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Monday 31 August 2015

Amazing Advertisers || August 2015

Aloha Sprinklerinos, 

Crikey, where has the summer gone?! I'll be welcoming Autumn with open arms before I know it. Crunchy leaves and warm blankets, I am ready for you! But before we wish goodbye to August and embrace the chillier months, let's have another gander through some Amazing Advertisers, there have been plenty of travel posts by my lovely ladies in August, the perfect antidote if you're not quite ready to say goodbye to the Summer. Let's go! 

Emma is a good egg, she has certainly earned her title as The Coupon Queen! She’s pretty darn good at finding us a bargain or two which is nifty in itself, but she also dedicates her time couponing to help others who may be struggling to get by or having to pinch the pennies, which is simply heart warming and gives me all the feels to know Emma has established her royal couponing status in order to help a sista out! Whatever your financial status, I’m sure we could all use a bit of Coupon Queen magic in our lives, so go on, get saving with Emma!

I warn you, Sanna and her beautiful little toddler will make you all kinds of broody, their family is simply wonderful. Wave To Mummy is a tip top parenting and lifestyle blog which I’ve had much joy in reading recently, I’ve loved following Sanna on her mummy adventures, her house renovation and celebrating her first blogging birthday (although the toddler outfit posts are a particular favourite I must admit.) If you’re a fan of the parenting blogs, or just love a down to earth kinda gal with a bloomin’ cute kid, then I’d recommend having a read of Wave To Mummy.  

I’ve talked of my love for Angie and her blogging antics many times in the past, and once more Angie has delivered with some pretty swell posts for us to enjoy. Angie has shown us the beauty of Singapore and all it has to offer which has me itching for travel and glorious sunshine. She’s quite the jet setter that Angie! And to keep things closer to home, we’ve also had a good old British Sunday Roast snap, it doesn’t get more culturally diverse than that! Whether you’re a travel blogger lover, in need of a restaurant review or two, or just love fabulous photography, then Angie is your gal.

The Runner Beans is a lifestyle and fitness blog written by self-confessed lycra addict, Charlie. I’m quite the fan of The Runner Beans as it teaches the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. Charlie makes exercise look super fun and it’s the perfect inspiration if you’re after some pep in your healthy step! I do love a good old scenery snap, and with Charlie’s hiking talents, she certainly picturesque places a plenty on The Runner Beans, so much so I would love to visit them myself (Northern Ireland I’m looking at you.) Speedily hop on over and allow Charlie to teach you the ways of running and stretching, I’m tempted to get the lycra out myself! 

And that my lovelies is it! short but sweet I'm sure you'll agree. I hope you've enjoyed my gals and their musings as much as I have. They really are good'uns! 



Wednesday 26 August 2015

Louise In LA

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

If you have been following me on my vlog channel, 'Sprinkle of Chatter, you will have seen that earlier this month I was in LA for a week of fun, collabs and adventures. 

Since all the videos are now published, I thought it would be fun to answer some of your questions!

If you would like to watch the vlogs, click HERE

Now, on with the questions!

Favourite thing you purchased in LA?

Oohh this is very easy. After seeing it on so many beauty blogs and in beauty videos, I took myself off to Sephora and picked up the Becca & Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Highlighter and oh my life, I was not disappointed. Although it's a pressed powder product it applies like an intense cream, blends beautifully and leaves you like a golden goddess. I've used it almost every day and I can safely say, it's love. 

Where was your favourite place to go?

Somewhere I went to but would have liked to spend more time at was Venice. It had sweet little canals and beautiful homes and lots of little nooks and crannies. To me, America feels really big and intimidating with it's crazy wide roads and huge buildings but Venice had the higgledypiggledy vibe that London has so I felt nice there. 

Favourite restaurant out there?

So, I'm not sure if I would call this a restaurant, but In-N-Out Burger. It's a fast food place (with eat in or drive thru) and oh em eff gee it was good. So good I had it twice. Once when I was in a grumpy hangry mood and once to cure a hangover (oops haha) and it was EXACTLY what I needed. I don't really eat beef so I was just going to get Animal Fries (I had those once a couple of years ago and have been dreaming of them every since) but Drew was way too much of an enabler and ordered me a grilled cheese thing too. It was the stuff of dreams I'm telling you. Also, whilst I'm at it recommending things- pink lemonade. You need it in your life. 

Would you ever consider living out there?

I've always dreamt of spending some of my life living in America. The problem now is that Matt and I are separated, so taking Darcy over to America (and therefore away from him) would be a horrible idea and something I don't want to do. So, maybe when she's a lot lot lot older I could do it or if I really wanted to, perhaps I could divide my time between the two for a few weeks at a time. No plans for moving anywhere for a good while yet though. 

Hardest thing to over come being away from home?

The hardest thing was obviously being away from Darcy. I'm pretty good at switching between Mummy Mode and Louise Mode but there were times, particularly at DisneyLand where my Mummy heart hurt. Also, as we've talked about before, I struggle REALLY badly with being out of my comfort zone so doing so much on my own (without Matt, family or Maddie) was a challenge. I was really grateful to Cayleigh and Drew for being so lovely and understanding. Even when I had a little strop in the car once hahaha. 

Best night out you had?

I think the best night out was a night at Joey Graceffa's house. We had a mermaid pool party for our friend Cayleigh, with amazing drinks, yummy food, lols and of course, pool time. I wore the bikini I bought here last winter. I'd been building up the courage to go for a bikini for months and when I finally did it, it felt so freeing. It was pretty pricey ($89.99 plus extortionate shipping) but omg, it was so worth it. 

Did you see any famous people?

Well, I collabed with some of the most fabulous YouTubers in LA so yes! 

Favourite thing you did?

One afternoon my friend Drew and I drove the length of Mulholland Drive and then down to the coast. Pootling around in cars, singing careoke and taking in the view is basically my idea of heaven so this was the perfect afternoon for me. There is something really soothing about being driven about and listening to someone telling you which school they went to as a child, pointing out famous houses and stopping to take a few insta's of the scenery! 

Will you go back to DisneyLand?

Yes. My heart belongs to Disney. Not Walt, just yanno, the concept of Disney. 

What was your favourite part of DisneyLand?

In the last hour of the day, when we were so tired and ready to head home, Cayleigh, Drew and I jumped on a Story Book ride. It was a little boat (that tipped about thank you very much) that meandered through sweet grassy verges adorned with all the houses of the Disney characters. The structures were only doll house size but so detailed and sweet, I could've done that ride so many more times and looked at everything. Sometimes it's not the big beasty thrills that make your favourite memories but the quiet little moments that capture your imagination. 

Any weird accidents?

Oh yes. So, it was early morning and Cayleigh and I had been swimming in the hotel pool. PJ and his gang were due to arrive round to come and record my voice for something Oscars Hotel related. We'd spent a bit too long at the pool, I was wearing a towel and the door knocked- they were here!! I shouted, 'just a minute!!' and tried to put my dress on. I wasn't fully dry so it got all tangled and stuck, I had no underwear on, I frantically whispered to Cayleigh to help me and basically was a half naked, half moist (ooer) woman caught up in a dress and she saw everything! Hopefully by the time I opened the door to PJ he had no idea of my issues. Incidentally, I still had no underwear on for the entirety of the voice recording!!!

What song reminds you of your trip?

Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainer. Cayleigh had it in her car on repeat haha. 

Will you visit LA again?

I really hope so. 

Did Darcy miss you?

Funnily enough, I don't think so. She has such a great time with her Daddy and is so used to spending chunks of time with each of us separately that I think she was just happy to be doing what she was doing. We Skyped a few times though, mostly for my benefit haha. 

Favourite thing about LA?

I'm gonna be really smooshy but, the people. I have lots of American friends now and one thing I always notice is how welcoming and hospitable they are to me. Cayleigh was always on hand to gee me up when I was having a scardycat moment, Drew did all my favourite things with me (he even sat through all of Bridget Jone's Diary and ordered aaaalllllll the room service food which pleased me soooo much. Netflix and dinner, bliss), the Whats Up Moms ladies for having me over for the day (with amazing food, the best girlie chats, shopping and taking me to the airport), Joey for hosting the amazing mermaid party and letting me raid his fridge, Ingrid, Cat and Mamrie for taking the trouble to come out to my hotel to film such fun collabs. 


Thank you to so many of you on twitter for asking such good questions, I really enjoy posts like this so I think I might do more like it- it's like taking part in a mini interview haha!! Don't forget to checkout the vlogs and things I've linked in the post for you and I'll see you all soon!



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