't know gender back then) very kindly booked me, Liam and Darcy and 3 day trip to DisneyLand Paris. How clever of her! Darcy took this very seriously and we celebrated the fact she had wished for a baby and now we were getting one. That's how you get pregnant of course, you make a wish. 

I have to admit, I didn't really have the best time on this trip. Although I enjoyed seeing Darcy love it (she still talks about it), I felt really poorly. First trimester sickness was rife and throwing up a nutella crepe in fantasy land was a real low. 

I'd like to go back in 2018 or 2019 though and experience it in full health and knowing more about what it was like. I think comparing it to our usual destination, Orlando, was a mistake because it really is not on the same level. It did have it's charms though so I will re-visit and give it a second chance! 

June was also book month! 

Liam and I drove out to the print factory where Wilde Like Me was actually made into a physical book, met some of my publishing team for lunch before hand, had a print works tour, tried not to cry over ink and paper and sucked in my pregnant tummy for this photo. I realise it doesn't scream glamour but this was a VERY special day. 

I don't know how many copies I signed but it was a lot and honestly, it was such a pleasure. I could happily sit and sign books all day. It's such an unusual treat (as in you have to have written your own book to sign it....unless you like like writing your name in random books of waterstones lols) and one I treasure and cherish. I can't wait to do it again for the next one!

Bonnier threw a couple of rather smashing parties to celebrate the book, both of which I was very jealous of all the cocktails I couldn't enjoy but will make up for double time for the second Wilde book which is actually available now to pre-order here. 

A rare shot of Liam. He's a good one. 

Also in June, I was completely thrilled and honoured to be the cover of Blogosphere and be photographed by the incredible Alexandra for it. I am 100% giving her a call next year for some post-pregnancy shots. I have NEVER felt more sexy and confident as I did when I saw her shots of me. Like, wow. 

From book launches and magazine covers to the idyllic life of an 'outdoorsy' holiday, we took Darcy for a weekend away in Centre Parcs. We were kindly gifted the experience by the venue and I was pleasantly surprised. It was SO peaceful and the perfect place to unwind from the month's excitement. 

Darcy loved it and wants to go back asap! 

The best thing of June though was finally letting the cat out of the bag and telling you all about our baby secret. You were amazing and the love and support has been felt very strongly for all of these months, thank you. x


Hmmmmm July is a tricky one. Whilst professionally it was amazing, personally, things went a bit downhill. 

My Wilde Like Me book tour began and it was amazing. I never fail to be impressed by your support and enthusiasm so a big, big thank you for that! 

The book was officially a Sunday Times Numer 1 bestseller for 2 weeks running and to me, this was the 'made it' moment. This was what I wanted for all those months prior, this golden trophy. Worth noting, there was no actual trophy but you know what I mean. 

Personally though, I was starting to feel low. I couldn't shake a sense of worry and intense fear about Darcy and my new baby. I've since learnt this is very common during pregnancy but I would spend days and days in a weird fog of panic that something terrible might happen to either of them. Teamed with the ongoing sickness I was feeling, I wasn't very well and spent a lot of time at my house, arranging playdates and people to come over to keep my mind off things. 

Happily for me, Emma and Katie were not far away, nor were their lovely children who I think had a great time playing with Darcy and enjoying all the best bits of Summer- like sprinklers, swimming costumes in the back garden and lots of ice cream! 

If you're reading this E & K, thank you for all your support in those early/mid pregnancy days where I was a bit glum. 

Deep down, I think Rocket loves me as much as I love him but he just struggles to show it. 

A quick one nighter trip down to Brighton was a lovely jaunt but still I felt quite sad and not myself. 

Back home I tried to fill my days with homey, cosy, Darcy things and found myself at a lot of play centres! 

Later in the month E and K came over again for an 'Epic Mum Sleepover'. AKA, I forced them to wear matching PJ's and eat sweets hahaha. People should do that more often I think! 

July ended with making the most of the sunshine, getting out and about to parks and playgrounds and generally feeling quite out of sorts. Bit of a meh month I'm afraid. 


You wanna know how to be the coolest Mum in the village? Hire a 17ft bouncy castle and invite everyone over to play. 

That's what we did one day in August and Darcy thought it was the best!! Children seem to never tire of bouncing- it's quite incredible. I'm 100% saving this trick for Summer 2018 because it was easily one of my finest Mum moments haha. 

Also, ask your Mum friends to bring snacks, all the snacks, every snack. 

Since the summer holidays were upon us, Esther and I teamed up quite a bit to take the children (she has about 40. I joke, she has 3 but compared to my 1, it feels a lot!) on various outings and excursions. Here we are on a giant fake beach in a shopping centre. These are sarcastic smiles. Mostly we were thinking about wine. 

Clearly though, wine hasn't been on the agenda for me and August was the month my bump popped out a bit and I went from 'ohhhh is she just quite fat?' to 'oh she is quite fat but also she is pregnant' and that felt good. 

It was also the month we heard the baby's heart beat for the first time and I felt all the squishy emotions for it. 

More day trips and adventures! Liam and I took Darcy to the Think Tank in Birmingham which she freakin' loved and then another day I took her down to Southbank in London which was also a hit. 

Top (but boring) tip for days out with littles - dress them in something really bright. That way, your eye can immediately spot them wherever they are. I'm going to have her in fluros until she's 25. 

With my good friend Marcus Butler, I was asked to be on GMB today to talk about YouTube, HelloWorld and our amazingly creative industry. Sadly though, Richard Madley seemed more interested in asking us about how much money we earned and telling us he was rich which was a bit weird but a fun morning out none the less! 

August, personally, felt very similar to July but a little bit worse. I couldn't seem to bring my moods up and felt like the pregnancy and hormones were overcoming me. Days at home with good friends, hot tub spas and a garden full of sweet littles were a tonic. I felt like for a few hours I was myself again and it was a welcome relief. 

It's a charmed life to be a kiddo eh?


This picture makes me laugh so much. It's a drawing of Mummy by Darcy and honestly, it's exactly how I was feeling. I felt ugly. This is a big thing for me. Not because I walk round thinking I'm some kind of Goddess but generally speaking, I think I'm quite nice. Bit chunky round the middle but nice looking, nice person yanno. My changing body, changing chemical make up (like in your body not cosmetics) and changing lifestyle (we cut out all flying and big trips because I felt so travel sick) REALLY got to me. I just felt vile. I felt like I wasn't living the life I wanted to, I wasn't being an appealing attractive girlfriend, I wasn't being a super fun Mummy and I was sinking. I spent many hours asleep or just alone in my room (working from home didn't help) and by this point, I had started to feel I was suffering with pre-natal depression. 

As ever though, life must go on and so we prepared for going back to school and made the most of the remaining good weather. 

One of the biggest highlights and something that really helped my mental health was getting these 2 fluffballs, Milky and Orbit. A friend of ours had a cat who had kittens and so we took them off her hands and I've never regretted it (except that time last month when Orbit wee'd on my mattress, then I bloomin' did!). 

We still had a few hot days in September and my friend has a pass to a lovely open air swimming pool so Darcy and a few other kiddos had a good splash. It was so 1950's retro, I loved it! 

Something that frustrated me was not sorting my house out. We literally moved in, put our stuff in, I fell pregnant, sickness and fatigue hit me like a tonne of bricks and any aspirations to interior design went out the window. I still don't know what to do with Darcy's room. I hope the new year brings some new inspiration! 

A big highlight of my September was meeting and doing a panel with Lindsey Kelk and Paige Toone. We spent an evening in Camden talking to a lovely audience about life as authors and the trials and tribulations of writing. I really, really enjoyed being with such smart, motivated women. 

Brace yourself for a lot of kitten pictures. I can't not. The cuteness kills me. 

September was the month that after a year of weekly (sometimes twice weekly) pool sessions with me and Liam, Darcy found her water confidence. It was amazing! If you'd have seen how nervous and anxious she was of the pool a few months back, to how much she loves it now, you'd be as proud as us. Now she jumps in, goes underwater, swims widths unaided and really enjoys every moment. As a Mum, it's felt so good to see my little person overcoming a fear and feeling proud of herself. I've also been so touched that Liam has been so supportive and patient. In his younger years (he's an old 40 year old now haha) we was a lifeguard and swam competitively so being in the water is one of his favourite places too! 

Another achievement re swimming (this is such a mum thing to blog about) has happened in the changing rooms. Even at sessions where I don't swim (I sometimes sit in the cafe and write my book/watch through the big windows), I still do all the changing room rigmarole. You know, hair washing, drying, shivvying along etc. Well, slowly, slowly Darcy's been taking on more of these tasks herself and now I barely have to do anything! I still go in (I walk through the changing rooms, meet her at the pool side and take her out to them) but now she wants to do almost everything herself I just sit on the sofas in there and wait for her- it's lovely! 

September ended with another jaunt down to London but this time with my lovely Emma to talk at a Parenting Convention. 

I very much enjoyed getting to know some of the other people in the industry and also swishing about in this cerise coat. It's from ASOS. You're welcome. 


So, things in October started to look up. I entered the third trimester of this pregnancy and had a MAJOR meltdown. One morning, Liam and I took Darcy to the park to collect conkers and whilst she played on a swing set, I sat on a bench with Liam and let it all out. He'd known I had felt down but I don't think I'd really explained the extent of it. I told him how life felt flat, I couldn't seem to feel joy or excitement or prolonged happiness through this strange fog and how I felt minimal excitement for a new baby arriving in our lives. I cried really hard. Like that big, heaving, catch your breath crying. He listened and cared and validated. 

I also spent a lot of time talking to Emma about this and she was the first person that said, 'Oh bab, I don't think you're well, I think you should see your GP'. 

I don't know why but I felt quite scared to talk to my GP or even admit to my midwife how low I felt. It was as though I thought I had to put on a happy face, had to be grateful to be pregnant when so many people I know can't be and had to keep going on. 

Having Liam validate my depressive feelings and having Emma tell me to see a GP was a real marker for me. Something sort of flipped and for a few days, each day, I felt a tiny bit better. I didn't feel like I was going mad or I was a horrid woman. I felt like people knew what was in my head and I was safe because they were caring and supporting from the sidelines. 

I planned to speak to my GP but each day, the fog lifted and by the end of October, I could see the sunlight again. Thank God for good people. 

I told you, more kitten pics! Maddie and Charlotte came up for a day and although we were supposed to be working, we took the executive decisions to take a lot of cat instas! 

Oh hai, here I am at Cheltenham Literary festival, talking about Wilde Like Me. My favourite thing to talk about basically. 

I vlogged about this but I couldn't not mention it here too. Liam and I had a night at the Crazy Bear hotel. We were gifted the night by my Dad who had been gifted it as a wedding present but couldn't make the date because he was away. Now, everyone raves about the Crazy Bear as a romantic night away with your other half to feel sexy and luxurious. No. Just no. It was not at all for me. I'm not a prude by any measure but my God it was like an attack on the senses that screamed 'HAVE SEX WITH EACH OTHER! HAVE SEX NOW!'. 

The room had red fake snake skin flooring and red velvet on the walls. The bath was gorgeous but I couldn't settle in the overtly rampant environment. I'm glad we had such a unique experience but I wouldn't recommend it to a friend and won't be going back. If you want to spend a big chunk of money on a hotel night, try The Grove! 

Another big pregnancy turning point for me was meeting Siobhan from The Positive Birth Company. She came over for the day and talked to Liam and I about labour, delivery and everything in between. She made everything seem so normal. Not trauma and screaming and blood and horror but a very calm, natural process that every woman is capable of. I truly cannot rate her highly enough and if you are expecting or know someone that is, you need Siobhan! 

The last weekend of October was exciting! I wrecked my pelvis (google SPD), sang on stage with Marcus Butler and met hundreds of you lovely lot! I can't say being in a wheelchair and in so much pain was fun but the show must go on and I'm glad I didn't give up! 

Ahhh home again, candles lit and dinner with a film. A great way to end a much better month. 


November started with a trip to hospital for a fairly boring glucose test. I have a high BMI and so I was more at risk of having gestational diabetes than those with a regular one. Turns out I was fine with no diabetes (yay!) but I still did the blood work/syrup drink jobby. For those of you who might be facing this, let me tell you, it's fine. I'm the biggest baby going for EVERYTHING medical but I promise you, it's not nearly as troublesome as everyone portrays it to be. You probably wouldn't order the syrup drink in a bar but it's not like poison- it's like a crappy orange squash. Easy! 

Kittens. Look. At. Them. 

In November I started to feel a bit more me and so enjoyed making an effort with a little bit of self care. Some lipstick and a nice dress go a long way for a girl. I've found that forcing myself to get dressed and not wallow in PJ's all day is a really good blues fighter and something I hope to continue with when baby is with us. 

Talking of baby, my friend Clare organised me a surprise baby shower and it was perfect. She knows me well enough to not do the games and things I'm not into and the whole afternoon was just super low key, snacks, drinks, chats and friendly faces. Literally my idea of heaven! 

Something I was most touched by was how Clare had included Darcy in the day. I've worked quite keenly to ensure Darcy doesn't feel pushed out or sidelined by our new arrival so to have her own badge and own special role really went a long way. Thank you Clare. x

One of my favourite things to do in life is mooch. There is nothing greater to me than a drive out to a quaint village with shops and tea rooms and just mooch for a couple of hours. If there were an Olympic medal for mooching, I'd win it. 

Knowing I was coming up to my 'maternity leave', I tried to pack in as many filming days as possible and was so happy that Emma and the lovely Emily Norris agreed to film with me. Hopefully see a lot more of them in 2018 too! They're good eggs! 

By the end of the month we had baby's room all set up and nobody was more excited about it than Darcy. I plan to film a 'room tour' style video in 2018 so keep your eyes peeled for that! 

I wouldn't normally include a pudding as a year highlight but my god, this needs to be included. I don't know if it's just a festive thing or a forever thing but in December I discovered the sticky toffee bundt cake from Pizza Express and honestly, I think of it daily. I'm tempted to ask Liam if he wants a cheeky date night tomorrow just so I can have it again. If you ever in one of their restaurants, try it and thank me after. 


The final chapter of the year! With my pelvis hurting so much and feeling quite cumbersome, I threw in the towel and called December my maternity leave! I still uploaded videos and kept up with social media but I took all pressure off and didn't feel guilty for not taking part in Vlogmas, instead doing my own thing with Instamas (being present on insta stories every day). 

We had a few days of snow which bought maximum excitement to our house and I felt seriously cosy watching Darcy charge about from my chair on the porch like a little old lady haha. 

Big life moments for the kittens with the removed of their own festive baubles. I thought they'd be sore and miserable for a few days but they didn't seem to care a jot and were charging about in their cones within hours- amazing!

By the end of the month I was 40 weeks pregnant and ready to pop! 

Christmas Day was perfect. We hosted 15 of our family and went all out for it! By boxing day we were pooped but for me, nesting set in and I spent hours cleaning, changing sheets, organising and tidying!

As you can see from the photo evidence, not a lot happened in December and I feel a bit sad about that. I wanted to go to the Hogwarts night, the Gleam party, peruse the shops, visit Christmas markets, ice skate and go out for festive drinks but I couldn't do any of that. I was scared to be far from home in case baby came, couldn't drive anywhere and felt extremely uncomfortable to move about. I will say, if you have a friend or neighbour who is heavily pregnant, make an effort to phone them or visit them. I was so thankful for the friends who did make the effort this past month and of course to Liam who has been nothing short of amazing! 


So, here we are in January and do you know, I feel SO good. There's something about the new year ticking by that fills me with fresh motivation and positivity. 

Pearl (I made THIS name reveal video last month, thank you for all your kind messages on it) hasn't been born yet but I'm alright with waiting. I'm using this time to soak up as much of Darcy as I can and get prepared with video edits and writing because I know that newborn phase is intense!

As always, I wanted to say thank you so much for all of your love and support this year. Despite feeling quite low and very lonely at times, I would say it's been a positive 2017. There have been no major life wobbles, lots of huge achievements and for my little family, a LOT of love! 

2018 is set to be a cracker! I hope you stick around and we can share it together and that your 2017's were filled with joy, peace and happiness!



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