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Tuesday 27 December 2011

A Year in Glitter World

Aloha Sprinklerinos.

As this year draws to a close, I have been looking back over Sprinkle of Glitter and I thought I would give you a small recap of what 2011 has been to me.

January was the start of my quest for perfect skin and the beginning of my love for Liz Earle products. I also reviewed a new Collection 2000 range and told you all about my Christmas MAC purchases. January was also the month Baby Glitter's nursery was debuted and I continued to whinge about feeling sick in my seventh month of pregnancy. I was still working in my temp job for the council and I recall having a bit of an addiction to Crunchies. I made some lovely chums at that job (hello Daniel and Emma if you are reading!) and all in all was a merry little soul.

February was my most busy blog month, with 22 posts in the 28 days- I was on Maternity leave! I left my little temp job half way through the month because I was utterly exhausted and after a false alarm at my desk, I decided enough was a enough and called it a day. Also in February I chatted about the IMATS (which was at the very end of Jan) and had a brilliant time at the MAC LFW event (best. goodie. bag. ever.).
My chum Ceri threw me a brilliant Baby Shower complete with little baby cupcakes and fun games. We had so many lovely gifts and I remember February being a fabulous but tiring month.

March was a month of waiting. Baby Glitter was due, but alas, didn't want to pop out until April. I spent the month doing a lot of lifey posts as well as professing my love for more cosmetics (Liz Earle, Topshop, Avene and Tisserand all featured). As a blog post request I also invented a lush product of opal fruit scented face wipes which lots of you enjoyed. I remember being a little blue in March because I was so huge and uncomfortable and just wanted to get on with everything.

April- It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. April saw me give birth (after a long and traumatic delivery) to beautiful Darcy Jane. Whilst I was overjoyed to have my own bundle of joy, we were in and out of hospital (I didn't dwell too much on this at the time but Darcy had a few little health problems and is fit as a fiddle now), I had the baby blues, my recovery was slowed due to stress and lack of sleep, I ignored my own birthday, felt sad for my late Mother's birthday, made the mistake of having my long hair cut short and all in all found this month quite a struggle.

May was a better month by far. Baby Glitter slept a bit better, her feeding improved and Mummy and Baby had found our footing. My chum Ceri and I attended the Beauty UK exhibition in Birmingham and I hotfooted it to London for the MAC Baftas Event, where I met the lovely Muhsine of Bubblegarm and stroked her lovely baby bump (she now has beautiful Esra, aww). This was a much more sunny month and I started to feel good again. Yippee!!

June was explosive, but not in a good way- on the day I was supposed to attend the L'Oreal event, my boiler decided not to used the little gadget that controls the gas and combusted...loudly. Cue fire engines, police and an ambulance, neighbours all out in the street and my standing barefoot crying and there you have it. Aside from the boiler debacle, I enjoyed playing with and reviewing Sleek, Liz Earle, OPI, 2True and MAC and showing you a few FOTD's. Baby Glitter was featured wearing my Dad's specs and also sporting an adorable mauve tutu. June was happy.

July was another fun month. Matt went off on his travels to do charity work in Costa Rica (that wasn't too fun for me I must admit), but whilst he was doing that, I kept myself busy with visits from friends, playing with Baby Glitter and Mindycat in the garden and reviewing more lovely makeup. I showed you step by step how to create a vixen red lip, chatted about MAC's Haute and Naughty dual wand mascara and marvelled at the new intense pigment Bourjous Pots. Also, remember those amazing cribs I found on weheartit? I still want to recreate those!!

August was a month of drugstore brands. I went crazy for Garnier, Sleek, Beauty UK, Gosh and Soap & Glory. I discovered the HD Brow Kit (and haven't looked back since) and of course, Glitterbits with Marie was born! August was also the month I stopped helping out at Fanx HQ after my 12 week stint there. I feel a bit like this month went by in a blur of coral lipstick and cuddles.

September was a GREAT month. Baby Glitter was sleeping through for 12 solid hours, my Dad and I went to Miami and Orlando on business and I had my first taste of Sephora. Also, I had a swanky treatment at Hensmans Hair Salon, reviewed a lovely Sleek Palette, celebrated my blog's second Birthday (ooh it's a toddler now) AND celebrated my first wedding anniversary. I could go on and on for this month because I think it was the best, best, best of the year!

October saw Sprinkle of Glitter hit the 4,000 follower mark and I was over ze moon and zo stars. I've decided that if this little patch of internet hits the 10,000 follower mark, I was throw a party in it's honour (haha, I'm so sad!). This month I went all profesh and had a photoshoot with Baby Glitter in an Autumnul setting, attended the GlossyBox and Illamasqua events, got a new jazzy camera, met the Liz Earle, delved into the world of charity shopping and talked about nail wheels! Oof, I was busy!!

November was the month Baby Glitter and I rocked our Crown and Glory sparkle crowns. I still wear mine and on occasion, I wear hers too, tehe. Zoe and I had a whirlwind of events and attended shindigs for Look Beauty, GlossyBox and Superdrug, as well as having a little slumber party and doing the macarana to Christmas songs. As you do. I also shared with you some ideas for storing cosmetics and jewellery and a simple lips FOTD.

And here we are in December. It's been a month of beauty boxes, glitter nail polish, christmas crafts and a commemorative post to my Mummy and the month isn't over yet!

What a year it's been! It has been so much fun writing this blog and sharing my life with you all. I have found so much love and support through this glittery portal and really think of you as friends. In dark times you provide me with great comfort and in happy times I enjoy sharing the fun with you all. I hope you have had a fabulous year and that 2012 is even more bright.

If you would like to vote for Sprinkle of Glitter to be best Beauty Blog according to Marie Claire magazine, please do (if you don't want to that's completely fine too). I would love to be nominated and it would mean so much to me. All the details are HERE.

What has been your greatest moment this year?



Friday 23 December 2011

Christmas Crafts :: Chocolate Star Trees

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

A couple of weeks ago, I made a huge culinery mess delightful little Christmas Tree out of rice chocolate crispy cakes cookie cuttered into star shapes. It didn't really turn out as spectacular as I would have liked but it was cheap and cheerful so I'm still happy.

I must confess, I can't take credit for the idea, I saw it on a Kirsty's Homemade Christmas a couple of years back and thought I would give it a whirl. It's the perfect last minute craft and a great activity for little hands if you have the kiddies round on Christmas Eve.

To make mine I used:

Rice Crispies
A big bowl
A microwavable bowl
A tray
Star cookie cutters in graduated sizes (I bought mine from Hobbycraft)
Glitter, choc drops, sprinkles, whatever you fancy to adorn your creation. You can buy edible glitter online from a variety of sites (ebay it if you're lost) but mine came from Hobbycraft and I opted for an opal green shade. It's Christmas after all!

This craft isn't rocket science. Melt the chocolate, add the crispies, spoon out onto a tray, leave in the fridge to set, cut out star shapes, stack, decorate, eat!

There is something far too inviting about molten chocolate. Mmmmm.

Tada!! I will just say- I don't think chocolate crispies are the best mixture for this, they crumble EVER SO EASILY. If you are a better baker than I (which wouldn't be hard), try biscuits or gingerbread for a more visually pleasing tree. If you want fun and speed, go for crispies!

There were a lot of 'crumble casualties' and someone had to eat them all which was such a shame. I didn't want to eat handfuls and handfuls of it but you know, waste not want not and stuff. Tehe.

If in doubt, call it abstract. ;)

If the tree doesn't tickle your pickle, or you have a fair few folk to feed (oof, try saying that fast), make individual star crispies and bejewel with sweeties to make even the oldies smile.

Are these something you think might creep into your home this weekend?

Merry Christmas!


Tuesday 20 December 2011

19 Years Missed

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

A sad one today.

Today is the 19th anniversary of my Mother's death. After a 2 year battle with cancer, she slipped quietly away around 6.15am and made her journey up to heaven. I like to think of her up there with my Gran, Ginge the cat, God, Jesus and the angels, all relaxing and eating their favourite foods (no calories in heaven- woop woop) and nattering away about the good times on earth.

(This photograph of me and her sits in my lounge and watches over our family)

19 years is a really long time. Long enough to move on you might think. To an extent, you'd be right. I don't get cut up when I hear people on the phone to their Mum, I don't want to cry when I see Mothers holding their children's hands and I don't break down when I listen to my friends whinge about how hard the Mother-Daughter relationship can be. It's normal, I'm used to it.

What does eat me up is that it's Christmas and I'm a Mummy now. A Mummy to the most wonderful baby you'll ever meet, and my own Mummy won't be here to see the smile on her face when she delights in ripping open her presents, when she tastes her first piece of turkey, when she wears a colourful christmas hat from a cracker and when she falls asleep in my arms because the day has been so full of excitement and magic.

She'll never get to hold my baby in her arms and enjoy watching her grow. She won't get to spoil her like my Gran did with pocket money for sweets from the corner shop. She won't ever sing to her, tell her jokes, kiss her knee when she topples over or listen to me babble on over the phone about the new things she's done that day.

On top of the loss I feel for Darcy, I feel another layer of my own personal loss. It was hard not having her (or anyone) see me come last (haha I'm so lame at PE) in sports day. It was rough not being able to run up to her with my A-Level results in hand, saying, "I'm going to uni! I'm going to uni!", and it was heart breaking planning my wedding and living out the big day with a Mum shaped hole. But having a child and experiencing Motherhood from the other side is the hardest.

Mostly I'm fine, wrapped up in a world of baby groups, tiny pairs of tights and onsies, bottles of milk and mind numbing musical toys. But then there are they days when I'd love to call her and ask her over for a piece of cake and a chat about nothing. And I can't. I never will.

There is a poem I found a couple of years ago, by an unknown author that I think is lovely and very apt.

If Tears Could Build A Stairway

If tears could build a stairway,
and memories a lane.
I would walk right up to Heaven
and bring you back again.

No farewell words were spoken,
No time to say "Goodbye".
You were gone before I knew it,
and only God knows why.

My heart still aches with sadness,
and secret tears still flow.
What it meant to love you -
No one can ever know.
But now I know you want me
to mourn for you no more;
To remember all the happy times
life still has much in store.
Since you'll never be forgotten,
I pledge to you today~
A hollowed place within my heart
is where you'll always stay.

This little inconsequential spot on the interweb is dedicated to Diana Jane Pentland, who was and is My Mother.


Sunday 18 December 2011

Amazing Advertisers :: December 2011

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I couldn't be feeling festive more if I tried. We've not long come in from a carol service where I had my first mince pie of the year, our candles are lit, the fairy lights are on, Michael Buble is crooning away on the telebox.

I thought I'd take this moment of peace to tell you about my Amazing Advertisers this month.


Laura is a 20 something fashion journalist with a penchant for makeup, nail art, Downton Abbey (tehe me too!) and of course, fashion! If you'd like some nail inspiration, tips for whiter teeth (that was a good'un) or even bargainous designer shoe dupes, Laura is your gal! Click on her name or the ad to the left and check her out.

Ellie is one of my regular amazing advertisers over here and it really is a pleasure to have her. Her blog is jam packed full of makeup hauls, style inspired wish lists and fun tags- I really want to do her 'How much is your face worth' tag. If you fancy a girlie read that'll make you want to hit the shops, check her out!

Faye and I go waaaaayyyyy back. We met in freshers week at university in Liverpool 8 years ago (wow I feel old) and that first meeting (in a lift!) lead to years of adventures. Dancing in the flood water of her flat, numerous cheese toasties, insane nights out, games like 'Five Item Dress Up' and the time she saved my life by shouting, "DON'T PUT YOUR KNIFE IN THE TOASTER!!", are a few reasons why I love her.
Recently Faye has started a blog all about her life as a domestic goddess. If you're into baking, making, mini breaks and generally nosy-ing into someone else's life, Faye is your gal.

If you would like to advertise on Sprinkle of Glitter, please do send me an email with the link of the blog or small business- I only accept genre suitable sites. Now taking January bookings, limited spaces available.

Do any of these lovely ladies float your boat? Are you following them?



Saturday 17 December 2011

Can I ask a favour please?

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Apologies for the lack of posts this week, I keep starting them but then life gets in the way and they don't get finished. I perhaps have a bumper day on Monday (I'm baby free) and pop a few up- yay!

(Yeesss, I knooow, it's a tiny picture but if I blow it up it bluuurrss)

Until then, please can I ask something of you?

Marie Claire are doing like Cosmo and allowing readers to vote for their favourite blogs. I'm not sure if there is a prize, for me, if I won, it'd be the pride of winning.

If you do enjoy this blog, I would really love it if you would hope on over to their SITE and vote for me. It's much quicker than the Cosmo voting jobby, just a few clicks.

I'm fairly sure my chances of winning are slim, but I'd love to be nominated :)

Hope you're having great weekends- One week til Father Christmas comes! Eeeeee!!



Wednesday 14 December 2011

Christmas Table Extras

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

For me, what makes Christmas isn't huge presents and grand gestures (although if you have a huuuuge present for me Father Christmas- thank you very much!), but the little touches that add glitz and magic and merriment to all.

This year we're cooking for nine (why oh why?) and this is my chance to really make a splash. I've picked out a few of my favourite things that you could scatter round the home or table, to entice and excite.

(Image taken from ebay and listed below. If I had made it bigger, it'd be uber blurry-sorry!)

These Iridescent holographic Party Poppers would be sure to start Christmas morning off with a bang.

Scatter these cheery little guys over the children's table (how much did you used to hate being relegated to the children's table by the way? I used to get such a sulk on hahaha), to add frivolity, or sprinkle in cards and wrapping papered gifts.

To break the ice with the other half's parentals, try these. You'll be having fun in no time. And if not, at least you'll have a conversation starter!

Sprinkle these edible gold stars into your glasses of bubbly to add zizz to your fizz and look ever the domestic goddess.

I have a couple of Christmas Craft posts coming up with DIY items that you can make as well as a whole album of saved weheartit pictures of magical wintery scenes. I really am getting into the spirit of it all!

Are you?



Tuesday 13 December 2011

Glossy Box :: December Edition

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

If you have your ear to the ground (what does that even mean?), you will have heard that Glossy Box are doing something a little special for their December edition.

I expect that if you follow a lot of blogs, then you will have already seen what's inside, but in case you don't, read on!

This months box contains:

Blink + Go Hi-Definition Mascara
Cargo Cosmetics Lipgloss
Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle Mini Nail Varnish
Deborah Lippmann Stripped to Go Sachet
MeMeMe Seventh Heaven Moisturising Facebase
Rituals Foaming Shower Gel

The full sized value of all of these together would be - £62.49. Admittedly there are a few minis in there, but I still think that's amazing value!
I'm so glad there is a swish shower gel in there. I remember using a foaming gel a while back and thinking it was really fun (you know you're a bit sad when you describe a shower product as 'fun') AND I literally just ran out of my Lush shower gel, so hooray, I can get going on this post haste.

I absolutely adore (yes, addorreeee) the Deborah Lippmann nail polish. Full sized bottles of this brand of polish retail for £16.00. For me, £16.00 is too much to spend on a varnish, so I was pleased as punch when we were given one at the first Glossy Box event and then pleased as punch with a cherry on top to find a glittery one in this box! I'm also pretty excited to try the remover wipes. Being an addict of sparkly polishes, I do spend a lot of time doing the old foil finger wrap technique, so I'd be interested to see if these can beat it. I haven't tried them yet because I want to save them for a reeaaalllyyy glittery nail look- that'll be the real test!

The mascara. Oh my. I was initially excited by the packaging, I mean, a mascara in a box- that's fancy. I have tried this a couple of times and my lashes love it. It lengthens, separates and thickens aannndd is super black. Teamed with L'oreal Carbon Gloss liner and you're good to 'Blink and go'.

I' yet to properly play with the lipgloss or moisturiser, but I must say, Cargo have come up trumps with that colour- so puurrdddyy.

Throughout the month I will be doing separate Lou's Reviews of these products (with individual photos), but I thought you might enjoy a little overview. I think this is my favourite box to date, there is nothing I don't like and lots of things I feel all 'oohhh yyyaaayy' about, winner. 

Have you subscribed to Glossy? What do you think to the red box? Click HERE for a mooch round their site.



Lou's Reviews :: Enrapture Heated Rollers

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I'm just uploading a video giving away a brand spanking new set of these Enrapture Heated Rollers (rrp £74.99) and I thought I ought to give you a little more of an overview into them. I felt the video was a bit energetic and perhaps you'd like a little more product info, so here it is, brace yourself, tehe.

Well, they got the thumbs up from Baby Glitter.

As you can see from the photos, this product is well packaged and everything (20 large and 20 small rollers) sits neatly in it's sturdy storage unit-you can also tuck the electrical cord in if you're feeling extra tidy. I don't have a great deal of space in my boudoir so I find it important to have easily tuck awayable products and tools. This certainly ticks that box.

I shallnae lie, I was a bit poopy at first because I was being a wuss and allowing the rollers to cool a little out of the stand before I put them in my hair (I hadn't worked out that if you just hold them lightly on the ends, it's OK) and so the curls weren't as tight as I would have liked. After a few more attempts, I found the knack and remembered the olden days when I first bought a pair of straighteners and how useless I was with those too! Haha, I looked a kin to Wersal Gummage, but thought I looked amazing- wrong! If at first you don't suceed, try, try again.

I love the way the roller is soft and cushioned so your hair doesn't become matted into it causing tearing and tugging (velcro rollers, I'm look at you) and that the butterfly clip to secure it has metal plates in to conduct heat through the to already heated core, making the whole thing warm and curl inducing. The website describes this as 'duo heat technology'.

This isn't something that I would be able to use every day because I have long thick hair and all forms of styling take me longer than most (hence my love of up do's), but I think if you had a more manageable mop, this would be a welcome addition to your bag of tricks as you can do so much with it- volumise, curl, create waves or give yourself that oh so sought after tousled look. The website suggests that this tool allows you to soften tight curls but having not tried it, I can't verify it. Perhaps I should try it on my sister and her natural corkscrew curls (lucky ducky).

All in all, I'm really pleased to have been sent this and even more please to be able to offer you the opportunity to win one and give it a whirl for yourself! Hop on over to my YouTube channel and enter!



Sunday 11 December 2011

Spare Time + Glitter

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I love glitter.

I love nail polish.

I don't really think I need to say anything, but in a nutshell, whilst Baby Glitter was visiting her Grandparents, I had spare time...and a camera....and a lot of glitter nail varnish. Good job she came back, I was about to go further than just splodges on a sheet of paper.....



Saturday 10 December 2011

Just Amazing

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I'm supposed to be out jollying it up with the gang because it's been an absolute age since I saw them (slaps wrist), but due to babysitting bleaughs, I've made Baby Glitter very happy and here I am, sat blogging.

Another thing I was supposed to do was write my next Christmas Crafts post, but I have literally been stopped in my tracks by something AMAZING. My chum Zoe just popped a link to a YouTube video on my facebook wall which I was a bit 'meh' about. Until I watched it. It was INCREDIBLE.

In a nutshell- 17 year old girl sings a medley of 13 Disney songs amazingly, with beautiful makeup, fantastic rhythm, crazy good camera and editing skills, everything!! I'll stop waffling, you start watching.

If you didn't just LOVE that, why on earth not?!?!

Haha normal blogging to resume shortly, I just had to stop press/breaking news for that, tehe.



Friday 9 December 2011

Barry M Beauties

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Last week Matt and I were in Milton Keynes shopping centre to show Baby Glitter the lights and festive displays. Naturally, like a moth to a flame I was drawn to the cosmetic stands in Superdrug and ended up treating myself to a few Barry M bits.

I initially wanted a mooch at 'Red Black' but then 'Rasberry' caught my eye and said, "I'm so jolly, I'm so festive, don't leave me, buy me, buy me!" and who can refuse a talking nail varnish?? Not me.

The 'Lilac' foil effect polish came free for spending over £6. I'm really not a fan of it and fail to see how it is actually classed as an effect. Surely there are tonnes of nail varnishes out there that give off a metalic finish? Hmmm. I might give it a whirl and see if the proof is in the pudding.

After all the lovely compliments I have had on my other Lip Lacquer in Party Pink (I've worn it a lot in my videos of late), I decided to pick up another, this time in Cherry Red. I'm excited to pop this on my pout. Oohh that was illiteration at it's best, haha.

Without flash.

With flash.

I'm pleased as punch to have these little bits in my stash. I've never gone wrong with Barry M. It's affordable, has a huge fun range and really allows you to go wild with colour.

Are you a Barry M girl?



PS- Blogger appears to be playing silly buggers and is not letting me highlight any text. This means I can't spell check, centre or colour links for you. Sorry about this, please shake your fists angrily at Blogger. xx

Thursday 8 December 2011

Giveaway :: Barefoot SOS Soothing Face and Body Wash

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Last night I was kindly contacted by one of the PR companies I sometimes work with and asked if I would like to treat my lovely readers to a little giveaway. Ever the fan of giveaways, I said 'Yes Please' and here we are.

Those fans of The Saturdays out there will know that their newest tour kicks of soon and rumour has it that Frankie is a fan of this particular product- Barefoot SOS Soothing Face and Body Wash (rrp £16). What an endorsement!
Barefoot SOS Soothing Face & Body Wash - Barefoot Botanicals
(Apologies for stock photo, I don't have the product myself, the company providing it will be posting it to the winner)

If you would like to win this little beauty, the rules are simples!

* Leave a comment below saying, "SOS Me Please!" and your email address so that I can contact the winner *

This giveaway is open worldwide and will be open for one week (ends 15th Dec 2011).

Happy Hunting!



Monday 5 December 2011

Boudoir Prive Beauty Box

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Boudoir Prive is one of the many lovely beauty boxes currently on the market and I have spent the last few months enjoying and reviewing them. You may have seen my YouTube videos on them HERE and HERE, but today I have a new one for you.

Boudoir Prive costs £10 a month plus £2.95 P&P and for that you are presented with a sturdy powder puff pink box and 5-6 luxe samples beautifully presented within it.

Packaging and presentation is a big deal to me, so Boudoir Prive tick all my boxes. How do they get the ribbon so neat? I've tried to recreate it for previous photographs and failed miserably. This time I snapped as I opened, so you could feel the full force of girly bowness.

Inside this months box were 5 lovely items (I know you can see 6 but there were multiples), a little green organza bag (that's being recycled for a bit of Christmas wrapping! Tehe) and a pamphlet which gives you all the product information and retail prices (for those of you who like to add up the total value and relish in the savings).

(That is literally how the products were when I opened the tissue paper. Considering they have all been chucked about a fair bit in the post, that's pretty impressive, non?)
I'm yet to fully test the products but what I am most excited about is the Studio Makeup Rich Hydration Lipstick. I had the Studio Makeup Liner in a previous box and use it daily, so I have a lot of faith in this brand. Also, the lipstick has a really unique way of opening, sort of like a push pop (I shall have to show you it in a video soon).

I know a lot of people struggle with the beauty box concept because they don't like to receive sample sachets of hair products or mini vials of perfume but I really don't mind this. Although there have been smaller samples (sachets and vials) in beauty boxes, there are usually other larger things (like a full sized lipstick or nail polish) to balance it out. Also, these sachets are quite big and you do get four, so I don't feel I am being swizzed or missing out.

I'm really glad of the information sheet provided. It provides bitesized snippets on what the items are and what you should do with them. I also like that the prices are included. I have another beauty box to review which didn't provide prices and that irked me a little.

All in all, I am a big fan of Boudoir Prive. I love the box, it is wonderfully presented, they have introduced me to new brands that I wouldn't otherwise have tried and liked (eg. Studio Makeup) and the bits and bobs that don't quite suit my taste and happily received by my Aunties or Sister (thus upping my brownie points rather substantially haha).

I think £12.95 a month is a great price for a perky little treat each month and is something nice to look forward to in the post. If you mosey on over to their website you'll see it's very easy to sign up, and if you change your mind after a couple of months, you can cancel your subscription with only 14 days notice. I wish gyms and phone contracts were as easy as that! The website also has a really good blog which I have enjoyed reading through this morning and suspect will be reading a lot more of tonight once Baby Glitter has gone to bed.

Are you on the Beauty Box Bandwagon? Which is your favourite?



MUA Mania

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I've always been an advocate of MUA (that crazily affordable cosmetics brand from Superdrug), so when I was given the opportunity to be sent a goodie bag, I literally squealed with glee. *Imagine me at my laptop with a crazy smile, silently clapping my hands together. Got it? Yep, that was me.

I've been playing with these for a few days and will be doing a few FOTD's using them, as well as some Lou's Reviews, but for now, here is a little teaser.

Most people take pictures of scenery, pets or pals. I take pictures of up close lipsticks and think it's perfectly normal. Is it?

I won't give too much away but so far, so very good.

Are you a lover of MUA? Do you have any Ebay Hearts requests for tomorrow?



Saturday 3 December 2011

Christmas Crafts :: Inspiration

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

If, like me, you have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with crafts, glitter and handmade trinkets, Christmas really is the most wonderful time of year.

If you can't throw sequins on something and call it 'customised' at Christmas, when can you?

I think I have mentioned in a previous post that I have a few Christmas craft tutorials up my festive sleeves for you, but before that, I thought I would share on of my favourite Christmas things with you.

Every year, about October/November time, when the festive itch scratches, I start to look at homey magazines. Throughout the year I'm a More, Reveal, Look, Glamour kinda gal, but come winter, I start to feel a real need for this 'grown up' magazines, with their tips for good housemaking, recipes and craft tutorials.

Over the years I have racked up a few of these Christmas edition magazines. I'd suggest if you buy one, to keep it til next year because lets face it, a brushed felt robin decoration is going to be the same in 2011 as it is in 2017, non? Also, they usually retail around the £4-5 mark, which for a glossy mag, is pretty pricey I think.

I really love flicking through these. I always try some of the little projects (and sometimes fail- I actually made a video last week on how to make a 3D Chocolate Crispy Tree, but it was a total disaster and never made it to YouTube!) and always take decor inspiration from them.

I urge you to don your hat and scarf, skip down to your local news agents, grab a bag of maltesers and a Christmas magazine and immerse yourself in the festive cheer of it all.

What do you do to get yourself in the Christmassy mood? Also, I feel like I've typed the word 'Christmas' about 5,000 times!


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