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Wednesday 25 June 2014

Amazing Advertisers | June 2014

Aloha Sprinklerinos! 

Once again I would like to express my horror at how quickly another month has passed, someone really needs to have a sit down with Mr. Time and ask him not to be so speedy, it's getting out of hand! Whilst we may recoil in shock at the loss of June, the end of the month does mean we can introduce another lot of Amazing Advertisers which I'm sure shall provide much happiness for us all, I'm giddy with blog love already! 

I’m thrilled to have a gentleman blogger advertising with Sprinkle of Glitter this month, I do love a good man blog! is a fashion and lifestyle blog written by charmingly handsome Mikkel from Denmark. As well as being a talented, passionate blogger which is consistently shown throughout his posts, Mikkel is also a whizz with the camera, his photography is divine and the quality it provides is superb, I’m as impressed as can be! Let’s all show some appreciation, it’s well deserved! Ladies, you won’t regret it!

 Beauty Is A Wonderland is a beauty blog written by queen of the floral crowns, Elle. If you’re in need of a review, by golly I’m sure Elle will have it. From perfume to bath bombs, hair extensions to skincare, Elle is reviewing it all! Elle is also a bilingual little blogger, writing her posts in both England and Dutch, which I think is a pretty nifty, thoughtful touch. Elle’s enjoyment of blogging shines through in her posts and I look forward to watching her blog progress in future. If you’re a lover of all things beauty I’d recommend popping over to Beauty Is A Wonderland and saying a little hello.

Ladies, we have another ‘little bit of everything’ blog and it’s definitely a good’un. Amanda is a very talented blogger indeed, not to mention a gorgeous girly too. Amanda Loves is filled with a variety of posts which I have thoroughly enjoyed having a gander through. I’m particularly interested in Amanda’s journey of transforming her brunette locks to brown, something of which I did a while back and I’m intrigued and excited for her final do. If you’re a lover of hauls, outfit posts and make up reviews then Amanda is the gal for you! 

Fabulous Poufs is a funky, artsy blog written by Gaby, a whizz with a pencil and a makeup lover. Gaby’s blog is something a little different from the usual beauty, as well as photographing makeup Gaby designs and draws lookbooks of her favourite makeup bits and bobs and I’m definitely a fan of the creativity. If you’re a mummy-to-be Gaby has also incorporated her 7 month baby bump into her beauty posts, a personal touch which pleases me muchly. I think we should all hop, skip and jump on over to Fabulous Poufs and ‘oooooh’ at Gaby’s creations, they really are fabulous!

Georgia Vanilla is beauty and lifestyle blog written by Georgia, a fellow lover of the pink hair and therefore deserving of blogger brownie points for being fabulous. Georgia’s posts are informative, well written and a pleasure to read. I also love that her personality and honesty is incorporated into each post, I trust what Georgia says and that makes her all the more likeable. If you’re in need of an honest review then Georgia is your gal, from skin care to perfume, she’ll pro and con them all! It’s not easy to describe a perfume, but Georgia seems to have the knack and that’s impressive in itself. Go on, have a gander!

Ooh we have another Wonderland blog, and it’s another good’un! Anna in Wonderland is a lifestyle blog written by American beauty, Anna. Anna writes about anything and everything and I’m a fan of the variety, including her love of history, travel adventures and beauty buys. Anna in Wonderland is a bloomin’ lovely blog for a cosy evening of gallivanting on the adventures of others, learning about history and discovering a handy life trick or two. I’d thoroughly recommend following Anna down the rabbit hole, you won’t regret it! 

Charlotte is both a beauty blogger and Youtuber, not to mention a huge lover of Disney, make up and all things girly, what’s not to love? Charlotte’s blog is the perfect combination of beauty and lifestyle, her posts are always well written, the snaps are super and her love of blogging makes her a very likable gal indeed! This month Charlotte has been a busy bee, she’s shared her recent blogging ventures with us as well as beauty favourites and her weight loss journey. She does it all that Charlotte and there is something for everyone, you’ll be pleased as punch with her dedication to Lil Miss Chickas I can tell ya.

EBVC was a blog that had advertised with Sprinkle of Glitter earlier this year and I was thoroughly impressed with its individuality and quirks, and this month has been no different! Emmy, the writer of EBVC offers her thoughts on university, travel and general life trials and tribulations, it’s a ‘real life’ blog if you like written in a humorous, truthful manner which is an absolute joy to read. If you’re a 20 something year old plodding along in life or just a lover of all things lifey in your blog feed, then EBVC will be the one for you.

The Human Mannequin is written by Sally, a girl after my own heart. A lover of plus size fashion, all things girly and a gallivant in the sunshine. The Human Mannequin is primarily a plus size fashion blog designed to offer outfit inspiration for women of a curvier, larger nature as well as a few lifestyle and beauty posts included also, she can do it all that Sally! Whether plus size or not, we can all appreciate Sally and her many florals, not to mention her beautifully designed blog.

We’ve had our fair share of glorious fashion and beauty blogs this month and Fat Beauty is no exception I’m pleased to report. Written by Lucie, Fat Beauty is all about a love of makeup and skincare with product reviews galore, ranging from high end fancy brands to our trusty bath time love, Lush. If you’re a lover of a good skincare product or two then Lucie is your gal. And if that wasn’t enough Lucie also writes about fashion (we share a mutual love of ASOS which pleases me) and makes Youtube videos as well. I’m certain Lucie, her knowledge of skincare and her personality will tickle your pickle.

Catherine, the beautiful writer of Vintage Frills advertised with Sprinkle of Glitter last month and I fell in love with the elegance of her blog, it’s vintage galore. Catherine is a lifestyle and fashion blogger sharing her love of floaty dresses, home interior and DIY, her posts never fail to impress! As well as offering more vintage charm Catherine also shared a post on being a young mother this month which I thoroughly enjoyed reading, especially as I too became a mummy in my early twenties. Catherine, you have pleased me once more this month and I look forward to future posts. 

Stacie is a long term advertiser with Sprinkle of Glitter and I've always had a soft spot for her blog. Stacie suffers long term health problems and requires both a heart and lung transplant, however this has not hindered her ability to be a  truly inspirational gal and a credit to the blogging community. Her positivity and outlook of life despite her illness is incredible and I'm so pleased she has continued to blog for the last few years. Stacie is a beautiful gal on the inside and out and I hope she continues to blog and inspire us all, if you decide to hop on over to Life Is Worth The Fight I can guarantee you'll be inspired. 

I think we'll all be in agreement that all of the advertisers this month have been jolly well brilliant! I always enjoy having a variety of blogs to share with you each month and I'm happy as Larry with this bunch! Are you a keen bean of all my June lovelies too? 



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Sunday 22 June 2014

Primark Goodies

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

As I promised in THIS video, here are some of my most recent Primark treats in a little more detail. 

Although this pink tee is meant for snoozing, I think I'm going to make it more of a daywear item, the colour is too lovely to hide under a duvet. 

I'm wearing these PJ bottoms as I type this and oh-me-oh-my they are soft and lovely.  

You can never have too many cardigans in your life. Never.  

I had this zip tote bag in white and navy and used it in Florida. I love that it is roomy, lightweight and secure (thank you zip), perfect for chucking your stuff in and enjoying the summer. 

I'm also big on floral hair accessories right now.  

Little yellow sun dress for those days when it's so hot you want to be practically naked.  

I think this navy dress would be great for day or night. I love a bit of versatility.  

Navy and stripes. Obsessed.  

And lastly, I couldn't resist this little swimsuit for my little lady. She's turning into quite the water baby. 

If you are yet to see the video, I have embedded it below.

Do you shop at Primark? What do you like or dislike about it? 



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Thursday 19 June 2014

Seattle | Space Needle

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

At last, the last. The last batch of Seattle photos and then I have officially shared, tweeted, blogged, vlogged, pinned and tumbl'd everything Northwestable that I had. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, it was an amazing trip. To say that means something. I am fortunate enough to take a lot of trips and experience a lot of unique things but this topped them all. Seeing a new place, being loved on by new people all whilst being surrounded by the love of family was perfect. I'm already planning the next trip.

On our last night we booked tickets to go up the Space Needle and then had some easybreezykiddie time back at Marie's house. Those matching PJ's just kill me. 

The best photograph of the week. There are so many things about this snap I don't like (my coat lapel flapping inwards, my open bag, Darcy covering her smile etc) that it kinda makes me love it all the more. It was a very real moment. So often I find myself posing so hard on concentrating on making something 'perfect' and then I suck the spirit outta the thing. This has all the spirit. It was just a joyful moment with two big friends and two little friends and two Husband's behind cameras (and one tiny boy in a carrier too!). The whole clan celebrating togetherness! 

Yeahhhhh buddy, I put a filter on this to disguise my very minimal makeup efforts!

American Daddy of the Year goes to Ryan! That week he worked at both of his jobs (sometimes during the night) and still had time and a happy heart to come on trips and do fun stuff with us, as well as wrangling two tinies. Good job Dad!

Fonts get me. I like fonts, typography and design a LOT. 

Oh and lights. I like them too. 

You simply cannot force a 3 year old to smile. 

Matt and I have a little tradition where every big city we go to we try and find somewhere super high. We just like high up views a LOT. So in London we went up the Shard, in New York we did the Empire State Building and in Seattle the Space Needle. Where next??

Windswept women!

Doting Daddies! Also, this was literally the best of the bunch. I took over 15 photos of this and not a single one had both girls smiling/looking/co-operating. The winner was a grimace and a shut-eye. 

 Back at home we had matching PJ sets and playtime. Once more, Marie and I learnt that 3 year olds are 3 year olds and not professional photo posers. 

They gots a lotta love though!!

And there we have it! Our week in photos!

Which was your favourite? If you would like to watch the videos of our trip, click HERE



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Monday 16 June 2014

Seattle | Playground Adventures

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

A new week, a new lease of life and a new sense of motivation.

Today and Wednesday I will be wrapping up all the Seattle Snaps and then it will be time to move on to the next adventure. 

Editing through all these photographs has been so much fun. There are so many that I want to frame and have the memories last forever. 

This set of snaps are from a playdate at the park and from when Matt, Darcy and I had a little mooch around Downtown on our own. Enjoy!

Miss Scarlet rocking that pink tutu. 

Best buds. 

 Lights and lines. 

Thank goodness for buggies, your personal trolley, table and lean-on-thing!

 Happiness up and happiness down. 

Going through all these photographs makes me really glad I lugged my big girl camera around so much and has motivated me to take it more places. I do love using it. 

What was your favourite picture?



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Saturday 14 June 2014

Seattle | Kerry Park

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Yesterday I uploaded our first lot of Seattle photographs and your comments have been fabulous! You can scroll down lots or click HERE to take a looksie. 

Today I wanted to share the snaps of Kerry Park with you. Marie suggested this location for a very mini meetup that I arranged on my Facebook Page just the night before and it was perfection. 

The sun was shining, the view was stunning and the Sprinklerinos I met were so friendly. 

Afterwards, I couldn't resist taking a few sweet shots of Marie and her gorgeous family. In time I'd like to get some of these printed I think.

A trio of gorgeousness. Scarlet was a dream to photograph.  

 Sunglasses/Primark. Lace Bodytop/ASDA. Pink Skirt/Primark. Black Flats/Topshop.

Big thank you's to Marie's Husband Ryan, for taking the shots of Marie and I- I love them so much. 

Have you ever been to this spot? Gargh I want to go back soooo much!!

Tomorrow - Playground Adventures and Family Fun. 



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