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Friday 27 February 2015

Saratoga Springs | Disney

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It seems like only a moment ago I was writing THIS blog post about my sweet baby being born, but now, fast forward almost four years and she's a proper little child. 

 (I want to remember how little these leggies are forever)

I took these pictures thinking I was going to write a 'Baby OOTD' but when I looked closely, I realised all of these clothes are from last year and so if you wanted to buy any of them, you'd be pretty frustrated. I decided instead just to share some pictures of the resort we stayed at and have a little chat. 

(This little area was right outside our building -there are lots of different blocks of villas- and was the perfect spot of OOTD photography. Obviously if you're not a blogger, it was also a great spot for family photographs. I liked it a lot).

(I also like this little goober a lot too).

About six weeks ago, Disney invited our family to come and experience one of their holidays and despite having a subsequent holiday to the same destination with the BitsandClips family booked, we said yes- you can't say 'no' to Disney!!

We stayed at the Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa is modelled on a late 1800's New York retreat that was famous for it's horse racing and spas. Everywhere you go on the property there are nods to horses and I enjoyed that. It didn't feel at all like a kids hotel but at the same time, there were obvious elements of Disney, which as you can imagine, really pleased me. 

(Sweet chairs for sweet babies to watch films in the lobby whilst you check in or wait for taxis and transfers)

(Horsey! I thought this might be from Mary Poppins?)

 (I thought this was really cool. A little shaded area with picnic benches, a BBQ, lights and a fan. It was right by the pool and looked like the perfect place for a family get together or a small party. I love that those facilities were provided). 

(I love that even the pool had a horse racing theme and it looks so fun for kiddies. I had actually gone to PlaylistLive by the time Darcy had a play in here but Matt said she really enjoyed it).

(Darcy wasn't thrilled about being splashed in the face with the water springs but she did enjoy toddling round them all haha).

The villa we stayed in was a spacious one bedroomed apartment which a huge bath, separate shower and toilet room, patio area looking over the golf course, fully equipped kitchen and double pull out sofa bed for Darcy. It was very lovely. 

The property is huge, with several pools, places to eat to suit various budgets and a spa (which I didn't go to sadly). I wish I had had time to really wander around and learn more about the place and see it all but we were often rushing from one place to another and so time escaped us. 

Things I liked about Saratoga Springs :: 

 Everywhere felt REALLY clean, pristine and well cared for. 
♥ When you arrive in the lobby, the man opening the door or the people on front desk say, 'Welcome Home'. It's weird at first but then it feels really nice. 
 It was a haven of pastel colours- pinks and creams and sages as far as the eye could see. 
♥ The lobby had little tiny 'fancy' chairs in for little tiny 'fancy' people to sit in and watch films. 
♥ The gardens were well tended and just felt really pretty. 
♥ The little food shop was a welcome addition. 
♥ The ease of getting to all the parks using the free bus service.

I will be uploading all my Disney vlogs over the next few days (since it's only 8 days until we go back haha!) so you will of course see more of the resort, including a full apartment tour. 

Have you ever stayed at Saratoga Springs? What did you think? We were gifted our week's stay there but haven't been paid to write this post or say nice things, I just wanted to share my thoughts with you. 

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Wednesday 25 February 2015

Amazing Advertisers || February 2015

Aloha Sprinklerinos, 

I do believe Spring is in the air and this pleases me muchly. And what better way to introduce the sunshine than with some cracking monthly advertisers! I hope you're all cosy, perhaps with a snack or two ready because it's a long'un. Enjoy! 


The Crown Wings is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog written by Jessica, she’s quite the brainbox don’t cha know? If there’s a vintage market, an accessory sale or a trove of shiny treasures, Jessica will be there to blog about it all. As well as blogging about her fashion finds and love of all things sparkly, Jessica writes in depth, helpful reviews on beauty and skincare products. I feel there is no facemask that has not had the luxury of being placed upon Jessica’s beautiful face, she’s reviewed them all I tell ya! If you too are a beauty lover then Crown Wings is your muse.

Ahoy there sailor! Or sailor accessory loving guy or gal, I’ve found a treasure trove of nautical galore. Franco Florenzi is a jewellery boutique specialising in watches and bracelets ideal for the sea lover, either man or woman. The watches are simple yet classic and the leather rope bracelets would make the perfect gift for those who prefer the casual yet sophisticated dressed down attire. Should you be in the market for said bracelet or a watch for the man in your life then give Franco Florenzi a gander!

Dear You, Love Em is a lifestyle blog written by long term advertiser and smiler, Emily. Dear You, Love Em is a feel good blog and if I’m after an escape for a little while to somewhere sunnier then the Aussie seaside, Emily’s optimistic attitude and beautiful writing is the perfect combination for a blog getaway. Recently Emily wrote a post about what she had learnt in her 20’s and it was so relatable that I could have written it myself. Thank you Emily for uniting us 20 somethings and advising the youngsters on their life journey and what to expect. I thoroughly recommend a read.

Get The Skinny is a fitness blog written by beautiful gal and body confidence promoter, Tara. As well as writing about her own personal journey with fitness, Tara offers advice to others, creates recipes for a happy, healthy tummy as well as offering reviews on all the sportswear you can imagine, from finding the best trainers to the most supportive sports bra. If you too are a fitness loving gal or would like more information on all things exercise, then I would definitely hop on over and take some advice from Tara, she knows her stuff!

What a cracker of a blog! You only have to read about these fun gals briefly and their slightly tipsy story of becoming friends to fall in love with them and their antics. Sisterhood of the Travelling Wags is a lifestyle blog written by friends Aleks and Sophie and they’re a hoot I tell ya! With honesty being the best policy, Aleks and Sophie will offer you advice from controlling those shopping urges, to how to keep that sexual spark alive in the bedroom (oo err.) Their blog is simply fun and fabulous and I’ve found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion when having a scroll through old posts.

Darling Dee Dee is a long time advertiser with Sprinkle of Glitter and each month Dee produces the most beautiful content you ever did see on her beauty blog. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Dee has a talent for blogging and photography which makes for some impressive reviews and a space on the interwebs which makes my eyes swoon, and my beauty shopping list longer and longer after each visit. I also love that Dee reviews a wide range of brands and products, there’s something for everyone and as always, I insist you have a browse for yourself.

The What Now Blog is written by Louise, a lifestyle blogger with enthusiasm for work, opportunity and life in general. The What Now Blog offers inspirational posts for all as well as a refreshing positive outlook for when life becomes a little mundane and sad. Similarly, if you’re at a loss and not sure where your life is heading in certain aspects, Louise has advice for that too! From travel to work and dressing for your job, Louise knows it all! Should you be in need of some inspiration or opportunity then look no further than The What Now Blog.

Youtuber Olivia does what she says on the tin, she just wants to make people smile. Olivia posts a variety of videos to her Youtube channel twice weekly and the variety is quite refreshing! From humorous rants to baby hedgehog reactions, Olivia has it all and her passion for Youtube and making people smile is quite apparent in her videos. She also has lovely long glossy hair, mmm. Why not make Olivia smile and send a view or two her way? I’m sure she’ll be thrilled!

Sweet Tea and Storms is quite the swanky little blog! It is a fashion and lifestyle blog written by Mikayla, an avid photographer and all round beautiful gal. Mikayla is a fabulous lady with a contagious smile and love of life, her ventures are fun, her culinary skills are quite something and best of all, she’s a self-confessed Jesus and Country music loving kinda gal. If you too are a young gal studying your way through life whilst having fun and taking a few snaps along the way, then you should befriend Mikayla, or at lease show Sweet Tea and Storms some love.

Ooh we’ve got a gallivanting blogger amongst us and she’s a good’un! Angie, a London based lifestyle and travel blogger shares her glorious and exotic adventures with us through her blog, SilverSpoon London, and they’re b-e-a-utiful. Not to mention Angie’s snaps of her travels are equally lovely and have my itching to find my passport. I love Angie’s free spirit and desires to try different things. She and her husband and friends are fine diners, world travellers and an all-round lovely bunch! Take a peek at the corners of the world Angie has visited, they’re divine!

Ooh swanky swanky alert!! I've a completely unique advertiser for you lovely lot this month and I think you'll be pleased as punch with what Miya Emoridering has to offer in the form of their beautifully crafted and kooky handbags. If you've got a taste for colour and pompoms (everyone loves a cheeky pompom or two) then look no further than Miya Embroidering. The bags come in a variety of forms, from rucksacks to totes so there is something for everyone! Go on, have a gander. 

Gee whizz! What a crackin' bunch of blogs we've had this month! Which has been your favourite? 



Tuesday 3 February 2015

Red Breakfast Part Two

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my previous tasty toasty blog post! Yay for us, it's time for the second one!

Warbutons are currently working in partnership with the British Heart Foundation to support their 'Wear It. Beat It.' campaign and as part of that, 5p from the sale of each loaf is donated to help. To encourage you all to be part of such a great idea, this blog post is going to show you two more ideas to tantalise the taste buds and hopefully inspire you to host your own Red Breakfast and open up the discussion about family heart health and maintaining a healthy heart. 

Like last time, I have opted for one sweet and one savoury- I'm sure you can imagine which one Baby Glitter liked best!

Strawberries and Honey Wholemeal Toast

Baby Glitter was thrilled with this little treat. The idea of sliced strawberries seemed like such a novelty to her and with it being pretty healthy, I was happy to oblige. 

To Make :

Toast your wholemeal bread. Slice strawberries and place, drizzle honey over and if you're feeling wild, sprinkle some chopped nuts on top. Hurrah!

Tip :

After washing the strawberries, give them a little blot with some kitchen roll to stop your bread going soggy. 

Salsa and Spicy Cheese Wholemeal Toast

As a fan of all things savoury, this I think was my favourite of all four recipes. 

To Make :

Toast your wholemeal bread. Layer on fresh salsa, strips of spicy chili cheese, sprinkle red onions for an extra kick and garnish with coriander. Tada!

Tip :

This probably didn't need the onion, I just love it and could eat it on everything. Proceed with caution haha. 

I hope these ideas have given you a smidgen of inspiration and will help you on your way to buying a loaf of break, hosting your own Red Breakfast and helping support The British Heart Foundation. If you would like further information or the chance to win a Red Breakfast kit, check out the Warburtons Facebook Page!



Allergy Advice - This product contains wheat, gluton, soya and is produced in a bakery which used milk, sesame seeds and barley. 

This blog post is sponsored by Warburtons.

Monday 2 February 2015

Motivational Monday | Being Pretty

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Merry Monday to you! The start of a new week and a chance to leave the mistakes of last behind you and to make efforts and amends to do better with this one. What a lovely thought. 

They say that as you approach your thirties you feel a great sense of calm and confidence. In my early and mid twenties I laughed at this and thought it was one of those things they say to comfort you re: ageing but lately though, I've noticed an unexpected shift in the way I view myself and I kind of like it. 

In the past, I've been my own harshest critic. I've seen pictures of myself that other people have described as beautiful and thought, 'Urgh, I look vile'. I have picked apart the tiniest details of myself. I've untagged myself in things because my eyes weren't open wide enough or my arm looked squishy. Seriously, ridiculous little things.

When Jack made my edit of the the Winter Lookbook, I didn't ask for a single change. There are bits of it that I mentally flagged to myself, but then I thought, 'that's just my face', or, 'that's just what my body looks like when it jumps off a tractor' and felt alright really. It's marvellous what rational acceptance can do for a girl.

When you think of the 7 billion people on the planet and all their blemishes or wrinkles or squashy bits or cellulite, you quickly realise you're fine. Your body is just one in 7 billion. You aren't unpleasant or ugly and you don't stand out in any negative fashion, you're just one of the crowd. I find that so comforting. 

I've always been generally confident with my appearance but lately I have felt a great sense of calm over the matter. I look at my face and see all the things I didn't love before (laughter lines, always slightly uneven eyebrows, super rosy cheeks) and just think, 'Hello little bits of me'. As I feel calmer, I feel happier. As I feel happier, I think I look better. As I look better, I feel more confident. See what's happening? A very positive cycle of loveliness. (Even if it is slightly superficial). 

For this week's homework I would urge you to look in the mirror or at a photo of yourself. Take note of all your bibbits and bobbits and have a good think. Are they really an issue or are they just little bits of yourself that do no harm and are what make you unique? 

When I think about all the most beautiful people in my life (My Mama in Heaven, my little girl, my friend Marie), I don't even for a nanosecond think about frizzy hair or blemished skin or wobbly thighs, their beauty just shines out and captivates me. Let yours do the same. 



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