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Friday 30 January 2015

Some Disney Explainin'!

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I've got some Disney explaining to do. Here's the story-

For years Marie BitsandClips have been talking about our 'someday dream' to take the girls (and Luca) to DisneyLand or DisneyWorld together. We are the kind of women who delight in the little things so a trip like that would be like magic to us. We knew we would take joy from every tiny thing, from packing in flight handbags to seeing Cinderella's castle, and so, it's been on our 'please, please one day please list' for a looonngg time.

(From our trip in Oct '13)

Now, you might not know this about me but when I decide on doing something, I'm not letting it go. Persistent Pentland is not a nickname without basis. This Summer I decided I was going to make this happen and so set out talking to Marie and getting going on the dream. We booked a trip for November but due to work commitments, we had to delay it to March.

Since the Summer we have been talking, planning, pinning and researching all things DisneyWorld. We are OBSESSED. Since Darcy has already been to the Magic Kingdom (HERE), I know she'd understand the concept of a Disney holiday and so told her all about it. She doesn't have a grasp of time yet so it's always been, 'When Scarlet (Marie's Daughter) turns 4, it's time to go on Holiday!'. She's pumped.

Then, like some kind of magic curveball, DisneyWorld contacted my management. The dream brand that I have been wanting to work with since forever, sent an invite. They asked if Matt, Darcy and I would like to join them for four days, staying on one of their resorts and touring the parks, in return for vlogs and blogs and all those good things.

I was torn. On one hand its the absolute dream and the exchange seemed perfect to me because I don't think I could ever go somewhere that magical and not document it on every social platform available but then on the other, would it take the shine away from my dream GlitterBits (yeah, I did just ship BitsandClips and Sprinkle of Glitter haha) trip?

We thought about it for a few days and decided to go. You just can't say 'no' to Mickey Mouse and we know that the experiences will both be so different. We are so grateful to have been considered for this opportunity and are giddy with glee to go- twice!! We know it won't take any fizz from the March trip because we have so many treats planned for it and the true joy of it will be to spent time with the Sunshine family (seriously, what kind of a perfect surname for them is that?). 

With all that in mind (two Disney vacations in two months), this blog is about to get rather magical! I want to write as many posts as possible because reading other people's thoughts and opinions on the most magical place on earth is one of my favourite things to do in my spare time.

So what would you like to see?

I'll list some ideas below but if you have anymore, please leave them for me and I'll see what I can do.

Potential Posts for Trip One (The Magical Work Trip)

Disney Resort Hotel Review
Staying In Hotels With Toddlers
Theme Park Handbag Essentials
DisneyWorld Makeup (as in how I do mine for the day)
Darcy OOTD's
Mama OOTD's
Yummy Disney Food
Great Rides for Toddlers
Disney Details (I'm excited for that one!)
General Experience of each Park (Picture Heavy)
Airport Tips with Tots
The Disney Tag

Potential Posts for Trip Two (The Dream GlitterBits Trip)

Pre-trip Disney Haul (I've bought a lot that I am saving for March!)
Non Disney Resort Review (We're staying offsite)
Darcy & Scarlet & Luca OOTD's
Mama & Marie OOTD's
General Experience of each Park (Picture Heavy)
Sweet Snacks for Us & the Kiddies
Great Rides for Adults
All The Magic (all the sweet moments of little girls holding hands etc)
Packing your Stroller
Hidden Mickeys
Family Moments
Restaurant Chats
Past Disney Experiences

Obviously quite a lot there and definitely won't do all of them but just ideas to consider or add to! If you hate Disney, you're probably not going to enjoy my blog for the next few week but I will try to keep a few of the regular posts going too!

Alrighty, let me know what you thing!



Thursday 29 January 2015

Red Breakfast Part One

This blog post is sponsored by Warburtons.

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

If you have been following this blog for a long time you might remember this time last year Sprinkle of Glitter partnered with Warburtons to talk about some new exciting ways you might want to serve pancakes to your family. 

This year Warburtons are back and are the official supporters of the British Heart Foundation's, 'Wear It. Beat It.' campaign. From the 19th of January the packaging will be changed and 5p from every loaf will be donated. Warburtons are encouraging families across the country to pick up a loaf and host a Red Breakfast, which is actually what this post is about! 

In this house, we are food people. We enjoy the eating, the socialising, the instagramming (lol), we're foodies. 

When we were asked if we would talk about a few fun wholemeal toast ideas and start a bit of a blog convo about family heart health and the importance of having a healthy heart, it was an easy choice- yes!

In this post we'll look at a sweet and savoury wholemeal toast option. Of course, you could go for non-wholemeal-toasted bread or sandwiches but in this house, we're wholemeal toast people!

Tomato and Basil Wholemeal Toast

Oh me oh my this was delicious. I was surprised because I'm usually pretty picky about tomatoes (I like them in things but not on their own) but I really, really enjoyed this and will be making it again. 

To Make :

Toast wholemeal bread to your liking, lay on some torn fresh basil, grill tomatoes and place on top, drizzle a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle a little rock salt and voila! The tastiest savoury treat. Yay. 

Tips :

I know you imagine a grilled tomato to be just cut in half but I found it easier to do 3 or 4 thick slices instead - they sit better on the wholemeal toast and are easier to eat. :)

Crushed Raspberry and Cream Cheese Wholemeal Toast

This was a favourite for Baby Glitter. We usually give her berries as part of puddings so to her, this was something quite special haha. 

To Make : 

Toast wholemeal bread, spread cream cheese, scatter raspberries- beyond easy!

Tip : 

Crush and tear the raspberries a little bit so the lovely flavour seeps out a little. 

And there you have it, two incredibly quick and easy ideas. Why not pick up a loaf in store and have your own Red Breakfast with friends, family or even colleagues an raise funds for the British Heart Foundation? For more information or the chance to win Red Breakfast kits, head on over to the Warbutons Facebook Page. 

I hope you liked these ideas and they haven't made you too hungry! What do you like to put on your toast? All ideas welcome!!



Allergy Advice - This product contains wheat, gluton, soya and is produced in a bakery which used milk, sesame seeds and barley. 

This blog post is sponsored by Warburtons.

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Personal Facebook Reveals

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I'm gonna be bold- I am a comedy genius. No, I joke (ha, pun intended), I'm not but I do make myself laugh sometimes. At least someone does eh?

I regularly hold back on social media because I'm a pretty private person and also because it scares me that strangers can see everything and I don't know what they might thing- oh hai Insecurities, welcome, welcome. 

My personal Facebook though is quite the oasis. I'm a serial status updater and to be very blunt, some of those gems just need to be shared with the world, the Glitter World at least. 

After no good thinking at all (I'm sleep deprived as usual and have had way too much sugar), I've decided to share a few of my favourites. Enjoy!

I realise I've done a poor job of hiding surnames but all the people here are YouTubers who you know anyway. Please don't FB stalk them or they won't be my friends anymore. 

Did this tickle your pickle? Should I do this more often or is something that only makes me smile?

If this is entirely mad, blame the cocopops. Often I copy statuses over to my Glitter FB, which you can follow HERE



Monday 26 January 2015

Amazing Advertisers || January 2015

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

As we draw near to the end of January, I am reminded of all the resolutions I made a few weeks back and the boosted optimism I had for the fresh start of a year. How are you going with mine? I still feel pretty perky and hope to remain so throughout February!

This month has been a big month for Amazing Advertisers, with a few newbies joining us as well as the return of our oldie but goldies! You may have seen some of these lovelies before, but just in case you haven't, let's take a fresh look. 

Lea Blush- All Things Beauty is a YouTube Channel, run by Lea Clements. As yet there are no uploads on here but I'm sure Lea is set to having something cracking up there soon that we can all enjoy!! From the looks of the videos Lea has liked, she enjoys music and beauty. Not much else I can say about this one yet but I'm excited what the future holds for her!

SilverSpoon London is run by Angie and as she states, is a blog 'fusing London life, food adventures and luxury travel'. Angie's blog is a treasure chest of incredible photography, mouth watering food and can I just say, beautiful dresses- that lady is smokin'! This month Angie has celebrated two big milestones so hop on over to see what they were and drool at the gorgeous pictures. 

Oooeeee be still my beating heart this blog is a beauty. Imagine a perfect glossy magazine that makes you want to get out into the world and actually do stuff? This is it. I just spent a little bit of time reading the 35 by 35 article and now feel full of inspiration to write my own. Reading the exciting lives of Lucy and Yannick is completely captivating and something I urge you to do too. 

Darling Dee Dee is a most delightful, classic beauty blog. With clear photographs, well written copy and a crisp design, it is easy to be lured into it's pages and start making a terribly long shopping wish list! I love that Dee includes well, natural lit, shots of swatches to go along with the reviews and I love that this month there has been so much Charlotte Tilbury. That rose gold packaging gives me all the feels!

Anna is an impressive lady. As well as currently studying for her PhD, she is also doing a whole host of other super clever things that she has listed on her About Page (do go and have a nosey). This month Anna has hosted a giveaway, celebrated her book turning one, posted her videos, shared a hair tutorial, been poorly sick (sending hugs!) and said some very lovely things about me! Anna is one of our oldie but goldies so do give her some sparkly love!

Written and run by Tara, Get The Skinny is a blog dedicated to fitness, food, lifestyle and well being. If, like me, one of your new year's resolutions is to up your exercise intake and take better care of yourself, this blog might be a really good resource for you. Beautifully laid out, crisp and clear, well worth a looksie. 

PinkSparklesBeauty is written by 22 year old Jen and is her own little slice of the web to chat about all the things she loves and enjoys. This month Jen has shared with us her excitement for an upcoming holiday to one of the Greek Islands (lucky lady) and her favourite beauty products- so fun to see some Zoella Beauty bits in there too. A lovely little spot :).

Doing Life My Way is a beautiful blog written by Alexandra who lives Down Under. This month she is travelling around Asia and by the sounds of the update she gave us, she is having an action packed blast! She has promised to share a few pictures with us when she returns from her travels and maybe also a vlog so I am really excited for that and think you all will be too!

Skorch Magazine is a haven for the plus sized. Packed to the digital rafters with shopping advice, makeup tips, interesting articles and curvy OOTDS, this site is a wealth and resource to those of you who might need or want a little more info or community in this area. Well worth a look for style inspiration and guidance. 

Written by Anya, The Peppermint Pencil is a blog dedicated to creativity, food and lifestyle. Whilst this blog is wonderfully laid out and completely enchanting, I think the thing I have enjoyed most this month is the sweet little video of her 'blustery' days in London. It's so incredibly sweet and beautifully put together and well worth a watch. 

Trudy's blog is an online diary for her to share whatever tickles her pickle and I'll be honest, I like that kinda thing- it's like a virtual pick n mix. I love the unique layout (very magaziney) and have particularly enjoyed the post, 'Her Success Is Not Your Failure', it's real food for thought and something I often need reminding of myself. Good job Trudy. 

And there you have it, a bevvy of beautiful blogs for you to peruse and enjoy! Thank you to all of these wonderful bloggers for their support this month and I'm looking forward to seeing what February brings for you all! Hurrah! 



Monday 19 January 2015

Motivational Monday || Magic

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Did you have a good weekend? I hope that if you did, the positivity has carried through into the start of a new week. 

I chose this one today because it seems to fit nicely with a couple big things I have been thinking about a lot lately, the first being God and the second being Disney World. 

I know, an odd mix but still with something in common. Both God and Disney put a great focus on belief. To be clear to anyone wondering, I am not bunching to two together and show both topic the appropriate respect in my thoughts, it's just hard to always convey that via text and screens.

As a Christian, I have a strong belief that there is a God and he is the Father of Jesus and he holds our lives in his hands and is there to guide, love, support and teach us. The majority of my friends are not Christians (or any other religion) and so many times I have found myself in conversations where I am put to the test, don't have the answers and simply respond with, 'because I believe it'. It's hard to explain how or why I believe in God but sometimes I say this-

"When Darcy couldn't talk and was a little baby, I knew in my heart that she loved me. She didn't say it outloud and she didn't do anything grand to show me, but I had such belief that she did, that I knew. That's how I feel about God. I just believe it so deeply that I know."

Believing in God brings me more peace than I could ever write in a blogpost. I am not scared of my life or of the future and I am not scared of what comes after. Sure, I fret and worry about the little things, but when I really think on it, I remember that my life is just part of God's plan and all I need to do is follow that and I'll be fine. A lot of people may think this is stupid but I don't feel embarrassed or ashamed, I feel soothed. 

And now Disney. Walt Disney World is my favourite place on earth. I'm the kind of woman who cries at the parades, skips down Main Street and almost floats through the day because to me, it's all just so magical. I believe in the magic. Yes, you could argue that it is all carefully designed to make you feel that way, but I'm fine with that. You wanna design a place that is a delight to be in, smells incredible, looks fantastic, sounds amazing and is made purely to please, go right ahead, I'm happy to be a part of that. Rather than questioning the mechanics of the operation, I am glad to look upon it as magic and enjoy every moment I can. 

The point I am making is this- If you want to pick apart every single thing to see how it works or to question why or to know every little detail, sure, go ahead. Sometimes though (and not for everything but just some special things), don't. Sometimes when you don't look for it, it's just there, waiting to be enjoyed or loved or soothed by. Let yourself go with something and enjoy the magic of it. It's really, really nice. 

Next time you feel like something lovely is happening and you want to enjoy it, just enjoy it. Choosing to believe in something does not make you dumb or weak, it shows strength that you can allow yourself to do that and have the faith to be able to. 



(Disclaimer - I know religion is a sensitive topic and I always worry that my opinions are in some way offensive. Please don't pick me apart (haha kinda the lesson of the day) or be mean about them, I won't respond or engage. I'm not saying God is 'magic', I'm saying more that he is 'miraculous'. Cool <3 font="">

Saturday 17 January 2015

Primark Haul

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

To me, shopping is therapy. Walking round the racks and racks of brightly coloured garments, running my fingers over the textures, flicking through the hangers for my size and picking something up to decide whether I want to take it home or not. Oof. I just love it. 

Over the Christmas holiday and last week I made two trips to two different Primarks and collected a few bits and pieces for our upcoming travels (more on those another day). 

I made this haul video to show you the delights Primark has to offer at the moment and lots of you left lovely comments saying you enjoyed it. 

Sometimes I think watching Haul videos is like the modern day equivelant to window shopping. It's addictive and I love it!

If you are unable to see the embedded version, click HERE to watch it directly on YouTube. 

Do you ever shop at Primark? What do you usually buy?



Wednesday 14 January 2015

Princess Darcy

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Darcy is 3 and 9 months and in love with all things Princess.

She wants to dress as them, twirl as them, be like them and over and over and over, watch them!

We are big big BIG on Disney in this house so I'll never say 'no' to a Disney film or five and are counting down the days to our next big Disney trip!

Something I think about a lot though are the implications of reinforcing the idea that being a princess is something to aspire to to little girls. She is only small and so to her, what I say is gospel and whilst her mind is so impressionable, it leaves quite an imprint. 

Whilst a lot of the early princesses were depicted as pretty with sweet singing voices but very much the damsel in distress waiting to be rescued, I have enjoyed that in the last decade or so, princesses have had a lot more about them. 

When I tell Darcy she is like a princess I tell her she is smart and brave and strong and kind. I want her to grow up valuing her mind and her ability to think and plan and solve or to love and give and care. I think it will be wonderful if she has long blonde hair and a beautiful voice for singing to woodland creatures and bluebirds that land on your fingers but I know it will be even better to have that alongside the aforementioned qualities. 

I allow and encourage Darcy to dress up and dance and pretend to be a princess, but as I do, I remind her how that being a princess means more than just a perfect face and swirling dress.

Next time you see a little lady and tell her she is a princess, remind her exactly what that means. She'll thank you for it one day. 



Monday 12 January 2015

Motivational Monday || Head Space

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Woohoooo another Monday and another chance to try hard, work hard and reach your goals and targets. What's not to be excited about here? I jest, I know not everyone is a Monday person haha.

I don't know about you but I'm an over thinker. I am constantly busy thinking about people or things or events or conversations or arguments or projects or trips - it's EXHAUSTING!!

Last year I poured myself into everything. Every single thing. I feel like I gave so much to so much that I never had any left. I'm not talking financially but emotionally. Sometimes it's worthwhile taking stock and holding back a little bit, reassessing where all your energies are going and re-distributing.

Last week a couple of things happened which really made me think. I wondered if I have made the right choices with people or projects and poured my time and love into the right things. I felt frustrated and wound up. I think I might not be describing it well but that's because I am still a bit confused and het up myself. I haven't ironed it all out in my head yet but when I do, I'll try and explain it better. 

Until that point, and who knows how long it will take, I have come to a decision. 

I am going to give myself and my love and my time and my energies to only the people and projects I think are worthy. Worthiness can come in multifaceted manners but mostly, if you are kind to me, care about me and are a good egg yourself, you're in! Pretty simple! Bonus points if we can laugh, sing and adventure together too! Project-wise, I've already chosen what things I will be working on for the first half of the year so that's an easier choice.

Life is short and energy is precious. Don't waste it on the people who do not appreciate or reciprocate. There is no need to continuously work at something that doesn't work. Sometimes the best thing you can do is stop, smile and leave it.

I'm not suggesting you be a massive d*ckhead to everyone you don't quite like or feel hard done by, just that if you want or need to, walk away from it. Still be gracious and kind and pleasant (all energy neutral emotions) but no need to go full blast at things or people that don't deserve it. 

I hope you all have wonderful weeks full of peace, motivation and happiness! I have posts today, Wednesday and Friday. 



Wednesday 7 January 2015

2015 Fashion Wants

Aloha Sprinkerinos,

Did anyone ever tell  you, 'I wants don't get' when you were little? I heard it a lot and think the jist is, 'don't be a spoilt brat and be happy with what you have'. Cool. 

I think it's good to want things and to visualise what you are working towards, plus, I like thinking about happy things like this and like even more to make a list, so this post, you guessed it, is a list!

With the turn of the new year I have been thinking about little updates I want to make to my wardrobe and mentally making a checklist of things I'd like to try more of or try for the first time this year. 

Are you ready? Let's go. 

In 2015 I want ::

Flower crowns & headbands
Wooden bangles with golden details
Maxi skirts that float like there is always a breeze
Bright jackets to wrap round me with big buttons and deep pockets
Cobalt blue heels (with uber tanned legs)
Rose gold anything
Big slouchy brown bags for all my Mama junk
Full skirts with cute prints and petticoats
Sweet cardigans with scalloped edging
Pearls on everything
Hints of leopard print
Denim shorts with rose gold studs on the pockets
Dresses with big bows at the back and sweet details at the front
A bikini that works miracles
A floppy hat that compliments the bikini
Giant tortoiseshell sunglasses
Black patent mary jane shoes

Oooeeeee a wishlist to lust after. 

I would love to leave more lists lying around here in 2015. Do you have any requests or suggestions? Also, what are you wishlisting for this year? It doesn't hurt to dream!!



Monday 5 January 2015

Motivational Monday || #HappyTummy with Activia Fibre

 Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Golly, I've know I've said it already but I can’t quite believe that 2015 has crept up on us so quickly and here we all are - getting ready to implement this year’s resolutions in hope to beat the January blues. I hope Christmas was wonderful to you – I’d love to hear all about your festive time in the comments :-)

Today’s usual Motivational Monday is coming at you with not one, but TWO posts. And this one is going to have a slightly different twist – whilst most of us will feel full on happiness during Christmas, it’s a slippery slope to maintaining a positive mind and body in the next few winter months for us ladies.

There are heaps of contributing factors – be it the colder weather, going back to work etc. but for me, a big part of that is down to the amount of rubbishy food we consume over the Christmas period. It’s just part of the package isn’t it? And I do think it’s something we should be able to enjoy, but that doesn’t mean that when January rolls around we’re not feeling lethargic and demotivated. Not to mention that horrible rubbishy tummy feeling. Damn you sweeties and stuffing.

It’s a tricky business. When you’re not feeling good on the inside, you simply don’t feel like making the most of all the wonderful little moments in everyday life. It’s hard to get the juices flowing, you know?

So when Activia got in touch to tell me about their new Happy Tummies Movement, I let out a squeal of joy because well, the name is brilliant.

Titles aside, let me give you the lowdown…Activia recognise all of the above, that January makes us all quiver with fear and generally feel a bit rubbish. So instead of us wishing it away they want to help us all feel a little bit brighter – by helping you make the most out of those little moments with their new Activia Fibre that can help your digestive well being* - A plain yogurt and a cereal topping with wheat bran fibre.

2014 was one of the busiest, craziest, most wonderful years of my life – and it took up heaps of energy. I couldn’t simply run on empty, I had to have things in place to keep me moving, keep me motivated. And trying my upmost to be healthy and happy with it (shout out to #GlitterGetsFitter), was one of those things – and of course what’s mine glitter bugs, is yours – so here are some handy tips on how you can achieve a #HappyTummy, too:

1. Less isn’t more. Eating a yoghurt or apple for breakfast, lunch and dinner doesn’t qualify as a balanced diet or a full meal. Introduce lots of healthy foods in to your daily routine – it’s important to keep that tummy full. Being healthy isn’t eating less, it’s changing the way you see food.

2. Drink your daily allowance of water. It’s bloomin’ difficult, but I find carrying round a litre bottle of water means I’ll always finish it, and then anything else is just a bonus!

3. SLEEP. It’s so important to allow yourself downtime.

4. Don’t set yourself unachievable targets. For example, ‘I want to lose 10 pounds’ is really quite specific. Instead maybe go for something like ‘this week I’ll try and walk to work 3 times and bring a healthy lunch each day’. Way less scary.

Following those 4 simple steps not only left me feeling great, but it's also aided towards one of the best years of my life. It just goes to show how much more you can achieve when you have a #HappyTummy – no pun intended :-)

Self-motivation can be hard though, so the good eggs at Activia have set up some super lovely treats for us to keep keeping on – Daily giveaways in-store and on their Facebook page will be running to win a ‘Happy Tummy hamper’ which will have lots of products that contribute to our general wellbeing. Once a week they’ll also be offering a luxury retreat to encourage you to get up and at ‘em in January! Which sounds like absolute bliss, if you ask me.

So Sprinklerinos, join the #HappyTummy movement this January! Share your stories via Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag and show how having a #HappyTummy can help you get so much more out of your day.

*Activia Fibre contains wheat bran fibre that contributes to an acceleration of intestinal transit.
The claimed effect is obtained with a daily intake of at least 10g of wheat bran fibre.
Enjoy as part of a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle
**This blog post has been sponsored by Activia, as always opinions are my own

Motivational Monday || Adventure

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Merry Monday to you. A new week, a new month, a new year- a triple whammy today. Much excite!

Today had no choice other than to be about new starts. 

I am always optimistic at the start of the year. I feel like the air changes and there is a very tangible sense of change for the better. People cast away the sorrows or hardships of the past 12 months and try again. For me, it's a little bit magical. 

I spoke last week about all of my resolutions and how excited I am but I would like this week for you to take a moment to think about what you want out of this year. You don't need to write it down or share it with anyone, just take a couple of minutes out of your day to focus on exactly what you want. 

Is it to spend more quality time with people? Gain qualifications? Save up? Travel somewhere? Add to your family? Whatever it is, think about it, visualise and commit to yourself that you are going to work towards it. If you want it hard enough, you'll find a way to make it happen.

I have great faith it in you and so do all your Sprinklerino family. If you'd like to share, feel free in the comments. Also, don't forget to support each other in the comments too. It can really make all the difference to someone's day. 


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