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Thursday 28 April 2016

31 for 31

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Today is my Birthday! The big Three One. Woohooo!!

(Mmhmm, yes, glitter in my hands there)

Last year turning 30 was big and dramatic and glitzy and wild. The whole year was a roller coaster of ups and downs and twists and turns and so this birthday, I have toned it all down and I hope the year ahead reflects this more chilled out vibe!

I'll make another post on how I'm celebrating but for today, I wanted to talk about some of the things I hope to achieve this year. Also, I wanna make a list. I bloomin' love a good list, you know that right? 

Since I'm turning 31, I figured it made sense to aim for 31 things and then next year I can look back and see how I got on. I don't expect to tick everything off the list but there's no harm in trying!

31 for 31

1. Blog at least twice a week. I love the documentation and routine of life that a blog brings.

2. Write a new book. Idea is already in my head, just need to put it on paper. 

3. Rebrand. I need a change. I'm in the mood for change. 

4. Organise my office into workable systems instead of confused piles of mess. 

5. Set up a creative station for Darcy so that she can enjoy all our craft materials properly. 

6. Each weekend that I have Darcy (Matt and I alternate them), do a proper activity. Don't let the weekends slip by. 

7. Continue to deepen my relationship with the bf and have regular date nights to keep things fresh. Pretty excited to come up with some fun ideas for this! 

8. Use my health club membership twice a week to maintain some level of fitness and justify the slightly extortionate fees. 

9. Keep my wardrobe tidy and usable. I recently had a HUGE sort out and I need to keep it that way!

10. Make the everyday more fun. I have lots of creative ideas that I'd like to start applying to life so that Darcy and I enjoy even the mundane things a lot more. Small things like water balloons in the bath and crazy straws in our drinks. 

11. Take a trip with the girls! As I grow older I'm making more and more friends and I want to make time to enjoy them all. I'd love to have a trip with my uni girls, my local mummy friends, my youtube ladies (Zoe and Maddie I'm looking at you!) and my sisters. I don't think it's feasible to do all of that together so looks like I'll be busy!

12. Travel. A bit. I'm a homebird and love to be in familiar surroundings so wanderlust is never something I experience but I do know that growth comes from stepping outside your comfort zone so I'm going to try. Just a little bit. The bf and I are looking at European city breaks so we'll see how that goes. 

13. Disney, Disney, Disney!!! I am obsessed. To me, there is no happier place on earth than Walt Disney World. I'd like a trip there with Darcy but also I would like to experience a Disney Cruise and take a trip to DisneyLand Paris. 

14. Redecorate. Eventually I'll move out of my tiny house but for now, do I want to change up the lounge? Yes, yes I do. 

15. Hydrate. My insides are like the desert and this needs to stop. Pass me the water! 

16. Bit boring - clean out my car. Need to remind myself that it is not a vessel for every half empty bottle of water or screwed up receipt I've ever had. It's a vehicle. Jeez. 

17. Style more outfits and document them. I love seeing what other people have put together and when I take the time, I think I'm pretty good and styling outfits for myself so I'd like to spend a bit more time on that. 

18. Share more with my bf. I think previously I have fallen into the trap of keeping things to myself and not talking about what excites me. I get really, reaaalllly excited for my job or for ideas or for collaborating with people and brands on new projects but then sometimes I feel a bit embarrassed to share that buzz with people who aren't in my industry because I worry they won't 'get it'. I think I need to give more credit and share more because I've noticed that when I do, he's really on board and that shouldn't be wasted. 

19. Spend time outdoors more. Summer is fast approaching and after been cooped up all winter I want to make sure Darcy and I are getting our vitamin D! I need to find a little repertoire of places we can visit regularly that keep us outdoors. Last Summer I spent so so so much time at a reservoir near my house that now I'm completely sick of it, so I need to keep things varied. 

20. Waste less food/meal plan. It pains me to through so much good food out just because I didn't organise myself enough to use it up so I'm going to try and curb that. 

21. Frame all my art. I buy art, I don't frame it or hang it. This needs to change. 

22. Watch more TV. Whhhaaaa?? Is that a real goal??? Yes. I never watch any TV programmes any more but they're a really good way to switch off and chill out so I'm going to have a looksie at what drama's or documentaries are on and make a little schedule. 

23. Become a planner! I already use my own diary each week but I really love the look of the Erin Conran Life Planners, more for their scrapbook-esque value than anything else. I've seen stickers galore for those bad boys and I'd like to try my hand at doing one. I think they run Summer-Summer so it might be my time to shine soon!

24. Congratulate more. So many people I know are achieving so many incredible things and all too often I miss the moment to clap and cheer for them. Bad Louise. 

25. Open my post. You know that person who has a stack of mail on their desk, unopened? That's me. Need to change that. 

26. Visit more special places in the UK. Our tiny island is packed with amazing things that I would like to take the time to see and enjoy. I'd particularly like to visit the Cotswolds and St Ives again. 

27. Throw some great parties. Nothing thrills me more than a party!!

28. Be on time for people's birthday cards and presents. I'm pretty sh*t at that so I've got minimal hope but it doesn't hurt to try eh?

29. Love on Darcy continually. I don't actually know how I could love this child anymore but I do know that I'll enjoy the challenge of trying. I want to make sure she always feels loved and stable and secure. 

30. Say yes to more events and opportunities. Exciting things come of them. 

31. Have more face to face interactions with Glitterbugs like you <3.

You know what? It was REALLY hard to come up with 31 things I wanted to achieve or do this year and I think that goes to show that actually, I'm pretty happy with my life. If none of those things get ticked off the list and life continues to tick over the way it has this past few months, I'll be a happy camper. 

Thirty, you were a year of learning and growing and accepting. Thirty One, I hope you're just as good to me. 



Monday 25 April 2016

Accepting the Unchangeable || S3P2 || Motivational Monday

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Merry Monday to you. The start of a new week and a chance to wipe the slate clean and try again. That's pretty exciting don't you think?

I'm going to be quite personal in today's blog post. I generally go with the notion of 'never air your laundry in public' but today, I kind of am. I'm going to do it in the most classy way I can and I'm doing it with reflection and learning in mind, not spite or malice. 

Last year, I fell for a man. He was charismatic and charming and told me all the things my broken heart yearned to hear. He promised me the world and perhaps foolishly, I believed he would give me it. At the time, I felt like I loved him. Looking back with fresh eyes I'm not sure I did but during those months, it felt so incredibly real. 

I made plans. I imagined our live together. I spent hours talking to him, we had trips together and days out and talked of this amazing future. I felt like we were on the same wavelength and wanted the same things in life. We had similar energies and bounced off each other creatively. 

But, he lied. He lied about big things. He lied to me and he lied to other people. I knew he did but instead of being smart and walking away, I thought it would change or that I would change him. I think it was probably selfish to cling on to that hope. It was selfish because I thought I could have what I wanted- the dream he promised me. Deep down, very very deep down, I knew I couldn't. 

As time went on, I realised this man didn't love me. He might have said he did and thought he did, but his actions told me he didn't. 

Fortunately for us both, everything stopped at the end of 2015. No more daily chats, no more trips, no more fun days, no more presents to my house, no more anything. 

It was painful and hard and came at a time where I felt very vulnerable and rubbish but truly, was a blessing. I had just started my counselling and had just started to want for a life as just Team Louise&Darcy (he was never a part of D's life but in my head I imagined that one day he would be) and quickly and steadily, I got over it all. Zero contact, nothing on social media, life picked up. Things got good again.

From time to time, I thought about him. I thought about how hurt I was to have been lied to and let down and how when I allowed myself to be in another relationship, I would make sure it was with a man who cherished me and wanted me (and yay now I am!). 

For a good part of a year, I thought I was going to have an amazing thing. When I came to my senses and realised I might not, instead of accepting it, I carried on thinking, hoping, working towards it happening. I wasted my time. Sometimes you cannot change things. Sometimes the world doesn't work how you want it to and the best thing you can do is say, 'OK, I will manage, I will find a new path'. I wish I had done that sooner last year. 

This weekend I saw the man in question and thought, 'what a difference a year makes'. I looked at him and instead of seeing the guy I thought was made just for me, I just saw a guy. 

Letting go takes courage and I'm glad all those months ago I found it because life is so beautiful now. 

I hope if any of you are going through anything similar that you can find the courage to make the right choice. It's often hard to tell whether you should stick and work at something or when it's time to move on but think hard on it and you'll know. I'm sending you big loves if you are confused and scared, I've been there. Once you let go of the exhausting exercise of trying to change the unchangeable, you are free. It's incredibly liberating feeling to just accept a situation and move on, let go and carry on with your life. Anybody can do it, even if you think you can't. 

I'd like to add, to the guy who was what he was, I wish no ill fate. I hope he lives a lovely life and finds his own peace because I've found mine and it's bliss. 

Bit of a deep one this week and definitely a more personal story than I'd usually go for but I thought it might be valuable for someone out there who is also struggling to see that even with some of the hardest things at the hardest times, you can get through, accept you cant change a thing and come out so much happier than you thought you can. 

Toodlepip Glitterbugs!


Sunday 24 April 2016

Darcy at the Farm

Aloha Sprinklerinos, 

Last week Darcy and I were on the hunt for adventure whilst she still enjoyed the Easter Break and it came in the perfect package of a playdate with some of our friends at a local open farm. 

I took my camera to make a little vlog that you can watch HERE and I *tried* to take a few pictures but quickly gave up! The farm was super busy, I was socialising with the other Mums, looking after Darcy, being chief bag & coat holder AND vlogging, so taking beautiful family photos fell by the wayside but I still wanted to share the couple I did get and talk about the morning.

It was bloomin' lovely! I've never been one for places like that but this one was more of a learning and play facility than an actual stinky farm yard. There was in indoor soft play zone for the children to go gaga in (there were about 8 littles and 4 Mama's all together so Darcy had plenty of friends!), a very sweet animal barn where you were able to go inside the pens and touch the animals (Darcy wasn't too keen on this but I had a good stroke of the fluffy things and wanted to take them all home with me), tiny peddle tractors, donkeys, swings/outdoor playsets, picnic benches, bouncy castles, duck ponds and a cafe- quite a lot to keep you entertained. 

I like that you could go for half an hour (it was about £12 for both me and Darcy) and just do one thing or you could take some nibbly treats and spend the whole day there if you really felt like it. Lots to do for little busy people and plenty of benches for Mama's to watch from! 

(I shared this one on my insta, look at the wind in her hair!)

I'm definitely going to go back in the future with my big girl camera and take some beautiful photographs because I really cherish the high quality ones I've taken in the past. I might need to take a friend to help me out but that just adds to the fun I think. 

I'm always on the look out for fun things to do during the school holidays so please do leave any suggestions you have in the comments below and I'll be sure to check them out!



Friday 22 April 2016

Styling Outfits

Aloha Sprinklerinos!

I'm typing this post from a giant bed with crisp white sheets in a hotel room in Orlando. I feel quite glamorous, like some kind of blogging jet setter. Maybe I should do this more often? Stay in hotels and write? Hmm. 

I'm here for Playlist Live, an online video convention that I attend every year and really enjoy. 

Whilst I'm here I'm going to be styling quite a few pretty (in my humble opinion) outfits so I thought it worked well to pop my Forever 21 Haul & Try On video here today. 

I filmed it a couple of weeks ago when my hair was still blonde (I don't think I'll ever leave this magical unicorn look now!!) so don't worry, the colour hasn't all washed out yet!

I absolutely love this video. Hauls are fun and easy and this was a bit different and I feel maybe better for you because you actually see the clothes, how they hang on the body, what kind of things you can style them with etc. Do you prefer them? If you'd like to watch the full video, click HERE to be taken to it on YouTube. 

My favourite outfit from the collection is the sheer lace dress and the scariest thing is the pair of sequinned shorts. I am absolute determined to wear them to something before the year is out!

What are you excited to wear this summer? I'm in the mood to go shopping now!! Uh oh!!



Wednesday 20 April 2016

Darcy's Princess Party!

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Prepare yourself for a very photo heavy post (aka the very best kind) because at last I have selected the Birthday Party photographs I'd like to share on the blog. I'm excited. Thankfully on the day my friend Zoe drove up and if there's one person I trust with a camera- it's her! I had so so many to choose from but narrowed it down to this small selection. I plan on printing these, and the ones I didn't share, and displaying them all in an album for Darcy to flick through and enjoy whenever she fancies it.

There were a lorra lorra littles at her party but I'm reluctant to post pictures of other people's children because I know how upsetting that can be if you've not been asked or have specifically said you're not OK with it. So, some of these shots might look a bit like it was just me, Darcy and one or two kiddos (the ones who's Mama's I have permission from) but I promise, it was chaos, haha!  

As part of Darcy's party package she had time playing with all her friends in the soft play zone and then time in the Princess Room. Here she is hanging out (literally) with her friend 'Harby'. Harby and Scarlet are twins and she absolutely loves them. Lucky for me, I rather love their Mummy so it's playdates all round!!

Two beauties. I was so happy that Zoe made the trip up to see us and share Darcy's big day with her. She's been there since the beginning and will be there to the end. 

Below is Darcy having a little Marilyn moment on the toy that blows balls into the air. Slightly blurry shot but I'm just in love with that little face she's pulling. Pure mischief. 

All the excitement of soft play aside, we skipped off to the Princess Room and entered an enchanting world of party food on cake stands atop mushroom tables, tiny speckled stools for the littles to sit on and gorgeous murals all over the walls. It was beautiful. Everything a little girl would want in a party I think. I wished so much that my Mother could be there to see it, I know she would have loved every detail. 

Also in the room were rails upon rails of absolutely gorgeous dresses (and knight-wear for the few boys we had) for the girls to try on. There were staff on hand to help anyone that needed it and they could try on as many as they fancied- Darcy went through about three different selections! <3

Even adults need to try on a tiara here and there, yanno? 

Just secretly wishing my wardrobe at home looked this whimsical. 

My Knight, Dad, ha. I'm so grateful to have had my Dad be such a huge part of my life. He's been so wonderful offering so much help, advice and support these last few months and in the face of real struggle, he's there to soothe. I'm so glad Darcy has him too.

When you're this gorgeous a Princess, everyone wants a snap!!

Available to the children was a glitter tattoo artist which a lot of them loved! If I'd have had time I probably would have asked for some pretty designs too!

Ever seen a grown man with a tiara being attacked by a bunch of unicorn waving five year olds? Now you have!! Quite the action shot there!!

These woman, ooof I love them! You might be interested to know (I always am when I see people that heavily pregnant!), 3 days later, Clare gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Awww!

As promised last week, more pictures of the cake of princessy dreams!

This is the incredible cake I ordered Darcy. Two tiers of angel sponge, pastel icing with edible glitter and a custom made 'Darcy' figure. In yellow icing it said, 'Happy 5th Birthday Darcy'. I hope to order her a special cake every year.

And there we have it, a small selection of some of the gorgeous snaps from Darcy's 5th Birthday Party. I don't know how we'll top next year because this was so great! If anyone is local to me (Northamptonshire, UK), the event was held at The Hub and the caked was from Gardners Bakery in Kingsthorpe. 

Until next year, that's the last of the Darcy birthday posts but don't worry, it's mine in a couple of weeks so if cake and celebrations are your thing- stick around!!



Monday 18 April 2016

Motivational Monday || S3P1 || Confidence

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Many moons ago I had a feature on this blog called, 'Motivational Monday'. Do you remember it? I would find nice quotes or typography, feature them and write a little about how they had effected me, my thoughts on them or how we could incorporate them into our week.

I ran two series of that feature for a great many weeks and then when my life chaos took over, I stopped the feature. Well, life has settled and guess what? It's back! Series three. Hello friend. So, without further ado, here is series three, post one (S3P1 in the title there) and today we're focusing on confidence.

I was at the health club (my fancy name for 'gym') with a friend last week and she said, 'Do you ever have moments where you don't feel fat and you forget about it and you just feel nice?'. I thought about it for a second and I replied, 'Always. The majority of the time I feel that way. I feel lovely', and she was surprised. Not because she thinks I'm a great fatty beast that couldn't ever feel good (I hope not anyway haha) but because she doesn't feel nice very often. It made me sad. 

Your body is only a body. It is flesh and blood and bones and gunk. Nobody will ever hate your body as much as you do and yet chances are, you think bad things about it on the regular. I bet as you read this you could instantly list three things you dislike about yourself. How quickly could you list three you love? How often do you look in the mirror and think, 'urgh my xyz looks too short/tall/fat/skinny/lumpy/flubby?'. A lot I bet. I do too. 

When I have those moments, those sad little moments where I'm so cruel, I remind myself that nobody cares, only me. Only I really think my tummy is disgusting. Why am I doing that? Why am I walking around telling my own self that I am unpleasant? It's a tummy. It's flesh. It's above my legs and below my boobs and nobody except me gives a hoot. And yet, I continue to be so demeaning. To myself. For no productive purpose. Breaking it down like that makes it seem like a really pointless thing to do. All I achieve is low self confidence and poor mental health. 

So, what if every time you point out (verbally or silently in your mind) something you dislike, you encourage yourself to point out something beautiful? I've been doing this for a while and I promise you, it makes a difference. You confidence is boosted, your burden is lightened and you start to realise you are fine, lovely in fact! There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing disgusting about you. Your body is only a body. It is unique and perfect as it is. 

My advice to you this week, if you don't mind me offering it, is to try the 2-1 trick. If you think a bad thing about your body, note 2 good things as well. Drown out that negative little voice with a big positive one because nobody made any rules on what is beautiful so if you decide you are, then you just are. 

I'd love to hear from you what you do to help boost your self confidence and if you'd like to see more of this feature. I hope it reads ok as well, I'm helping my friend look after her newborn Daughter so I have to admit, I'm a little distracted!! 

Good luck with feeling gorgeous, you don't really need it though- you already are!



Saturday 16 April 2016

Motherhood at 5

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Earlier this month, my tiny baby turned five. An entire five years of living. Half a decade. 

When I look back, 5 years feels like nothing but also a lifetime. So much has changed. 

Over her birthday I thought about the day(s) I was in hospital bringing her into the world, the hopes I had for her future and the things I learnt during that time. I found delivering Darcy the hardest thing I've ever done. No ifs or buts, child birth and the postpartum recovery can be very rough. I think about it every year and feel little pangs of panic and trauma but each year she gets older, it feels a bit easier. This was the first year I felt really unsupported in those feelings but I know in time I will grow and strengthen and they won't feel so painful. Life is funny isn't it? You have to do the hardest thing you can ever imagine to get the best thing you can ever imagine. She is the best. 

(Thank you so much to my friend Zoe for taking these pictures. I plan on printing some for the house)

Watching Darcy enjoy her day and feel so special was magical. This is a beautiful age. I love that we can talk about fairly deep things, I love the way her mind ticks over and mostly, I love that I can feel our bond deepening. I'll always be her Mother and I'll always love her but honestly, I adore this child. I know we'll be friends when she's an adult. We have similar personalities and I feel like very often I can understand her emotions and thought processes not just because I'm her Mummy and care giver, but because my mind works the same way too. I just get her. 

When she was born I optimistically hoped that our life would be that of the classic family and we'd all eat croissants in bed on a Sunday morning and laugh over dinner each night (and yanno, other non food based activities haha) and all be merry and bright. As you know, life didn't pan out that way and we are now a team of two, Darcy and Louise, on life's big adventure. 

I thought that as I went from parenting team to solo Mama that I would flounder. I thought I would fall short and not be able to give the nourishment that is required. A lot can change in a year. I feel like this has been my best year of Motherhood and that I've truly found my footing with it. When I walk past the Yummy Mummy's at the school gates, I don't feel inferior or like I'm pretending to do an OK job, I feel equal. I am doing a good job. 

(The gorgeous dress Darcy wore for her birthday was from Mothercare and these gifts are from Alfie and Zoe)

I always knew I would love being Darcy's Mother but I didn't always know I would love Motherhood. Does that make any sense? You can love so much to care for your own child but sometimes the role of Motherhood can be a title you don't want to take. It bands you in this big club of navy and white striped tops, sensible handbags with enough space for a bento box, endless chats about who's had what sniffle when and the constant arranging of meet ups at garish soft play centres. For a while I mocked this elite group and steered as far away from it as possible. And then, something changed. 

(Sneak peak of the incredible cake I ordered from the cutest bakery near my house. I'm obsessed with the colours, the glitter, the details. I'll upload the photos of her party soon and show you it more!)

(This is definitely being printed, framed and hung somewhere)

I realised life in the group is better. Motherhood is a privilege. Being with other Mother's is a joy. Their children play with your children, social development heightens, your calendar is filled, your happy memories are plentiful. Darcy loves all the fun we have with her little friends. We go to farms, have parties, have friends over for dinner, go swimming, play in the park and more. She does all these things with children her own age and you hear nothing but giggles and chatting and sweetness. 

For me too, Motherhood has been a saviour. It has been support and kindness and inspiration and motivation. I even have a penchant for a navy and white striped tee. What can I say? They're stylish AND practical haha. 

I made Darcy but Darcy has been the making of me. She has taught me a new kind of love and allowed me to find a new kind of strength. I walk with my head high and my heart full and one day when she's big enough, I will tell her how she made my life complete. 

For now though, she is five and I will let he be that. 

Happy Birthday Darcy, my sweet baby girl. 



Wednesday 13 April 2016

Darcy Does My Makeup

Aloha Sprinklerinos, 

How are your day's going? Mine is going well but I'm sooooo sleepy. I'm battling the urge to nap on my laptop!

Earlier this week I uploaded one of my most requested videos, 'Baby Glitter Does My Makeup'. It was an absolute hoot to film. Have you ever let a 4 year old loose with a whole load of colourful makeup and glitter? You should. Just to say you've experienced it!!

Darcy really enjoyed the opportunity to make Mummy's face 'beautiful' and be in front of the camera- she's such a little ham. 

I definitely need to make more fun videos like this. Sometimes you can fall into the trap of trying to make serious or information-y content but this just-for-the-jollies piece was so worth the time and mess! I love hearing her little voice and all the strange little things she said as she was creating. 

(Screenshot from the video. What does this even mean??? Ha)

If you have a spare 5 minutes, please do go over and check the video out, it's suuuuuuper cute!!! You can watch it HERE or I have embedded it below (fingers crossed technology favours me!!)



Monday 11 April 2016

Darcy at the Salon

Aloha Sprinklerinos, 

Did you all have lovely weekends? I spent mine in London hosting a meet & greet with Simply Be to celebrate my new #GlitterClothes range and taking zillions of smiling selfies with some of you lovely ladies (and a couple of men too!) and at home, catching up on Game of Thrones and eating yummy food. Basically the perfect weekend!

Darcy is with me the next few days (Matt and I share her 50/50) and we have a lot of fun things planned.

I've started taking a lot more snaps when I'm out and about and whilst Darcy is on her Easter holidays, life is a lot more fun. Oooeee, I can't wait for the Summer holidays now! They'll be here so quickly!!

This kiddo wants always to have things in her hands. Even when we go swimming she takes toys. Busy little thing.  

Very careful brushing. 

Last week I had an appointment at the salon and Darcy's love for blow drying continued to grow! She really likes coming with me. All the girls make such a fuss of her, they have a little stair case with a platform on that she pretends is a stage, she 'helps' do my hair and draws a lot of pictures for everyone there. She's such a treasure. 

Blow dryers to Darcy, are the MOST fun. 

I know this is blurry but I just love her sweet expression. 

Obviously the best things are special trips, playdates and days out but we also try to make every day activities fun too. These are precious days whilst she's small and so I want to cherish as many moments as possible. 

Life feels so sweet right now. Darcy is a joy, I feel creative and motivated to work and I feel stable. I am so grateful. 

I'm going to try and blog a little more this week, perhaps the photos from her party so do be sure to check back or follow me on twitter/facebook for updates. 

Have a great week Glitterbugs!



PS- Check out my instagram to see my new 'do'! It's beaut!

Friday 8 April 2016

Spring Cleaning Rewards

Aloha Sprinklerinos, 

This is a paid for advertorial. 

It's been a while since I posted my videos on here but now that I'm dipping my toe back into blogging I thought it might be fun to share a few, I hope you agree!

Luxuriating in a squeaky clean bath is heavenly!

With the sun shining a bit more and the sound of birds tweeting, we can all be thrilled that it's Spring and time for floaty skirts and denim jackets- hurrah!! One thing I try to do at this time of year is give my house a bit of a spruce up, organise my mess treasured possessions and spring clean. When the people behind the #DanceAsYouClean Campaign contacted me and asked if I'd like to let you all know about their competition, I thought it would be so fun! You can check out the website to see how you can win music themed prizes to help you dance as you clean! 

Click HERE to watch the video!

I'm not naturally tidy but on a cleaning day I love to blast out my music, pump up the volume and dance my way through the dirt grease and grime. I find having great products helps too and in this video I featured and loved Fairy, Febreze, Flash and Viakal. With a bit of music and products that work beautifully, you'll be luxuriating in your gorgeous sparkly house in no time!! 

A little close up of the goodies that made my house so sparkly!

My absolute favourite thing to do is quieten everything, turn my phone on silent, step into my shiny clean bathroom and have a well deserved soak in the bath. There is something very satisfying about rewarding your spring cleaning efforts with a bit of pampering! I recently had my bathroom renovated so I love taking care of it and enjoying feeling like I have a mini spare next to my bedroom. 

Will you be Spring cleaning this year? What do you do to make it more fun? 



This is a paid for advertorial. 

Tuesday 5 April 2016

Simple Pleasures

Aloha Sprinklerinos, 

This weekend we celebrated Darcy's birthday (the actual day is tomorrow) with a magical Princess Party for her and all her friends. Zoe and I took a billion photos but it's going to take me a while to edit all through them so give me a little bit of time please, this Mama is going to be busy!

A few days before the party, I did something pretty out of character and I thought it might be fun to talk about it. I joined a Health Club! Say whhhhaaaaaa?? 

I think it's fairly obvious that I'm not in the best physical shape and don't lead the healthiest lifestyle. I've been wanting to put a bit more effort into my health for a while and when I found out that some of my YummyMummy friends were members of a really nice Health Club in my town, I figured it wouldn't hurt to go and check it out. 

I was quite nervous so asked one of my sister's to come with me for a looksie but I was happy with everything, joined and we've been 3 times so far! I signed up both me and Darcy so that we have somewhere fun to go, rain or shine and because we know a few friends (and their Daughter's) who are members so we should have lots of people to play with. In my membership I have access to everything (gym, spa, pool, classes, restaurant etc) and in Darcy's, since she's probably not desperate to go and press some hard weights haha, she has access to the pool with me and can go in the children's club whenever I book her in. She also really likes the sweet potato fries and soft play area in the restaurant!

The pool is lovely with sections for children filled with floatie toys, rubber duckies, watering cans etc, spa facilities and Darcy's favourite - hairdryers in the beautifully swish changing rooms. Yep, this kid was MOST excited by the prospect of blow drying her own hair. The entire time we were in the pool today she asked about it. Her specific requests were to have a shower with her goggles on, dry her own hair (the dryers and flat irons are GHD's by the way, yessss) and take a single cotton pad and ear bud from the complimentary beauty bar thingy. I obliged on all of her requests and she was thrilled. Literally more happy with that than all the playing we did in the pool (I pushed her 20 lengths on a floatie noodle. I want to work that number up in time). 

Naturally it's a bit tricky to take pictures in a pool- I feel weird taking a camera where so many people are half naked and there are lots of children in not much attire, so I took these snaps of Darcy loving life with the hair dryer instead, just on my phone. 

I love that Darcy and I have this new place to add to our list of fun things to do and look forward to increasing my fitness levels a smidge whilst spending time with this funny little thing I made! Right now our lives are about enriching them with the best possible experiences and spending as much time together as possible. We love being our team!

Do you take you littles to the gym or health club? What do they like to do there? 



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