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Monday 30 September 2013

Physical Appearance || Monday Insights #4

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Merry Monday mon petite lovelies. So far, the Monday Insights feature has been really positively received so I'm happy about that. If you are not sure what this whole shibang is about, HERE is the original post to help you understand and join in.

Once again, I have narrowed it down to 15 questions so that this doesn't become too long and you don't miss your bus stop/get into trouble with your boss for reading blogs for too long!


Last week I gave you the topic PHYSICAL APPEARANCE and here are the questions you asked -

I know we all have days where we hate our bodies, but what are some steps I can take to learning how to love my shape and accepting it?

Find a style of clothing that suits your body. For example, if I tried to wear disco pants and crop tops I think I would feel pretty down in the dumps. Give me a skater skirt and a scoop necked top though and I feel great. Once you work out which shapes of clothing suit the shape of your body, life feels a lot better. 

What are some good ways to look presentable when you are feeling lazy or are short on time?

My biggest trick is dry shampoo, hair in 'messy' bun (oohh yeah, did that mess on purpose baby), sheer black floaty shirt over a black cami top (hides a multitude of sins), skinny jeans and pumps. You instantly look 'together' and it was minimal effort. If you have time, a swipe of liquid liner and pink lipstick will go far. Good luck!

I was wondering if you ever find yourself comparing yourself to everyone else - your friends, celebrities, random people on the street - and if you do, how do you stop yourself before it becomes super negative?

Absolutely! I think everyone does. When I find myself doing it excessively i remind myself that we are DIFFERENT. Whilst we are all human woman (unless you're a man obv) we are not all clones. My friend Zoe and I are both women in our twenties with a passion for clothes and makeup but we have completely different tastes, styles and shapes. Rather than looking at her and thinking, 'I wish I could be that petite/have blue eyes/have such a pea head (lol)', I think, 'yes Zoe is all of those things but I am a whole set of other things. I have green eyes and a great bum and a lovely hourglass shape and am sooo modest haha'. My point is, it's OK to be your set of things. Value what you are, don't wish you could be what someone else is. 

How do you start loving yourself and build confidence when appearance is important in today's social life and your personality doesn't pop up in order to make the appearance less important?

I think by taking the time to stop feeling the pressure of the media and are self imposed rules and love yourself as a person. Once you let go of all of that then you are free to see all your beauty. It's a tricky one I know and something I have spent quite a few years working on. I'm glad twitter, facebook and tumblr weren't around in my teen years. 

Everyone around me (friends, family etc) want me to change my physical appearance and become more attractive so that, according to them I can "get a boyfriend". I'm not particularly interested in boys and want to focus on school, how can I get them off my back?

Tell them firmly and maturely that you don't currently place importance on finding a boyfriend and ask them to respect your choices. If they aren't mature enough to do that, ignore them. Easier said than done I know but don't engage in conversations about it and try to leave situations (ie physically walk out of the room) that bring it up. You sound like a really smart person to me. 

My Mum wants me to get fitted for a bra soon, is it really as awful as it sounds?

Nope, not at all, but I understand your fears. Wanna know something crazy? I was so afraid to be fitted that the first time I allowed someone to measure me was 6 months ago. That's after 14 whole years of bra wearing, including a pregnancy!!! It was honestly so fine, NOT embarrassing and now I wear good bras and feel great. Let your Mum take you and get it done. 

Do you ever feel pressured to look good? I often feel under pressure to look the best! 

Yes, so much. In the last few months I have actually felt so pressured that on a few occasions I snapped. I feel like TV, media and even YouTube portray and unrealistic ideal towards woman that suggests to be successful we must be ALWAYS preened and beautiful. Do I really NEED to wear makeup to do my weekly grocery shop? No. Of course not, but have found myself doing a full face of makeup 'just in case'. The pressure became so great that I actually started cancelling going places (spur of the moment) because I felt I didn't look nice enough. How insane! 

I now force myself to have 'days off' and embrace the fact that I am free to be exactly how I want. If that means wearing a hoodie and no makeup, go me! If that means looking totally glammed up, yay for that choice to. The important thing is that it is a CHOICE and not something I or you feel OBLIGED to do. Success is choosing your own way.  

Do you ever have those days when you just feel fat/ugly/horrible? Do you have any tips on how to cope with those days?

Doesn't everyone? I cope by knowing that they are just a state of mind, not a fact and that those feelings will pass. 

I've never worn make up and people always tell me I'm weird. I don't have any idea how to put it on or anything, because I don't have anyone in my family who wears make up.. they're mostly boys haha. But sometimes I think I don't fit in, so should I start wearing it to fit in and not get tons of mean comments about how weird I am???

This is entirely up to you. What I will say though is that you are not 'weird' for not wearing makeup. The people telling you that are 'weird' for thinking it. I also understand how you feel about having nobody to teach you as I was in the same position as a young person. IF you do decide to try makeup out, why not ask a nice friend (not one that calls you weird) to come and help you look round the drugstores and pick out a few easy bits. Lipgloss and mascara are good starts. 

Please only wear makeup if you want to. 

Are there/have there been people in your life or around you that thought negatively about your appearance? How do you deal with it? 

My Dad has only in the last couple of years stopped making comments about my weight. He hates the fact that I'm plus size and would be overjoyed if I lost a few stone. I deal with it two ways. Firstly, I know he does it out of love. He worries that it is unhealthy to be bigger and would like me to lead the healthiest life possible (and really, he's right). Secondly, I told him that by making constant comments, I didn't motivate me to loose weight, it only created horrible feelings and resentment. You will never be perfect to everyone (not even your own parents sometimes) but by thinking logically (although it's often hard to remove the emotion from things regarding your appearance) and being honest with them, you can lessen the issue.

If it is people you don't know saying rude or negative things, ignore them. You are not obliged to take on board every opinion you hear. 

Most adolescent girls have hang up about their appearance, I know I did, and probably still do. If you could go back and say something to your teenage self, regarding your appearance, what would you say?

"You are not as fat as you think you are. The mary-jane shoes look great on you but the baby pink cropped trousers don't. Stop over plucking your eyebrows and enjoy having super pert boobs- motherhood is round the corner!"

I'm underweight and it just runs in my genes , but people are always saying I have an eating disorder like anorexia / bulimia , that I look sick, or something along those lines. I am perfectly healthy ( the doctor always says so ) and I eat a lot ( more than most of my friends ). How can I cope with this? Or what do I say / how should I react when others call me out like that?

Tell them exactly what you just told me, it runs in your genes and you are perfectly healthy. I'd also add on, 'so please mind your own business' haha. My friend Zoe is very slim and has the same problem so I empathise. She is constantly having to fight off, 'ohmigod you're so thin' comments which to her, are as offensive as calling a bigger person 'fat'. I think just explain to people that you are fine and healthy and hope that they eventually get the message. As long as you know you're alright, that's all that matters. 

Did you find it a struggle in the early days of your relationship with Matt to be totally open in a physical sense? Even the likes of getting changed in the same room - did you do that awkward changing dance of trying to do it so no one see's?

Ooooohhh that's a toughie. The answer is no because I have always been VERY comfortable with Matt but in the days pre-Matt when I had other boyfriends- yes! I basically just did all my changings in bathrooms to avoid the awkward modesty dance! 

I have quite long sideburns and I'm a really impatient person so I don't know whether I should grow them out or not. Is there any easy painless way of at least making them seem less obvious?

May I just ask you to google image 'Kelly Kapouski'. She was one of the lead roles in a 1990's teen programme and ermihgerd she rocked sideburns. She is a hair queen. Hope that was helpful!!

People constantly comment on how beautiful my sister is and it makes me feel really awful, any tips?

Find all the things that make you beautiful (inside as well as out) and focus on them. Also, you share the same genes as your sister so I bet you are beautiful too :)


I hope some of those answers proved useful or amusing to you and that some of you have seen your questions replied to! If yours wasn't included, I'm ever so sorry and hope that it is next week.

For Monday Insights #5, our topic will be....


This is your chance to ask me anything you like regarding my experiences of Motherhood. I will say ahead of time that I am in no way a 'Motherhood Expert' and I don't believe that just by giving birth you are automatically an authority on the topic, it's just something I have a lot of personal opinions on and something that features pretty heavily on this blog. So, ask away!



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Friday 27 September 2013

My iPhone Life | September 2013

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It has long been floating around in my book of blog ideas to share some of my daily iPhone snaps with you. I wanted a way to share the snaps that weren't taken on my big girl camera and didn't make it to instagram, so here we are. If you like this idea, I'll keep up with it. 


From L-R, top to bottom. 

Posing with Joey | Vintage toys at my Grandmas | Most of the group I am working with at Google (more on this another time) | Darcy on a fairground train.

Bouncy castle time | Sunset in London | Sweet puppy | Mummy and Baby on a giant tree stump.

Baby in Coton Gardens | Me at YouTube HQ | Darcy on her photoshoot | Too small kiddie clothes.

Overlooking London | Google HQ | Best veggie burger EVER | Ice cream monster. 

Oooohhh that was cathartic. I am so glad that we have the technology to photograph and document SO MUCH these days, it makes life so interesting. 

I think my snaps show what an extreme life I have. I don't mean 'extreme' as in watersports and wild nights out, but I one moment I'm sat in a pile of toddler clothes deciding which are for charity and which are for saving and the next I'm spending a week in London, working at Google every day. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I am so thankful for my life. I am a very lucky lady. 

What has been the most exciting thing you have done this month? Do you have big plans for the coming weeks?



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PS- 4 years down the line and blogger still decides not to centralise type sometimes. YAY technology.

Thursday 26 September 2013

Skin Saviours | Beauty

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Wait what? Louise is doing a beauty review? She remembered she used to do those once upon a time? Haha yep! Here I am, getting all beautimus up in yo' face. How'd you like them apples? Ok, enough with the quips, let's get cracking.


Lately I have been opting for a low key routine and feel like quick and easy are the main criteria for all beauty related choices. 

That being said, I'm not prepared to sacrifice my skincare and so these are the products I have been relying on to keep me all lovely and smooshy- technical eh?



Origins Make a Difference + has been my facial moisturiser of choice over the past few weeks. I sinks in beautifully, doesn't leave a sticky or greasy residue, has a gentle scent (lychee and watermelon- yum) and let's face it, the packaging is cute too. Anything mint or turquoise gets a thumbs up in my books. At £34 this is definitely a luxury purchase and stung a little bit as I handed over my card but really, I have loved it and dare I say it, will repurchase. My face has enjoyed feeling so soft and quenched. Goodbye dry patches, hello super skin.

Side note - Minutes after I took these photos I dropped the pot and almost cried as I watched about £15 of moisturiser splatter up the wall. Sad times. 



Soap and Glory Butter Yourself Body Cream seems to be the product that keeps on giving. This jar has lasted me AGES. With orange, watermelon and fig, this cream smells divine. I want to eat it.

I use this product on my legs and arms and whilst it takes a little while to sink in, it does leave you feeling smoothy soft soft and what more do you want from your legs? Aside from standing and running and such??

For £10.50 for a 300ml jar that lasts a looonngg time, I think this is excellent value. Also, Soap and Glory often have 3 for 2 deals on (online and in store) so look out for those.


Hydraluron Moisture Booster was a pricey but nifty little purchase a few months back that I have loved and will continue to buy. I'm not even going to try and get in on the science lingo (google will be your friend here) but this is a serum. You apply it before your moisturiser to a clean face and it helps look in hydration for longer than just using cream alone. I was sceptical at first but have felt a noticable difference and find it such a quick step in the morning that it's not a lot of extra effort. It sinks in VERY quickly and has no scent so won't clash with whatever else you are using. At £24 for a 30ml tube I think you could call it luxurious but it's a price I'm willing to pay for gorgeous looking skin. 

I'd heard great things about Burts Bees Lip Balms ever since I started blogging and looking into these things but never really bought into the hype. A while back I needed something to chuck in my bag and so picked up the original flavour for £3.69. I wouldn't say it's a wonder product and I'm still not sure why everyone piddles their panties (ew) over the brand but it does the job, my lips are balmed. I have since tried the mango flavour and whilst that was really nice, again, I'm not flailing my arms around it wild exuberance over it. They are good, standard, well priced products. There. 

And there you have it, the little gems that have been keeping my badaaaiii all soft and lovely. I change my skincare up so often that it was nice to for once stop and talk about it. 

I would love to hear what products you are using or loving at the moment or if there is anything you think I would get on with (I have normal-dry skin)?

More beauty chats soon??



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Wednesday 25 September 2013

Sanex Dermo Repair || Beauty

This is a sponsored post. 

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Something people are often surprised by is the fact that our skin is our biggest organ. Without it we can't live or function and for that reason (as well as vanity!), it is crucial that we take the time and care to look after it. One brand that is full committed to keeping your skin healthy is Sanex. 

As part of their plan to keep skin healthy, Sanex have introduced the new Dermo Repair shower gel and bath cream to their range and would love for you to give it a try. Containing a unique activ-restore complex (made primarily of Allantoin) to repair daily damage (caused by long hot showers, air conditioning etc) and restore your skin's natural pH and moisture levels, they leave you feeling nourished and smooth. 

I am really interested to give these products a try as my Husband has been a fan of the original Sanex shower gels for years and now refuses to try any other brands. I think he will welcome these newcomers to his morning shower. 

For those of you with dry or sentitive skin, Sanex has you covered with a Dermo Repair to suit - Yay! You can get your hands on these products by popping into your local pharmacy, drugstore or supermarket. 

If you would like to explore the full product range further, print a money off coupon or ask a dermatoligist your skin related question, click HERE to visit the website. As an extra insentive (as if that wasn't enough!) to check it out, Sanex are offering one lucky ducky the chance to win a fabulous trip to Iceland where they will visit the Blue Lagoon and experience the skin nourishing geothermal spa. Fifty lucky runners up will win Sanex goodie bag prizes too- Squuueeee! Go have a looksie for full terms and conditions. 

What do you think? Is Sanex a brand you have tried and loved?



Tuesday 24 September 2013

Amazing Advertisers || September 2013

Aloha Sprinklerions, 

Good grief, where did the summer go?! And how have we reached that time of year yet again in which we are able to start the Christmas countdown?! I say it every month, but my jolly did this month wizz past! I am pleased to report though, we are officially into autumn, hurrah! And along with a new season I have some wonderful advertisers this month that I am pleased as punch to be sharing with you! 

Let's get reading, shall we? 


The Luxury Beauty Company is an online beauty shore providing us with hours of online product ogling, wish list making and the excitement of waiting for the postman to deliver new beauty treasures! The Luxury Beauty Company finds exciting products from around the globe, offering a wider selection for all our beauty related needs (a girl can never have too much choice!) I would personally regard the Luxury Beauty Company as a high end store, the products look beautifully packaged and full of ingredients my face and body would love (I’m looking at you, you beautiful skincare treasures!) I suggest we all treat ourselves to a thing or two from the Luxury Beauty Company next month!

Stacie is a long term advertiser with Sprinkle of Glitter and once again her blog has brightened up a few dreary afternoons this month! Stacie is a strong gal and I love her positive attitude towards life despite her illness. As well as keeping us up to date with her wait for shiny new organs, this month Stacie has shared her adventure and snaps to the Harry Potter Studio Tour (brownie points to Stacie for being a Harry Potter lover!) and also the good news that she is soon to be Channel 4 famous, so well done Stacie! Hop on over and show Stacie some blogging support, you won't regret it!

Tom has advertised with Sprinkle of Glitter a few times now and I am never left disappointed when I hop on over to have a gander. This month Tom shared his love for autumn with us which makes me love him a little bit more (well all know how much I love the cosy months.) His autumnal snaps were beautiful, as is all his photography and I look forward to ogling over more of his photography in future! If you’d like to spice up your blogging reads a little I suggest you give Tom a whirl, he writes well and offers a refreshing read (not to mention some of you ladies may find him easy on the eye too.)

Sophie is a regular advertiser with Sprinkle of Glitter, offering a variety of posts for us to enjoy. Whilst Sophie’s beauty and lifestyle posts this month have been  (as always) a joy to read,  especially her lovely review of Zoe chummy’s sunglasses for Detour, I have particularly enjoyed her culinary posts, Sophie is quite the little chef don’t ya know! It’s been treats galore on her blog this month with two different cookie recipes, not to mention her breakfast post with the beautiful looking pancakes I ever did see! I suggest we all pop on our aprons and learn a thing or two about baking from Sophie, she’s the hostess with the mostess! Mm I want a cookie now.

The Lovely Raindrop is a sparkly little jewellery shop over on my beloved Etsy offering us a variety of beautiful accessories! If you have magpie like tendencies like me then you will love The Lovely Raindrop! They sell the most charming dainty necklaces (I am particularly in love with the birdy designs) as well as rings and bracelets, not to mention there is currently a sale! If you’d like to buy something sparkly to ‘ooh’ and ‘aaah’ at then I recommend a visit to The Lovely Raindrop, you won’t be disappointed!

Daisy Dear is another new advertiser with Sprinkle of Glitter this month, as well as being a newbie to the blogging world, so let’s all give her a warm welcome! Daisy is a beauty blogger and having read through her last few posts I am excited to see what products and pretties she raves about in the future. Her blog design pleases me immensely; I do enjoy a good quirky hand drawn design! You can never have too many beauty blogs to admire, so let’s all show Daisy some blogging love! 

Liv Loves is a lifestyle blog written by the lovely Olivia, a newbie with Sprinkle of Glitter this month! Over the last few weeks Olivia has shared with us her love of country music and church attendance as well as (my personal favourite) some teddy bears wearing One Direction tshirts! Who doesn't need a One Direction teddy bear in their life?! I look forward to reading the future posts Olivia provides for us and hope she gets just as much joy out of this blogging adventure as I do!

All Sorts and Anecdotes is written by Lynsey, a beautiful full fringe puller offer (I do love a good fringe) who has advertised with Sprinkle of Glitter before and I am very glad to have discovered her little space on the interwebs! Lynsey’s blog is filled with lifestyle and beauty related posts and this month I have particularly enjoyed reading her introductory post about Pout (a skincare brand I am intrigued by) and her love of Pinterest, it’s refreshing to see someone else share their favourite pinning snaps! Lynsey's blog makes for a lovely relaxing read, I thoroughly recommend a browse!

Oh my giddy aunt! I don’t know where to begin in expressing my love for this slice of online heaven! The Paper Emporium is another online shop advertising with Sprinkle of Glitter this month and I'm pleased as punch to have come across the treasures it beholds! The Paper Emporium (owned by the exceptionally talented Amy) sells couture stationery (we all know how much I love my stationery) for all your fancy wrapping, gifting and greeting card needs. In fact I would now like all my friends to get engaged and start wedding planning please so I can bombard them with Amy’s beautiful selection of wedding stationary. Event planning shall never be boring again! Have a gallivant over to The Paper Emporium and ogle over Amy’s creative stationery!

And that's your lot for this month I'm afraid! I hope you've enjoyed my September advertisers as much as I have! 



Monday 23 September 2013

Relationships with Boys || Monday Insights #3

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

With any luck you read THIS post from a couple of weeks ago and fully understand what is going on here. If not, in a nutshell, every Monday you are given a topic to freely ask whatever you like about and I will answer the next week. Hopefully the topics provided will be of interest to both of us and we'll both learn something new. Plus, it's a great opportunity to be totally nosey. --- We can put a man on the moon but blogger can't centralise this!

Last week I asked you what you wanted to know about Relationships with Boys (you might want to call them guys/men etc, it's all the same to me) and so now is the time to answer all your questions. As always, I'm no expert on the matter, I'm just a woman who has led her own life and these are the answers I would give to a friend, sister or cousin. You get the jist. 

These week I've cut it down to 15 questions, otherwise we would be here for fifty years and you all have lives to lead!

Relationships With Boys

What do you think about boys being "out of your league"? Is that a real thing?

At university I studied something called the Social Exchange Theory. It suggests that everybody wants to be with someone who they view as roughly equal to or better than them. This depends on what you place value on though. Things you might value could be personality, looks, wealth, etc. So, technically, I think there might be such a thing as 'leagues', but, since they are so subjective, I would try not to focus on them and be the best person you can. Nothing is more attractive than a fun, confident, happy girl. 

Once you've friendship zoned a boy you used to like, do you think it is ever possible to go back to having feelings for him again?

Yes. What you want changes through time and circumstances so you never know how you're going to feel in the future. 

I have just started dating a boy and now my ex is spreading rumours about me that are not true to people in my school, I'm afraid my boyfriend will think its all true. Any advice on this?

Have a chat with your current boyfriend to tell him that this is happening. Explain to him that the rumours aren't true and ask him to be supportive of you during what might well be a difficult time. If your ex is mature enough (and it sounds like he isn't), speak to him calmly face to face and ask him to stop this behaviour because it is petty and hurtful. If he doesn't or he wants an argument, hold your head high, walk away and rest peacefully in the knowledge that they are lies.

How did your relationship change with having Darcy at what many would regard as a young age?

Having a baby changed my relationship with Matt from man and woman to Mummy and Daddy. It was also a very steep learning curve which I think all parents endure, regardless of age.  I think two years down the line we are back to just being man and woman to each other as parenting has slotted so easily into our lives. We were very ready to become parents as Darcy was a planned addition to our family so the age issue was much less of a big deal than it could have been if she were a surprise. 

My problem is that I really like a boy who already has a girlfriend and I've liked him for 9 months now. What should I do? 

This isn't going to sound fun but I would say- walk away. If he has a girlfriend then he is off the market and I'm afraid you can't have him. Remove your focus from him and think about the other boys you know/just have fun with your friends and family. I know that isn't going to be easy but it would be the honourable thing to do. Sorry :(

Did you know Matt was going to propose? Or was is a total surprise?

I kind of knew because we had discussed it a few months prior and I had pointed out a ring. I didn't know which night or how he was going to do it though. 

I am 18, I never had a boyfriend. This stresses me out a lot. What should I do?

Stop letting it stress you out. It WILL happen. When I was 19 I sat at my Auntie's table and cried because I thought nobody fancied me and I would be a spinster and die alone. Six weeks later I was with Matt and the rest is history. Point is, you never know what's around the corner so enjoy today and let love happen. Oohh what a cliche that was!

Do you ever think you can go back to being friends with someone you were in a relationship with if you were friends first?

Personally I don't but I know a lot of people who are. I think it really depends on the type of people you are and how/why you broke up. Good luck if you are trying to!

My question is have you/how would you get over a boy you really liked but are only friends with and are never going to be more?

This is such a hard one and I have been there. Good old unrequited love. The first step is acceptance. Sometimes you just can't have your own way. It's hard and you feel rejected and angry but ultimately, that's just the way the cookie crumbles. If you are really struggling to come to terms with it, spend less time (if not zero time) with him and cut down on contact. Alternatively, you could let yourself like someone else and you'll soon find you get over that old crush pretty quickly. I'm not saying paper over the cracks with someone new, but maybe open your mind to the possibility of someone new. 

I like one of my close guy friends, who I think used to like me a while ago but I'm not sure if he still does. What should I do? 

If you're brave- tell him how you feel. If you're not- hint. A LOT. I love a bit of risk so I'd just out and out say it. It could turn out REALLY well! 

Did you ever feel isolated getting married at a relatively young age? I'm engaged at 21 and while my friends are excited and happy for me, none of them are at a point in their lives where marriage is in there immediate future, so it's hard to relate to them (or anyone else my age) on that topic.

I totally understand where you are coming from and yes, I have felt isolated. If all your friends are footloose and fancy free, it can feel like you are living in a different world. Just remember though, you have lived in that world and chose this one over it. Eventually some of your friends will catch up to your life milestones and you can all enjoy them together. Until then, focus on all the things you love about being engaged but still make plenty of time to play with your friends (just without the naughty boy fun!). 

How do you know when it's 'right' to move in with your significant other? And do you have any tips for moving into your own place with someone?

I think I wanted to move in with Matt when we realised we were spending every day and night together anyway and that flatmates were just getting in the way haha. The first few months of living together were HELLISH. Seriously, it was nearly the death of us. Every little thing we did annoyed the other one and it took quite some patience to adjust to each others ways. I wish I had gone into co-habitation knowing that because I think I would have amended my expectations accordingly. Go in to it with your expectations low and your patience high and you'll end up pleasantly surprised. 

After being repeatedly rejected in the last couple of years, my self esteem and confidence have taken a major turn for the worse. How do I feel "good enough" and confident again?

Cheesy as it sounds, have some 'you time'. Focus on doing what makes you happy. Pursue hobbies, treat yourself to a curly blowdry, spend sunday mornings in bed with croissants reading books, enjoy life. Once you are doing this and you have learnt to love yourself and enjoy your own company, you'll feel a whole lot more confident. What is more sexy than a woman who knows what she's about?? Not much. I hope you feel better soon. You are absolutely 'good enough' xxx

What are some cool date ideas for teens dating? My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years, and I'm running out of cute little ideas!

When we were dating in the early days and had hardly any mulas we got inventive. We started doing this thing called the '£1 Date' (which was more like a fiver actually) and it went like this- cook a frozen pizza, slice it, put it in foil (you need to like cold pizza for this to work), take 2 bottles of fanta and put them in your coat pockets. Take tea light candles and matches, put the foil parcel in your handbag and head down to somewhere cute with a bench (we used to go to the Albert Docks in Liverpool if you know it). When you get there, set up your candles, eat pizza, chink your fanta bottles together and enjoy your date night. Cute cute cute. 

What do you think is the most important thing in a relationship? Love, compatibility, trust etc.

Everyone is different on this but for me it's trust. Not just trusting the other one not to run off with some floozy (how old am I saying, 'floozy'), but trust that what they say is what they mean and trust that what you say won't be judged. I trust that Matt doesn't think my jibbly post-baby stomach is horrid and I trust that he didn't think less of me that time I cried because I couldn't park the car. You have to trust that you can just entirely be yourself around them and also trust yourself that they can be theirs. Ahhhhh smooshy. 


And that concludes this weeks answering portion of Monday Insights. I hope some of those answers have been of help to some of you and apologise if I didn't get to give your question some love. Hopefully next time!!

Next week's topic will be :


That's VERY broad so I look forward to seeing what you ask. Remember, you can ask anything about me or anything surrounding the topic.



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