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Friday 30 August 2013

Baby Glitter At Two Years

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It has become quite a tradition in the glitter household to take bi-annual 'proper' photos of Darcy. This week, whilst we still have a glimmer of Summer left, Matt, Clare (our most lovely family friend) and I drove to a local beauty spot and snapped away whilst Baby Glitter fluttered about enjoying all the attention. 


As well as this fun little type-y print, I also save a 'clean' copy to have put into an album. 

I am really treasuring these last days of August and all the little joys it brings with it. I was particularly pleased that I managed to check something off my Summer Bucket List. 

Do you mark milestones with fun photography ideas? Tell me about it in the comments please. 



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Thursday 29 August 2013

Having Hope

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

If you are exclusively a blog reader and haven't hopped over to my channel, I uploaded a video this week that I have been astounded by the response to.

I don't want to talk about it too much in this post but to say the very least, I have been so touched. And not in that way you filthy minx.

If you haven't yet watched, by the wonders of modern technology I have embedded my video above.

I have a new video coming out tomorrow and hopefully one on Sunday too so keep your sparkling eyes peeled. 

What would you like to see throughout September?



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Wednesday 28 August 2013

LA Vidcon Questions

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

When I published THIS post about my trip to LA for Vidcon, I invited you to ask as many questions as you liked and promised to answer them. Well, the time has come to get cracking with my replies so I hope this provides a little more insight for you re: YouTuber Trips and if there is anything else you'd like to know, do feel free to ask.


What was it like sharing a house with lots of other YouTuber's?

Completely fine. Since I'm married and female, everyone agreed that I could have my own bedroom (spaces were limited) so I always had a quiet space to go to when I needed it. The boys were all really tidy and also very gentlemanly toward me. They are good eggs. 

Did you meet any new people who you never had heard of before? 

Yes! Two girls that stuck out particularly were Lily and Nadine who live in LA and are singers. They were so open and warm and interesting and I would like to have spent a lot more time with them both. I'm hoping they come to the UK soon so that I can play with them more. I also spent quite a bit of time with a YouTuber called Sawyer (watch out for our video collab soon) who was an absolute doll. There were obviously a lot of other new faces but they were my tippy toppy highlights.


Did you ever feel a bit overwhelmed by everything (as if you were a celebrity?) or did you feel comfortable the whole time?

Yes and No. I feel uncomfortable with the idea of being a 'celebrity' because I feel like to say, 'I am a celebrity' is akin to saying, 'I am above other people' in some aspect. That might not be the actual truth but that's how it feels in LouiseLand. I think I would prefer the term, 'well known YouTuber' or something of that nature for the time being. I felt entirely comfortable with having my picture taken and talking to people I didn't know and being in large crowds though, it was a lot of fun!

What was it like getting to meet some of YOUR favourite youtubers? 

Brilliant! I totally fangirled and got giddy and couldn't think of what I wanted to say. If you look closely in the video I filmed with Grace (one of my all time favourites), the vein on my forehead is popping out (ew)- a sure sign I am over excited!!


What were the beauty items you used most while you were there day-to-day?

I seemed to always be doing my makeup in a rush but steps I NEVER skipped were foundations (Mac Studio Sculpt), Eyeliner and Mascara. I also always made sure I had lipgloss in my bag at all times. 

What shops/restaurants would you recommend and why?

Believe it or not, I didn't actually go shopping whilst I was out there because I was more eager to meet viewers and spend time with people. I did go to quite a few restaurants though- a girl's gotta eat after all! I'm a huge fan of The Cheesecake Factory which I know is a chain (Zoe and I could've eaten there every single day!) and IHOP of course. Whilst in LA we went to this really cute little place called The Stinking Rose which specialises in garlic. It was great food with a great atmosphere and I will definitely be going back next year. 

What were the most amazing things that people gave to you at the meet up?

I don't like to pick just one thing because it seems unfair but I would have to say the things I was given for Darcy- she was spoilt rotten! I'm also rather fond of the little mini Louise figurine someone made! Also, someone rather naughtily gave me a beautiful mint necklace from Nordstrom. I always say, 'Please don't spend your money on buying me presents, treat yourself instead'. A lot of people at these events are young viewers who most likely live off pocket money- please don't waste it on me!

That doesn't really have anything to do with LA but i was just wondering, is it harder to edit vlogs or videos for your main channel? Or like which do you enjoy doing more?

It's much harder to edit main channel videos than vlogs. Vlogs are just clips of my day and I never give myself a time limit like I do my main ones. They feel a lot more relaxed and unpressurised so I think I'd lean toward saying I enjoy them a lot more.


The question I would like to ask you is what purchases did you make while over there? Also can you pick one favourite moment from the entire trip?

No purchases really except a few tacky magnets in the airport gift shop but my favourite moment I think was dinner with the Shaytards and my friends. I was missing my family SO much by that point and spending an evening with another loving family was just what I needed. I felt at my best that night- even if I did have crappy pool hair!

What website did you use to find the house in LA, or how did you come across the place?

I didn't find it myself, some of the boys organised it all. Sorry!


Have you been to Vidcon before?

No, that was my first trip but I plan on returning next year. Hopefully, depending on dates, with my family this time. 

How do you afford/save up for these trips?

A good question. I'll make no secret of the fact that this blog and my YouTube channel is my 'job'. I say job but really I feel like I need a word for 'amazing fun thing that I love to do'. I make money from the little ads that flash up on my videos (which you are not obliged to watch) and so I have been saving up that money to afford my flights etc. I must say, it is a very large expense and for that reason I very nearly didn't go. I actually told everyone I wasn't coming and then at the last minute (with a little bit of financial aid from my Dad- thanks Dad!), I went! Next year I will be more prepared and start saving earlier!!

Would you ever bring Darcy on any of you international adventures?

Absolutely yes. I took her to a British event (SITC) this summer and she was happy being there. I am hoping that next year or the year after she can come to Vidcon.

What were your favorite US makeup purchases? And did you ever make it to Target?

I never made it to Target. Once again I have missed out. I'm going to Florida in October so hopefully I can go then.


Guessing you were present when Zoe had her panic attack, I am just wondering how you/others who were also there reacted. Really don't hope this question makes you or Zoe or anyone else uncomfortable or distressed.

Yes I was present and I reacted how I always do to Zoe's panic attacks- with love and sympathy. When people are having panic attacks they don't need everyone to flap about and fire frustrating questions at them, they need calm reassurances and plenty of space. Fortunately we were in our hotel room so we didn't have to dash off to find a quiet place or anything. 

I was just wondering how you dealt with the massive crowds of people that were at Vidcon? Have you ever had any like phobias (of crowds or stuff) , or panic attacks or things like that?

Crowds don't bother me too much unless I'm really hemmed in. If that is the case, I just move away. The crowds at these sorts of thing are always well wishing and happy and so it's always nice to be amongst them. 


How does it make you feel when you see so many people who have travelled there, just to see you or one of your closest friends?

Very proud to have such an amazing friend and also very lucky to know her as well as I do. 

Do you have to pay for the flight and hotel room or is it paid by sponsors? 

This is tricky. Vidcon pays for some people in terms of hotel rooms and flights but not others. I paid for my own stuff :) If you would like more info on that, I suggest you contact vidcon because I'd rather not discuss other people's arrangements.

What would you say was the most memorable part about Vidcon or just visiting LA in general? 

Most memorable moment at vidcon was dancing on the main stage to celebrate the finale and most memorable moment of LA was the day we went to Malibu beach and then had dinner with the Shaytards.

Did you have an accident this time like in playlist live, if you know what i mean ;)

Ahahaha, no, I did not poop my pants!! 

And I thiiiinnkkkk that's all of them covered! Some of them were repeats so hopefully if you asked something, the jist of it is there. 

What a trip!! All the photos were quicky snaps I took on my vlog camera and forgot about. I'm so glad I took those snaps, the envoke such happy feelings for me. 

What do you think of vidcon? Is it something you would ever be interested in attending?



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Tuesday 27 August 2013

Summer Listings

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

As the shops start to stock Autumn clothing and the nights draw in, it has occurred to me that Summer is on it's way out and cooler months are approaching.

Before the Summer fully ends, I would like to complete a bucket list of sorts with my little Baby Glitter so ensure we get the very most out of this hazy season. Since you know I love a good list, I thought I'd share with you. 

Before the Summer ends I want to ::

Paint her finger and toe nails matching and walk barefoot on grass.
Eat ice cream outside in the evening.
Take her Summer photos.
Make a daisy chain crown.
Film a toddler Summer lookbook. (Might be pushing it)
Take her tricycle to the park.
Have a summer evening walk in golden light.

I am going to work really hard to achieve these over the next week because to me, once September hits, it's Autumn. 

I am so enjoying making the most out of every season. What have you enjoyed most about this Summer?



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Monday 26 August 2013

Motivational Monday #24

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It took me a little while but here I am, finishing off my Motivational Monday series. What a series it has been! 

I hope you have had great weekends and if you live in the UK, woohooo for it being a Bank Holiday!

Motivational Monday
Do feel free to pin this image. 

This is a quote my Dad has said to be several times this Summer. 

You may have seen THIS post where I talked about my trip to LA and all that it brought to me but I think what strikes me the most from that experience is that I took a leap of faith and left my comfort zone. It was scary and more than a few tears were shed before I did it but the point is, I did do it.

By moving away from what I feel at ease with, I put myself in a position to try new things, meet new people and grow as a person. I'm so glad I allowed myself to go on that adventure and didn't hold myself back like I have done in the past.

I feel like from now on, I will try not to let my comfort zone hold me back so much. I am a home bird at heart but I need to learn to fly off a bit sometimes.

If you are like me and relish the comfort zone, step out of it. Even if it's just for a day, step out of it and see what happens. It's exhilarating and liberating and in all honesty, quite addictive!

I hope this post inspires you to make a little exciting change, if you do, please tell me about it in the comments so I can be thrilled with you!



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Saturday 24 August 2013

Amazing Advertisers | August 2013

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

How do months go so quickly? Father Time has some serious answering to do.

As I'm sure you will have seen, I'm really excited to have jumped back into blogging after my well needed break and as always, I'm excited to share the lovely ladies (and occasionally men) who star in the side bar. 

Oh August. 

Stickygram excites me. They are a super cool company that take your instagram photographs and turn them into magnets that you can adorn your home with. As a huge fan of the insta app, I am always looking for new ways to display my creations and I think these are a great option. I know quite a few people who have raved about this site so I'm really keen to see what it has to offer. Keep your eyes peeled for more of Stickygram on my blog, we are working on something special for you all. 

Mariam's blog is an exciting mix of creative writing, beauty reviews, mini hauls and life experience. I was really interested to read about Mariam's experiences as a ChildLine Volunteer and how the whole process worked. If you are interested in making a difference, her's is a frank and open insight into it all. I was also so impressed by Mariam's creative writing. I was literally hooked after the first two lines and felt very invested in the story. This is a blog I want to read every single post ever on. Goodbye weekend!!

Stacie is a long term advertiser with Sprinkle of Glitter and every time I check in on her blog I am left inspired and humbled. Stacie suffers with Pulmonary Hypertension and is waiting patiently on the donor list for new, shiny organs. Stacie writes candidly of her fears and hopes but also demonstrates that with a positive and open attitude she can go about her life and experience so much without her illness holding her back. Go and have a read, you won't regret it. 

Charlotte and her Web (see what I did there?) have been on my reading list for many moons now. Her blog is the perfect Saturday morning read with a mix of fun and 'oh I want to do that too'. She is honest in her descriptions (yep, being tipsy does make it easier to ignore pickled cucumbers) and her photographs are real, not overly tinkered with to the point where you feel embarrassed of your own efforts (we all know those blogs). In short, you will just love Charlotte's slice of the net. It's just what a blog should be. 

Sophie Jane is relatively new to the blogging world, having started in April but you can very clearly see how much she is enjoying it. With posts predominantly about food and beauty (a couple of my very favourite things in life!) Sophie Jane offers an array of meal inspiration and tips on how to be the hostess with the mostess. If you are looking for something to jazz up your next night in with friends, this might be the blog for you. 

That's all for today Sprinklerinos. Anyone there that tickles your pickle?

If you would like to advertise with Sprinkle of Glitter, head on over to the Sponsor tab at the top of the page (just under my header) to see all the details and price range. 



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Friday 23 August 2013

Friday Fess-Up

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I'm writing this post with no plan or notes or agenda. I'm just writing. Matt is watching a french DVD on his laptop, the baby is in bed and the fairy lights are lit. Perfect blogging conditions. It's like the olden days. Blogging for the sake of sharing thoughts and letting my brain spill out in a mess of things I like, things I don't, ideas, images, the lot. 

Sprinkle of Glitter
 Excited to be home in blogland!

If you are an avid reader, you might have noticed my absence. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I haven't provided something for you to read each day but I'm not sorry that I took a break. I feel refreshed. I feel ready. I feel like I have a new and happy direction to walk in.

The problem I have (and prepare for this post to get rambly) is that I am a sponge that reads too much. I read beauty blogs, lifestyle blogs, DIY blogs, interior blogs, money saving blogs, haul blogs, funny blogs, mummy blogs, A LOT OF BLOGS. I see things I like and think, 'Oh yes, I could do something along those lines' and so I do. I get addicted to a blog or writer and read EVERYTHING they have ever written and wish I could be a bit like them. I felt like I was loosing myself in a see of brilliant blogs and that I could firmly grasp an identity for this place. It was a good problem to have- I wanted to do TOO MANY things. I once was a craft blog, and then a beauty blog, and then an everything blog.

From now on, this is a Louise Blog. That's the category. Louise. 

I am giving myself permission to write about anything that brings me joy. If it is a beauty product that I have adored then I'll tell you, if I have had a good flurry of instapics then I'll share, if Baby Glitter did something precious then I'll document it. I want to document my life. I want to photograph my home and cherish the things I purchase and share my loves and dreams and hopes and thoughts. 

Sprinkle of Glitter
Jersey top || ASOS

I'm still going to read all those blogs because they enrich my mind. But I'm going to be healthy about it. I'm going to read them and congratulate them on being so brilliant. And then I'm going to settle down and be myself. 

I almost feel embarrassed that it's taken me this many months and weeks to realise this, especially as I had so many blog friends (thank you El) tell me the same, but I guess I just had to feel it, rather than know it. 

I know it now. I don't want to quit, I want to do quite the opposite. 

I want to incorporate all my worlds on here. I want to share all the amazing YouTube things I do, all the places I go and all the glamour, as well as my home life. For the longest time I have shielded my blog from the glitz of YouTube land because I felt it would be un-humble to talk too much about it. I was afraid you would think I've changed or that I am becoming someone above her station. After quite a lot of thought it dawned on me that you would most likely just be happy for me (as I would for you) and that it would be really exciting to have you along for the ride. I'm not silly, I know these experiences (trips to America, premieres, swish hotels etc) won't last forever so I am savouring it all and would love to have you all involved. 

On top of that, I am FINALLY finishing off my home, room by room. We moved in over four years ago! I had a year to arrange the major things (rewiring and kitchen fitting) and then I fell pregnant. I lost my job, was tired all the time, had a bambino, Sprinkle of Glitter took off and the house was left by the wayside. With the help of ideas from across the web (God bless pinterest), I have started styling my home into a space I am really proud of.

Being at home is my most happy place. I would choose it over ANYWHERE. I look forward to weeks where I know I don't have to leave and I yearn to be here when I'm away. Since it's so special to me, it makes sense to show a bit more of it on this blog. 

Oooooeeeeee I've written a lot very quickly. That all just fell out in about 30 seconds. With that off my chest, I feel pretty confident in saying that I'm back. I have a huge list of posts I want to write and new vigour to write them.

Stick around, things are about to get fun!

If you have anything particular you would like to read on this blog, now is your chance to tell me. I can't wait to hear from you.



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Dare To Be Different

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

 Dress || H&M. Cardi || Primark. Slingbacks || Miss Selfridge. Bag || Zara

Since I was a young teen, I've worn glasses.  I like to alternate between contacts and glasses and have about 3 (haha excessive much?) prescription pairs to match to my outfits. When SpecSavers contacted me and asked if I wanted to be involved in their new Osiris campaign, I was really interested to learn more about the range.

Sprinkle of glitter glasses

With over 60 frames to choose from in an array of colours, patterns and sizes, there is definitely going to be something in the Osiris Collection that suits you.

When selecting my pairs (I was sent lenless frames to style and play with), I opted for bold colours and larger frames to balance my face and vibrant hair out. I think the key to choosing frames is to first select a size and shape that suits you and then stick to those guidelines. Much like choosing a dress, if you know what cut flatters your figure, the task is much less daunting and you have more chance of finding the perfect fit.

To go with my slightly cat-eyed shaped frames I opted for a 1950's style dress, a pastel (oh pastels, why are you so brilliant?) cardi and to give the whole ensemble a little bit of an edge and compliment the frames, black slingbacks and city bag. I travelled down to London in this (including the lensless glasses!) and felt very ladylike. I have also worn these frames with jeans and tomboy chic sweater tops so they are seriously versatile. 

I love how all the frames accentuate rather than hide my eyes (a common misconception about glasses) and allow me to still feel confident and attractive. Geek is the new chic after all!

I want women (and men) to never feel like wearing glasses is a set back or something 'bad' about their appearance. My Mum used to insist on taking her glasses off before she had her photo taken! I would love glasses wearers to feel excited about the options they have available to them and the styling possibilities that they create.

Search for #Osiris to vote for my look as the best! And don’t forget, you can win the whole look including the glasses on the Specsavers Facebook page.

The 2013 Osiris eyewear collection by Jørgen Simonsen is only available at Specsavers and is included in their 2 for 1 offer where two complete pairs are available for £125.    

What do you think? Are LBF (little black frames) the new LBD's? I love being a speccy!


Keep your eyes peeled (see what I did there?!) for a lot more on this blog in the very near future!!


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Specsavers via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Specsavers 

Wednesday 14 August 2013

Los Angeles 2013

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

If you follow me on any of my social platforms (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr etc) you will no doubt know that this month I flew out to LA for 10 days to attend Vidcon and also to have some well deserved (ha) R&R with my friends in a house that we rented together.

Latest insta-snaps.

I took so many photos on my phone and vlogging camera and scattered them across the net as I shared them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr and I wanted somewhere central to have them all together.

Aside from a few that I am holding back for future instagrams, this is them. I mostly vlogged the experience (which you can check out on Sprinkle of Chatter) but I love a quick snap here and there.

If I went again (and wasn't filming it), I would take my big girl camera out and photograph everything to buggery, it was such a beautiful place. 

 Alfie and I make our pretty faces. 

For the lady who ends up with Joe- you are lucky. He is an absolute gem and was so lovely to me the whole trip. I want to squish him 24/7. 

My BFF Sully. 


 My real BFF Zoe. We're like peas in a pod- the petite pois and the broad bean ;) 

The gang. Can you tell who's who?



It was lovely to catch up with Kandee Johnson again after meeting her this Spring. She was such a doll and I loved being blonde hair twins. It's the simple things. 


You know those times when you want desperately to be cool? This was one of them. You know those times when you just come across as a babbling clutz? This was also one of them. *Sighs*

I have been watching Karen on YouTube for a little while now and admiring her creativity and enthusiasm and looking forward to potentially bumping into her at some point during my trip. Unfortunately, the point that I did bump into her was after one too many complimentary cocktails at a party and proceeded to rapidly say (very loudly) every single thing that was in my head, including, 'My husband and I can't NOT see the fedex arrow now!!!!'. -If you watch her videos, you'll get that joke. 

Basically, I think Karen's channel is BRILLIANT. I have learnt so much from her craft/tech tutorials and find her really entertaining to watch. I could go on and on all day but this isn't the time. Karen, if you do ever read this, it was such a pleasure to meet you and I hope one day to have a better (aka more sober) chat! Thank you for having a picture with me. NB- Drinking too much isn't cool. Always drink responsibly.

Tyler looking like the Don. 


My newest chum Nikki Phillippi. I've been a viewer of Nikki's channel for quite some time now and always admired her peppy personality and ability to make EVERYTHING interesting. Seriously, I've sat through 20 minute grocery hauls before haha. 

We met at Playlist and planned to film but time escaped us so this time we made fixed arrangements and a video will be with you very soon. Be excited, I am. 

Nikki and I had so much in common and instantly hit it off. I look forward to spending more time with her at future events. :)

 Louis and the LA Sunset. 


Guess who got lucky and was offered a ticket to see 1D open in LA? Yeah, you guessed it, ME! Joey, his friend and I had an absolute blast and if you stay tuned for the vlogs, you'll see how crazy things got. 


The view from the house we rented. Amazing. 

Too much fun was had in this pool. Ever ridden an inflatable whale? I have. 

Always time for a spot of shopping before you head to the airport.  

Golden light and 1960's structures. Be still my beating heart. 

Reading your beautiful letters at the departure gate. 

Naturally these pictures don't reflect all the special people I met or the amazing moments I had but they are a fun representative of my trip. 

Corny as this sounds, I learnt a lot this past fortnight. I learnt that whilst stepping out of your comfort zone is incredibly frightening (and can lead to secret sobbing in airport toilets) it usually results in good things. I learnt that going with the flow allows adventures to happen. I learnt that having no wifi can be extremely liberating and I learnt that I am stronger than I thought I was. I also learnt that the most interesting things in the world, no matter where you go are people. No matter what they do or where they come from they all have stories to share and they are worth listening to. 

LA, you were great. Let's do it again sometime. 

Would you like to hear more about the trip, LA or Vidcon? Leave a question and I'll do a follow up Q&A post. 

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