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Tuesday 29 May 2012

Brilliant Bargains :: Quilted Bags

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

A little while ago, I posted a picture on Instagram (Sprinkleofglitr) of Baby Glitter playing with my pink quilted handbag. Lots of you asked where it was from and if it was Chanel and said you would like one too. Well, the first disappointment is that I don't think it's Chanel -if it was, Darcy wouldn't be wiping her sticky paws all over it- and the second disappointment is that I'm unsure where it was from because Father Christmas gave it to me.


On the upside, there is an amazing website in this world, that sells literally, EVERYTHING. Yes my chums, it is ebay. Oh bay of e, how I adore thee. 

I had a little looksie for you (and as part of my mini goals last week to hunt down some bargains) and this is what I found:

These QUILTED BAGS come in pink, cream and pink. I love them all!!

I luurrvee THESE! The colours are perfect for Spring/Summer and I'm pretty smitten with the metal plated flaps. (Ooerr!!)

Last but not least, I love the dark pink colour of THIS slightly larger quilted bag and think the tassle is a lovely finishing touch.

I do love a quilted bag or two. What's your bag of choice for this season? Have you found any ebay bag bargains? Feel free to leave your links below!



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Monday 28 May 2012

How To Make A No Sew Tutu

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Last week whilst focusing on achieving little goals to make me smile, I aimed to see a craft project through from start to finish. Surprisingly all round, I actually did it. Go me!!

I decided to make Baby Glitter a multicoloured tutu, but unfortunately, my proportions were a little out of sync and so now it is more suitable for my friend's six year old Daughter. I'm not too worried though as it will make a lovely birthday gift and I have plenty more fabric to make Darcy one too- hurrah for buying too much! Haha.

The first thing you should know about this project is that it is NOT HARD. It is quite possibly, the easiest thing you could ever want to make in the garment department. There was no sewing, no interfacing (I know it's game over if there is interfacing involved) and no pesky pattern to follow. If you can use scissors and tie a knot, you can make this.


Want to know how? Let's go!

1. Cut a length of elastic to the size of the waist. I used knicker elastic from Hobbycraft. Tie it in a circle.
2. Cut strips of netting. Mine were about 40cm long and 15cm wide but you can vary yours to suit.
3. Loop each strip over the elastic and pull it through tightly to secure it. 
4. Repeat all the way round until your tutu is as full as you want it to be. 


The more strips you add, the 'poofier' it will be.
You can sew on sequins or glue on crystals, but do bare in mind that tots are like hungry magpies and may attempt to remove and consume. Make sure they are secure.
I tied a navy bow on the front of the skirt, just to add a finishing touch and differentiate front from back. It's Jazzy, non?

If you are struggling to find netting (I bought mine in a little craft store in Liverpool but was REALLY unimpressed with the selection I found in Hobbycraft, John Lewis and my local market), THIS ebay seller provides every colour under the sun for only 99p per metre- Bargain! To give you some perspective if this is your first tutu time, the skirt above used 1.5m of netting in 3 different shades. So half a metre of each.

I'm so glad I made time to be a bit creative and fulfill my makey makey urges. I can rest easy for another week!

Are you creative? What sorts of things do you make?



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Sunday 27 May 2012

Icey Nicey

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Earlier on in the week, in THIS post, I talked about how I was going to set myself little targets, in order to meet my bigger goal of a happier life. To be clear, I'm not unhappy-crying-my-eyes-out-every-2-seconds, I just haven't been feeling myself these last few weeks.

One of my goals was to discover new ways to play with Baby Glitter, because I feel like her toys are getting a little run of the mill, and she needs something a little more stimulating to play with. My criteria for activities this week were- something we could do together, easy to set up, easy to put away, not too pricey and something we could talk about as I am really keen to encourage her linguistic skills. She currently says a small set of words, but we're expanding them week on week.

On Tuesday, we took out a plastic place mat, a tray of ice cubes and sat and played for about 20 minutes. She LOVED it! Who knew bits of frozen water could be so thrilling?? Baby glitter really enjoyed pushing them about, picking them up and clenching her little fingers round them and then dropping them and looking surprised that they were cold, handing them to me and licking them. I enjoyed counting them out to her, using key words very clearly and repetitively ('cold' and 'ice' etc), letting her skin experience different temperatures and interacting with a very engaged baby. 

Baby Glitter plays every day and is usually really happy in her own little world, but it was really full filling to actually sit down and play with her, talk to her, see how interested she was in what we were doing. 

We've found a few activities like that this week which I will share with you over the next few days, but I thought seeing as this was our first, it'd be your first too. Another plus of Ice Play, is that it's free and makes minimal mess (a bit of water never hurt anyone, not even my oatmeal carpets!). 

Also, I killed two birds with one stone (I hate that phrase- why would you want to kill a bird with a stone??). In my list of goals, I had aimed to learn how to use my new camera- I used it for the first time to snap our little play date- yay! Naturally I have a lot to figure out, but so far I'm pleased as punch.

Do you ever make up fun games for young children? Share the love and inspire us if you do!



This month my Ultimate Advertiser is Laura from Secret Diary of a Fashion Journalist. If you would like to know more about advertising on Sprinkle of Glitter, check out my 'Sponsor' page up at the top!  

I will be replying to all June advertising emails tonight, so if you have been in touch, panic ye not, you are on my list :) xxx

Friday 25 May 2012

Amazing Advertisers :: May 2012

Aloha Sprinklerinos,
This month has flown by hasn't it?! It's time for Amazing Advertisers again, which is your opportunity to get to know the lovely ladies that have been nestled in the left hand side bar this month.
If you would like to advertise on Sprinkle of Glitter in May, look up to the tabs under my header, and 'Sponsor' has all my advertising packages within it. Spaces are filling up fast, so please do book soon if you're interested.

Mrs Thrifty is one of life's good eggs. Firstly, her blog is amazing. I have loved it for months and have actually read every post she's ever written. If you are after budget advice, cool household tips, discount codes, charity shop hauls, craft ideas or just a bit of wit, check her out. Secondly, we were in London earlier this month and a man came up to her and called her a 'pervert's delight'. Ahahahaha!!

Secret Diary of a Fashion Journalist

Laura has been my Ultimate Advertiser this month and after having her advertise with me for about 6 consecutive months, I was thrilled to have her as my first- ooer. I met her recently at an event and she was such a doll, with the best Essex accent ever! I love an Essexian (new word there). She has recently bought a gorgeous Michael Kors watch (I'm well jel- see what I did there), as well as joining the Essie Mint Candy Apple club. In short, she's a goodun- check her out!

Aspirations of Glam

Liz's 'notebook' style blog is a real gem. With a great mixture of beauty reviews, hauls, videos, ebay bargains (who doesn't love a good ebay bargain) and fashion, there really is something for everyone. He recent Barry M lipstick post has reignited my love for hot pink lips (I was stearing toward red dontchya know!). I love, love, love the journal graphics and think you'd like them too.

Love 212

Love212 is run by a 30 something year old gal called Elena, who writes about an eclectic mix of beauty, fashion and life. I love her affordable fashion finds and have particularly enjoyed her post introducing us to 'Champagne and Lemonade'- how very Carrie Bradshaw! If you're a designer diva, you'll like this blog.

The Beauty of Louise

Naturally I'm biased (we're name twins!), but I love the name of this blog. Hehe. Louise write fabulous beauty reviews and in particular, I literally swooned over her recent Rainbow Nails. They took her 2 hours but wowee they look brilliant! I really appreciated the step by step guide as I am somewhat of a nail novice. If you're interested in having beautiful summer nails, you know where to go!

Beauty and Baggage

Seonaid has advertised with me for a few months now and it's been a pleasure to have her. I love that she always swatches products and shows them on the flesh- something I should do more of myself. Recently, she has created a little NYX lipgloss series which I have enjoyed. Also, I didn't realise what great prices they were, so well done Beauty and Baggage for finding such affordable gems!!

What The Buzz?!

Sarah's blog is jam packed with all things beauty and lifey. Two posts I have really enjoyed this month were her review on Fleur's lovely crystal wrap bracelets (Sarah included some BRILLIANT photos) and a post that introduced me to a new service where you can order friends a box of biscuity treats so send through the post- Sarah describes it much better than I do so do check her out. :)

Scarlett Hearts

Scarlett Hearts has been featured on Sprinkle of Glitter many a time because I have a few pieces from this delightful little shop. If you like handmade or quirky girlie jewels, this is the place to go. Items seem to sell out pretty quickly so if there is something you have your eye on, I'd suggest snapping it up as soon as you can.

Blog Hops Every Day

B.H.E.D is also run by Elena from Love 212 (she's a clever lady, non?). It's a really innovative blog which allows you to really get your own blog out there, find new ones you might like and increase all the numbers you might want to (followers, visits etc). The idea is really simple and Elena is great at linking all your blogs. It's a really easy concept to grasp once you have read Elena's short post (I'm not describing it too well here! haha) but if you have a blog and you'd like to increase your readership, I strongly suggest you check this out. It might do you wonders!

Fiona Loves

Fiona's blog is a fabulously feminine mix of beauty reviews, life updates and tags. This month Fiona has been competing in Miss York and has made it through to the finals! I'm not sure how she's getting on but I'm excited and hope she makes it through! Her reviews are detailed and honest and her blog is a little joy to read. Do check it out if you want a relaxing girlie moment or two.

Special mention also needs to go to Briar (her online name) from Briar Rose Beauty. She advertised with me last month and due to a technical error on my behalf, is having a complimentary month. I met her a couple of weeks back at a conference and she was the warmest, most easy to chat to and caring gal I've met in a long time. That day was a really upsetting time (personal issue I won't bother wasting your time with) and Briar was so soothing and supportive and I was glad to have her there. You may have seen her in my vlog (she's the blonde hottie) but I wanted to give her a little blog shoutout too because like Mrs Thrifty, she's a really good egg and I think you'd like her too.

If you would like to have your blog or handmade business feature on Sprinkle of Glitter, you will find all my rates HERE. Please email me by Sunday PM if you are interested and we can arrange something lovely to start June 1st. Spaces are limited and given on a first come, first serve basis.

Edit :: The 'LARGE GLITTER PACKAGE' has now been taken for June.

Have you just discovered any of these lovely ladies? What did you think?



This month my Ultimate Advertiser is Laura from Secret Diary of a Fashion Journalist. If you would like to know more about advertising on Sprinkle of Glitter, check out my 'Sponsor' page up at the top!  

Thursday 24 May 2012

Beauty on a Budget

This is a Guest Post in association with 

5 Beauty Problems Solved on a Budget
Beauty products can be expensive and women can spend thousands of pounds on make-up, lotions and potions to take care of their hair, skin and nails. There are some cheaper alternatives to beauty products, however, as well as ways to solve common beauty problems if you are on a budget. Here's a look at some of the options available.

Dull, Lifeless Hair
One way to get shiny, healthier hair is to use an oil-based treatment once in a while. You can buy these in little sachets which don't cost much or, if you plan to use treatments more often, invest in a larger bottle. Another great tip for shiny hair is to use beer. Soak your hair in beer or buy a sachet of beer shampoo before washing with your regular shampoo.

Dry Lips
Lips can often become dry and look flaky when you apply lipstick. This is particularly the case in extremely cold or hot weather. For dry, flaky lips, dab on some chapstick or Vaseline first then lightly rub a little sugar over your chapped lips. This should take away the dryness and you can apply your lip gloss or lipstick afterwards.

Dry or Oily Skin
For dry skin, forget about expensive creams and oils. A good tip is to rub a little olive oil on your face. For oily skin, dab your face with blotting paper, particularly the t-zone where it is most likely to gather. An alcohol-free toner used after cleansing can also help reduce the shine and control oily skin.

Split Nails
Flaking or splitting nails are both common beauty problems. Using a smooth glass file can prevent this. Try to file only in one direction as filing back and forth is often the cause of nails splitting.

Discoloured Nails
Another common beauty woe is yellow or discoloured nails. This can occur for any number of reasons but if you wear a lot of nail varnish or smoke then it is more likely you will come across this problem. Apply an undercoat to your nails before using nail varnish to prevent discolouration. This can be bought cheaply from any pharmacy or supermarket. If smoking is the problem, rub your fingers vigorously with a pumice stone or rub half a lemon on your fingers for a cheap method of nicotine-stain removal.

Shop Wisely
Some websites and stores give away freebies when you make a purchase. Most of the time it is samples of their products that are given away but this provides you the option to try them out before you fork out for the larger, more expensive versions. There are also plenty of supermarkets and pharmacies which sell small samples of their products.

Sam is a journalist who writes for Money Supermarket and other sites about personal finance. She has a special interest in helping consumers to save money.

This is a Guest Post in association with

Thank you for reading. 

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Lou's Reviews :: Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I don't know about you, but I have a serious lipgloss addiction. The rational, sane side of me knows I have every shade under the sun, but like a magpie to tinfoil, when I see them all lined up side by side, glinting like jewels under the light, I have to buy them. It's some sort of disease, but I'll gloss over it. Hehe, see what I did there?! I'm too cool.

I recently bought 3 of the Revlon ColorBurst glosses in Peony (coral with gold shimmer), Crystal Water (milky clear with blue and lilac shimmer) and Hot Pink (fuchsia with gold, silver and blue shimmer), for £7.99 each. When I made my purchase Boots were actually holding a 3 for 2 deal, so it only worked out at £5.33 for each one- I do love a good bargain!

I have been using these for a good few weeks now and have really enjoyed them. They are sheeny-shiny rather than gunky-sticky and add a wash of colour to the the lip. Alternatively, they add oomph if applied over your lipstick of choice. They have decent lasting power and an easy to use sponge applicator. 

I must say, these are nice, but not 'wow'. You know how some things make you want to shout and cheer for them and some things make you want to stamp on and smash and then sooommee things are good/nice/pleasant enough? That's these.

I don't think I will be running to the Revlon counter to buy more, but if I saw a particularly pretty shade, I would feel happy and confident in my purchase.

Oooffff that was a weird review today wasn't it?! Haha! Normally I only talk about products that I love, love, love, but I thought it might make a change to give you a different opinion because you just can't love everything, can you?

Have you tried Revlon ColorBurst? What did you think?



This month my Ultimate Advertiser is Laura from Secret Diary of a Fashion Journalist. If you would like to know more about advertising on Sprinkle of Glitter, check out my 'Sponsor' page up at the top!  

Monday 21 May 2012

7 Things for 7 Days

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Lately, I have been feeling a little 'meh'. I know, I know, I'm the happy-go-lucky always sees the bright side gal. I haven't changed, I still do that, but recently in Sprinkle of Glitter-land (real place I promise), I have felt a little lacking. There are several reasons for this which don't deserve mine or your time thinking about them, but I decided to combat my little slump, I would go back to the grass roots of this blog.

Remember in the very, very beginning when this blog was only a baby, I hadn't even made my human baby, and I posted about beauty but also a lot about life, DIY's, lists, interesting places and things that inspired me? Well I think I'm going to do that again, because it makes me happy. And a happy blogger makes for happy readers. And happy readers makes for a happy blogger. And a ..- you can see where I'm going with this. :)

So, today I thought I would share with you 7 things that I aim to achieve in the next 7 days. If I don't manage it, I shan't beat myself up, I'll just try again when I'm ready. This is a laidback slice of the web, no hard and fast rules for me please.

(This photo has nothing at all to do with my list below, only that it is old ~this was pre baby, pre wedding, we were just loves young dream~ and it makes me happy. As does writing motivating lists. Tenuous link, but whatchya gonna do, eh?)

I plan on updating you on all of these things once I have done them, and perhaps knowing I'm going to share, will inspire me to do them well!

This week I will:

Create :: I have been wanting to get cracking on a few craft projects for a while but never seem to find the time. I'm going to be strict and allocate an hour or so and just give in to my makey makey urges. I think I'm going to make a technicolour tutu for Baby Glitter. 

Discover :: I love toys, they're great. However, after weeks and weeks of the same toys, Baby Glitter and I are both finding them a little dull. Since joining Pinterest, I have seen tonnes of great ideas and think it might be time for us to give them a go and discover a new play activity.

Hunt :: Noooo, I won't be stepping out with a riffle, I'm referring to bargains. Since I started doing posts like THIS, THIS and THIS, I have had so much positive feedback- it seems you love an affordable find as much as I do! I really enjoy mooching through all the shops and crazy products they sell, so putting together post like that make me one happy bunny. 

Me Time :: This is a pretty obvious one. I dash about 90% of my life, looking after Baby Glitter, posting orders for the shop, blogging, filming, making time for friends and family, running the home and enjoying Matt (ooer that sounds wrong). I enjoy every bit of that and am absolutely not complaining, it's a very charmed life. However, sometimes I forget to just do the things I used to do for simple pleasures, like read a book or watch Eastenders without my tiptapping away on my laptop. I'm not talking spa breaks here, I'm talking 30 minutes of not using my brain. Haha, that shouldn't be too hard!

Surprise :: I feel like because of the busy bee-ness mentioned above, sometimes I fail in the 'wifey' department a little. It's all to easy to slip into a comfy co-habitation and forget to do nice things for one another, so this week I am going to plan him a little treat and share it with you. Fear not, I will be fully dressed and there'll be none of that smut you're thinking of. ;)

Organise :: My life. My wardrobe. My paperwork. My makeup. My diary. My kitchen. ANYTHING. I am setting myself the goal of just organising one bloomin' thing. 

Learn :: I have a brand spanking new fancy pants camera waiting to be used properly and this week is the week I do it. I have a slight fear of change. It makes me nervous to do things out of my comfort zone and new technology is definitely out of it. I'm going to take the bull by the horns and give it a whirl. What's the worst that can happen? Blurry photos?

Above all, this week I'm going to concentrate on not being bogged down by the small things. I'm cutting negativity out of my life and moving forward to achieve my big goals, one tiny goal at a time. 

Would you like to do any of these or your own mini goals with me?



This month my Ultimate Advertiser is Laura from Secret Diary of a Fashion Journalist. If you would like to know more about advertising on Sprinkle of Glitter, check out my 'Sponsor' page up at the top! 

Friday 18 May 2012

Ebay Hearts :: Easy Summer Accessories

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It's the middle of the night, I can't sleep and I'm on the internet. What am I going to do? Window shop obviously! I decided to take this one step further and make a little (errrmm, it turned out quite big in the end haha) blog post on some lustful accessories. 

I love, love, love accessorising because you can change and entire outfit with just a few pieces and accessories don't care if you are big, little, short or tall. Everyone can accessorise. Hurrah huzzah!!!

(If ever there was going to be a scarf picture, I knew it would be this one- this is my Little Sister (Lister) Tiyana. Before you all look a bit confused as to why we look nothing alike- same Father, different Mother's. She's such a cutie isn't she?!)

We all know my slightly unhinged love of cats (seriously, I love Mindy as much as I love Baby Glitter), so it should come as no surprise that the first thing I am lusting after is this amazing cat scarf.

On the theme of animals, I found this very chic zebra scarf zebra scarf too!

My friend Mrs Thrfity recently featured this bunny scarf  on her blog and I fell in love with it. If you're not already following A Thrifty Mrs please do. Not only is her blog a treasure trove of helpful tips, top finds and witty writings, she actually is the coolest of ladies and makes me smile numerous times a day. I'm a little addicted to her actually. Woopsie!

Or, if you have a bit more pocket money to splash, have a look at this gorgeous Diane von Furstenberg. The mini pom poms make me swoon a little bit.

(Image: I couldn't resist the technicolourness. New word right there)

Summer is -hopefully- on it's way and it'll be well and truly sandal season, so treat your tootsies to something new. I love these:

Nude Jelly Bow Flip Flops HERE

Or if you like a little bit of sparkle, you might like THESE. I like the turquoise ones best. 

And for the luxury flop of flips, THIS Dolce Vita black and gold flat might float your boat.


Can you guess where I went next? Does the wacking great image above give me away? Tehe.

I love the shape of these cat eye sunglasses. Also, they do them in pink, tortoise shell and cream- lust lust lust!

Ooohhhh looooook, these retro sunnies come in a rainbow of different colours. A gal's gotta have options!

I also really enjoy these vintage style sunglasses from the Look of New.....I'm not cool, I just mean 'NewLook'. Haha.

Oohhhhh I really did enjoy that. I feel totally in the mood for summer evenings outside with chums or in the park with Baby Glitter and Mattmoo. 

What is your top Spring/Summer accessory? If you find any good bargains please do link them below, I'd love to see what you find.



PS- For some weird reason, 3 of my links refused to turn pink. Blogger is naughty.

This month my Ultimate Advertiser is Laura from Secret Diary of a Fashion Journalist. If you would like to know more about advertising on Sprinkle of Glitter, check out my 'Sponsor' page up at the top!

Thursday 17 May 2012

Lou's Reviews :: Lush Solid Perfume in 'Love'

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I have been a Lush addict for as long as I have loved all things beauty. I never manage to go into one a store without picking up a bath ballistic or bubble bar and telling myself it's an 'essential'. It's not! I have an entire box full of the fragrant little 'essentials', just waiting to be used- Eepp!

Recently, rather than stocking up on more delicious bath wonders, I chose something a little out of the ordinary for me, a solid perfume. 

I bought this for £7 and felt that was a bargain when you consider what you would happily pay for a 'liquid' perfume. With notes of lemongrass, apple and cinnamon, this is perfect if, like me, you adore all things fruity. 

The idea with this product is that when you would like to apply a burst of fragrance, simply untwist the lid, push up the perfume and rub like a lip balm on the areas you wish. I tend to go for pulse areas like wrists, as these help omit the fragrance. 

This fruity little number will not be replacing the luxury that is a spritz of Gucci II or D&G Light Blue, but it is the most handy, affordable (and lightweight) day time scent I have found. I think this is ideal for college or the office, when you don't want to be overpowering, but do want to freshen up as the day goes on. 

I don't find this product drying or irritating to the skin (although please do be safe and do a patch test on yourself), but would say that I had to re-apply fairly regularly. 

You can purchase this solid perfume HERE Perfume or in stores and there are 12 to choose from, variety is the spice of life after all!

Is solid perfume something you might add to your makeup bag? Or are you a luxury fragrance kind of a gal?



This month my Ultimate Advertiser is Laura from Secret Diary of a Fashion Journalist. If you would like to know more about advertising on Sprinkle of Glitter, check out my 'Sponsor' page up at the top!

Monday 14 May 2012

Pintrest Inspired :: Disco Baths

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

A few months ago I created an account on Pintrest, not for Sprinkle of Glitter (although you are welcome to try and find me), but just for myself and to discover new things to do in my home, with Baby Glitter and for life in general. I tell you what, Pintrest is addictive. If you have a creative mind and like to gorge on eye candyliscious photographs, go there. Go there now!

(I know this snaps are fuzztastic, but seeing at it was late and I was naked in my bathroom, I didn't think I'd wanna take the big camera! Instagram images it is then.)

During one of my many late night mooches, I came across a lady who had put glosticks in the bath and thought, 'yes, that's doable'. So, I placed an order on wilkinsons plus, waited for my magical luminous sticks to arrive, ran a bath, got nakie (nice mental image for you there) and wallowed happy as a clam in my glowy, jazzy tub!

This really is what you might call, 'life's simple pleasures'. It's an incredibly low skill project, simply run a bath and chuck a load of sticks in! Yes, it's a little tricky when you first get in because you don't want sticks going where they shouldn't, but I'm sure you can all manage :)

Currently Baby Glitter goes to bed and wakes up whilst it's still light so she won't reap the benefit of this fun until Autumn, but I think young children (and grown women haha) would absolutely love this game and if it makes bath time fun, I'm all over it- Darcy is still not one for the tub. I also think this sort of lighting effect makes a good alternative to candle light and could be quite sensual.....oooerr. 

Is this a project you might try or have tried? Do you obsess over Pintrest too?



This month my Ultimate Advertiser is Laura from Secret Diary of a Fashion Journalist. If you would like to know more about advertising on Sprinkle of Glitter, check out my 'Sponsor' page up at the top!

Sunday 13 May 2012

How To Follow A Blog

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Since running THIS on my YouTube Channel, I have had an inbox full of emails and messages asking me how to follow a blog.

At first I started replying individually, but then I realised this could well be a question a lot of people had and thought it might be beneficial for everyone if I wrote a post on it and showed you how. For those that already know, stop reading! This post will be pretty dull for you!! Haha.

Before I do a step by step dealio, I must tell you the most important thing. Following/Subscribing to (both the same) blog is FREE. A lot of people ask me how much it costs because I suppose it does sound like something you need to pay for, but it isn't. Sprinkle of Glitter is entirely free. If you want to send me great wads of cash, please do, but really, there is no need ;)

 OOooh look at me being all technical and print screening into paint hahaha. This swanky image is to start you off. Look to the right of this screen. Can you see the icon called 'beauties' and the button saying 'Join this site'? Click it!


This is what will pop up. Very unscary. Naturally, it is your choice, but the majority of folk will want to click 'google' at this point. 

Most people nowadays have a Google account. You sign in to YouTube with it, you use if for Google Plus, Google Analytics, all sorts of things. Pop you details in and click on the 'sign in' box. 

At this point I couldn't screenshot anymore because rather sadly, I already follow my own blog....lame. All that will happen is it will ask if you are sure you'd like to follow, and if you are, you say 'Yeah Baby', and if you're not, you just wasted 25 seconds of your own life. Woops. 

As I said above, following blogs is entirely FREE. Free as a bird. Big. Fat. No. Money. At. All. FREE! You can follow follow as many blogs as you like and it means that when you sign into blogger (if you choose to), you will have your 'reading list' updated as and when your favourite blogs release a new post. Hurrah! Win win for everybody.

Some blogs that I am soooo pleased to be subscribed to (aside from my own ahaha) are:

Zoella - Possibly the world's greatest chum. She might be teeny but she has a mighty big heart and will go insane lengths for her pals. I know it's cheesetastic, but I really don't know what I would have done without her this past year. Life has been great, don't get me wrong, but there have been some fairly overwhelming moments and Zoe has always been there. From setting up a business together (check out the 'shop' tab up top), to laughing our heads off over a cocktail, to her saying, 'leave the baby with me, go to the salon and take an hour off', she's been a good egg and I luffs her. I'm sure you already read her blog, but I had a little outburst of emotion there. Someone hand me a tissue!!

A Thrifty Mrs - Mrs Thrifty is another of life's good eggs. We've only been real friends (as opposed to blog friends haha) for a few months but I tell you what, she's a corker of a gal! She makes me chuckle on a daily basis and if ever you have a money or household question, she's your lady. There is nothing she doesn't know about homey things- I bet her Husband is one happy man!

Beauty Crush - Sammi is cool. That's rather an understatement. I profess to know very little about fashion and trends (if it's pink and fits then I'm happy) but she really does. Whenever we meet up I know I'm going to have a good time because she's as suceptable to delerium as me! Ahahaha!

Fleur de Force - Fleur is the epitome of suave. Every time I see her she looks gorgeous, is unflustered and even after a really bad fall in London (I heard a crunch!!) she just got up, dusted herself down and carried on- in heels!! Kudos to Fleurchummy. She made such a fuss of me for my birthday last month and I was really touched. Ooer. 

Meek -n- Mild - Shirley is just how she looks and sounds. Super sweet and one of those people who is kind all the way through. Her blog makes me feel really tranquil and also inspires me to make the most of my wardrobe. (I'm not sure why blogger won't let her be in pink text! One of life's great mysteries.)

Color Me Katie - I don't know Katie as a human being, but I LOVE her blog. I'm not even going to talk about her too much, just trust me, you want to follow her blog. Your eyeballs will thank you/

There are tonnes and tonnes of other blogs that I heart, and if you like, I could do another post on them and point you in their direction? Or do you prefer to find them yourself? Let me know!

I really hope this was useful to you and if you have any other questions, do let me know. 



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Friday 11 May 2012

Curvy OOTD :: Beige Spring

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I just asked on my twitter and my facebook page whether you would prefer an OOTD or a Beauty Review and I have to say, it was about 50/50. In the end, it tipped to OOTD and so here we are. I have been doing OOTD's since 2010 (two and a half years- wowzas!) and really think I should do more because I rather enjoy them.

These rather swish photos do need to be credited to my lovely chummy Zoe. She is such a camera wizz! 

Beige and Pink Skull Scarf :: Primark
Beige Dress :: H&M 
Leggings :: Evans about 3 years ago- what lasting power!
Pink Satin Heels :: Primark a looong time ago. I tried to hunt down some similar ones but the best I found were darker pink and with gems on the toes. Do you like THESE ? Do you think the model's foot looks a bit.....odd? Hahaha!

These earrings are super special. I wore them on my wedding day and I swear whenever I wear them I have good luck. My hair is in a bun a la Zoella and I kept my makeup feminine but fun.

The little brown clutch was originally from Accessorize but I picked it up at a charity swap party. Ever been to one of those? It's where everyone brings items they no longer love but are in good condition, you all mill around looking at what is available and then when the bell rings, it's a mad dash to snap up what you wanted! Usually there is a small entry fee which goes to the charity it's supporting and everyone has a great time!

Where are you favourite places to shop for daytime dresses?


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Wednesday 9 May 2012

Lou's Reviews :: Scarlett Hearts Handmade Jewels

Aloha Spinklerinos,

As those of you who have read this blog for a while (a big 'Hello' if you're new!) will know, I am a keen crafter and lover of all things handmade. I really do value something someone has put time and effort in so much more than something that has been mass made on a factory production line. That's not to say I don't own boxes and boxes of tangled up primark jewels, but I do hold a special place in my heart for a girl who can make gorgeous accessories. 

Scarlett Hearts is one such shop. I was recently sent some beautiful pieces* and although I think I showed you them in a video, I felt they needed to be oogled a bit more! I won't go on and on like a drain (do drains go on and on??) because you can see the pictures for yourselves and the link is above, but I must say, I do like them! I'm not really too 'out there' with jewellery, but for me, this is quirky and cute and just what I'm looking for in life. Aside from a million pounds, a hunky gardener, a pink unicorn....

All my bits and bobs were beautifully packaged. I LOVE opening up little trinkets and gifts, it makes me feel glittery inside.

Slightly blurry- grrrr. 

Golden Snitch Necklace

As a rather geeky Potter fan (I've actually been on the Hogwarts Express steam train dontchya know!), the golden snitch necklace was my favourite. I like how it opens up and you can hide secrets inside. Aren't secrets devilishly exciting? 

If I could make one minor improvement (and this is not a criticism, just a personal opinion), I would have liked the chain to be the same colour metal as the snitch, but other than that, I was one happy bunny!!!

If you have a mo, do go and have a browse of the Scarlett Heart shop, it's a treasure trove of goodies.

Are you a handmade gal? Do you secretly love Harry Potter as much as me? Do you like secrets? Do you think I'm asking too many questions? Do you? DO YOU?!? ;)



Tuesday 8 May 2012

Lou's Reviews :: Maybelline 24 hour Colour Tattoos

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Amongst way too many other products, I recently purchased two of the highly talked about Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoos.

Out of the seven colours that Boots stock, I bought 'On and On Bronze' and 'Turquoise Fever'. The bronzey brown is such an easy colour to utilise and I thought the blue would look amazing this summer.

I know this is only a small gripe, but I do think the names could be worked on a little. 'On and On Bronze'? What's that about?! I heard on the blogging grapevine (my favourite of the grapevines) that those crazy kids across the pond have different names for theirs. Strange.

Little glass pots with chunky screw lids, filled with smooth, cream eyeshadow. Remind you of any high end alternatives? Yes, these are VERY similar to MAC Paint Pots and this pleases me muchly. Especially as the Maybelline alternative retails for £4.99 which is a snip in comparison to it's pricey MAC counterpart. 

I absolutely love these little cream shadows. They work great as a quick fix when you're in a rush- I like to use my ring finger and apply 'On and On Bronze' all over the lid. They are super duper primers for your powder or pigment products, with no creasing and no sliding half way down your face (such a good look) and the colour is very easy to build. I plan on wearing the 'Turquoise Forever' as an eyeliner, either under the water line or on my eyelid, I'm still undecided. Also, as the name 'tattoo' would suggest, these last and last! Hurrah!

I really hope that Maybelline brings more colours to the UK so that I can pick up a few more of these. I'd quite like to see a pearly pinky shade that I could use as a base for iridescent glitter.I'm so glad these are on the market and would encourage you to give them a little swatch next time you're near a Maybelline stand.

Have you tried these or any of the other colours? Are you swayed by the hype? I know I am!



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Friday 4 May 2012

Why I Love Blogging

Aloha Spinklerinos,

I do have a few (and by 'few', I mean LOADS) of beauty posts planned, but today I just didn't feel like it. As you will know if you have been reading a while, I promised myself that I would never write something I'm not entirely passionate about, so here we are, writing silly lists, just because I adore them. Anyone else have a love for list writing?

This was snapped during a recent OOTD which I will post soon. I thought that seeing as this is such a sincere post, a silly picture would be apt.

Today's list has been a long time coming. I hope it gives you a little insight into why I do this writing stuff on the interweb and maybe even encourages you (if you have one) to love your blog that little bit more.

Why I Love Blogging

1. It is a space where I can be totally myself and not be concerned about what other people think. I don't know why, but I feel like since this is my slice of the web, I have absolute rights to be exactly who I am. No worrying about whether I sound stupid, no worrying about whether I look as slim/stylish/pretty as the girl standing next to me. Nothing. Just here, I am the queen of my castle and can frolic about just as I choose.

2. It makes me feel creative. I love to create things. Cards, gifts, cotton drawstring bags for children, the lot. I found that since I became submersed in blogland, ideas for posts are everywhere and it's fun to let ideas run and develop in your head and then see them come to fruition. I get quite a kick out of it I suppose.

3. You provide me with a constant. You, the readers of this sparkly world, have been in my life for nearing 3 years now. I've had a great 3 years, but naturally, there have been poopy moments, where I've had a good cry or felt a bit lost. There have been quite a few times, awake and upset at 2am that I have read a kind comment or friendly tweet and felt a little lighter. Having you in my life makes a real difference, so thank you for that. 

4. I value more. I think blogging makes you see the little things a lot more clearly. Yes, it's great fun to write blog posts about new makeup lines and gorgeous beauty treatments, but I equally enjoy talking about the times I find really cheap vintage lace in markets or how I love my front garden in the Spring when it is in bloom. When you appreciate all the little things, it adds up to a rather positive outlook on life. 

5. I've had some cracking experiences! I have been really fortunate and invited to some marvelous things that I wouldn't have done without this blog. Pretending to be a woodland creature on the London Eye with Glossy Box, sitting my 8 months pregnant self on some snooty woman's hand at London Fashion Week and being filmed at Google HQ for a TV Documentary have been some of the highlights. When Darcy is older, I'll tell her all the things Mummy did when she was in her 20's and feel very proud. 

6. 'Six' doesn't feel suitable special enough so imagine your favourite number for this one! FRIENDS. Through blogging, I have made real, actual, tangible pals. I was going to write a little bit about each friend I have made through blogging/vlogging, but I think I will leave that to a separate dedicated post. Would you like an entire post on ZoeChummy, Fleurbles, Vixypops, Mrs Thrifty, Marie and Catnav? I might even use their actual names and not my LouiseLand ones- haha!

In a nutshell, blogging has been a blessing and enriched my life in so many more ways than I thought it would when I set off on this merry little journey with you. Who knows where it will take us next! 

Also, as a side note, Cosmopolitan magazine have opened their doors to all you lovely readers, to nominate your favourite blog to win their Blogger of the Year Award. Naturally, I would poop my pantaloons (ew) if I were to be nominated and dread to think what I would do if I won (double ew)! If you would like to (entirely up to your discretion) nominate this glittery world, I would fall into the 'Established Beauty Blogger' category and you can click HERE to find the site. Hurrah!

Since this is a blog post about the love of blogging, I would love to hear what you love most about writing on your own blogs or reading other peoples. Do you love blogland as much as me?



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Thursday 3 May 2012

Luxury Nail Polish

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Today isn't going to be a review per-say, more of a preview. I shall soon be filming a video for my YouTube Channel about luxury nail polishes and discussing (with my silent camera lens) whether they are worth the pennies. However, whilst on a bit of a snapping spree a while back, I took some lovely pictures which show the colours so well that it would have been a shame not to share.

I will be including various brands in the video, including Essie, Butter London, OPI, Deborah Lippmann and Illamasqua. For now, let's all revel in the gorgeousness of Essie* and Butter London* and be strange makeup addicts together (y'anno, the kind who like to drool over little glass bottles filled with coloured liquid). 

Yes, the smudge on Bluey's lid annoys me too.

Mmmmmm, are you mesmorised in a nail-polish-eye-candy-hypnosis? I know I am.

This absolutely isn't a review but initial thoughts- I've been converted. Essie nail polishes are the bees knees and I luurve them. They remain chip free for a good 3-4 days, the colours are beautiful, the formula easy to apply and the range available is huge! These polishes were from Beauty Bay but you can also pick them up in Boots, Liberty's of London and if you are lucky enough to live in America- everywhere! No, I don't know if they are everywhere but I do know my chum Marie buys hers from Target. Also, they are a lot more affordable stateside- you lucky duckies.

Are you looking forward to this sort of video or do you prefer vlogs and hauls?




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