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Thursday 30 November 2017

My Daily Treat!


Oh Hai,

As so many of you will know, I have quite the sweet tooth and love to have a cheeky chocolate fix during my working (and let's face it, non working haha) day, so, when Ooola Secrets got in touch to tell me about their new indulgent mousse desserts, I was all ears.

Writing a book (Wilde 2 is out next year, I need to get a wriggle on- argh!) is hard work and a girl needs a treat, especially when it's only 90 calories (the pots are 60g) making it a very permissible every day treat! No guilt for this Mama as I enjoy either the Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse swirled with raspberry puree and hidden choc chips (if I can hide them from Liam long enough!
#ShareThemOrNot) or the Triple Chocolate Mousse with a secret caramel core thank you very much!

Our house is always packed full of treats (Liam is a fiend and Darcy is a typical six year old) but it's a real pleasure to have some luxuries like this for me to indulge in either whilst I'm working or, if I'm feeling wild, in the bath with my favourite Netflix shows playing on my laptop that I glamorously prop up on top of my laundry basket- I know how to live haha!

Ooola Secrets has slipped all too easily into my day and I can't see them stopping any time soon. Next time you’re in the shops, make sure you pick a pack up and you can thank me later, tehe! They are available in Tesco, Costcutter, P&H and independent stores nationwide with a RRP of £2.39 for a 3 pack (3x60g) or you can find them HERE.

Well, now I've shared this and you're life has been made all the better for it, I have to go and finish the next chapter of my new book and try not to eat a second pot!



(This post is a paid for advertorial) 
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