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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Lou's Reviews :: My Winter Wonder Product

Aloha Bloggerinos,

With the cold snap in full swing, I'm sure many of you would agree that you are having to up your beauty efforts to stay ahead of Jack Frost nipping at your nose. For me, Jack Frost doesn't just nip at my nose, but at my whole face, leaving me blotchy, pale and bleaugh. Not a good look.

In the past week or so I have tried out quite a few different things (bronzers, blushers, cool toned highlighters, everything!!) to tackle this unappealing pallor and have finally found my winner.

Eyeko Tinted Moisturiser is a product I was kindly given a few months ago but never reviewed because I felt like I was banging on and on about Eyeko! Having looked back, I've only done about 4 eyeko posts so perhaps I'll just pop my paranoia back in my pocket and carry on :)

(Looks a very scary toffee colour, but blends like a dream)
This product is a warm toned cream bronzer, made with hydrating jojoba and infused with vitamins A, E and C, so perfect for fighting the current weather conditions. Whilst you could use this all over for a slight glow, I have actually been using this with a stippling brush and buffing it into the apples of my cheeks like a bronzer.

The reason I am enjoying this so much more than my other bronzers, is the consistency. What with it's creamy nature, it leaves me looking all fresh and dewy- hurrah! Also, it has no glitter or shimmer in it, just sheeny warmth to make you look sparky and alive. Brilliant. Obviously I'm not one to shy away from glitter, but with Christmas round the corner, I have been wearing a lot of sparkly eyeshadows and don't want to overdo it. As you will know, I love to get the most out of my cosmetics so here are a few other ways you could use this (let me know if you've tried them and how they worked out for you): As an actual tinted cream (durr), on collar bones to give a slimming look, in the cleavage for fuller boobilscious boobies, down the front of you legs for a sexy sheen oorrrr on your shoulders for an alluring gleam. Versatile non?

As far as value for money goes, this item is still a winner. It retails for £8 and for that you get a whopping great pot that I suspect will last you a million years. Not to be dramatic or anything. I've been using mine LOTS and haven't even made a dent. Woop woop!

If you fancied checking this out, click HERE and for a freebie, use my Ambassador at the checkout- E11341. Also, how good does THIS look for only a fiver! Yes Please!!

Do you have any winter wonder products? More of mine coming soon :)




  1. yumm it looks like chocolate loll!! xoxo
    don't worry i'd love to hear more about eyeko

  2. Cool, it looks scarily like chocolate mousse! I love eyeko! I just bought another surprise gift bag (exciting!). Last time I got one of the new cheeky colour duo blush and highlighter. It's my new favourite thing to use, and it makes me look slightly more alive in this cold weather. :)

  3. OMG It looks good enough to eat!

  4. lol for a second i thought it was hot chocolate

  5. yummy chocolate mousse Winter Wonder Product
    Bake it For PC


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