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Tuesday 24 March 2015


Aloha Sprinklerinos,

This is a blog post I never thought I'd write. I don't really know how to say what I need to say so I will just let the words flow out as my head and heart says them.

Matt and I have separated. A horrid sentence I know. I'm sorry to anyone who will feel sad reading that. I feel sad reading that too. Sad but alright. Alright because I know it was the correct thing to do.

We separated mid 2014 but have kept it to our nearest and dearest whilst we adjust to this new way of living, I'm sure you'll all understand and appreciate that. I wanted to tell you but also I cherished the privacy. I will still cherish the privacy because I won't talk about this very much and nor will he.

I won't spend a great deal of time going into why we have made this decision and I won't be answering questions on the topic (so please, don't leave any), but I will say this - Nobody is a villain or victim. Neither of us did a 'bad thing' (yanno, the classics like affairs or abuse etc) and neither of us hate each other. We are on extremely good terms actually.

As we have grown up, we have grown apart. We are very different people now and whilst I still love and care about Matt very, very much, it wasn't working. I know things like vlogs and blog posts can make things look perfect but just like anyone, our lives were not perfect and despite our best efforts, it just didn't work. Matt and I met in in 2004 and became a couple in 2005 and after 10 years, things are different. We're different. We have grown into people who just don't fit each other anymore. We tried for a long, long time, very, very hard to grow back together but sometimes you can't force a thing. Sometimes it's best to know when enough is enough and move forward with a new plan.

Our new plan is to be good friends who live apart but co-parent a very beautiful Daughter peacefully, lovingly, carefully and always united. We still spend time as a three and enjoy days out together. In fact, we're been on two holidays together since our decision and they have been lovely. 

It would have been really easy to go on longer not telling you this because it's not hard to distort the truth with clever editing or just being careful with what you say on camera but I didn't want to. I feel like the months I have had to keep this private have been enough and now I can tell you, move forward and carry on with my channels and blog and projects.

You may well see Matt in some of my future videos and if you follow him on his platforms, you'll see him there too.

I don't like to ask a lot from you but I will ask these few things if that's alright?

Please do not be mean to either one of us. Neither of us have done anything wrong at all.
Please do not make a fuss or drama. It's a really hard thing to tell you and I'm trusting that you will be cool with this. :)
Please be mindful with what you say about this. Our Daughter will one day grow up and could search for this and see your comments.
Please do not assume that every male/female you see each of us with is a potential partner. Neither of us are in new relationships and if that ever happens, we'll tell you when we're ready. 

We are both fine and totally supported. This could seem shocking to you but we've had months and weeks to sort ourselves out so we're already at the, 'Phew! I feel OK actually' stage. Yay!

I am so, so, so eternally sorry to anyone who feels upset or let down by this. I feel so much pressure to be perfect because I see your comments of love for my family. I wish I could have lived up to them. 

This post was hard and sad to write. Please do not leave a comment, I would prefer not to read any opinions (good or bad) on this topic, I would just like to tell you and move completely on. This is hard. 

Thank you for always being such a comfort. There have been many times over the last few months when I have been down or stressed and without you knowing how much I needed you, you have soothed and cheered in your wonderful sparkly way.

Big loves to you and also to Matt. Here's to a bright new future of peace and happiness.



Monday 23 March 2015

Amazing Advertisers || March 2015

Aloha Sprinklerinos, 

I'm back on English soil and welcoming the Spring weather with open arms. As much as I love Autumn, all the flowers, floaty skirts and beginnings of sunshine are well and truly being appreciated by myself and Darcy. I'm also a lover of blogs (smooth transition there for ya!) and by golly have I got some goodun's for you. Grab your beverage of choice and lets get reading. 


The Crown Wings is a ‘little bit of everything’ blog written by the lovely Jessica, lover of all things beauty and quite the smarty pants too with a Law degree! As well as blogging about all the make up pretties and musing of her life, Jessica is also taking part in ‘project life’ a nifty little scrapbook idea to bring together all your snaps and memories into one DIY book, I too am completing my own project life book and I’m looking forward to seeing Jessica’s progress! Not to mention her stationary bits are b-e-a-utiful. If you’re interested in project life, or just love a good ‘little bit of everything’ blog, hop on over to The Crown Wings.

Trudy is a beauty and her blog excites me, it’s neat, pretty and has that bit of fun that I love from a lifestyle blog. What I love about Trudy is that she is honest, she’s not afraid to swear in her posts and she’s relatable. Life isn’t always flowers and rainbows and Trudy can blog with the best of them about the struggles of life. Trudy’s writing is wonderful and her blog is pleasing on the eye and I’m pleased as punch to have found her. I think we can all learn a thing or two from Trudy, whether it be a make up tip or a life lesson, Trudy Johanna is worth a gander.

Youtuber Olivia advertised with me last month and she’s a happy gal which is somewhat catchy! Olivia just wants to make people smile and her enthusiasm and kooky stories certainly help to do just that! From lazy dogs in need of being wrapped in a blanket to sleeping next to fresh washing you can’t be bothered to put away (we’ve all been there) Olivia talks about it all, at high speed I might add! If you’re after another channel to click that ‘subscribe’ button to, give Olivia Power a whirl!

Emily is a returning advertiser with Sprinkle of Glitter and she certainly knows how to make me smile. Her blog is all about the adventures of life and I’ve loved travelling with Emily through her blog, whether it be an actual travelling holiday or just the travel through her twenties. Emily has a series on her blog ‘What’s Made Me Happy’ and I’m quite the fan of these posts, sometimes it’s nice to reflect on the things that have brought a smile to your face. Let’s all embrace Emily’s way of thinking and make our own happy list. She’ll be a trend setter!

The watches and bracelets designed by Franco Florenzi are quite beautiful and perfect for any nautical lover. The style is simple and can be dressed up, or dressed down depending on the occasion. And they’re not just your generic bracelets either, they’ve put a lot of thought into the design which I think make them that little bit more special, the trademark Bow & Arrow Charm personifies several factors of life such as love (Cupid), passion (archery) and protection (weapon), that’s some deep thinking! If you’re in need of a little gift for a friend, why not give them a peek?

Warning! I’ve been given the warm and fuzzies! Hand on Heart Jewellery is beautiful, it really is. Personalised jewellery pieces are always a treasured gift and they’ve got the most treasured pieces of all. Not only can you have a piece which represents a loved one, you can also have their hand and foot print engraved into the piece along with a message, perfect for a new baby mama! Or, if you’re a pet lover you can have your pet’s paw prints engraved also which would be another wonderful way to remember them, they think of everything at Hand on Heart Jewellery! I’m thoroughly impressed as I’m sure you will be too, have a sneak peek and think of someone special.

Louise is a good egg, she’s inspirational and I’m always feeling uplifted after having a read of The What Now Blog. Louise blogs about life and how to make the best of it, from work to exercise and even interview tips and tricks. If you’re having a problem in work with one of your peers, or even if you’re just feeling down, Louise will have the answer to make it A-Okay! The What Now blog is refreshing, calming and sends out all of the good vibes, it’s something a little bit different. It’s the self-help book without the jargon. Louise, I salute you and your positivity!

Darling Dee Dee is another returning blog and each month it gets better and better! Dee is a beauty blogger and she certainly knows a thing or two about her products. Her reviews are always informative, the photography is second to none and the swatches are as good as they get. Dee clearly has a passion for blogging and it is so lovely to see through her hard work. She has recently reviews the new MAC Cinderella collection and it’s made me giddy with nude envy. If you’re also a make up lover, brace yourself for the need to spend money after a read of Darling Dee Dee. 

SilverSpoon London is written by the beautiful Angie, a lifestyle blogger with a taste for the finer things in life, which makes for a very swanky blog indeed! SilverSpoon London offers a little bit of luxury for the reader, from mouth-watering restaurant reviews, to hotel stays with the biggest of beds and the bubbliest of baths. Angie’s photography is tip top and her writing is even better, if you enjoy a bit of luxury blogging, in need of a hotel recommendation or simply after a restaurant review or two then Angie is your gal.  

The Travelling Wags are advertising once more with Sprinkle of Glitter and I am pleased as punch to have them back! Aleks and Sophie are the significant others of footballers and currently living in the Swiss Alps where they’ve become the best of friends. They’re a hoot and a half I tell ya and I guarantee you’ll receive much enjoyment out of Sisterhood of the Travelling Wags. Together they blog about everything from sex (cheeky) to hangover cures and you can ensure some cracking tongue in cheek action along the way. I cannot recommend these gals enough! 

Jenny is a good egg, I like her a lot. Sunny Sweet Pea is a blog of sunshine and I love having a gander of Jenny's recent ventures, whether it be a day of travelling or a recent book she has been loving. Jenny's writing is addictive and it is apparent how passionate she is about blogging. Her 'words' posts are inspirational and certainly give you something to think about, whether it be a quote or simply a single word that means something to Jenny. If you're after a lifestyle blog, in need of something to make you smile or simply enjoy a bit of country living, look no further than Sunny Sweet Pea. 

Another magnificent bunch of Amazing Advertisers I'm sure you'll agree. Over and out! 



Sunday 1 March 2015

Meeting Princesses | Disney

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I am just loving writing these Disney posts and sorting through all my pictures, I feel like I am reliving the experience all over again. 

On our most recent trip to Disney World (remember how we had one gifted to us by Disney and our next one was previously booked months in advance- it just happened that they were only weeks apart), we were given a Guide to take us round the park and help us with anything we needed. It was amazing! At $400 an hour for a minimum of 6 hours, they are a real luxury but the benefits of having them include - being picked up and dropped off from any location, being able to dine at pretty much any of the restaurants without a reservation, fast pass to every ride, VIP seats for parades and shows, a wealth of insight and knowledge into all things Disney and fast pass to meet all the Princesses. 

With a Princess obsessed 3 year old, they were top of our agenda. When I was little we never stood in the queue's to meet anyone because I think my Dad preferred rides, but knowing how much Darcy loves those ladies, I would have waited hours. 

I'd already prepped her for maaaaybe meeting one Princess (at this point I didn't know we were going to be given a Guide) but at least seeing all of them in the parades or shows. So Darcy would say, 'When I see Cinderella I'm going to cuddle her all the day and all the night and all the conkers!' (conkers are a measurement to her. ie. 'Mummy I love you as much as all the conkers in the park'). In return, to manage expectations I would say, 'Well, we can see Cinderella in the parades and give her our biggest waves and smiles' and Darcy would be really pleased with that. 

Thinking we weren't going to meet any Princesses at all made it all the more special when we met so many (six in total. Or five. Is Tinkerbell a Princess??). 

Each Princess is completely in character and will spend a good few minutes with you or your child, talking and chattering about things kind of related to them. So when Darcy said, 'You got earrings on' to Cinderella, she replied, 'Yes I do. Do you know who gave them to me? My Prince Charming of course' and such like. It was brilliant. I was so impressed by them and Darcy was fully immersed in the 'I'm meeting real Princesses' experience. 

The Princesses will allow you to film, photograph and touch (as in hugs and Darcy wanted to touch their hair or feel their dress, yanno, innocent touching obviously) them and when asked, will do little video messages for you (we asked several of them to say something to Scarlet BitsandClips which will be revealed this week). I am so impressed that they take so much time with each guest and really give them such magical memories. 

Although I didn't have to queue long for these experiences, I think next time I most definitely will line up because just hearing all the little things Darcy wanted to talk about made my Mama heart melt.

If you are ever able to meet the Princesses, some bits of advice I would give are ::

♥ Have two cameras. One for photos and one for filming. If we'd only had one we would have had to pick either or and I treasure the snaps and the vlog footage equally. Disney do have a photographer at each station so if you don't have 2 you can still have the pictures but I like to have my own.

♥ Prep your child so they know who they're meeting and might be able to think of the things they want to say ahead of time. Darcy was a little start struck so just said whatever came into her head but this might be handier for older children.

♥ Be prepared for the Princesses to stay in character even with you. At first it's a bit weird because deep down you know it's an actress but after a while it's just really cool.

♥ Be prepared to cry. Watching Darcy run and throw herself only Cinderella's dress was the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Just to witness pure, innocent, unrestricted, uninhibited joy like that was a privilege and was so, so beautiful.

(When Darcy saw Tinkerbell, she ran, grabbed her legs and stayed like this for a LONG time. It took all of Tink's pixie power to prize her off.)

(Tinkerbell asking Darcy where she got her oh-so-sparkly shoes. *Whispers* Primark). 

We are returning to the parks in one week and I think if the lines aren't too cray cray (I've heard it can be up to 5 hours to wait for Elsa and Anna) then we might give it a go. I really wanna get a full length shot of Ariel because I'm annoyed I didn't get her beautiful tail in frame- grr!

What do you think? Would waiting an hour or so to meet the Princesses be worth it to you? If you didn't have a child or young person with you, would you still want to do it? Lemme know because this Princess meeting thing is pretty new to me!



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