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Friday 31 December 2010

Body Shop Blog Sale

Aloha Bloggerinos,


Remember last month I started as a Body Shop At Home Consultant? Well it was a bit of a bleaugh and after 2 parties I decided to pack it in and chalk it up to experiance. I only did 2 parties but Body Shop messed up so many of my orders, leaving me with angry customers and it was a bit of a nightmare really.

So, I have decided to do a bit of a blogsale of the Body Shop products I have because I know how much you all luurrvvee them :). Seeing as I only did 2 parties, these items were only opened twice and hardly swatched at all so are in super duper condition- no scuzzy stuff on here thank you very much.

Paypal only. No returns. Please comment with the product you'd like and your paypal email. Items are full and heavy so it's £1.75 per item for P&P with 50p extra for each additional. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and will package your items beautifully so you can really enjoy opening your treats.

Puurrrlleeaassee pay swifty or I'll be very cross- grrrr!!


Moringa Body Butter full size - £5.50

Wild Cherry Body Butter full size- £5.50

Cocoa Butter Body Butter full size- £5.50

Limited Edition Jolly Orange Body Butter full size- £5.50

Coconut Body Scrub full size- £3.50

Cocoa Butter Body Scrub full size- £3.50

Coconut Shower Cream 250ml- £2.50

Cocoa Butter Creamy Body Wash 250ml- £2.50

Mango Shower Gel 250ml- £2.50

Moringa Shower Gel 250ml- £2.50

Limited Edition Jolly Orange Shower Gel 250ml- £2.50

Almond Hand Rescue Treatment 100ml- £4.50

Almond Oil Daily Hand and Nail Cream 100ml- £3.50

Alternitavely, if nobody else has bought bits from the list (so hurry hurry), you can have the entire lot for £30 and this will include P&P- what a brucey bargain!

Happy Shopping!!



I likey likey

Aloha Bloggerinos,

What happens when you're looking for interior ideas and you have 20 minutes of spare time? Weheartit gorging is what! Here are a few of my favs.







I'd like this last room to be BGW's, very lovely.

Did any of you English Rose's watch 'Upstairs, Downstairs' this week? I LOVE the use of colour in that home. If only I was brave enough for bright aqua rooms!



Lucky Dip

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I just thought I'd share a little titbit (ooer) of information with you that pinged into my inbox this morning. Eyeko are selling their famous Lucky Dip Bags for only £10 for 48 hours only- bargain!!

Eyeko Lucky Dip Set

If you would like an added freebie in your order (who doesn't?!), use my special Ambassador Code at the checkout E11341.

That was quick!



Thursday 30 December 2010

Fresh Starts

Aloha Bloggerinos,

As 2011 swiftly approaches, I've started to think about my New Year Resolutions. I make them every year, and some I stick to and some I don't (like loosing weight and saving money! haha). This year though will be my most life changing to date as I'll become a (hopefully Yummy) Mummy and embark on this new adventure with Mattmoo.


So with this in mind, here are my resolutions.

1. Organise my life. I seem to tumble through life in a bit of a muddle, never knowing where bits of paper are or where I put my grey leggings. I'm going to make orderly systems for things and ensure that life runs a bit smoother.

2. Loose weight. A classic. My master plan is taking Baby Girl Watson (BGW) out in her pram for lots of walks this summer and I would like to be a size 14 for Christmas. Before I got pregnant this summer I was a generous size 18, but since I have migrated to the wonders of elasticated maternity jeans and leggings, I have no idea- my clothes grow with me :)

3. Employ a bit more tolerance. This year I have been a little cut throat. I have had small fall outs with people and just thought "that's it, the end" and totally cut them from my life. At the time it felt nice to kind of eradicate the hurt or upset but now I think it might be best to try and be a bit more gentle in my actions, even if they aren't with me.

4. Learn to cook things. I hate cooking and never do it (thank goodness for Matt) but what sort of Mummy can't cook?! Anyone want to teach me?!

So that's it really. There are always little things that I try to improve or change but those are my biggies. What are yours?



Wednesday 29 December 2010

Golly GOSH, I spy a MAC Dupe!

Aloha Bloggerinos,

You can only imagine my glee on boxing day when I saw that Superdrug were doing a a 3 for 2 deal across all cosmetics. I immediately headed to the GOSH counter, because I've been hankering for a few bits from there for a while.

I have always been really pleased with any gosh products I've had. To be honest, I don't know why I don't have more because it's always been such a pleaser!


So in my little spree I picked up these Light 'n' Shine Lipglazes for £7.99 each (I also bought a coloured eyeliner to make up my 3 for 2) because they reminded me soooo much of the MAC Dazzleglasses which are about £14 a pop. These lipglosses aren't new and I'm sure other people have noticed the similarity but I wanted to have my say anyway :)


I bought shades 04 and 05 which are a light pink and purply shade respectively. The pink is a blue based hue with darker pink and silver sparkles and the purple is a fuchsia colour with blue and gold sparkles. On the lips, if I were to tell you it was a MAC Dazzleglass, I'd be very surprised if you doubted it. And come to think of it, if you did, it would mean you had an unhealthy knowledge of MAC and were a bit of a saddo. Like me.

Both glosses are not sticky but lovely and sheeny, something I do wish MAC would sort out, the Dazzleglasses can be like shmearing treacle on your lips, and have excellent staying power. I don't usually expect must lastage from a gloss, but these did surpass my expectations- hurrah!


As always with GOSH products, the packaging is smashing. Each lipglaze has a little mirror on the side and when you pull out the application wand, 2 tiny LED lights turn on so applying in dark places (I mean dark locations of a room by the way, not on yourself- ooerrr) is a doddle. At first I thought it was a bit gimmicky and something I wouldn't use but I went out for a few drinks with Mattmoo (non alchofrolic before you get shirty) and it was really handy!


I'm also pretty impressed with the wand. My usual fav is a doefoot applicator and sometimes find that these little synthetic brushy jobbies are a bit messy, but so far, so good.

All in all these are something that I am really pleased with and will definitely be branching out into the other available colours. Have you tried these or are you strictly a MAC gal?




Here's the husband and I on that night out. How I don't look pregnant I do not know, I feel like a beached whale and have taken to waddling rather a lot-urgh! Do note my sparkletastic lips :)


Wednesday 15 December 2010

"There's a snake in my boot!"

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I jest, there is no such thing in my boot. In fact, I'm not even wearing any boots, I was just feeling the love for Toy Story. When my sister was really little, she used to pretend to be Buzz Lightyear, stand on the sofa, jump and shout "To ifididy and leons!". Random fact for you there.

Well, as you will have seen, there has been no blog sale *slaps wrist*. Sadly life got in the way and I will now be doing it after Christmas. We're going to Liverpool to stay with Matt's ma and pa for the festive season so I won't be blogging or able to get to the post office and suchlike so it seems a bit silly to do it now. Still, good things come to those who wait.

I've got a very packed life at the mo, I seem to be forever seeing the midwife, or going to the hospital for my gestational diabetes test (I had to go twice because they couldn't draw blood :( ), going to work, going to far off lands (Peterborough) to buy baby things and all sorts!

I will defo have to do a baby post soon, with pics of the bump, the pram, the cot etc and I have a few Lou's Reviews in the pipeline too.

How are you all? Let me know, I enjoy a random ramble comment!



Thursday 9 December 2010

Coming up..

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Just to let you all know, I'm going to be having a Huuuuggeeee blogsale on Sunday. It won't be solely cosmetics, it's going to be EVERYTHING, so keep your eyes peeled!

I'm having a big clearout in preparation for all of Baby Girl Watson's things, so it will be utterly random, like an online treasure trove :)




Lou's Reviews :: My Winter Wonder Product

Aloha Bloggerinos,

With the cold snap in full swing, I'm sure many of you would agree that you are having to up your beauty efforts to stay ahead of Jack Frost nipping at your nose. For me, Jack Frost doesn't just nip at my nose, but at my whole face, leaving me blotchy, pale and bleaugh. Not a good look.

In the past week or so I have tried out quite a few different things (bronzers, blushers, cool toned highlighters, everything!!) to tackle this unappealing pallor and have finally found my winner.

Eyeko Tinted Moisturiser is a product I was kindly given a few months ago but never reviewed because I felt like I was banging on and on about Eyeko! Having looked back, I've only done about 4 eyeko posts so perhaps I'll just pop my paranoia back in my pocket and carry on :)

(Looks a very scary toffee colour, but blends like a dream)
This product is a warm toned cream bronzer, made with hydrating jojoba and infused with vitamins A, E and C, so perfect for fighting the current weather conditions. Whilst you could use this all over for a slight glow, I have actually been using this with a stippling brush and buffing it into the apples of my cheeks like a bronzer.

The reason I am enjoying this so much more than my other bronzers, is the consistency. What with it's creamy nature, it leaves me looking all fresh and dewy- hurrah! Also, it has no glitter or shimmer in it, just sheeny warmth to make you look sparky and alive. Brilliant. Obviously I'm not one to shy away from glitter, but with Christmas round the corner, I have been wearing a lot of sparkly eyeshadows and don't want to overdo it. As you will know, I love to get the most out of my cosmetics so here are a few other ways you could use this (let me know if you've tried them and how they worked out for you): As an actual tinted cream (durr), on collar bones to give a slimming look, in the cleavage for fuller boobilscious boobies, down the front of you legs for a sexy sheen oorrrr on your shoulders for an alluring gleam. Versatile non?

As far as value for money goes, this item is still a winner. It retails for £8 and for that you get a whopping great pot that I suspect will last you a million years. Not to be dramatic or anything. I've been using mine LOTS and haven't even made a dent. Woop woop!

If you fancied checking this out, click HERE and for a freebie, use my Ambassador at the checkout- E11341. Also, how good does THIS look for only a fiver! Yes Please!!

Do you have any winter wonder products? More of mine coming soon :)



Saturday 4 December 2010

Lou's Reviews :: Lush Ma Bar

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I know lately I have done quite a few Lou's Reviews, after the reviewing draught, but that's because 1) I have a bit of mula now to treat myself to a few bits and 2) I'm having a massive Lush and MAC obsession at the moment. Do you do that? Do you go through phases of being totally in love with certain things or brands??

I've mentioned the Lush Ma Bar before, but realised that I had never done a proper review on it, so here we are chums, a maaaaaaaaaarvellous maaaaaaaaaaa bar review. Mwahaha see what I did there?

(Ma Bar's don't have glitter on them but in my house, glitter is an occupational hazard so lordy knows where those sparkles came from. See anyone you know in the background??)
The Ma Bar is a chocolate-toffee flavoured bubble bar that smells good enough to eat. Retailing at £2.45 per bar, it won't break the bank and I usually get about 4 baths out of it, so a small price for big luxury. The idea of bubble bars is to break a chunk of, crumble under the running water and voila, bubbley bubbley goodness. I know some people crumble a whole bar but I prefer to preserve the pleasure and use about a quarter per bath....maybe one day I'll go wild and live on the edge..I'll let you know.

This bubble bar, like all the others I have tried, gave the water a really moisturising, slippery type feel. I know that sounds nuts, but it felt like someone had popped a bit of oil in and it was doing my skin some good. This could just be in my own baby brained head (yes, pregnancy has adled my mind), but I liked it none the less. After leaving the bath my skin did feel pleased and I felt totally soothed and relaxed.

(MMMmmmmm I want to eat it)
The scent of this product is A-Mazing! It reminds me of delicious cafe hot chocolates and makes me want to lick it a bit. Beware! Once in a moment of maddness, many moons ago, whilst nobody was watching, I did lick a lush product (soft coer massage bar if you must know) and I will tell you now, it did not taste good. So learn from my mistakes, don't lick things you shouldn't...ooer missus.

My one negative on this product would be the colour it turns the water. Obviously as the bar is brown and cream (with a very cute little brown sugar cube I might add, dissolves in the water, lovely), it's not going to turn the water pink. No. It turns it a light brown sort of colour.................a litttttllee bit like someone has had a little tiny accident in the bath. Yes, that's right, I said it. My sister won't thank me for this, but when she was a baby and I was about 11, I had a bath with her on my lap, thinking how cute she looked in the bubbles. Cute until she did a million tiny malteser sized poos that subsequently dissolved into the water, turning the whole experience into a runny poo flavoured nightmare.

Please try not to associate this yummy bubble bar with poo (oh gawd), it really is lovely and I have bought quite a few of these, and do look past the browny tinge. The smell is amazing, price is good and overall performance is a total winner.

Have you tried the MA Bar? What did you think? Do you perhaps think I have completely lost it and gabbled on about poo??



Tuesday 30 November 2010

MAC and World Aids Day- 1st December

Aloha Bloggerinos,

As you will no doubt know, I luuurrrvvee MAC Cosmetics. I love the feeling you get when you wander round a store, the fun you can have swatching the pressed eyeshadows, the smell of the wipes, the feel of the brushes......ohhh yeeaahhh *drools*

Because of this snazzy (blowing my own trumpet a bit there) blog, MAC kindly email me little previews of new lines or upcoming offers, which I always read with interest. I don't tend to post about them though (slap my wrist please) but this time, I felt it would be wrong not to.

December the first sees in World Aids day and along with tonnes of other organisations and company's (even my new office) MAC is supporting this valid cause.


Rather than bore you with my shoddy explanation of what MAC is doing, I am going to quote the email (sneaky tehehe). I've dotted about a few products that make mula for this great charity but if you pop yourself along to the website, you will find lots more of enticing goodies. I fully endorse this whole shibang- it's always a winner to support those less fortunate than yourself and you can buy yourself MAC products, guilt free!


MAC Say:

"On December 1, 2010 – makeup artists from M∙A∙C Cosmetics in London, Edinburgh and Dublin will put away their makeup kits and don red ribbons to participate in a company-wide volunteer effort to honor World AIDS Day.

Please find below a brief outline of our involvement….

M∙A∙C artists from London and Edinburgh will pitch in to help at London’s Positive East and Edinburgh’s Waverley Care and give up some of their free time to decorate nominated service areas and meeting rooms which are frequently used by visitors to both Charities. The M.A.C Aids Fund has supported Positive East since 2006 and Edinburgh’s Waverley Care for over 10 years.

To raise awareness on World Aids Day in Dublin, M∙A∙C Friends and Colleagues are joining the Open Heart House charity “Sleep Out”. This will be the inaugural Open Heart House “Sleep Out” and it is a great way for M∙A∙C to develop the support it has given to this charity since January 2000.

Did you know that one Viva Glam purchase can…….

· Provide 1 nutritious meal for a support group for 2 days.

· Provide support and education for 5 pregnant women diagnosed with HIV/AIDS giving them the tools to prevent transmission to their unborn child.

· Buy 1 pair of school shoes for a child orphaned by AIDS.

· Purchase 1 school starter pack of stationery for a child orphaned by AIDS.

· Buy 1 vegetable seed starter pack for a community garden.

· Purchase health education posters for a child care resource centre

· Provide 1 Party Pack for a child to celebrate Christmas, Easter or a birthday.


Since the inception of the M∙A∙C Aids Fund, together we have raised in excess of $190,000,000 (Since 1998, through the sale of Viva Glam lipsticks and lipglosses, the UK and Eire have raised over £4.4m), which is a fantastic achievement towards the help & support of people who are living with HIV & AIDS."

What do you think Bloggerinos?



Images courtesy of MAC.
They did send me some rather snazzy press pictures but could I download them? Nooooo. Once again, technology fails me. *sigh*

Monday 29 November 2010

Catchy catchy catch up

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I'm having to type this in a really cackhanded fashion because I just slammed my swearwording index finger in the swearwording wardrobe door, looking for a pair of swearworing tights! Gargh!! I've got the rage I tell you!

I thought I would give you a little life update post as I have lots of life to update (hahaha I just made myself think of that line from Bugs Life where the Queen says "That's our lot in life! It's not a lot, but that's our life!" haha oh it tickles me so). As you can see, the pain of my throbbing finger has gone to my brain and I appear to be somewhat delirious.

So, tomorrow I am starting a new job. Yeesss I know, I change jobs like the wind but thus is the glamorous nature of a Temp. My job is a little part time number at the council, doing all sorts of officey stuff so should be nice. I quite enjoy working in an office and have come to find that most work on the same basic rules- There is always a hottie (thank god), there is always a really stressy woman who is mean but probably just quite insecure, there is always a boss, there is always someone on your wavelength who you can be your chum. One of my best friends Emma is someone I met when I was working for a very swish company in Liverpool, we hit it off immediately and had many shinangens. Hmmm maybe I should do a little feature on mine and her adventures (they once took us all the way to Ibiza for 2 days ahahahaha)- what do you think?

If only things were like this at an office. Thank you

Just a little subnote here- I was looking for tights for my first day at new work tomorrow. Why not wait til morning? I hear you ask. Well, this is why: When I went for my interview last week, I dramatically underestimated how long it would take me to fanny about getting ready. I suddenly realised I had 5 minutes before I had to get in the car if I was going to make it on time. I dashed to my wardrobe to find some tights but alas, there were none to be had. 3 Minutes to go. Had a desperate search through the wash basket (gross I know but it was dyer times) but no luck. 1 minute to go. Then at last, I found a pair of tights in the spare room and presumed I had left them there because I do tend to leave things everywhere. Pulled them on, got in the car. Felt VERY uncomfortable, like my legs were in cast iron clamps and lets not even get onto how my lady department felt!! I went through the whole job interview suspecting my blood supply to my legs had been cut off, drove home and ripped them off at the front door. It turned out they were my sister's tights. My size 6 sister. I rest my case.

In other job type news, I am just getting involved with a new venture that is all very top secret but I'm VERY, very excited about and I think that when it is launched, may well be something you'll like too......mysterious eh? Watch this space.

What I suspect you are all waiting for is baby girl Watson news. This week I am 24-25 weeks pregnant which sees me at 6 months- good grief doesn't time fly?! My bump is now unmissable and I can feel her kick/punch, wriggle and turn. I really love feeling her move and tell her a silent hello (if I'm in public, always best to try not to look too mental) but recently it's been making me feel quite nauseous and heart burny, mmmm lovely.

People have been soooo generous already. My grandma has knitted her all sorts of things, Matt's parents have bought tonnes of clothes and are sending a pretty generous cheque to enable us to buy a super duper pram/pushchair thingymajib, we've been offered a bouncer by a new neighbour and a steriliser by another relative! Oh, and my Dad says he's bought me a nice changing bag- woop woop! What I was really touched by though is that some of my YouTuberinos have offered to make things for her, like a cross stitch picture for her wall- how kind is that? She's not even born and already so loved.

We haven't had any snow to speak of in our neck of the woods which is a bummer because I luurrvvee the snow, but perhaps it'll be a white Christmas? We're spending it in Formby (near Liverpool) with Matt's parentals, so there will be chocolate and good TV galore!

Mindycat (clutching at straws here hahaha) is pretty cross at the moment. We're keeping her in the kitchen at nights because when baby girl Watson comes, we'll want our bedroom doors open and I don't want Mindy suffocating her or anything, so she's a bit shirty. Honestly, sometimes I feel a bit abashed round her and try and make it up to her with treats, talk about being manipulated!!

I have bought a few nice things really (it had been agggesss since I treated myself), so hopefully a few reviews are on their merry way to you as well.

Hmmm, I've just read this back and realised how looooooong it is, and what's worse is, I don't have any pictures to beautify here I come!

What's been going on in your world?



Sunday 28 November 2010

Lou's Reviews :: Lush- Irridescent Glitterbug

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Two Lush reviews in two days, I'm spoiling you!

I have bought three of these to date and will continue to purchase these because in my eyes, they're fabulous. The Glitterbug is infact a bug shaped massage bar chocablock full of bluish mauve sparkles that transfer to the skin with the staying power of no other glitter product I've tried before. If glitter isn't your thing, then I'd recommend you stay well back!


My first experience of the famous Glitterbug is not one I relish. I was 18, at university in Liverpool and eagerly getting ready for a big night out. I had popped into Lush that day and grabbed a few things, not really taking the time to find out what they're uses were. What a mistake-a to make-a!!! I foolishly presumed the sparkly little bug was a soap, jumped in the shower and rubbed it EVERYWHERE. I remember thinking it was a bit odd that it didn't lather and was rather scratchy but carried on none the less.

It wasn't until I stepped out of the shower and looked at myself (nudey tudey) in the full length mirror that I was met with a blue, sparkly, mirrorballed human smurf! I had put soooooooooo much on that I had literally turned myself blue! I nipped next door to ask my flatmate if I was perhaps over exaggerated the situation but alas, she confirmed I looked MENTAL. I learnt a valuable lesson that night- befriend the Lush Sales Assistant and do your research!

I love the moment before you open a Lush product and it is all new and fresh and pristine. Mmmm
Since then, I have learnt the art of the Glitterbug. The idea is to warm up the bar in your hands and then either use as you would any other Lush massage product or use the residue from your hands to rub into anywhere you want the shimmer. I like it on my arms, shoulders and decolletage, but not my face!

Aside from it's obvious brilliance (gliiittttteerrrr), it also has other fantastic properties, like the shea and cocoa butter it's made from that give your skin a well earned drink. Glittery moisturised skin? Yes please. Lush tell us that it's scent is made up of rose, neroli and sweet vanilla, but to me it just smells of Glitterbug...helpful!

I have looked on the website and it seems to have gone, although when I was in store today, they had plenty, phewf!

The Iridescent Glitterbug retails for £3.25 (i think!) and will last you a VERY long time, well worth it for its unique effects, moisturising properties and general yumminess to have in your collection.

Have you tried this? What did you think?



Saturday 27 November 2010

Lou's Reviews :: Lush - Once a Year

Aloha Bloggerinos,

What a festive Saturday I'm having! Matt is here tapping away on his laptop, the cat is curled up, Love Actually is on, I've done a bit of present wrapping and we just had bacon rolls- bliss, bbuuuurrrrliss!

With this in mind, I thought I'd give you my thoughts on the most Christmassy massage bar I have ever smelt- Once a Year. This massage bar retails at £3.95 for 60g which is quite steep in my opinion but if you can't treat yourself at Christmas, when can you?

It consists of the big pink oval and a quirky cream moustash which has gold sparkles in it. I did detect a hint of shimmer in the pink oval too but nothing substantial, so if you aren't a glitter fan (a crime in my eyes) then you'll still be alright.

This little number is packed with shea butter (your skin will love you for this), almond essential oil and hazelnut oil which is said to have deep moisturising properties and form a protective layer around your skin without blocking pores- super!

Sparkle sparkle!
When I first smelt this I thought "Mmmmmmmmmm Christmas!" but couldn't quite put my finger on it. Maybe desserts and suchlike? Since looking on the website, I have discovered that is in infact Brandy! Whilst brandy isn't my usual tipple, the scent is distinctly festive and something I really enjoy. I would also say that the fragrance isn't overly feminine or girly, so could be used with a loved one...ooerr missus ;)

I love this so much I may well buy a backup because it saddens me greatly when LE items leave us, like Jingle Spells did, and never come back.

Have you tried this? How's your wrapping coming along? Anyone want to send me another Once a Year? Mwahaha!



Friday 26 November 2010

A New Start

Aloha Bloggerinos,

As some of you may well have noticed, my blog has had a bit of an overhaul. I felt it was getting a bit cluttered and messy but didn't know how to sort it. To be honest, it's a wonder I managed to set it up in the ruddy first place!

So here I was, whinging away to Zoe of Zoella about the whole thing and taaadddaaaa she fixed it for me! I'm still bugging her for a few more tweaks that hopefully you will see soon (muchos thankos zoe!) but so far, what do you think? Don't you think it looks a lot cleaner and fresher? I feel like singing that song that goes, "it's FRESH! Exciiiiiiting, do do do do do doooooo".

If you don't recognise Zoe, I will eat my hat.

So this post is to say, "Hi, My name's Louise and I'm back in love with my blog" and also, most importantly, a MASSIVE thank you to Zoe, who didn't have to spend a long time doing this for me but she did anyway and I appreciate it so very much.

Lots of fun and exciting things coming up :)



Tuesday 23 November 2010

Bella Sugar Cosmetics Update

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I'm just uploading a Barry M Collection video on YouTube and I thought whilst I'm waiting I would give you a quick update on Bella Sugar Cosmetics.

Do you remember a while ago I reviewed some eyeshadows from there and loved them? Well they are have a 40% off sale for Thanksgiving! Yabbadabbadoooo! I know here in the UK we don't celebrate it, but if there's a sale to be had, I'm game :)

All products are freshly handmade and have fantastic pigment. Click HERE to go to the etsy shop but if I were you, I would check out her blog because she has reeealllly good swatched of every colour going, plus more details on the sale- Bella Sugar Cosmetics Blog.

Happy Tuesday!



Friday 19 November 2010

Pregnancy Update- 22 Weeks

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Just a quickie to let you know I got back on the YouTube ball and made a VERY honest pregnancy update video.

If you wanted to check it out, click the link on the right for my channel and enjoy!

Hope you've had a good week and for those of us in the UK have done something worthwhile for Children In Need :)



Tuesday 16 November 2010

Last Chance on YSL Parisienne Eau de Parfum

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Remember aggess ago I did that big blog sale? A few items never went because people reserved and didn't pay (naughty girls), so because I want to clear out that box of things, I will do individual sales now and again at reduced prices.

Today is the YSL Parisienne Eau de Parfum (30ml). It is in it's original box and in mint condition, spritzed once but not my cup of tea. Could easily be a sneaky little stocking filler for Christmas.

Sold- to one of my most loyal Bloggerinos- Missmascara1983, thank you xxx

I'm selling it for £19.99 and this INCLUDES postage and packaging, wherever you live on ze planet. I will wrap in acid free coloured tissue paper and sprinkle on a handful of sprinkles too, seeing as it's nearly that festive time of year.

Paypal only. No returns. I'll have proof of postage if need be. First come, first serve.

Three, two, one, GO!



Monday 15 November 2010

YouTube Video- What do you want to know?

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I've been a bit slack on the youtube front of late so this week going to get myself into gear and make some. I have a few ideas but one I definitely want to put up is a pregnancy update, now I'm 5 and 1/2 months gone.

So, what I would like to know, on the pregnancy front, is what would YOU like to know about? No pregnancy related question will put me off, I won't be offended or grossed out, ask away and I shall answer! Please be specific and if you leave a name, I'll give you a shoutout too!



Sunday 14 November 2010

Merry Breakfast One and All

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Today I have put a festive twist on my usual breakfast cereal. I have replaced the cereal with mince pies and the milk with double cream, mwhahahahaha! I am sooooooo game for Christmas! Being the kind owner I am, I offered Mindy some cream but she looked disgusted. What kind of a cat doesn't like cream?? I was all set to make witty remarks like "Oh she looks like the cat that got the cream" etc, but no, I was robbed.

This week, since we last spoke at least, I have been continuing with my Christmas Crafts and made a whole host of christmas cards, some christmas stockings, some big fabric hair bows for my sister (she actually requested these about six hundred and twenty years ago but I'm only just getting round to it-woopsie), notelet packs, bracelets, christmas tree decorations annnndd that's about it. Which, if any, would you like to see tutorials for?

On Thursday my Auntie Judith took me to the most amazing fabric place EVER. It was like material heaven and I nearly did a little wee in my maternity jeans (never going back to regular ones now) I was so excited. I was quite restrained though and bought a couple of fabrics to make teeny weeny skirts on my sewing machine and a couple of really soft quarters to make pretty burp clothes. I know she'll only sick up on them but they'll be nice for special days out etc. I'm hoping to get good at little skirts for her, that will go over tights and body suits and then make loooaaadss. I have tonnes of lace and rick-rack to embellish so I'm pretty excited!

I'm in the process of making a few more flower rings as these went down a bloomin' storm last time.

Well that's all for now, enjoy the festive snap courtesy of



Wednesday 10 November 2010

Quickie Quickie Bargain Alert!!

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Sorry to bombard you with 3 posts in one day, this is a bit random. I was just looking on the Eyeko website to see if my link worked from my previous post (yes, I'm anal) and saw a HUGE BARGAIN!!

Eyeko are doing a VIP Set for £30.00, which includes two nail polishes, a new fat balm, a new lipgloss, a graffiti liner, the original glow cream, a pretty mascara and it will all come packaged in the lovely canvass bag that I was given at the event a while back.

For £30.00 this is a massive saving and I know they only do this deal once in a while, for a limited time. With Christmas coming up, you could spilt the set up and give individual items to friends, or just spoil yourself rotten and keep it all, mwhahahaha!

To have a looksie, click HERE and as always, if you would like a freebie, enter my Ambassador Code (E11341) at the checkout. You obviously don't have to, but who doesn't want a free item??

Are you game?



Lou's Reviews :: Eyeko Cream with Extra Glow

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I have been using this for a few weeks now, since I was given it at the Eyeko event way back when. I didn't review it straight away as I felt it was something that needed a good lot of use beforehand. What I can say though is that it certainly hasn't disappointed!

What Eyeko say:

"Eyeko Cream with Extra Glow is a multitasking highlighter with all the benefits of your favourite cult classic Eyeko Cream. This NEW dreamy pink cream is loaded with micro light reflecting pigments perfect for creating a soft focus sheen. Add a flattering highlights to brow and cheek bones, your cupids bow, even collar bones and shins for a touch of moonlit magic."

This product is very similar in results to Benefit High Beam, which I have been fond of for years. However, whilst High Beam retails at a whopping £17.50 for a nail varnish sized pot, the Eyeko Extra Glow is a much more affordable £8.00 for a big tub full- economical non?

I use this cool toned light pink luminescent cream to add a pearly highlighting effect on areas I want to draw attention to, such as: cheek bones, collar bones, shoulders (it makes my skin look luurvvly and adds a gorgeous glow if wearing strappy tops), just under my eyebrows as a highlighter, the bridge of my nose and as Eyeko suggests, even down my legs to create an alluring sheen- oh lala. Sometimes I add a blob to my moisturiser and schmear (there's that word again) it all over for a slight glow.

The formula isn't sticky or drying, which is a big plus for me because I'm quite particular about textures, weird I know. It doesn't really have a scent, which is something else I like. You hardly need to use any to achieve the desired effect so I am confident that this will last me a loonngg time.

All in all I think this a fab product and definitely a regular in my makeup routine.

You can purchase this from the EYEKO WEBSITE and for a free gift, enter my Ambassador Code at the checkout : E11341

What do you think Bloggerinos? Have you tried this little gem?



Every Girl Needs a Wardrobe

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I've been spending a lot of time clearing out our guest room, which has fast become our junk room, to make way for Baby Girl Watson.

One of the big tasks was to totally empty the little wardrobe which was crammed full of everything you can imagine! I'm going to sand the inside, clean and paint it pink and maybe add a few sparkles here and there. If this girl is anything like her Mummy, she will love it! Her poor Daddy has no chance! haha!

Anyhoo, whilst I was sorting the enormous piles of crap which had accumulated on the floor, Mindy took a running jump and made herself at home. Turns out the girliness in her took over.

As every day passes I love this little baby girl more and more and am really enjoying girlifying another room of our home.

Have you done anything special or crafty in any of your rooms? Tell me about it.



Tuesday 9 November 2010

Christmas Crafts :: Fabric Brooches/Corsages

Aloha Bloggerinos,

With Christmas around the corner (46 festive nights away to be precise), Santa (aka, me) is busy busy in his workshop, crafting all sorts of lovely gifts.


These corsages are so easy to make and require very basic sewing skills.

What you will need:

1. A few different colours of synthetic material. It HAS to be synthetic to make the edges curl, more on this later. I picked my sheer organza type fabric up from a place called Abakhans in Liverpool. If you live in scouseland, I strongly suggest you check this place out. It's an Aladdin's cave of bargainous craft stuff, everything you can imagine :)

2. A candle and matches/lighter.

3. Scissors.

4. Needle and thread.

5. Safety pin or brooch back. (I used a safety pin as I had these to hand).

6. Embellishments. I used assorted glass beads and a few flat faux pearls. You could use buttons, sequins, beads, stick on gems or anything jazzy that you can get your hands on. Don't go crazy spending money if you can't, this is the perfect opportunity to use the bits of that broken necklace or old buttons.


How to make your corsage:

1. Cut out varying sizes of circles from your materials. The more circles you use, the fuller your brooch will look. I usually go for about five circles, but it is entirely up to you. Cut the circles by eye, you're going to be curling the edges so no need for total accuracy here.

2. Melt the edges of your circles over a lit candle. This is quite easy but its best to have a couple of trials first. You want to just run the fabric through the flame to create a curled edge and enhance the petal-like effect.


3. Stack the petals on top of each other in size order until it looks how you want it. It should now look corsagey.

4. Using your needle and thread, pop a few stitches through the centre of the corsage to tie all the petals together.

5. Sew/glue on your chosen embellishments.

6. Sew/glue on your safety pin.

This project is great as it's so versatile and can be kept basic for beginners or jushed up a bit for a more advanced crafter. You can go to town with embellishments, colours, layers and textures. Why not incorporate bows or feathers?


These will now be carefully wrapped, sent to Father Christmas and dropped down my Aunties chimneys. Lovely.

Is this something you have, or might in the future try? If you have any questions, do let me know :)



Monday 8 November 2010

Pregnancy Update- 20 Weeks

Aloha Bloggerinos,

This little (or long as it has turned out) post will be especially for all the lovely Bloggerinos who have been asking about my pregnancy/telling me how broody they are/just being lovely-ahhh :)

If pregnant women wittering on about they're aches and pains isn't your bag, look away now!

So, as the title suggests, I'm 20 weeks pregnant now and feeling marvellous. We had our 5 month scan on Friday and it was truly the one of the best 30 minutes of my life! Matt was able to come to this one so for him, it was the first time he saw it. We saw the all four chambers of the heart, both halves of the brain, it's spine, ribs, leg bones, eye sockets, mouth, nose, everything. It was just an amazing experience to see our little baby moving about on the screen, totally unaware that it's parents were looking on loving it to bits.

After all the routine checks were confirmed as normal (hurrah!), the sonographer had a good look at baby's bits and told us we're having a little baby........................girl!!!! I literally burst into tears I was so happy. Matt had tears in his eyes and even the sonographer shed a tear with us. People always describe these moments as amazing and I never really got it, I just thought they were being dramatic, but now I understand. It was a moment when nothing else filled the room except pure and untainted joy. Joy for the moment and joy for what was to come.

Now I know what we're having, I feel a million times more bonded with her and sooooo excited. It's mad because I was so sure she was a he, and here I am, dreaming of sparkly shoes and frilly dresses.

In the last few weeks I have been feeling movement and in the last 10 days or so I have been feeling clear kicks and punches. It feels like someone tapping you with their finger but from the inside and is so odd!! You kind of forget your pregnant sometimes and then you have a little knock knock from baby and smile to yourself, that oh yes, your little baby loves you. The other morning, I was laying really still and she was kicking quite vigorously and Matt was able to feel her! I was so glad. I want him to be able to feel as close to her as I do, I think he does.

I had a bit of a scare last week, when I was bent over double in pain. Urgh it was awful. I know aches are usual as they are your body stretching to accommodate little one, but this was unreal. I went to the emergency dr and after a good prod about, he just said she had had a rather large growth spurt and my body was struggling to adjust- stretchy stretchy! I'm feeling a lot better now so panic not.

I've developed some oh-so-sexy stretch marks on my tummy too. I can't say I'm overly bothered by them though because I just think they are my body making my baby. If it contributes to a lovely baby it can't be that bad.

I have a properly defined bump now, which is just lovely and I find myself stroking it, or her, absent mindedly. Matt and I often talk about things we're going to do with her, show her, teach her. I feel so lucky to be able to have all this.

We've picked out her names but we'll be keeping these schtum until she's born I'm afraid. We've told both sets of parents and a few friends and the majority have loved her name. My Dad and Stepmum didn't seem too enamoured with it but there we are, I tried not to be too hurt- what a luxury to be able to be brutally honest eh?

We're slowly building our stash of stuff up, although I'm yet to buy anything pink or girly, mainly due to lack of funds :(. People have been so generous though and bought lots of lovely baby things so I am really pleased. I've been spending far too much time trawling through (like an eBay but for wonderful handmade products) for those gorgeous big headbands you see little American babies in. I haven't seen any over here and I don't want to put the baby in regular headbands because their heads are so delicate.

Anyway, have I rambled on long enough? haha. No snaps to share this time, hope you can forgive me :)

Are any of you pregnant/trying/had a baby? I love hearing other people's stories. Orrr do any of you make/sell those lovely baby headbands? Do let me know.

Lots of maternal love,



Lou's Reviews :: MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Ages and aggeess ago, I was very kindly sent a couple of bits from Mac and since I've now had a good amount of time to give them a whirl, I thought I'd tell you my findings. I was sent the Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Cajun (from the Venomous Villains collection) and a mascara which we'll no doubt talk about another time.

What MAC have to say about it:

"A silky, feather-light powder, formulated with 70% water, dusts on to the skin as a cooling mist to set and enhance the look of any foundation. Beyond sheer: light-reflecting and translucent. A virtually invisible way to add luminosity and a soft radiant glow to the skin. Limited edition."

I have always been a pressed powder bronzer kind of a gal, so when I opened this, I was a little worried. I tend to make a total mess of loose pigment products and having a white carpet, this is a problemo. There's no way round it other than a careful hand and a lot of tapping-off-excess-ness really- any other suggestions, I'll be glad to hear them!

I apply this bronzer with my (fake- I was swizzed on Ebay dagnamit) MAC due fibre brush in a swirly motion to the apples of my cheek, temples and a smidge on my forhead and nose. When you first apply it, it really does feel cool in temperature, almost wet even, which was quite a surprise. I've not come across a product which has that effect. I think this coolness will feel amazing in the summer- what a winner.

The formula is VERY concentrated, so a teensy weensy bit goes a reeeaaallllyy long way. This comes as some consolation for the fact that it retails at £23.00, which I believe to be a bit steep for a bronzer that wouldn't last as long as this baby.

This incrediably finely milled bronzer is a medium-dark brown with a very, very slight hint of shimmer. It's a tiny bit too dark for my pale complexion but if used sparingly and buffed in well, it looks nicely natural. It has a decent staying time and is easy to remove- bonus.

This isn't a product I use daily because of the mess, but it's one I bring out for nights out and special occasions. I hope that come summer, I can make much better use of this.

Have you tried or would you try this? What do you think?



Thursday 4 November 2010

Christmas Crafts :: Chic Garland

Aloha Bloggerinos,

With winter well and truly here (as I type, my windows are about to be blown in by gale force winds and also, veering of course a bit here, my 60 something year old neighbours are having some shockingly loud 'couple time' if you get my jist- erlack), I felt it time to crack open the craft box and get busy.

As previously mentioned, I am currently rich in time but poor in mula, so this Christmas is going to be inspired by vintage, handmade and upcycling- very fashionable dontchya know? I've set myself the challenge of using up all the copious supplies I have and will not, not, NOT go to HobbyCraft under any circumstances!!

So, one of the first things I have made was inspired by my Ideal Homes (I think) Christmas magazine which Matt bought me at an M6 service station, I do love that man. Basically, it's a paper garland that you can adapt to however you like and hang pretty much anywhere- versatile oui??

I would described the skill level of this project as- superduper basic. A monkey could do it I would think.


What you need:
1. Paper. I used paper from a music book jobby that I bought at a charity shop last year (gawd knows why). 2. Scissors/Stamp cutter. I already have a circle and heart cutter from HobbyCraft, but you could just use scissors to cut whatever shape you like. I suggest using a template for accuracy though.
3. Ribbon or string cut to whatever length you want your garland (remember to leave a little bit at each end to loop or hook.
4. Glue. I used kiddy type PVA, just because that's what I found first :)
5. Gems/Glitter/Embellishments. This is optional. I used hot pink crystals. Ohh yeeaah.


Cut/stamp out your shapes. I went for circle and then heart alternatively. Next time I'll do just hearts but you live and learn.


Squeeze out your glue into something. That pot is an old nailvarnish wipe pot. You seeeee crafts and cosmetics go hand in hand. Ho ho.


On one side schmear (mm love that word sscchhmmeeaarr) you glue and lay the ribbon/string on it. Then, take another shape of the exact same size and lay it on top, to make a ribbon/strong sandwich if you will.


To add a bit of festive sparkle, embellish however you fancy. I stuck on little gems. I used the end of a plastic fork to splot the glue on so that I could make a small gem sized blob and prevent a glue related nightmare!


Leave to dry and voila, a very unique garland that you can hang from the tree, mantelpiece, banister or wherever you fancy. You could also adapt this for other occasions- pink hearts on red ribbon for Valentines, orange pumpkin shapes on green ribbon for Halloween etc. I may even make some for the nursery in girly shapes and colours of boyish ones. It's a nice easy project that you need very little for. Super.

If you would like to buy a kit for £3.50 (inc P&P anywhere) pop your paypal email in the comment box and I will send it out to you. Kit will include 32 hearts or circles or a mixtures (please specify) which is enough for 16 shapes on the garland, 100 crystals in clear (which is enough for 6-7 on each shape) and 125cm of fairy pink wrapping ribbon (you know like the type you can curl). All you'd need to sort out yourself is your glue, and voila- Your Own Chic Garland Project Kit :)

What do you think? Is this something you might try?


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