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Friday 30 November 2012

MUA Blush Perfection Cream Blusher | Review

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

For the majority of my makeup wearing life I have been a bronzer girl. I love to bronze, highlight, shimmer, contour, the lot. With naturally red skin, I hid away from products that promised flushed cheeked and rosey glows and stuck to what I knew.

What a silly billy I was.

After a recent I-Can-Wear-Blusher discovery, I added two MUA Blush Perfection Cream Blushers to my collection and have been so impressed with their quality.

With an affordable price tag of £2 and 4 different shades to choose from, I think these could be a makeup bag staple.

I found them to have good, buildable pigmentation, easy to blend properties and they lasted a satisfactory amount of time. Obviously the likes of MAC and Illamasqua are going to outshine these in the quality stakes, but for £2 a piece, these blushers were above and beyond my expectations.

I really liked that you could apply a few layers to have quite a strong look, or simple apply a tiny bit for a fresh flush. I was also pleased that the cream blusher worked well with my fingers, for when you don't have a brush to hand.

The packaging is sweet and the clear hinged lid allows you to see exactly what shade you are picking up. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that the shade have names. I'm a huge fan of their budget £1 lipsticks but wish, wish, wish that they would give them pretty names. 'Shade 13' is just so uninspiring, no matter how amazing the colour is.

Overall, I don't have anything bad to say about these little gems and suggest you give them a swatch next time you are in your local Superdrug.

Have you tried these before? Are you a fan of MUA? I know I am!



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Thursday 29 November 2012

Sensory Play Ideas

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

During the day, Baby Glitter and I run our usual errands, do the housework and play. It's a very charmed life. 

She is a very lucky girl and has so many toys, but from time to time, I make a special effort to bring out some new things that will challenge her slightly and aid her development somewhat.

I've read a fair bit about 'sensory play' and decided to make my own sensory play activity to challenge her little bambino brain. It was super easy peasy so I thought I would share it with you in case you have or care for little ones yourself. If you don't have tots yourself, feel free to share this with your YummyMummy pals!

How To Make A Sensory Play Tray

Rice :: In a ziplock bag, pour dry rice and a few drops of food colouring (we chose pink). Shake really well and leave on a plate to air and dry. We left ours a good couple of days, but I don't think you'd need that long.

Pasta :: A few dry shells in interesting shapes are something new for little hands to feel and touch. 

Glitter :: Since our tray was black, glitter showed up amazingly and was a lovely addition. It also has a very fine texture which Baby Glitter doesn't feel too often so she really enjoyed the new experience.

Water Balls :: These little things are amazing! You pour the tiny little beads/seeds into a cup, add water, leave to rest and voila! The beads soak up the water and swell into squidgy, mess free balls that are ideal for discovering hands. Darcy absolutely loved them! You can buy them HERE for 50p per packet with free postage- bargain!

Arrange all your elements on the tray and sit with your tot, talking about the different textures, colours, feelings etc. After a while Baby Glitter became adventurous and started to mix them up a bit and it was sweet to see her enjoying it all so much! 

When you are finished, either salvage things, recycle or throw away- simples!

It is really important to give 100% supervision to this sort of play as the little parts are not to be eaten and glitter can look very enticing.

I love spending time with Darcy in this way because I feel like she learns so much from it and we get to explore new things together. She's such a gem!

I'd love to know if you have done this before and what things you put on your tray. Are you a sensory play wizz?



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Wednesday 28 November 2012

Hello, My Name is SprinkleofGlitter

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

We haven't been spending much time together this last few weeks because I have been focusing on family, Mummyhood, my YouTube channel and preparing for Christmas. Yay!

Since it's been a while and since I seem to be in lots of places on the interwebs these days, I thought it might be handy to write a post with links to every single place in Glitter Land and also say 'Aloha' to recent newcomers.

If you are a new reader, HELLO! It's lovely to see you here. This is a blog of happiness, beauty, baby and fun interactive posts that you can all be a part of. It's a very friendly community of supportive people who love beauty and enjoy to read about family issues and all things girlie. The comment section is always a nice place to be so feel free to chat to other Sprinklerinos in there, and if you ever have any blog post requests, fee free to tweet me.

(organised. Image ::

Places You Can Find Sprinkle of Glitter

Twitter is always the best place to ask me a quick question or have a quick chat. By nature it is short and sweet and this allows me to speed read everything and reply where appropriate. I am a fiend for this site. I check it multiple times a day, favourite cute things, look at your twitpics and links and also send my instagram snaps through to it. 

This is where I have been spending most of my time. I have a new system where I try to upload videos on a Sunday and a Wednesday (I'm finally being a touch more organised) as well as the occasional bonus one here and there. I make videos primarily about beauty products, but from time to time I throw in a fun, silly or baby related one. Variety is the spice of life after all. 

This is a new(ish) channel that I use to upload follow-me-around style vlogs. The camera quality isn't as sharp as my main channel but it's a totally different type of video so if you are (like me) a little nosey, you might enjoy it. It's lifey. 

My facebook page is a good place to stay up to date with things going on in Glitter world and I share a lot of my favourite sites, blogs and shops on their. I also find that I can be a bit more chatty because I'm not restricted to 140 characters (like Twitter) and I feel like it has a good community spirit. I look on Facebook about once a day.

I'm quite new to Tumblr. I started it a couple of months ago when I discovered that a few people had made GIFs of my videos and thought they were cool. Tumblr seems to be a bit like Pinterest in that you can 'reblog' things and comment on other people's media. My Tumblr page is pretty vain because I reblog a lot of cool things Sprinklerinos make for me- I'm very lucky!! I also reblog friends things and items that just make me smile. I check my Tumblr account about 3 times a day. 

Instagram - 'Sprinkleofglitr'

If you've been reading this blog long, you'll know I am an instagramaholic! I love, love, love the image sharing app and really feel for folk who can't access it on their particular model of phone. If you can't (or don't want to) follow me on the app itself, all images are linked through to my Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, so you're not missing out. I update my instagram every day.

Pinterest is my guilty pleasure. Every night after a long day, I flick through, pinning inspirational, motivational or just pretty images and feel all the better for it. Many a midnight project has stemmed from that site (some better than others I must say!) 

So that's everywhere that Sprinkle of Glitter is. I do also have a shop with my chum Zoe which is linked above in the tabs and an email address, but that is more of a business account and if you were wanting to get in touch, some of the options above would be your best bet!

I have lots of posts coming up so I hope this has been a useful one for you, just to get us reacquainted and to get me back into the swing of things!

I hope you have had super Novembers and are looking forward to December! Who's bought an advent calendar?



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Saturday 24 November 2012

Amazing Advertisers || November

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It's that time again. Time to talk about the lovely Sprinklerinos who are sharing their blogs with you this month as Amazing Advertisers.

You may have noticed I have been a little absent of late on this here blog. There has been a lot of 'real life' (good) stuff going on, which have kept me very busy. I try to be as regular as possible with my posts but ultimately, my lifey life comes first and my fun blog life second. Saying all that, I have a lot of fun stuff lined up for December so it's going to be crazy busy round this part of the world- yay!

If you would like to advertise on this blog (you can feature your blog, handmade business or youtube channel), click HERE for more information and details. Spaces are filling up fast and there are only limited spots. Sorry!

(Image ::

Still Blushful

Victoria is  our blogger from the other side of the planet- Australia! Her blog is jam packed with all things beauty. If you are a fan of reviews, wishlists, magazine style 'get the looks' and swatches then I think you'll enjoy this one. I particularly like how Victoria shows the products on her face so 


Fash-ling has been my Ultimate advertiser this month and in a nutshell, it makes me what to up it in the style stakes. This is one seriously stylish lady and she puts my leggings and dress combo to utter shame. Her pictures are pretty, the posts varied and the layout fresh. If you are a lover of clothes, shoes, bags, things to adorn your body, you will be a lover of this blog. Loverrrrr.

Secret Diary of A Fashion Journalist

Oh hello old friend. Laura has advertised on Sprinkle of Glitter many a time and I'm always so glad to have her back. This is a blog of beauty, fashion hauls, reviews and a lot of personality thrown in too. I really enjoyed this month her post about miniatures. I'm a huuuge fan of all things teenyweeny and to see she is a Batiste fan too really sealed the deal. Woop woop!

Talk Ffashion

If you are completely clothes obsessed, this is a blog you'll want bookmarked. It is the day to day documentation of a gal who works in and studies all things fashion. This blog is well laid out with excellent photographs and detailed images of the garments up close. Regularly updated and well written, you're gonna love it!


Ello ello, what do we have here? Only a fellow Lush Lover! Yippee! This blog is full of reviews, wishlists, hauls and giveaway info. I love that the posts are updated regularly and the tone of the writing is so chipper. I like to read happy happy things! If you are after some girlie reviews in a very pink setting then you might just like this blog :). 

Angel's Corner

Angel's Blog is a lovely slice of the internet. A wife living in Dubai allows us to have little sneak peaks into her days, loves and family. This month she has shared a couple of cute DIY iPhone case ideas which you might like to check out if you are the arty type! 

Made Up of Little Things

Rachael's blog melts my heart a little bit. It's everything I want in a lifestyle blog and it makes me want to do everything featured in it. I didn't even know I wanted to go to Scotland until I read this, haha. I was really touched by Rachael's post about her Mama-in-Heaven and wished that our family had similar heart touching traditions. If you want to snuggle up to a warm cosy, this is the blog for you.

Life is Worth the Fight

Stacie is a lady on a mission. Stacie is currently waiting for a heart and lung transplant her blog focuses on her life dealing with Pulmonary Hypertension, her thoughts and feelings throughout the journey and a few other lifey bits along the way- oh hello giant Twilight fan! This blog has really educated me about a topic I before new nothing off, so I'm very grateful and am sure you would be too.


AmandaMuse is the first ever YouTube channel to advertise on Sprinkle of Glitter and I'm thrilled to have her. A YummyMummyVlogger, this glamorous expat talks about beauty, mummyhood and even offers baby jungle survival tips. The videos are well edited and shot with a high quality camera. I have already subscribed and hope you take a moment or two to relax through some of these great videos. 

J'aime Ombre

This blog is very mysterious and confusing to me. I shall say no more and let you see for yourselves. 

Daydream In Blue

Like many of the blogs that advertise with Sprinkle of Glitter, this is a fantastic place for reviews, hauls and beauty advice. What struck me most about this blog however was the post written on the 6th of this month about body confidence. This is an issue I have been thinking about a lot lately and I thought it was so refreshing to hear from someone who, over time, has become comfortable in their own skin and able to see that thin/fat/short/tall doesn't mean good/bad but it just is. It's just a size. If you'd like to be inspired, hop on over and give it a gander. 

A Product Junkie

Ellen Hannah is a genius. Every year I struggle for decent presents for Matt and my Dad and every year I end up feeling a bit sub standard. Ellen Hannah has recently written a brilliant Men's Gift Guide (inspiring me to write my own next week) and also solved a few gift situations for me too! On a less everyone-g-mad-it's-Christmas note, her blog is beautifully designed and full of many a girlie and beauty whimsy.

As I said above, if you would like to advertise on this blog (you can feature your blog, handmade business or youtube channel), click HERE for more information and details. Spaces are filling up fast and there are only limited spots. Sorry!



Saturday 10 November 2012

Festive Traditions | Christmas Love

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

In my Christmas obsessed mind, the minute Bonfire Night is over, I can go 100% crazy for tinsel, cards and fairy lights. If I'm totally honest, I've been thinking about them since September, but once November the 6th rolls round, I feel like I have a full festive license. 

(Image :: 

I've always been one for Christmas. I love the magic and the warmth of it all. I love the way family comes together, and the traditions that are upheld. When I was younger, my family life was pretty up and down to say the least, and so I never spent Christmas in one place or had any notable traditions, I just slotted in with whoever's house I was at and celebrated their way.

Now that I have my own family (and my wider family is a lot more settled and happy), I enjoy making new traditions that we can honour each year and embed into our yuletide memories. Since Matt and I have been together for many years now and this will be our 2nd Christmas with Baby Glitter, I thought I would share some of the ones we already have, and some that we are going to put into action this season.

Tumblr_ltnjdceol61r4sf5wo1_500_large (Image ::   


Old Christmas Traditions

Decor. Buying Baby Glitter a new tree decoration each year. There's never a theme, just one that we think is beautiful. Then, when she leaves home as a grown up lady, we'll give her them all and she'll have a ready made set for her own tree, full of meaning and sentiment.

Films and Party food. Matt and I get a bit giddy over miniature party food. You know the type- mini pizzas, mini quiche, mini hotdogs, mini samosas etc. Since it's the season of indulgence, we take ourselves off to the supermarket, buy a couple of boxes of party food, pick a film and then sit with only the fairy lights on (Darcy is in bed by now), eating our party food and watching a film. High on calories, low on disappointment!

Parties. If there is a Christmas Party to go to, I'm there! I'm like a magnet to them. My favourite thing for them isn't actually the being there, but the prep. I like to make platters of food to take and pick something glitzy to wear and then step out into the cold air and feel excited for the evening. In my books, it's a pretty magical feeling.

Baking. Every year I have grand plans that I will be a total domestic goddess and bake treats for all the family. Every year it fails miserably in and every year I cry, then laugh about it. I doubt this year will be any different!

Carol Service. The church our family goes to is wonderful all year round, but at Christmas it is extra special. The service is so popular that you usually need to arrive about an hour before-hand just to secure a seat. It's lit up with twinkle lights and the smell of hot mince pies drift round whilst children dressed as angels run about gleefully. I love it. Last year Baby Glitter was a bit too tiny to dress up, but this year I can't wait to see her in fluffy white wings and a halo.

(Image ::  

New Christmas Traditions

I'm going to stick to just three so that we can really focus on them and not get too lost.

A good deed. This year I feel like I have really ingratiated myself into our local community. I know my neighbours, I'm friends with the local playgroups, I like my hair salon, the man at the corner shop is always nice to me and the postman smiles. I feel very rooted. To kind of say 'thank you', I'd like to do something nice back and I've decided that I'm going to ring around local care homes and ask if I could go in and maybe offer my nail painting services. I have an insane amount of nail polish and would love to offer a bit of pampering. If they say that's not possible, I'll ask if there is anything else me and Baby Glitter can do. We're willing and cheery.

Pinning. 2012 was the year I discovered Pinterest (thanks to THIS lady! Check her out please) and am officially hooked! I've decided building my 'Christmas Glitter' board will be a certified tradition since it makes me so very, very happy!

Crafts. Making things with paper and glue and glitter makes me insanely pleased. This year, Darcy is old enough to join in (she's rather partial to putting stickers on coloured card) and so we are going to get our arty hats on and see what beauties we come up with. I'm sure I will instagram them (as I do most things), so if you'd like to see, I am @Sprinkleofglitr on the app. 

Christmas traditions is something I could talk endlessly about but I think I will leave it there for now. I would absolutely LOVE to hear what your traditions are and if you will be setting any new ones. 



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