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Sunday 31 January 2010

Space Girl, Ma Bar and Sugarbomb, Baby!

Yesterday, the ever lovely Fiance decided to take time out from working in his little green office (you will know it from my videos on youtube) and took me on a fun day out.

As they say, the way to a Taureans heart is through their stomache (urgh that sounds gross actually!) and so it was! He took me out to breakfast at this very cool American Diner type place that we enjoy to frequent (oh lala) and then we hit the open road and zoomed off to Milton Keynes!

We had such a nice day wandering round and just having some much needed "us" time. He was very patient and let me drag him round all the makeup counters and even bought me a few bits! Perfect!

We popped into Lush and came out with:

I was only going to get the Ma Bar after seeing it on a video by Zoella (look her up! She has a fab blog and has done a couple of videos too!) but then as usual, I was drawn like a moth to a flame to the bath ballistics.

I nearly bought the Supernova one because I love the scent and the ticker tape stuff that comes out in the bath and makes it all colourful and happy, but then Space Girl caught my eye. I have never seen a bath ballistic in this shape and I loved that it has glitter on it. I'm a sucker for some sparkle! I'm looking forward to using both of these and will let you know how I got on :)

I had originally picked up a few bits from GOSH in Superdrug but whilst in Boots, I saw the Benefit counter and the lady was so lovely and gave me a little makeover and told me all about Sugarbomb blush/bronzer powder and I decided to return my GOSH goodies and buy the Sugarbomb powder. It came with a cute little brush and as always, I loved the packaging. The pigment is great in each of the four colours and the brush is uber soft. This is the first Benefit powder I have bought because they are £23.50 and I have always shyed away from the price, but I figured that being as I was getting four colours for the price of one then it was OK :) If I had had more mula, I would have bought Hula too!

I also bought the Play Sticks foundation because I was in need of one and the lady who showed me it, was wearing it too and her skin looked fantabulous! She even let me take a little picture with her, so if you find my blog, please comment and say hello Benefit Lady! Also, check out the funky box she gave me! Woop woop.

I made a little video of my thoughts on these products on my youtube channel (Sprinkleofglitter), so do have a little looksee :)

As per, I came home with a selection of terrific samples which I shall try and review for you. Techinically the Sanex wasn't a sample, there was a lady at as stand just handing them all out and I'm never one to say no to a freebie! Do you get good samples? Tell me about them because I luurrrvvee a good sample!

All in all it was another good day :) (ahhh how smushy!)

Looking forward to hearing you sample stories and what you think of Sugarbomb if you have tried it.

Toodlepip! xx

Saturday 30 January 2010

TAG- 10 Most Worn Beauty Products

Welcome to my first official tag- how exciting! I was kindly tagged by the lovely Kathi (   ) to do this "10 Most Worn Beauty Products" tag. I know her blog is in German but she is fluent in English so if you wanted to leave a comment or question for her, I am sure she would be pleased and get back to you :)

So, here are my answers! I tag you all to do this yourself too, it's great fun!

1. most worn lipstick+lipgloss:
Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker in Perfect Peach. It is a gorgeous colour and leaves my lips feeling all tingly! zing zing!
I'm also a huge fan of MAC Dazzleglass (I have four of them) but I don't wear them as much as Sexy Motherpucker.

2. most worn eyeliner/kajal:
Benefit Bad Gal Waterproof eyeliner in black.

3. most worn nailpolish:
I rotate very regularly but tend to go for Barry M and Avon because they don't chip.

4. most worn eyeshadow:
MAC shadestick in Beige-ing/Mac eyeshadow in Carbon/MAC eyeshadow in Phloof! Haha I picked 3!

5. most worn concealer:
I don't actually use a proper concealer really. If I have a blemish, I pop a bit of Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous on.

6. most worn foundation:
Maybeline Dream Matt Mousse in Ivory in the winter when I'm pale, Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous if I have a tan (which is bloomin' rare I tell ya!)

7. most worn (finishing) powder:
Benefit Get Even

8. most worn blush:
I never wear blush because I have such pinkish skin but I have just bought Benefit Sugarbomb which is a bronzer/blusher.  

9. most worn bronzer:
MAC Belightful pressed bronzer.  

10. most worn mascara:
Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl (black)

Do you use any of these? What are your thoughts on them?

Toodlepip! xx

Friday 29 January 2010

All That Shimmers Eyeshadow Set

Ahoy there Bloggerinos! I have been selfishly keeping this little beauty tucked away since my kind chum Ceri gave me it for Christmas. She is very naughty though because we had a little spend limit of £10 and Ceri blew it! This eyeshadow pack retails at £27.00 but if you hurry, there are some on the Benefit website ( ) for around £18- a bloomin' steal!

So, I really love the packaging of this item. It looks all funky and luxurious and makes me want to keep it all lovely and special. Do you do that with you favourite cosmetic items? I am a total saddo? haha. I am yet to find a Benefit item that I don't like the packaging on actually. I know people always say you must never judge a book by it's cover, but if it's cover is bright and spangly and exciting, you're going to be intrigued, non?

I am a newbie to Benefit eyeshadows (these are the Lust Duster variety) as I have always steered towards their skin care range and gone elsewhere for eyes. Haha not literally my eyes but my eyeshadows and coloured liners. Well bloggerinos, I was really rather impressed with these colours.

I did a little hand swatch and I think the colours came out really well, and I didn't need to use too much of the dust (aww I love that it is referred to as "dust". Dust anyone? Dust! hehe) so I think these will last a good while. All three colours are very pigmented and go on in a really smoooooth way, as in, they are easy to blend and apply. Lovely! They also have a little bit of glitter in them- not huge chunks of the stuff but a bit of a shimmer (you would hope so too with a name like 'All That Shimmers'!). The colours in this set are called: Snow Bunny (the pearly white one), Punk Royalty (the purply one), Moon Doggie (the minty green one). I think I will be using Snow Bunny one the most as I am a big fan of highlighting on the inner corner of the eye and under the brow bone. I will have to do my makeup using these and pop a picture up for you. :)

So yes, in summary, this is a fantasmic edition to my somewhat extensive (ooerr) eyeshadow collection. Thank you Ceri! I've had a little photoshoot with my other fav eyeshadow jobbies and this will be coming soon!

Toodlepip! xx

PS. I'm sooooo sorry for any typos, I don't know where my spell check button has gone but it is gone none the less! Perhaps it has rushed off to buy All That Shimmers? xx

Thursday 28 January 2010

Bubblegum Lips for a Bubblegum Gal!

Aloha Bloggerinos! I say "Aloha" because I'm in such a fruitytooty mood after using my new favourite Lush product.

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub is £4.50 for a 45g glass pot/jar. I love love love that it comes in a glass pot because most things nowadays come in plastic and this makes it feel lovely and heavy. I don't know why I like that so much but I do!

I have done a little review on youtube so I shan't go into the ins and outs of my thoughts when you can enjoy them much more this way.

What I failed to mention in this vlog (video blog! woop!) was how yummy tasting this stuff is! As well as leaving your lips smooth, exfoliated and kissable, it leaves a gorgeous sweet taste lingering on them. The Fiance is going to be one lucky boy!!

Toodlepip! xx

Thursday 21 January 2010

Lovely LouLou's Latest Loush Loves!

Wowza what a tongue twister! Well bloggerinos, this is my third lush review, I promise I will stop soon! I seem to be totally obsessed with Lush at the mo hehe.

Sadly, my camera has grown legs and gone on a little adventure and I can't find him anywhere, so I can't take a little piccie-ture for you to enjoy. Soooooo, you will have to just follow the link and go straight to the video! Hurrah Huzzah!!

Hugs and Snugs!

Toodlepip! xx

Wednesday 20 January 2010

The Leaning Tower of Samples

When I woke up this morning, my first thought was not "urgh, time to get up", oh no! It was "wooooo time to use my new Happy Hippy Lush shower gel!!". Yes, this is super sad and yes I am developing a slightly unhealthy obsession with Lush products but there we are, better than some things I suppose. Eek!

I have recently made a youtube review of my latest Lush samples. Check it out at . I cannot express to you how much I LOVE LOVE bloody well LOOOOOVVEE it when I get samples from Lush. They are so generous (the ladies that give them out) and are always willing to chat about the products. 9 out of 10 times, I go back and buy the products, but I think it shows that Lush really value their customers if they are happy and willing to give you little freebies- they know you will be enticed back by the amazingness of  them!

So, the products I reviewed were Happy Hippy shower gel, The Olive Branch shower gel, Helping Hands moisturiser and Handy Gurugu moisturiser. I shan't go into the ins and outs here because my thoughts are on the video (link above) and for the proper scientific jargon, check out the Lush website  :)

I do have a couple of guest stars on my video, including the famous Issobelle, so I hope you enjoy the extra cute factor from her!

Toodlepip! xx

Hells Bells!!

True to my word, in keeping with my love of crafts, here is a little update on my craftiness bargains.

I was in Paperchase not so long ago, browsing the left over Christmas sale stuff and marvelling at how in the run up to Christmas, all that stuff looks just so amazing and because we are all hyped up we go nutty over everything and then when it is January, and the cold light of day, it's just the last thing you want to see. Now I know this is very negative, but, amist the doom and gloom of the hangover stock from Christmas, a little box winked at me. Ok, so it didn't physically wink but it's spirit and potential did. It was a little box of pink bells that will be just peerrrrrfect (imagine I made a little purring sound there please folks) for my sewing box and cushions etc. It was down from about £5 to around £1 something or other and so I saved the box of bells from its Christmassy misery.

We had a little photoshoot this morning and I have uploaded the winning shot for you, those bells were very mischievous!

I pprrroommiisseee I will put my cushions up soon, it's been a bit busy in the House of Glitter. Next blog will be a beauty one.

Toodlepip! xx

Tuesday 19 January 2010

Youtube, I have Arrived!

Well bloggerinos, in an attempt to jazz up my blog, I have inadvertantly changed ALL my settings and thorougly bamboozled myself. So, first of all, apologies for the changes. You may actually like it, but as a Taurean, I'm still getting used to it. Hopefully you will too xx.

So, slightly late for the new year, I'm having a new string to my bow and branching into beauty- a beautiful branch haha. I will be doing little reviews and sharing my ponderings and insight, so I hope that tickles your fancy. I will still be true to my crafting heart and posting my creations, so for all you stitchers, fear not! I'm still here!

Sooooooo, without further adu, here is a link to my first ever youtube video about Lush products. I did a little off the cuff review on a few things I have aquired lately. Please watch it and rate it and comment and all that caper- but be kind, it's my first attempt! Ooooo it's all very exciting I tell ya!

Happy Viewings!

Toodlepip! xx

Monday 18 January 2010

A Fresh Faced Idea

Hi there bloggerinos!

It's been a while, non? I have actually been doing lots of crafty things, I have branched out into cushion bundles which I shall have a photoshoot with later and pop a couple of photos up for you.
Also, I have started on my wedding invitations and soon will be finished so that will be a fab blog article, even if I do say so myself!

Anyhoo chummies, I have been mulling a new idea over in my head (where else would one mull an idea over?!) and have come to a conclusion. As well as sharing my handmade creations and additions to my mini happy list, I will also be sharing my terrific (ha) opinions on various beauty products, thus making me a part time Beauty Blogger and part time Handmade Creations/Wonderful Witterings Blogger. I have decided to take this magnificent step because I luuurrrvveee beautifying and have a lot of opinions on a lot of products. Simples!

I do hope this sits well with you all, as you are my muse and motivation- ahhhhh!

Hugs and Snugs!

Toodlepip! xx

Tuesday 5 January 2010

Salt Dough Sparkles

It's a habit of mine, a pretty habit none the less, to decorate every nook and cranny of the house with anything that I can! Whether it be Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn, I find something to jazz everywhere up with.

So, whilst making salt dough shapes as tree decoration presents with Issobelle, I made a few for myself to glitz up the house.

I was having so much fun the Iz that I didn't take the usual step-by-step photographs, but I hope you enjoy the finished product.

I'm off to string them and hang them from every door handle, picture nail and hook I can find!

Toodlepip! xx

Monday 4 January 2010

Glitzy Gift Wrapping for my Glitzy Grandma

New years bring new starts and to me, they bring fresh motivation to have a great big clear out. I like to take down the decorations, hoover up all the sprinkles and recycle all the cards and generally unclutter my life. It was during one of my photograph declutterings that I stumbled across a few pictures I meant to blog about.

I bought my Grandma a brilliant book for Christmas, that had blank pages with titles like "What I would do if I won the lottery" etc, and then the chance for her to write her own answers. My marvellous Grandad made one of these for me a few months back and it is much treasured.

During a short period of relief from my pre-Christmas-toothache-from-hell, I really went to town on the wrapping of Grandma's present. I got the idea from the channel 4 programme, Kirstie's Homemade Christmas and found it very simple and pleasant to do. Best of all, I had all the materials already! The wire was from my beading stash and the beads were off an old broken bracelet.

I wont go through the steps of how to make it as it feels a bit like cheating. I took this idea from the TV and all the instructions are on the channel 4 website.

Remember, never throw away old bracelets, and always look after your Grandma!

Toodlepip! xx

Saturday 2 January 2010

Various Winter Happy's

Well bloggerinos, since last we met up, there has been a turkey, presents, a trip to Liverpool and a good sing song of Auld Land Syne; so it is only natural that my kodak and I have been snapping all over the place and I have taken a million photographs of things to go on my happy list.

As you all know, a happy list is a personal affair of little things that bring a silent smile to your heart, and it is for this reason that I will not show you all my new happy list entries, and also because it is as long as my arm!
So without further adoo, here it is, drum roll please).

I bought this kitch little cup at a car boot sale for 50p because I'm a fan of all things royal and I thought it was cute. It now houses my lovely makeup brushes and is nestled happily with my other makeup which I love dearly.
This is my newly decorated boudoir. I took one with the flash and one without so you can enjoy the twinkly fairy light effect. As you can imagine, the fiance truely loves the girlyness! hehe.

I recently bought a 120 colour eyeshadow pallet from the gloriousness that is eBay. When it arrived, I couldn't wait to try all the colours out. Lucky for me, my friend was at hand with a bare face for me to play with. Mwahahahaha!

Here is a picture that is like music to my ears. A load of ribbon I got in Market Harbourough with Judith, for a snippit (love that word) of what I would have paid in Hobbycraft-brilliant!! All shiny and colourful and dazzling. Mmmmm.

My favourite Christmas decoration is this cushioned heart that my best bud made me. It means a lot to me because I know she took a lot of time and care to make it and every time that I put it up, I think of her and smile to myself. I know that sounds disgustingly slushy but I care not! It's my blog nah na nah na naah naaah! :)
Well, that's enough for now. I hope my happy snaps inspire you to build up your happy list this 2010.

Toodlepip! xx
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