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Tuesday 28 February 2012

Lou's Reviews :: Soap & Glory - Original Pink

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

A few weeks ago now I treated myself to a new perfume and I thought I would share my reflections on it with you.

Fragrances are always such a tricky product to review, what with everyone's scent preferences being so vastly different, and it not really being a black and white case of, "Does it work? Did it do the job? etc".

Soap & Glory's Original Pink is a very affordable £16.50 at Boots and is also part of the 3 for 2 offer, so if you really felt wild, you could buy 3 bottles of perfume for £33- bargain!

The official blurb for this scent is, "a fresh fruity citrus with notes of bergamot, summer rose, peach, strawberry, gardenia blooms, jasmine, patchouli warm amber and lush musks." In my mind (or should I say, 'nose'?), this smells simply delicious. It's sweet but not sickly and feminine but not little girlie, it's total a winner in my books.
The packaging is metal, lightweight and unfussy, yet attractive enough to sit on your dresser with your other fragrant delights. Now, I'm all for a jazzy glass bottle with charms, jewels and flowers adorned, but this sleek little number is ideal for throwing in your handbag. You need not worry that it's going to smash all over your belongings and you won't feel like you're carting round a breeze block all day! Crikey, I even think it would fit in a going-out clutch! Also, as if all that hasn't made you want to go out and grab one for yourself, it does come in a pastel pink box with embossed text on it, so perfect if you need a gift for your best friend's birthday. *Makes mental note to buy friends this for their special days*.
All in all, I absolutely adore this perfume and am so glad to have found something that meets all my usually very strict criteria- great price, great fragrance, great packaging. I cannot rave about this enough and strongly recommend you give it a sniff (urgh, 'sniff' is such a vulgar word isn't it?) next time you pass it.

Have you tried this perfume? Are you as in love as me?

PS- Despite four attempts at resolving the issue, blogspot will not let me space my paragraphs correctly. We can put a man on the moon but can't get basic text right. Sheesh!

Monday 27 February 2012

She's A Baby Model

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I wanted to write a blog post tonight saying, 'Thank You' to all the kind folk that voted for Baby Glitter to win her Baby Modelling Competition.

I had mentioned it on my Facebook Page and on twitter and in total she had 1,556 votes! WOWEE!!

Above is the winning photograph for you to maybe 'ohhhh' and 'ahhh' over. I know I'm biased, but I really do think she is a cutie.

I must say, there was stiff competition and some amazingly sweet babies in there too. Almost made me broody all over again.

I know I've said it before, but I really am so glad to have all of you in my life. Although I haven't met the majority of you, I feel like I'm part of a great big family of happy caring people and I'm so grateful.

Has anything good happened to you today?



Fashion VS Pregnancy? Not Anymore!

Sponsored post.

Although many shops on the high street have improved their maternity ranges in recent years, there's still room for improvement, particularly when it comes to cost. Being pregnant means your bump and your wardrobe needs to expand fast! With this in mind, the task of trying to find a half-fashionable outfit that fits from week-to-week can be a bit testing and expensive.
Here are a few tips and a couple of best buys to make your shopping experience a little bit easier:
Number one on the list of things to remember, is that the clothes you wear during pregnancy don't necessarily have to be maternity clothes. Plus size women's clothing often provides a cheaper, more fashionable alternative to buying from specialist maternity ranges and, as well as comfortably fitting your changing shape, plus-size clothing can often be more trend-driven than some mumsy maternity ranges.
If you are going to be blooming this spring or summer, try to embrace your growing tum but don't feel you need to sacrifice style to stay comfortable. Maxi dresses and boho skirts are old summer staples that can be bought in plus-sizes for really reasonable prices.
Of course, you'll also want to consider some post-pregnancy clothes too. Not everyone is like Amanda Holden, who seems to have snapped back into shape at a scarily rapid speed since giving birth to second child Hollie a few weeks ago, so remember that plus-sizes should allow you that little bit of freedom you need in the weeks after giving birth and can even be altered to shrink along with you.
This article was brought to you by Bonmarche, who wish you a happy and fashionable pregnancy.

Sunday 26 February 2012

Bargains at Boots

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I thought I would keep you all in the loop and let you know that Boots are running their nifty little voucher deal again.

If you spend £5, you are given a voucher which entitles you to £5 off anything from the No.7 range.

I always make the most of this and try and do my stocking up shopping (tooth pastes, lady products, shampoo, baby stuff, etc) at this time, then when I go to the tills to pay, I pay for it in £5 chunks so I get the most vouchers. Yes, it really annoys the sales assistant, but if it's the difference between 1 voucher and 7, I'll smile sweetly and endure the menacing evils she gives me...yeah lady who's name badge said 'Dawn', I'm talking about you.

I usually use my vouchers to stockpile the face wipes (which have changed packaging but are still the same) as they are taken from £7 to £2 and are brilliant at makeup removal. Seeing as I had so many vouchers this time, I treated myself to a night cream, taken from £10 to £5 and I think I will spend the other 2 on mascaras or maybe another skincare product.

I'm not sure how long this deal is on for so I would suggest you pop to your local Boots asap and take full advantage!

Are you a fan of the No.7 range? What do you enjoy most?



Thursday 23 February 2012

Kiss It Better

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Today has been one of those days. The kind where everything you touch crumbles and nothing will go right. Your hopes are dashed and you are left, sat in front of the One Show, eating Pizza Hut and wishing you'd ordered Dominos instead.

(Who doesn't love a grainy instagram picture of themselves looking a) overconfident and b) mental?)

I'm supposed to be doing highly grown up things tonight (no, not that you filthy minx), like setting up my printer, cleaning my tip of a dining room, planning upcoming videos/blogs, sorting our taxes and all that boring junk that I can't even bring myself to finish listing.

Instead, I'm going to sit here, on my bathroom floor, waiting for a hot bubble bath to run, brush my teeth (goodbye all traces of pizza sin), and read a book.

Yes tomorrow Baby Glitter will still have a cold and will be as clingy as ever, the taxes will still require me to stare confusedly at them and my house will still look like a carboot sale threw up, but I don't care. I'm a woman on the brink and I need someone to say, "It's OK Louise, don't sweat the small stuff".

For the most part, I feel incredibly blessed, but just today, please can I wallow in bleaurgh-ness? I'm sorry to not be Mrs Chirp, she'll be back tomorrow. If you have any requests for blog posts (baby/beauty/other), please do let me know and I shall make you wish my command.

Right now though, my bath is ready and my book is calling.



Wednesday 22 February 2012

Flutter and Sparkle

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It was bound to happen soon enough, but I shall hold my paws up and say- 'Woops! I forgot someone!'. Uh oh!

Gem has an advert with me and was meant to be in today's Amazing Advertiser post, but with errands to the post office and Matt's work, a slightly off par baby and something pretty big happening tomorrow (ooo mysterious), I let someone slip through the net and feel just horrible for it!

flutter and sparkle

To make up for my woopsie, I shall tell you about her here instead, so that those who have already read my previous post, won't miss her.

Gem's blog is girlie through and through. She herself admits that she has a serious addiction to shoes and fortunately for us, is happy to share her shopping hauls! With posts ranging from the latest nail techniques, to easy step by step bakery tutorials, this blog has a little bit of everything I like- beauty and food! haha!

Please do stop by and have a look at her great posts, and Gem, if you're reading, am I forgiven?



Amazing Advertisers :: February 2012

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Is it that time of month again already? Yep! It's time to have a look at this months Amazing Advertisers and get to know them all a little more. If you have emailed me about advertising, rest assured, I will respond- I tend to save up a big batch of advertising enquiries and answer them all in one go. If you are wanting to place an ad on Sprinkle of Glitter, please do send an email soon as March spaces are filling up FAST! Email for bookings.

(Image: weheartit)
Passion About Fashion

Laura is a regular advertiser with me. I've noticed this month her blog has had a bit of a makeover and is looking rather swish. From foundation to fashion, gems to swanky events, this blog is a girlie haven of interesting posts and pictures. Pop over and see for yourself!

Laura Laments

Another Laura, another regular. I've loved this blog since I discovered it last yeat and I like to think you will too. Laura's posts are beautifully written and allow you to loose yourself in her witty accounts of the life of a single gal in London. A brilliant lifestyle blog and a breath of fresh air.

Beauty Butterfly Blog

Jade is another regular on Sprinkle of Glitter (gee wizz I must be doing something right haha!). Her beauty product reviews are brilliantly laid out, with clear subtitles, so if there is just one thing you are looking to find out, it's simple pimples. With product reviews from MAC to Blistex, there is something for every budget and beauty fan. Loves it.

Beauty and Baggage

Seonaid is another regular advertiser (haha spot a pattern? Happy Customers!) and is a total gem. She has eyelashes that make me very jealous- despite reviewing some very lovely false lashes, she really doesn't need them, blending skills to die for and is currently running a giveaway for some Benefit goodies- Yay! If you'd like to win some gorgeous luxury cosmetics, check her out.

La Vida Fresa

If you like reviews, hauls, tags, cute kitty snaps and dupes, THIS is the blog fr you. With regular updates and a fresh layout, this blog really is a pleasure to read. Paula is also on twitter as @Miss_PaulaB, so check her out and say, 'Howdy Doody'- she's very friendly I promise!!

Obvious Leigh
Leigh's blog makes me tres happy. Like me, she is a Yummy Mummy (I have high opinions of myself haha) and shows us all that you can still find a little bit of time to pamper or treat yourself to a few beauty products here and there. Her posts range from beauty (with great swatches), fashion and hauls. Well worth a read.

Bella Blonde

Sarah-Jayne is one busy lady. Her blog encompasses beauty, lifestyle and craft posts, which is just as well considering Sarah is a qualified Beauty Therapist who also teaches in college- oof, where does she find the time? I think this is the blog that has everything- easy step by step craft tutorials, shopping hauls, hair and beauty reviews and a little bit of 'lifeyness' thrown in to boot. Yay!

Flossie's Beauty Love

Flossie is a busy Mum of two, 'trying' (her words, not mine!), to stay glam and imparting her beauty knowledge on all of us eager beavers. Flossie has worked for an array of beauty companies and so really knows her stuff! If you like posts about storage, reviews, events and hauls, this is a blog for your reading list.

Miss LV

Miss LV (not sure if she'd like her first name published) is a makeup obsessed animal lover. Although her posts range from high end Illamasqua to the ultra affordable MUA, she is currently running a mini series on MAC Lipsticks, so do head over and check those out. A lovely blog, with surprise give aways, beauty and a touch of life to boot!

A World Full Of Prettiness

Kate's blog is jammed packed with everything girlie- OOTD'S, NOTD'S, reviews, hauls, ideas and lifey posts, there is bound to be something you'll enjoy reading. If for no other reason, you should check it out purely because of how gorgeously cute her bedroom is! See for yourself!


Wired is the most amazing jewellery company ever! I have actually given this advert a complimentary month (Faye bought a January slot) purely because I just love all the pretty things and think it deserves as much coverage as possible and you all need to know about it!

As I mentioned above, if you would like to advertise your blog or handmade business on Sprinkle of Glitter, please do get in touch as spaces are limited and filling up quickly. Please note that there is a small (very reasonable I promise) fee for this service and you MUST be a blog or HANDMADE business. Ads can be a maximum of 200pixels wide (and to be supplied by you) and run for one month from the 1st of each month. Payment is to be made upfront via paypal.

I know that sounded all very formal, but rather than have you wondering and me asnwering the same questions multiple times, I thought I'd try and makes things easy for us all.

Also, as it is Amazing Advertisers Day (haha it's officially a day!), then if you have a blog and would like to give yourself a shoutout on my Facebook Page then today you can. Pop over and say, "Amazing Advertiser Day Shoutout......." and then whatever you like and your blog link. For today only, go wild!!



Sunday 19 February 2012

How To :: Graduated Glitter Nails

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

If, like me, you love nail varnish and like to have pretty little paws that add a splash of colour or a twinkle of glitter to your overall look, then this will be the post for you!

For the longest time I've drooled over other people's beautiful nail art blog posts and looked longingly at the tutorial videos that made intricate details and swirly designs look oh-so-easy.

Sadly for me, I just don't have that steady a hand and my nails end up looking like a dog's dinner. *Sigh*.

So with all that in mind, imagine my joy to find a sparkly nail art technique that is so easy even me and my sausage fingers can pull off! I give you- Graduated Glitter Nails.

How do I do this snazzy nail look on my own pinkies?

1. Do whatever nail prep you usually do.
2. Pick a colour and paint it evenly all over the nail.
3. Take glitter polish and paint a thin coat from about 3/4 of the way up to the tip and leave to dry.
4. As number 3 but from about 1/2 way up to the tip and leave to dry.
5. As number 3&4 but from 1/4 of the way up and leave to dry.
6. Apply top coat.


My Tips for Top Talons:

♥ If you are new to this technique, choose a lighter base colour as it is more forgiving on any heavy handedness glitter-wise. Currently I'm wearing a lilac with silver glitter and it looks amazing. I did take a snap but my hands are suffering in this cold weather at the mo, so I thought best not to share.

♥ Be gentle with the glitter, the aim is to build it up sloooowwwllyyy.

♥ Be aware that this is a lot of polish on you nails, especially at the tips. I have found this has led to easier chipping. Not a problem but if you're going out Saturday night, don't apply on a Wednesday and expect them to still look perfecto. Plan it properly.

I absolutely adore this look. It gives you a chance to use glitter in a more sophisticated way and I'm looking forward to experimenting with more colours. For those that are interested, the colours in in my fancy demo above are OPI 'We have a purple' and OPI 'Spark de Triomphe'. I buy my nail wheels for £1.99 in packs of 10, from this ebay store.

Is this a nail method you'd try?



Thursday 16 February 2012

Has Spring Sprung?

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

This morning as I brushed my teeth, I opened the bathroom window and heard something unfamiliar but oh so lovely- birdsong. For me, the first musical notes from my garden friends of the year are a mark of hope, of good things to come and at last, an end to grey dreariness.

I instantly wanted to do a 'spring' post and sat down with Lappie (who doesn't name their laptops?!) to have a bit of a mooch on weheartit for eye candy. Suddenly, I realised that this all felt a bit de ja vous. Hmmmm. After a little think, I realised I did something VERY similar last year in February! If you would like to read that post, HERE it is. Haha, it goes to show what a creature of habit I am.

Never one to miss out on the opportunity to create a new tradition, I typed "Spring" into and here are a selection of my favourites :


Tulips have been one of my favourite flowers since as long as I can remember. This picture reminds me of my Auntie Rose's garden which is always in full bloom.


Although this is clearly not in England (there are no lorries swaying across two lanes and sports cars cutting anyone up), it makes me want a road trip with the windows wound down.


With two of my girlie friends engaged this winter, weddings are on the horizon. As soon as the shops start stocking nice summer clothes, I'm going shopping!


In our house, Spring is birthday season. Baby Glitter, Me, my Mum in heaven and some of my cousins all have April birthdays, so the anticipation of cake and parties is never far from our minds.

Are you full of the joys of Spring yet?



Tuesday 14 February 2012

Lou's Reviews :: MAC MSF Soft and Gentle

Aloha Sprinklerinos,
For the past few months, I have had one question in particular popping up over and over again on YouTube and I decided it might be a good idea to make the answer into a blog post.

The question I have been asked is what have I been wearing on my cheeks to make them look so glowy? I must say, I have been pleased as punch with all the lovely comments telling me I look radiant or healthy or even gorgeous! I can assure you it's all cosmetic and isn't that 'pregnancy glow'. There's no bun in this oven!

 MAC Soft and Gentle is part of the Mineralised Skin Finish (MSF) family and since buying it in September 2011, has been reached for almost every day.

With swirling marbleised colours of gold, bronze and tan, it gives my skin the most beautiful luminous finish without it depositing little flecks of glitter. Obviously, I have no issue with glitter, in fact I embrace it, but there are times when a soft shimmer is preferential to sparkletown.

I apply it quickly and easily with a domed kabuki brush and find it blends really well into foundation, powder and bronzer. It really does tickle my pickle.

(I can't tell you how annoying that teeny smudge under my eye is to me. I nearly didn't put this photo in but it demonstrates how dewy brilliant the Soft and Gentle is dans la skin)

The slightly unhinged addict in me is a little sad that I have used so much that there is no longer the domed effect in the pan, but if you check out the website photo, you can see one in all it's newy glory. In hindsight, I probably should have snapped this when I first bought it last year, but I have been loving it so much that it's not left my makeup bag.

This lovely product retails for £21.50. To me, it's a luxury purchase, but one that I'll repeat because the quality is fantastic, it lasts an age (6 months in and yet to hit pan) and it's lead to a flurry of kind compliments- and you can't put a price on that!

Have you tried this highlighter? What are your thoughts on it?



Monday 13 February 2012

New CID Event

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I was going to write a full length blog post today about the New CID Event I attended a few weeks back with Vixypops, but guess what?! Matt has surprised me and is taking me on a mystery day out for Valentines!! Exciting!

So I thought I would be a cheat and rather than do nothing at all, pop the video I made on it up here. I appreciate that some of you may have already watched it, but for those that haven't, here it is:

If you're more of a reading kind of a gal, Vixpo from VIPXO wrote a lovely post which is jam packed with pictures and you can check that out HERE.

I shall be back on with non cheaty posts tomorrow, right now though I'm off to be whisked away!

Do you prefer reading blog posts or watching videos?



Friday 10 February 2012

JD Williams

Sponsored Post.

Following on from my previous post about shopping for jeans, another site I have been looking at today is JD Williams is perfect for those of us looking for plus size clothing and I have found some little gems to share with you all.

I must say, as with any shop (on line or highstreet), there are things that perhaps wouldn't be my cup of tea and things that would, so it was quite fun spending a bit of time mooching through and seeing the selection they have.

This is the Abigail Batwing Blouse with camisole for £32.

I have something quite similar to this from Rivar Island (remember the blue floral poncho type top?) and I think this would look really lovely with leggings and sandals in the Spring. I love that it's long enough to cover the bottom, so it hides a multitude of sins! JDWilliams actually stock sizes from 12-38 and I think this top is a really good choice for a larger lady. Oohh also, whilst I'm on the topic of sizings, they also have a crazy good size range on bras: 32-56, cup size A-K.

Another top that I reeeaallly like is the Abigail Button Front Top for £35. This actually comes in cream and black and would be good for this time of year with a cotton tee underneath, or for warmer temperatures with just a vest. Again, I like the length of it and think it would suit skinny jeans and cute pumps. Oohh look at me, Mrs Fashionista! Haha.

As far as the trousers go, what about these hot pink peg pants? They are a little brave for me but I've seen quite a few brights lately and am starting to think this is a trend I need to get on!

All in all, a great selection of clothes and accessories for the curvier figure and a good place to start if you are in the market for some plus sized clothing.

Thanks for reading!


Sponsored Post.

Jeans from Marisota

Sponsored Post.

If like me, you are a little softer round the edges, clothes shopping can turn from a fun day out trying on clothes, to a total nightmare at the drop of a hat, or should I say, at the strain of a zip? What was supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, can become a stressful ordeal in a changing room, under harsh lights, with a garment that makes you look like a burly truck driver. I'm not saying this as an, "oohh imagine that" kind of scenario, this has happened to me more times that I care to admit.

My favourite clothing to go shopping for is dresses because I know my figure can pull them off well and I know what shops accommodate my size 16-18 frame (sometimes more depending on the brand). Clothing my bottom half however, is a different story.

Trousers, jeans, even tights (urgh that clingy feeling round my bumbum is not my idea of comfort) are my nemesis. I find that ordinary highstreet shops usually only go up to a size 16 and being a pair shape, I need to go a little bigger.

Today I have been looking at the Jeans from Marisota and was really impressed to see how much variety they had available on there. I know this is a sponsored post, so it was going to be positive anyway, but truely honestly, I really do love how much choice there is! 

There are over 150 different jeans to choose from (I even spotted some hot pink skinnies! Woop woop!) in sizes up to a 32 (so if you're a curvy misses, you're well catered for) and also different leg lengths. This is great for me because I'm too tall for regular lengths, but not quite tall enough for long lengths- do you see what I usually hate jeans shopping so much? Haha.

After having a good look through, I have decided that I'm going to invest in the jeans below for Spring/Summer.

They look sooooooo comfortable and with Baby Glitter on the cusp of walking and running, I need something practical!

I appreciate that for a lot of you Sprinklerinos, you might be able to go into any shop you fancy and buy lovely things, but for me it's always a bit of a hunt, and when I find something that gives me the freedom to choose things that are fun and that fit, I'm a very happy bunny indeed!

Have you shopped with Marisota before? What did you think?

Thanks for Reading!


Sponsored Post.

Thursday 9 February 2012

Topshop Splurge

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

No, no, before you scootch your bumbums to the edge of your chairs anticipating a Topshop clothing haul, let me rain on your parade- I bought no clothes! I never actually buy clothes from Topshop. Mainly because I have a fat ass and Topshop doesn't accommodate this and also because there isn't too much in their that really suits me. Meh.

What I do love from Topshop though is their make up range. I actually reviewed the sandstorm range last year, so if you'd like to refresh your memory, HERE it is.

A couple of weeks ago I was in London for the New CID event and had arranged to meet up with Victoria from VIPXO outside the Topshop on Oxford Street. It would have been rude to walk past and not stop by. Thirty eight English pounds later, here is what I came out with:

Since buying these beauties, I have loved the lipsticks so much that I've bought two more- oopsie. The lipliner in 'Fearless' is the PERFECT accompaniment for the lipstick in 'Brighton Rock'.

Whilst I meandered round the makeup (and bumped into Barbara aka ThePersianBabe of all people), I spotted a rather expansive Barry M counter and couldn't help but have a gander. I always check out Barry M because I love their pigments and have quite a little collection now. This particular counter seemed to have a much wider selection of shades than my usual ones, so I took full advantage and bought three more dazzle dusts.

I think they are all really gorgeous spring shades and will look lovely blended with other colours or patted all over the lid.


On to the pencils. I love them both. A lot.

'Coal' eyeliner has now become my absolute favourite and I will definitely be repurchasing when it runs out. It's darker than dark, smudges beautifully, stays on all day (where I left it too!) and gives the perfect smokey vixen eye. It's true love I tell thee.

'Fearless' lipliner is my second ever lipliner and is fantastic with 'Brighton Rock' lipstick. It glides on effortlessly with no stressful skin tugging and makes a brilliant base too. Since buying this, I have a lot of faith in Topshop lipsticks and will be looking into more.

I won't go on too much about the lipsticks because I recently made a video featuring them, but in a nutshell, they're great, get some!

Creamy, pigmented, long lasting, non drying, what more could you want?

How much do you love the packaging? So fun!

I know they look VERY similar, but I couldn't help myself. 'Brighton Rock' is very candy pink, where as 'Confession' is a pinkish coral.

Ooohhhhh look at coal. Sooooo black.

Yes, I know this is a stupid weirdo face, but I HAD to pick it over the nice smiley-show-the-lipstick-snaps because there is a little monkey poking round in the back! Tehe!

Overall, I think that was £38 well spend and I'm really pleased with my purchases.

Have you ever bought makeup from Topshop? What did you think?



Wednesday 8 February 2012

February FOTD

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Those of you who watch my videos may well have noticed that I have been sporting the same sort of look of late. I have found a look that I find quick, easy and suitable for day/night/the lot.

On Saturday morning, before leaving for the IMATS, I snapped a few quick shots. I never know quite how to pose for facey shots, I know there is a certain blog style but having tried them, I look like a total goon, so I just tried to show you the products like a noooormal person.


Moisturiser- I'm currently trying out a few, reviews to come.
MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer, NW15.
Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint Foundation, 02 Beige.
MAC MSF, Soft and Gentle.
2True Face and Body Bronzer.


Boots own brand Strawberry Lip Balm.
Topshop Lipstick, Brighten Rock.
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss, Pink Pop.


HD Brow Kit, Vamp.
Illamasqua Pure Pigment, Beguile.
Topshop Eyeliner, Coal. (Smudged with a pencil brush)
L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara (loving this at the moment, review to come).

Hmmm, reading that back it sounds like an awful lot of items but in the mornings, it doesn't feel like it. I can do this entire look in about 10 minutes. If I want to make it a bit more 'night time', I would use more eyeliner and spend longer on my lashes and also use a lipliner to do better lips, but seeing as this was at 7.30am, I was pleased.

Do you have a look that you find yourself going back to again and again?



Tuesday 7 February 2012

London IMATS 2012

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

As you will know, unless you live under a rock, this weekend was the annual London International Makeup Artist Tradeshow (IMATS) and just like last year, I went, I saw, I shopped!

This year was a million squillion times better than last, for a variety of reasons. One, I wasn't 8 months pregnant and waddling about like a beached whale and two, I mooched about with some spiffing gals and meet tonnes of Sprinklerinos!!

I didn't actually take my big camera because I wanted to just relax and not worry too much, but I did take my camcorder and filmed bippits and boppits. All the videos (there are three) are on my YouTube Channel so you might have seen them, but for those of you who are strictly Blog folk, enjoy:

I appreciate this is a bit of a naughty post because it's all video content, but fear not, I had a bit of a product photoshoot yesterday so I have plenty to blog about in the upcoming days!

Any requests?



Friday 3 February 2012

I heart Glitterworld

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I have just spent over an hour writing a post and uploading a zillion pictures of a a few bits I picked up last week but as I was writing it, I was finding it more and more laborious. I promised myself when I started this blog that I would only ever write for the joy of it, and so that post was quickly sent to drafts and I decided to talk about something much more fun.

This week has been another good one and I couldn't be more grateful- mostly to you fabulous Sprinklerinos!

♥ My lovely chum Zoe came to stay. We laughed our socks off, mooched round cute shops in a local village, ate our weight in pizza hut and put the world to rights. Once she was home, she wrote a really unexpected and beautiful post and I felt really rather emotional. I shan't go on because I don't want to sound like Mrs Feelings, but it really did mean a lot.

♥ Baby Glitter has been an absolute joy this week. She's always my little treasure, but this week she seems to have been more brilliant than usual. My friend Charly and I had some retail therapy today and Baby Glitter was sooo well behaved. She cooed and giggled and clapped like a pro. OOhhhhh I could just squish her to bits...but I won't...that would be frowned upon somewhat.

♥ Whilst shopping today I picked up 2 more Topshop lipsticks- yay! More on those to come.

♥ It's the IMATS tomorrow!! I cannae wait!! Matt is dropping me off and collecting me so I'll enjoy chitchatting to him in the car and then he and Baby Glitter will be spending the day together with a friend in London. I absolutely loved the IMATS last year and this year will be even better because I won't be 8 months pregnant and waddling- hooray. If you see me, come over and say, 'Howdy Doody' please :)

♥ Best, best, best thing about this week- I won 'Highly Commended' in the Marie Claire Beauty Blog of the Year Awards. I literally could not believe it. Really, I couldn't. It has just been a huge boost to me to know that so many of you voted and makes me love GlitterWorld a trillion times more that I already did, which was A LOT! I could gabble on and on about how grateful I am but you're eyes would get very tired indeed. Just, thank you. I heart you. Yes, you.

What good things have happened for you this week?


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