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Friday 18 May 2012

Ebay Hearts :: Easy Summer Accessories

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It's the middle of the night, I can't sleep and I'm on the internet. What am I going to do? Window shop obviously! I decided to take this one step further and make a little (errrmm, it turned out quite big in the end haha) blog post on some lustful accessories. 

I love, love, love accessorising because you can change and entire outfit with just a few pieces and accessories don't care if you are big, little, short or tall. Everyone can accessorise. Hurrah huzzah!!!

(If ever there was going to be a scarf picture, I knew it would be this one- this is my Little Sister (Lister) Tiyana. Before you all look a bit confused as to why we look nothing alike- same Father, different Mother's. She's such a cutie isn't she?!)

We all know my slightly unhinged love of cats (seriously, I love Mindy as much as I love Baby Glitter), so it should come as no surprise that the first thing I am lusting after is this amazing cat scarf.

On the theme of animals, I found this very chic zebra scarf zebra scarf too!

My friend Mrs Thrfity recently featured this bunny scarf  on her blog and I fell in love with it. If you're not already following A Thrifty Mrs please do. Not only is her blog a treasure trove of helpful tips, top finds and witty writings, she actually is the coolest of ladies and makes me smile numerous times a day. I'm a little addicted to her actually. Woopsie!

Or, if you have a bit more pocket money to splash, have a look at this gorgeous Diane von Furstenberg. The mini pom poms make me swoon a little bit.

(Image: I couldn't resist the technicolourness. New word right there)

Summer is -hopefully- on it's way and it'll be well and truly sandal season, so treat your tootsies to something new. I love these:

Nude Jelly Bow Flip Flops HERE

Or if you like a little bit of sparkle, you might like THESE. I like the turquoise ones best. 

And for the luxury flop of flips, THIS Dolce Vita black and gold flat might float your boat.


Can you guess where I went next? Does the wacking great image above give me away? Tehe.

I love the shape of these cat eye sunglasses. Also, they do them in pink, tortoise shell and cream- lust lust lust!

Ooohhhh looooook, these retro sunnies come in a rainbow of different colours. A gal's gotta have options!

I also really enjoy these vintage style sunglasses from the Look of New.....I'm not cool, I just mean 'NewLook'. Haha.

Oohhhhh I really did enjoy that. I feel totally in the mood for summer evenings outside with chums or in the park with Baby Glitter and Mattmoo. 

What is your top Spring/Summer accessory? If you find any good bargains please do link them below, I'd love to see what you find.



PS- For some weird reason, 3 of my links refused to turn pink. Blogger is naughty.

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  1. You have such gorgeous family members between you, your sister and Baby Glitter!!
    I can't wait to see the summer so I can get the flip flops out!!

  2. Very cute items. I just love the fashion!!!

  3. I am in love with those red heart shaped sunnies! I window shop when I'm up in the middle of the night too! lol!

  4. Lovely post louise! Gorgeous sunnies! There are so many things i want for summer i should start making a list! We all love a good list!! Xxx

  5. I've had summer here in New Zealand and winter is upon us, although Summer wasn't really summer the only really good day i can remember was Christmas and everyday i was at work, I loved coral toes with lovely jandles (flip flops), and i quite liked high waisted shorts :)

  6. Omg your sister looks like a model! love all the scarfs thanks a mill Louise, fab post as always :D xx

  7. great pic of Tiyana! and loooove the sunglasses!

    also may I ask all you lovely sprinklerinos to click on the following link and thumb up the design project on the buttom of the page? my bf and his roomie worked really hard on it and I know this is kind of spaming but it would mean the world to us and it takes only 2secs. I'm not posting this everywhere, just here because maybe one little sprinklerino would like to help an other one:) thanks a lot!! x

  8. Beautiful! love the photos!

  9. love the the sunglasses are so cute and your sister is very pretty and a good model than for keeping us up in fashon

  10. Woah..your sis looks alot like Hallie Eisenberg!

  11. I love that cat scarf, its beautiful! x

  12. I have a shirt in the same print as that cat scarf, I feel so sassy when wearing it! ;)
    .. I own too many pieces of clothing with cats on though, has to be said, oh well!!

  13. I love the cat scarf, so cute!

  14. Love the heart sunnies!

    I'd really appreciate it if you'd check out my blog and follow me, I always follow back!
    Strange Obsessions

  15. I'm seriously loving that cat print scarf!!! I want one, naw!

    Georgina :)

  16. That scarf is gorgeous!! :) and your sister is really pretty..just like you :)
    I just started writing beauty blog (was inspired by all beautiful youtube gurus and blogers...and you are one of them!!!). If you would like to check it out: It would mean a lot to me! :)
    Have fun :)

  17. The flip flops - OMG! They reminded me of home - Brazil :)


  18. I love your personality!
    your blog posts are just amazing, i really like that scarf! xx

  19. I am new to blogger but I just want to say your blog posts and videos are just amazing! I have read and wacthed so many and I just want to read more every time haha. p.s I love darcy! One of the cuttest babies alive! :P Have a good day and keep posting xxx

  20. i just discovered your blog :) i like it, please check out my makeup blog when you have a moment :)


  21. Ohh my gosh after 20 minutes I have finally found the correct place to subscribe I will now be a loyal follower of your blog as well as a subie on YouTube (found a video of You and Zoe and subscribed to both of you a a few months back) I really enjoy both of you ladies and love to hear about the beauty and fashion products only available in the UK..I am envious of topshop lol I want to shop in one

  22. Your sister is gorgeous! x

  23. Primark is the bessst place for flip flops. I've bought 3 pairs of jelly bow ones already haha. I think they're £4, can't go wrong! xx

  24. I also love the turquoise sandals you picked out they are gorgeous xo

  25. I love all these things haha! Ixx

  26. love flipflops haha
    antonia xxxx

  27. essay summer accessories related information here. Thanks for share i read your post and educate..!


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