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Monday 27 April 2015

Motivational Monday || Control

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Merry Monday! As this post publishes I will be on my way to the airport to attend a Google event in New York City. Oh my I feel flashy writing that!! 

I'm going to New York (for a Google event) with a mixture of fear and excitement. I've been to the Big Apple twice before. The first time was fine, very fast, not really a moment to stop and see anything and the second time was frankly, a disaster. I found the entire trip overwhelming and felt very much like I was on my own, even though I was surrounded by friends. I ended up throwing up and spending the rest of the day feeling very, very shaky. I talked about it here


For a good few weeks I told everyone I would never go back to New York and that it was awful. So, with that in mind, what I'm about to say is going to sound entirely cray cray. Are you braced?

I'm letting my friend plan a surprise for me in New York. I'm giving someone else complete control whilst I'm in a place that is so far out of my comfort zone I don't even know if I won't vomit. And I like it. 

Say whaaaattt??


So, story time,  I hosted my American pal Drew last weekend whilst he was over on business and made sure to show him the most Englishy things I could think of (cream tea, the country side, rickety old pubs etc) and then it turned out that since we would both be in New York at the same time AND it will be my birthday, he would show me some nice places on his side of the ocean. Neat huh? In a fit of madness I said, 'Don't tell me anything, surprise me!'. I don't know why I decided to do that, I usually hate surprises, but this is my year to be brave and push the boundaries of my comfort zones somewhat. 

And there we have it. Only him and my Manager Maddie (who is like an extension of my brain so I know she won't let me go too wrong) know what I'm doing in my free time this week and I'm just letting it happen. 

It's REALLY scary not having control but I tell you what, it's REALLY liberating once you tell yourself to let go. My advice for you this week is to let yourself let go just the tiniest bit. If you're like me and you like to have 1000% say over everything, this will be a tricky concept but I think if you can even loosen the grip 1%, you will feel joyful for it. 

I know there is a risk that I won't like something or I will freak out in the new environment but I also know that I'm smart enough to solve most problems and have enough cash to jump in a cab back to my hotel at any point. 

I hope you will join me this week in letting go of things just the teeniest weeniest bit and that next week we can catch up. I'll tell you the surprise and you tell me what you did to allow control out, and joy in to you lives. 

I'm excited!! Are you?



Saturday 25 April 2015

Amazing Advertisers || April 2015

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Oooeee, how fast has this month gone? Very fast, that's how!

Now's the time to spend a little moment looking at the lovely boys and girls who have bought space at the side of this blog during April. Are you excited? I am!

(This April I tried to touch a swan. I failed.)

Laura is an Irish student and writes a beauty blog. This month Laura has talked about Barry M Nail Polish, her MAC 15 slot eyeshadow palette (swoon) complete with swatches and shared one of her YouTube videos too. If you're into beauty, this is a fun little place to stop by. 

Excuse me there I just got totally sucked into Jenny's blog for a while. The video on her new colouring book (no, not a kiddie one, a beautiful intricate thing of joy) made me really happy. I too have been enjoying some quiet colouring time and it really does calm the mind. I might have to blog about this soon I think! Defo check her's out- you'll be addicted! 

Get The Skinny, written by Tara is a blog dedicated to all the low down on life, style, fitness and recipes. 'Skinny' meaning 'info'. This blog makes me want to gallivant around London with my camera, experiencing amazing exhibitions and visiting swish little hidden restaurants. Beware, you're about to get total life envy!

Angie, a long time Sprinkle of Glitter advertiser is back again with her beautiful blog. It is regularly updated and rich in the most beautiful photographs of beautiful places you will ever see. Seriously, swoon. If you are a foodie or are interested in seeing her stunning travel adventures, please, click over. 

This month Anna's beautiful blog has featured an absolute tonne of fashion posts with plenty of skirts to completely swoon over. I do love me a good skirt! Anna has also written a really helpful post about affordable travel and how to find the best deals which has really helped me since I plan on visiting Seattle soon with Darcy! Thank you Anna!

Right now Alexandra is taking part in a 365 Blogger challenge which means she is uploading a blog post every single day for an entire year- quite the feat! I have enjoyed keeping up with her musings, some on specific topics, some just bits from the day and really applaud her for taking on this challenge. If you want to feel totally immersed, this is the blog for you. 

I started mooching through this blog to get a feel for what I wanted to talk about but instead found myself completely sucked into the post about white chocolate passion fruit easter eggs. I don't care that we're approaching May, I want some! If they don't float your boat, Jennie also has a plethora of great posts about things to do in the big city, all with purdy pictures to boot :). 

Amy's blog is just the sweetest place to spend a few minutes in your busy day. Having recently moved to America with her love and her baby boy Henry, it is currently filled with gorgeous photographs of incredible scenery, toddler loveliness and family life. I'm really looking forward to reading more of Amy's life. 

Trudy's blog is a place to for a little bit of everything. A post I have particularly enjoyed this month has been 5 Little Things To Be Happy About. I love a gal that spreads a bit of positivity and I love all five of her points. I especially love the puppy/instagram tip that I will totally be following up on!

Sarah's little slice of the net is a place for her to focus on all the things in life that are good, rather than spending too much time talking about her illnesses. I think it's very brave of her to take that step and to choose positivity in what must be a very hard situation. This month Sarah talked about tonnes of things including sunglasses, beauty, budgeting and home wares. Lovely! 

Darling Dee Dee is back this month with a bevvy of beautifully styled photos, product reviews and makeup to die for. Every time I check out this blog I feel like I want to go and organise all my makeup, find the perfect lighting and get my camera out. How does she do it?! If you are a cosmetics addict, you are going to LOVE this blog! 

And there we have it, just some of the gems we have here this month!

I hope you all have lovely weekends and I'll be back on Monday.



Monday 20 April 2015

Motivational Monday || Jealousy

Aloha Sprinkerinos,

It is Monday. A fresh start, a new chance. All those things you messed up last week? Don't worry about them, you have another shot doing things better and I know you will.

Today's image from Pinterest was chosen because it's something I remind myself of allll thhhee timmme!!! Lately I've found I remind myself less and I think it could be because it's finally sunk in. Woohoo for positive reinforcements!

I think that we as women (and hello men if you are reading too) are naturally conditioned to compete with each other. One of my earliest memories is being told by a teacher to, 'sit nicely like Natalie' and suddenly I thought, 'Natalie sits better than I do, Natalie is better than me'. It stuck. When you look, there are SO many moments in our lives when we compare ourselves to other people and feel less. 

We don't need to do this. Just because someone is doing well, doesn't mean you are doing badly. If your friend gets a promotion at work which includes and increased salary, yours isn't going to be decreased. You didn't do badly, she just had a success and soon it will be your turn for a success as well. 

This week, if you know someone that has good news or does really well at something, be happy for them. It's not a reflection on you and if you work hard, you'll be having people be happy for you too. Don't begrudge or resent, share in their joy and spread even more positivity around your world. 



Friday 17 April 2015

Book A Smear Test Please

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

WARNING - I'm going to be really graphic in this blog post. If you are very young or very not OK with that kind of thing, I'd suggest finding a more delicately worded article about smear tests to read because I would be upset to cause any offence to anybody. Some of this content could be classed as, 'adult'.

I love my pussy. 

Last week I booked myself in for a smear test at my local doctors surgery and tweeted about it, as you do. There was such a big reaction from all of you that I thought I would write a blog post on the subject to answer some of the questions I've been having.

I had my first smear test just before I fell pregnant with Darcy and was nerrrrrvous! I'd never had anyone look at my VAGINA (yes, I just shouted VAGINA at you because I'm always such a wuss about it and say lame things like, 'downstairs area' or 'nether regions' but let's face it, it's called a vagina. I wouldn't call my leg my 'walking long part', or my ear my 'hearing hole', so I'm going to force myself to gussy up and say it. Vagina. Vag-in-a) in a medical way before and I felt weird. 

Before I went I fretted a LOT about the nurse seeing my vagina. Should I fully shave the whole thing? Should I do a style? Should I just tidy it up? Should I do nothing? Should I wear nice knickers? Should I care? I worried a lot. 

If I'm logical about it, I shouldn't have worried. I don't feel uncomfortable to take my knickers off in a sexual capacity so why would I feel nervous to do it for a person who only wants to do a helpful thing for me?

In the end, I went for a general tidy (nice mental image for you there), standard knickers (I'm not trying to seduce her after all) and I had a very thorough shower (if you see what I mean) about 40 minutes before I left for the appointment. I realise that's a lot to share but that's what I worried about the most so chances are you'll be worrying too. 

When I arrived (after an age in the waiting room thinking about a stranger poking around in me), I was ushered into her office, she asked a few questions about my general health and periods and such and then she said, 'OK, take you bottom halves off and pop yourself on the bed'. The horror. This was my least favourite part. It feels quite unnatural to undress your bottom half in the middle of the day in a little office. 

I did as I was told, she came round the curtain, told me to but my feet together and my knees apart and there it was- she could see my fully right there omg vagina. And it was fine. This woman looks at vaginas all day every day. She could not give a crap if one is more pink than the other or if one woman has hair and another doesn't or if one woman has big lips and another has tiny ones. She just wants to do your smear and see you on your way. Remember that. It's just a body part. It's not that special.

She lubed up (yeah, I said 'lube') this thing that, can I be blunt?, just felt like a large sex toy (please God don't ever let my Dad read this blog post), slid (sorry) it in and then because it's hollow, poked this little sort of mascara brush thing through it, swiped about, pulled it out and voila, you're done. 

She left the curtained off area, I put my knickers back on, she asked a couple more questions and I was on my way and she was ready to vagi-swab the next lady. No big deal. 

Here is what the NHS says in it's official blurb about it :

"The cervical screening test usually takes around five minutes to carry out. An instrument called a speculum will be gently inserted into your vagina to hold the walls of your vagina open so that your cervix is visible. A small soft brush will be used to take some cells from the surface of your cervix.
The sample of cervical cells will then be sent to a laboratory and examined under a microscope to see whether there are any abnormal cells.
Some women may find the procedure a bit uncomfortable or embarrassing, but for most women it is not painful.
If the test picks up abnormalities in the cells in your cervix, it may be recommended that you have treatment to remove them, or further tests in a few months to see if they return to normal on their own.
You shouldn't have a cervical screening test during your period, so try to arrange an appointment before or after your period is due. The middle of your cycle is the best time to have the test (usually 14 days from the start of your last period)."

None of the procedure hurt. This means a lot because I do not deal well with pain. I will cry at the slightest discomfort and I have a VERY low tolerance almost everything haha. I have a LOW pain threshold. If this didn't hurt me, it REALLY DOES NOT HURT. I didn't find it uncomfortable physically, I just felt a bit weird mentally. Throughout the whole experience I reminded myself that if I were to develop cervical cancer I would have to have a lot more procedures so just do this and be done with it. 

The nurse was nice to me, the whole thing was free on the NHS, by doing this I am helping to make sure I will live a full life with my little girl (something my own Mother did not get to do with me) and I am taking care of my health. 

It is so important. It could be a matter of life or death. It is also a privilege to have this available because so many women before us did not. Use it. 

If you are putting off or ignoring your smear test, please don't. I promise you it isn't horrible. I'd actually rather do that than things like go to the dentist or have a blood test! If you feel nervous, take a friend or relative, book it for first thing in the morning so that it's out of the way and plan a little treat for later that afternoon to have something fun to look forward to. You will be fine I promise!

To look at the NHS official page about smear tests (which are actually called 'cervical screening' tests), click HERE

Have you had positive experiences with smear tests? Share them in the comments.



Wednesday 15 April 2015

Playtime with Darcy

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

If you've read any of this blog before, you will know that I love me a list. Like seriously, I freaking LOVE writing a good list. 

With Spring in the air and Summer fast approaching I thought I would share a few of the things I like to do with Darcy round this time of year that I know she enjoys too. 

This is the first year we will get to enjoy our new decking in the sunshine (it was completed in Autumn last year after all the good weather had left us dagnamit) so we plan to - 

Race toy cars.
Play make believe in the wendyhouse.
Plant flowers or veggies in the flower box (that currently has only weeds and pinwheels).
Eat outside for every meal!
Try some new craft projects. 
Colouring (I want to order some adult doodle books to enjoy too).
Make good use of the trampoline.
Have friends over, big and little. 
Install a lot more outdoor lights so I can sit out at night. 
Have the paddling pool out. 
Pick flowers (if we manage to grow any!) and make posies for the neighbours. 
Sweet sweet evening cuddles in the beanbags with netflix on. Bliss. 

What makes you excited for this time of year?



Tuesday 14 April 2015

Wrote A Book Didn't I?!

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Remember basically most of 2014 when I barely updated this blog and I was pretty absent on everything and stuff? Yeah? I was writing a book. For the lols I kept it quiet so that you would think I was a giant lazy-arse and then announced it last week.

I jest (although I do know some of you thought I was a lazy arse, you little minxes). I wrote the book and decided to keep it quiet until every last word was written and I could feel confident that I had done my part in the process. I tell you, there were a LOT of times I nearly gave up!!

As well as the video I uploaded to my YouTube channel, here are some things I have learnt about writing a book. I hope you can laugh with me as I silently cry on the inside haha.

This video tells you alllll about the book, what it's about and sneak peaks of the pages! Woohoo!

1. Writing a book is HARD. I poured myself into the writing of this book and so after I had finished a big chunk I would feel mentally exhausted and have big snoozes. I found 1 part typing, 2 parts snooze to be the best formula.

2. Seize motivation! I felt like I wrote the best parts of the book when I was rreeeaallly in the mood, as opposed to having to meet a deadline and so if inspiration struck, I grabbed it. Once I was at an airport with Matt and Darcy and was like, 'OMG MATT! I need to write! So he very willingly took Darcy on an hour long adventure round the departures lounge, duty free and corridors so I could type away like a crazy woman until we were called to board our flight'.

3. You need help and lots of it. There are lots of people that have made this book as special as it is but the person who has personally been my biggest support is Matt. He was always very understanding of how much time it took to make this happen and was always on hand to take care of Darcy or cook me meals because he knew I'd forget to make anything. Even though we have now moved from married to just friends, he has always been so invested in this project and I'm very grateful.

4. I worry more than I thought. It worked like this- we decided on the chapters, I was given a word limit, the publishers let me write the chapter how I wanted, I emailed it off, they fixed my appalling spelling and grammar errors, I re-read and approved and voila, a book is written. In that process though, every single time I sent off a chapter (so 18 whole times), I worried that I my writing was rubbish or that the editors who have read far better things would laugh at my work. I still am a little worried to be honest haha.

5. Still worrying. I also worry a LOT that the people who buy the book might not like it. Deep down I know it's great and it's a fun, interesting, helpful read but I think because I poured so much of my heart and soul into it, if they don't like the book I'll feel a bit like they don't like my heart and soul. Does that make sense? It's mad because obviously I'm so excited to launch this into the world but I'm also painfully afraid too. Nerves. They'll get ya.

6. Pride. I have often felt proud of things in my life (buying my first home, delivering my sweet Daughter, learning to drive, managing to not burn oven pizza) and this is another one of them. A big one. A big, big one. I may have had a few little happy cries over this if I'm very honest. 

So, if you would like to pre-order the book, please please do. Every pre-oder really helps give an indicator to how well the book is being received and calms my worried soul that it won't be a total flop haha! The book comes out physically July 2nd and between now and then there will be a lorra lorra lot more blog posts and videos on it because I have loved this like you would a baby and I want to share it as much as possible with you! 

Pre-Order on Amazon -
Pre-Order on WHSmith -
Pre-Order on Waterstones-

If the embedded version of the video is not showing up, click HERE to be taken directly to it. 

I hope you are as excited as I am!



Monday 13 April 2015

Motivational Monday || Love

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Merry Monday to you! I hope you are feeling positive for the week and looking forward to a fresh start and a new chance to achieve all your goals. 

I chose today's motivation after I was inspired by something that happened in church last week. I know religion isn't everyones cup of tea so apologies if this is a bother to you. I'm never preaching, only sharing my own experiences. I was sat in our service and our vicar was talking about how God loves every one of us. This is something I've heard before and often felt to be quite a sweeping statement. How can anything love 7 billion people all at once? That's a LOT. Our vicar went on to say that God says he knew each of us when were were in the womb and has a plan for all of us, that he cares and loves about us all as individuals and a collective. 

I don't know if it was the happy feeling I had from the sunny weather or something more special but in that moment, I just felt very loved. I felt very secured and very content with everything. It was a very snuggly sort of peace that washed over me, just because someone told me I was loved. 

I tell my little girl I love her about a thousand times a day but sometimes as an adult, you aren't told you are loved often enough. I think I needed telling. 

So this is me, telling you, I love you. I'm not God (if I was this blog would be a LOT better!) and I didn't know you in your Mother's womb (that would be really effing creepy of me), but whoever you are, I'm sending you a little chunk of love and warmth from my heart to yours. I am fairly sure that it's a good sort who read this blog and I so often feel your love and support that I wanted to reinforce that I am always, always sending it back out to you too. 

I hope you have a fantastic week and that you continue to feel motivated and happy each day through it. 



Saturday 11 April 2015

Our Easter Weekend and Decor

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Spring is definitely in the air and this weekend we had the double whammy of celebrating Darcy's birthday AND Easter.

I bought this little peachy/champagney dress in the Monsoon sale at Christmas. It was £50 down to £35 which I still think is a lot for a dress I know she won't get a lot of wear out of but it was just too adorable not to pick up. The white cardigan is from Primark (oh man that thing is soft), socks are from who-knows-where and the white shoes are from Clarks (and she has already scuffed them grrr). 

These photographs were taken outside our Church and all the old dears who doddered past commented on what a sweet child Darcy was and what pretty pictures we would have. Kinda warmed my heart a bit. 

We are Christians so for us it's a celebratory time but even if believing in the big JC isn't your thing, everyone loves chocolate eggs!

Our church had the children go round offering treats to us afterwards so we combined both Easter traditions!

Darcy loves her Nanny Tina. I am constantly amazed by how much love Tina pours into our family. She deserves some kind of medal. I've said it plenty of times before but I am so thankful that she came into our lives just as Darcy was born because Darcy will only know a loving family unit and won't have any idea what it was like before. 

 Oh hai, I like to pose by the gates! My Auntie had stopped to talk to one of her friends from Alpha and Darcy swung about by the wall and I couldn't resist snapping her. I REALLY should carry my big camera with me more often!

When we got home Darcy had lunch and headed straight out with her Dad so she could spend the afternoon with her paternal grandparents which I know she enjoyed- they spoil her so much, it's lovely. 

I took the opportunity to take some pictures of the Easter decor we have in our home. I don't usually bother but this year I saw so much sweet stuff that I thought it would be nice to celebrate and fun for Darcy to be involved too. 

Clearly I spent waaaayyyy to much time and money on this but it made me smile every time I saw it and lots of people commented on how lovely it was. The honeybee vase was from Asda and all the other decorations were from a garden centre near my house. The twigs are from my garden. 

Painted baubles float my boat. Egg shaped painted baubles float them even more. 

A sprinkle of glitter in our easter display. See what I did there??

Bunny love. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend too. I'm so glad to see Spring on it's way in. Winter felt very, very long. 

What did you do last weekend? Do you celebrate Easter? Do you have a different religion or culture, if so, tell us about what kind of things you celebrate round this time of year- it's interesting to hear and learn about things like that. 



Thursday 9 April 2015

Darcy's 4th Birthday

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It seems like 5 minutes ago I was sitting on my old cream sofas at about 8.30am in the morning, with a tiny newborn laying on a duckegg blue hand sewn pillow whilst I typed about my labour and delivery story to share on my blog. That post was written in 2 parts because in those days I never had more than quarter of an hour to myself and I was rushed off my feet learning the art of motherhood. 

I'm not sure I've yet mastered it but 4 years on, I feel relaxed and confident and very happy with how that newborn is turning out. 

Every year I try and get a picture of us all together at cake time. I love it. 

This weekend we celebrated her 4th birthday with family and friends and although you may have already seen this pictures on my instagram or twitter, I wanted to share them here too so that I can preserve the memories and also because you might not follow me there. 

The day started out slightly flustered because the house was a tip and I had no food in. The day before I'd gone out to do these errands but just after buying all the decor I felt really poorly and drove home to be near my own bathroom haha. Luckily it was just an afternoon situation and with a bit of rest I was fine again. 

So, Matt came over to take my shopping list and grab all the food items and I set to work on the house. I tidied and hoovered and dusted and decorated and after about 3 hours it was looking great. Very party ready! 

We had decided on a Frozen theme because it's one of Darcy's favourite films (along with Cinderella) and I thought I could do a decent job decorating and co-ordinating to that. I taped blue, silver and purple crepe strips to the windows, scattered frozen glitter sequins eveeerryyywhherree, bought in balloons, hung paper pom poms, layed out lilac and silver paper plates/napkins/cups and my Auntie Judith made cupcakes with silver sprinkles. It all worked out so well. 

By 4pm everyone was arriving, coats were being thrown on the spare room bed, cups of tea were being made and Darcy was jumping for joy every time someone new came to the door. We invited mostly just family but also a few of our close friends, our neighbours and a couple of children from Darcy's nursery (who I think she was MOST pleased to see and immediately took them up to her room to wreck it!). 

Although Matt and I separated last year, we enjoyed the day together. It's hard to explain because most couples who split up don't get along but we decided not to be a Husband and Wife team, we never opted out of being a parent team. We love that team a lot. There's only 2 people in the entire world who know the joy of being Darcy's parent so we gotta stick together on that one! Also, we want her to always remember her parents treating each other with respect and kindness so a party all together just made sense. It was really nice. 

We did all the usual party activities - opened presents, chitchatted, served nibbles, laughed as kids went cray cray hyper, lit candles, sang 'Happy Birthday' and thanked people as they left. It really was the perfect day. 

This one is pinched from Zoe's insta account because just look how beautiful that wrapping paper is. It's from Oliver Bonas. 

Darcy loved it. She loves to have special things in the house like balloons or sparkles or magic wands and kept telling me it was her birthday party and she was going to be 4 and picking out wands for all her friends.

On her actual birthday (2 days later) Matt and I took her to a lovely nature reserve that has a kids park, then to lunch at Frankie and Bennies and then to the cinema to see Cinderella. That night she stayed at Matt's place (she woke up with me) and to celebrate on my own, I ordered takeaway. 

I vlogged both the party and the actual day so keep your eyes peeled for both of those very soon! 

It is so wonderful to share highlights of life on my blog again. Long may it continue!!



Wednesday 8 April 2015

Use your 'And' | Video

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Slowly, slowly I am falling back into blogging. It feels good. This feels like a sort of home for me. I love tiptapping away here and talking to you, I feel like you are a friendly face. 

This week I uploaded a new YouTube video and incase you aren't subscribed to my channel, you can watch it here too. 

I worked with a brand called 'Venus' who sell razors (and I think maybe other hair removal products but don't quote me on that!!) to share the news of their new campaign, 'Use your And'. When I heard about it way back in January I instantly loved it!! I read about a lot of beauty industry campaigns and don't often want to share them because I think they are a bit naff or not my style but this one totally is. 

Filming day was great too! I was a little nervous to film this video because I haven't used my big camera in ages, have changed my room round and couldn't figure out a good set up. On top of that, Darcy was in a crazy hyper mood and Matt wasn't available to have her that day. So, fortunately, my sister came over to help me, the set up all just came together beautifully and after a few trial runs, I was really happy with the lighting! Hurrah!

If you are having trouble with the embedded version, click HERE to be taken directly to the video. 

What do you think of this campaign? Is it your cup of tea?



Monday 6 April 2015

Motivational Monday || Happy

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Merry Monday to you. It's been a big few weeks round here with projects being finalised, birthdays and trips to London, but I thought I would get back to normality with a Motivational Monday. 

I have spent a big portion of this last year regularly reminding myself of all the things I'm happy about and finding that it really truly does boost the spirits. 

This Monday I am happy for -

How docile my kitties are. Not once have they bitten or scratched us. 
The work I have been getting done lately and how good I feel for it.
Darcy's excellent behaviour. She is such a sweet girl. 
How wonderful the Sprinklerino community have been this past few weeks.
Chocolate Easter Eggs- need I say more??
Finding makeup you forgot you had. 
Being sucked into new Netflix series. (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!)
Handbags that never get scuffed.
Spring fashion. Floral, floral, floral!
Waking up early and feeling smug that you can get ahead. 
Long bubble baths with Lush products. 
Green thai curry with brown rice from Pod. 
Phone calls with my girl friends. 
Cocktails with lychee flavours in them. MmmmMmm. 
Discovering new blogs that you love and back reading every post. 
Going outside and feeling the sunshine on your skin. 

If you have the Monday grumps, take a moment to write a list of all the things that make you happy at the moment. I guarantee it will lift your mood and give you that extra pep in your step to get you through the day!!



Friday 3 April 2015

Not Worth Watching || YouTube

Aloha Sprinkerinos,

In case you are strictly a blog reader who never ventures onto YouTube (do those people exist?? Are there people out there who actually aren't addicted to YouTube?????), I thought I would share my lastest main channel video with you here too. Yippee. 

Last week I filmed a very impromptu video with my good friends Jack Howard and Caspar Lee. I was meant to be just going into the Gleam office for a meeting about the next Amity Tour (oh me oh my those plans are getting VERY exciting!!!) and then Caspar asked me to be in a quiz video he was making! I was supposed to be seeing Jack later that night so dragged him along with me and this silly little video was born. 

I'd quite like to do a well planned video with Caspar soon because I really do think he's one of the funniest boys I know as well as the sweetest (but shhhh, don't tell him I told you that!), so if you have any ideas, let me know!

Enjoy the video!! If you have trouble playing the embedded link, click HERE to be taken directly to YouTube for it!



Wednesday 1 April 2015

Hello April

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Welcome April! How very nice to have you. You bring the promise of warmer weather, pink cherry blossom, lighter evenings and in our family, a whole host of birthdays. 

I love April. To me it is the official start of Spring (which yes, I know, is actually in March) and a time when I think people start to feel that extra pep in their step. It's mine and Darcy's birthday this month, she'll be 4 in 6 days (where does time go???) and so we'll be celebrating both. On top of that I have a little bit more time to focus on filming videos now that one of my projects has been finalised (more on that in a few weeks) and I hope to spend a little bit of time Spring cleaning my house because it certainly needs some attention haha!

Today I'm going into London for a few meetings to map out the next tour of LouiseLIVE which is really exciting as well as filming a special beauty video for you. Darcy is having some lovely Daddy time at Matt's place (a few people asked about this and it's something I don't mind discussing- We are on great terms so we quite happily share time with Darcy. I know a lot of women who worry about their children not being cared for to a high standard with the Father but honestly, I couldn't think of a better Dad than Matt. It's like it was his calling in life to be a brilliant Father. So, for half of the week Darcy stays with me at home and for the other half she lives with Matt in his lovely apartment. She feels extra lucky to have two bedrooms full of toys now!).

So April, I hope you are good to us all. We'd like sunshine and flowers and every sweet bird tweeting please. 

What do you like best about April? Are you excited for the new month?


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