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Monday 14 December 2009

Easy Peasy Wreathy Peathy

At this time of year in this neck of the woods, it is tradition to shlep to the florists, buy a wreath for oodles of mula, and then hang it on your front door. Well bloggerinos, not this time! No more Miss Nice Guy! This year, I have made my own!

It's not as fantastic as you might expect....yet. I plan to add more and more embellishments as the years go on, but for my first year in my first home, this'll do!

The big one was made this year, but the little slinky one was made up in Liverpool last year.

Merry Christmas!


Sunday 13 December 2009

Baubletastic Cards

As each day passes, and more Christmas cards plop through my letter box, I remember more and more people who need a card sending to them. And with that, I happily turn to my stash of handmade cards and secretly smile to myself on the inside that they are so sparkly and cheery and made with love. Awwww!

So without further ado, here are a few photo's of them and them in the making. Even the Fiance was put to work on operation "Cracking Cards!".

So quick, get checking your letterboxes, one of my creations could be on its way!
Toodlepip xx

Saturday 5 December 2009

Someone's ready for Christmas

On a recent trip to heaven, ahem, I mean Hobbycraft, to buy Christmas card supplies, I was given this brilliant photo opportunity. Issobelle was so eager to get the Santa hat on that she didn't even take if off the stand. If that doesn't show commitment to the festive season, I don't know what does!

Toodlepip! xx

Wednesday 2 December 2009

Yippeeeeeeeeee Yin Yin!

Whilst having elevensies (is this not the cutest thing that older people say? "Elevensies"- for those not in the know, it is the art of having a little rest around eleven, usually accompanied by refreshments of some kind), anyway, whilst having elevensies with Mindy (the picture was too brilliant not to post), I heard a rather ghastly clatter from the porch!

Grabbing my mobile and pre-dialling 999 in case I was about to meet some sort of madcap attacker (I'm easily frightened as the Fiance will vouch for when he makes me jump!), I headed nervously to the front door to investigate the commotion.

There on my mat, alongside the dull bills and junk mail, was a gloriously big brown package with familiar neat writing. Dashing back to the lounge, and to Mindy who wasn't in the least bit alarmed by all the drama, I tore open the package and discovered the most fantastic cushion! My friend Yin Yin Lau is training to be an architect and is very chic and cosmopolitan. To those that don't know her, they would suspect she lives for expensive shoes, cocktails and her career. But oh no chummy! She has a secret. She is a closet knitter!!

She knits baby blankets, cute cardigans, little hearts which I would absolutely love (hint hint Yinners) and as I have pleasantly found, fabulous cushions! The wool she uses is very carefully chosen from everywhere from John Lewis, backstreet Liverpool shops and even New York! Wowza! I know so much time and effort will have gone into her creation and a lot of care has been taken. She chose my favourite colour and I think the little knitted house was because I have just moved into my first house.
I now feel compelled to send her an equally (it'll be tough) fantasmic crafted item and hope that she will send me something back and we can make a bit of a tradition of this craft swapping!

So YinYin, if you are reading, this is your first official review and I shall happily give you 10/10 for style and 10/10 for creativity! Thank you so much!

Toodlepip xx

"Oh and by the way..."

About a week ago, on a cold, dark, rainy Tuesday night, I popped in to Auntie Judith's to drop something off, it was very precious cargo (Issobelle) and then dashed to the door to get to an appointment.
So off I shlepped to the front door, about to face the elements when suuddeeennnnllyy, Judith said "Oh by the way, I've got something for you". Ooooooh Juuuditthh, what is this something you speak of? It isn't Christmas yet.

Well my little bloggerinos (this is what I shall call you Dear Reader), it turned out to be a big box of VINTAGE RIBBON!!! I simply had to put that in capitals to truly display my joy!! My Great Auntie Edna, who sadly died a few years back, used to help my Mum with her craft fairs (I come from a very very crafty family), and had saved a lot of the ribbon they used. Thankfully Auntie Judith had also kept it and thought I might want it. Of course I did!!

Naturally, this little beauty was too good to keep to myself so here I am, sharing it with you.


Toodlepip xx

Tuesday 1 December 2009

Festive Frolics

Happy 1st of December! You know the Christmas song that goes, "Tis the most wonderful tiiiime, of the year!", well no truer a sentence has ever been uttered if you ask me!

My cards are made, written and by the door ready to be handed out, my tree is dressed, my lights are strung, my festive nibbles are in the cupboard ready for my drinks and nibbles do...oh yes, I am organised! And not to mention a little smug! hehe

Anyway, these cheeky chocolate chappies are on my tree and ready to be pilfered by little hands (mainly Issobelle's- she's had her eye on those two), so I thought I would snap them before they are gobbled up.

So its glad tidings from me and even more glad tidings from the little chocolate santas.

Toodlepip! xx
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