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Thursday 24 April 2014

Amazing Advertisers || April 2014

Aloha Sprinklerinos, 

I hope you're all happily filled with chocolate eggs and family time after the Easter weekend. There's no rest for the wicked for my wonderful advertisers though and it's time to share their talents with you once more. I've got some crackers for you, so grab some left over choccy and let's get reading! 


Cute kiddywinks warning!! Rowdy Roddy Vintage is a lovely boutique selling all things baby, children and cuteness and I am definitely a fan. And they’re not just seller of vintage clothes either I tell ya, if you’re in need of a vintage night light in the shape of a fawn, or the most gorgeous retro wooden blocks then Rowdy Roddy Vintage is the place to be. I hope you hop on over and have a browse, whether you’re a mama yourself, know a mama, or just want to ‘aww’ at all the cutie clothes, I promise you’ll be dancing in vintage glee!

 I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Becky writes a cracker of a beauty blog. I’ve admired Becky’s talent for beauty blogging in the past and once again she hasn’t disappointed. Whilst I’ve been a fan of Becky’s beauty posts this month, I have to admire her for a personal post she has also shared with us about her depression and eating disorder. Becky you’re a brave, beautiful girl and I’m sure your post has helped others muchly. Let’s all offer Becky some blogging love, she certainly deserves it for all her hard work!
 Bows, Bangles and Bakes is a lifestyle blog I’ve raved about in the past written by the lovely Jen, owner of the cutest pooch and kitty you ever did see. Naturally I’m in full appreciation of Jen’s pet posts, is there anything more adorable than your furry friends having a snuggle?? I’m also a lover of Jen’s DIY wedding invitations post this month, they looked beautifully made and Jen also included some helpful tips on making your own invitations too, I do love a good creative do it yourself post, keep ‘em coming Jen!

 Mandy advertised with Sprinkle of Glitter last month and I was giddy with joy to have her. Life Between Books is a blog dedicated to the love of reading, Mandy reviews a variety of books each month for us which I think is a fab, unique blogging concept! Mandy is an avid bookworm and her love for our paperback friends shines through immensely in her reviews. If you’re looking for a few new characters to keep you occupied and take you on an adventure, give Life Between Books a whirl!

 Rachael is another returning advertiser this month and her little slice of the web still warms my hearth each time I have a read. Rachael has a beautiful little family that she talks about with such glee and her posts are always a pleasure to read. When I first began a gallivant of Rachael’s blog she had a family of two and she’s since welcomed baby Forrest who is just so squishy and lovely. If you’re a lover of feel good lifestyle blogs, Made Up Of Little Things is for you, I warn you though baby Forrest will give you the warm and fuzzies.

 Offt I’ve found a new favourite, Jenny your blog is simply wonderful! Another little bit of everything blog that makes me feel all cosy inside. Jenny’s blog is beautifully written, the photography is Pinterest worthy and her recipes would give Mary Berry a run for her money, lavender scone anyone? I thoroughly recommend hopping on over to Sunny Sweet Pea, Jenny will have you feeling all lovely inside in no time I can tell ya!
Pleased as punch to have Frances back with us, her blog is a joy to read! Frances has such a wonderful personality and her bubbliness is addictive. This month I’ve enjoyed reading Frances' posts on being a twenty something looking for that life balance (humour and cat food stink included) I’m sure a lot of sprinklerinos can relate, I know I could! Let’s give Frances an extra pep in her happy step and give her a warm blogging virtual hug.

 Warning! divine photography and beautiful smiles coming your way once again from the lovely Em. Em your blog is beautiful and I’m jealous of the sunny beaches, maybe have a word with the weather man of Australia and see if we can have some of that sunshine in the UK? Em is another little bit of everything blogger and I’m looking forward to future posts from down under! I also really want a floppy summer hat now too for sunny days at the beach.

 Boy oh boy is this a beauty and lifestyle blog to behold. Emilovely pleases my eyes, it is written by the very talented Emily and I would definitely recommend a read! The organisation and effort which has gone into creating this little slice of the web is very swish and the content is just as heavenly. I think we all need to take a second to appreciate Emily’s waffle recipe this month, definitely something worth recreating at home! With beauty, baking and lifestyle posts under her belt Emily will not leave you disappointed!

 Our little blogging fashionista Holly is back and she has not disappointed. It pleased me muchly when Holly advertised with Sprinkle of Glitter in February as her blog is bloomin’ fabulous. Holly shares fashion inspiration and looks, make up reviews and even a cheeky tutorial or two, she really does it all. This month i 2 style has shared all things bright orange and neutral pastels so there really is something for everybody. Look no further than i 2 style for fashion inspiration, I’ll be loosening those purse strings for some orangey fashion fun in my summer wardrobe soon!
 Ooh fancy beauty and lifestyle blogging coming through! Beau Blushes is written by professional makeup artist, Rebecca, who blogs about her love of beauty and life (topless male models included ladies.) This month Rebecca has shared snaps of her recent Dublin adventures and nights out with us, beautiful face of the day and all, she’s been a busy bee! A huge congratulations is needed also as Rebecca has opened her very own Beau Blushes makeup artistry business earlier in April, so well done Rebecca!         

And that is my ladies for the month! Phew! Have you discovered any blogging loves this month? 

Normal blogging to resume shortly, things are a little crazy (good crazy) round here at the moment but I've been photographing EVERYTHING!



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