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Friday 29 April 2011

A Royal Love Story

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Wowie!! Today's Royal Wedding was an international celebration not to be missed.

I celebrated with Matt, Baby Glitter (who snoozed through the entire fairytale), Auntie Jackie and my cousin Joseph. We had royal wedding cake (or Victoria sponge with a gimmicky picture of Wills and Kate on), champagne, balloons, bunting and to top it all off, Jackie and I wore our wedding dresses! Hahahahahahaha!

I'm sure you will see a million images of the day but my blog would be missing out if I didn't pinch some off


Kate's ivory gown with lace applique was designed by Sarah Burton of Alexandra McQueen and was inspired by an opening flower. I think she looked unbelievable. Every bit as graceful and elegant as you would expect a Princess to look.


On the other hand, Princess Beatrice and Eugine chose some very interesting outfits indeed. Good grief.


Oof, I bet that was a nervous moment for Prince William. Did you notice how Wills didn't look round as Kate walked up the aisle? That's meant to be good luck donthcya know. Prince Harry had a cheeky look though. Mmmmmm Prince Harry *drools*.


And then they were Husband and Wife. I just think the whole shibang, dress, suit, carriage, everything, looks spectacular!


All good fairy tales end with a kiss.

I really do wish them health, wealth (think they're OK on that front) and happiness.



Thursday 28 April 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

Aloha Bloggerinos!


I don't have any plans because Matt's at work and I have to look after Baby Glitter and for the last few days I think I've had a touch of the baby blues and had no interest in my Birthday (I still don't have as much as usual) so didn't organise anything :(


Buuuttt as Tony Blair quoted from that famous song "Things can only get better", so here's to having a lovely sparkly day!

Happy Birthday to all you April Babies!




Wednesday 27 April 2011

Mummy Must Haves - Batiste, Liz Earle and No. 7

Aloha Bloggerinos,

As you can imagine, life with a newborn bambino is busy. Yes, they sleep, but when she sleeps, I like to sleep or I have to do all the boring housey things that can't be ignored and so pampering/hair/makeup/even a shower (!) seem to have been pushed to the bottom of the priorities list.

Despite needing to spend my time looking after Baby Glitter, doing boring housey stuff and sleeping, that doesn't mean I want to look a wreck and so have been finding and using products that suit my new needs. I'm thinking about making my 'Mummy Must Haves' a bit of a feature, because I think they could be applied to anyone who has a busy life/doesn't want to spend tonnes of time getting ready and wouldn't just be for Mummy's. What do you think? Yay or nay?

Batiste Dry Shampoo For dark and deep brown hair (rrp £3.05) :: Dry shampoo has been my saviour ever since I was in hospital to have Baby Glitter. As you can imagine, after 2 days of labour and a traumatic delivery, I hadn't exactly stayed fresh and with all the problems I had, the most I could manage the next few days was quick rinses in the shower, not a hairwash in sight! To combat this, I turned to this absolute gem. Why I haven't used it before fails me but better late than never.

It's super easy to use too, which is clearly a must when in a rush. You simply hold the can about 30cm away from your roots, spray, massage in with your finger tips, leave for a minute or so and then brush through! Within moments I feel much fresher and more presentable- wohoo!

I just had a quick looksie on the Boots website and noticed that Batiste also do a range with different scents (not for me as a scent freak) and also one with silver and one with gold shimmer- definitely something I will be checking out!! Alllsssooo, in celebration of the Royal Wedding, Batiste have brought out a limited edition union jack can (pictured above) that you can buy exclusively in in Superdrug  for a mere £2.19. Hurrah!

No 7. Quick Thinking Wipes (rrp £7) from Boots :: I buy these when Boots do their £5 Off Vouchers because I can't justify spending £7 on wipes (unless they are the AMAZING ones from MAC..drools). I have used these loads over the last 3 weeks, they are a godsend when you don't have time to properly cleanse and tone. Naughty but speedy. They smell nice, take off all my makeup and have enough moisture too the, (I say that because some brands of wipes feel really dry and rubbish).

Liz Earle Skin Brightening Treatment and Moisturiser :: I shan't go into a mini review or anything because I have done a proper Lou's Review on these HERE and HERE.

I've used the Brightening Treatment Mask a few times since Baby Glitter's arrival because it can be done in well under 5 minutes and it really does perk my skin up, which after a night of not much sleep, is a real necessity. I feel a bit more 'sorted' for the day once I've done this and like I have had a little treat.

I loved the Skin Repair Moisturiser from the moment I first used it and have been luxuriating in it ever since. This was my favourite product I took with me to the labour ward because it made me feel a bit more like Louise and less like a big wobbly mess. Also, the hospital was unbearably hot, so my skin was crying out for help. Sadly, I've run out of this now and am gutted. As soon as I get some pennies, I shall be buying another.

So Bloggerinos, have you tried any of those products? What do you think of my new feature? A keeper?



Tuesday 26 April 2011

Lou's Reviews :: Liz Earle Shampoo and Conditioner

Aloha Bloggerinos,

This review has been a long time coming because I have had these products quite a while but been pretty busy, what with having a bambino and all that jazz.

As you can see, this is the Botanical Shine Shampoo and Conditioner from Liz Earle for normal and all skin types.

The first thing I liked about these products was the packaging. Yes, I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but with things like this, I do. I've never had shampoo or conditioner in shiny tubes like this, so it was all a bit novel and exciting to me. The second thing I reaallyy liked was the scent. As you all know, I have serious smell-sensitivity and am uber fussy about fragrances, but these smell all zesty and I do love a fruity fragrance- I can even smell apple in these, how often do you find apple smelling haircare? Not very I'd say.

Due to baby related sleep deprivation, I'm going to cheat on the sciencey bit and just quote what Liz Earle have to say about the two items and then tell you what I think. I wanted to be Mrs Eloquent-Sophisticated-Tell-You-About-The-Ingredients-And-Magical-Properties-Pants but Baby Glitter wont allow such things at the moment!

Botanical Shine Shampoo :: With West African shea butter, natural source vitamin E, shine-boosting apple and orange extracts plus naturally derived cleansers, our shampoo gently cleans without stripping to leave hair soft, shiny and smooth. Contains no sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate.

As I said, for me the apple was the prominent scent and I luurrve it. The shampoo lathers really well and a little really does go a long way, which is a winner because for the £7.65 price tag, I would consider this a luxury shampoo and would want to get the most I could out of it. Containing no sodium lauyl or laureth sulphate, this product fits in with the company ethos of lovely natural goodness and really makes you feel you're doing your hair a favour.

Now, I have a negative about this shampoo but I kind of want to say to the product 'hey, it's not you, it's me'. For a loonng time now, I have had a serious shampoo problem. About 99% of shampoos make my scalp really flakey/the shampoo refuses to wash out of my uber thick hair and I'm left with a load of stuff stuck to my roots. Not nice. To combat this is use a Boots own Product Build Up Shampoo as this rinses out well. I tried the Liz Earle Shampoo with trepidation and sadly it did fall into the 99% category but I don't blame the product AT ALL. I gave it to my Auntie Judith and she bloomin' LOVES it, so all is well in the world again.

Botanical Shine Conditioner: Specially formulated with meadowfoam and yangu oils, blue seakale and shine-boosting apple and orange extracts, our creamy, colour safe conditioner leaves normal hair glossy, hydrated and in perfect condition, ready to style. Naturally active ingredients include meadow foam oil to help condition, Kenyan yangu oil to smooth and soften plus apple and orange extracts to boost shine.

I have two words to sum up my feelings for this conditioner- 'love it'. I love that, like the shampoo, I can smell the apple, so the two products compliment each other well. I love that it makes my hair lovely and shiny and soft but without that kind of heavy, filmy effect that some conditioners can give. I love that it looks expensive and regal in my shower (yes, I am secretly a bathroom snob. Forgive me). And also, these days, with Baby Glitter taking up all my time, a hairwash has been pushed pretty far down the pecking order, so when I do finally get to do it, this luxurious conditioner really makes my shower time blissful. Mmmmm even typing this now makes me want to hop in and wash the day (and baby sick) away. Basically, this is a total winner for me and will most likely be forking out the £7.65 to buy it once I have run out.

I really must say that Liz Earle is one of the only 'beauty' brands that has yet to fail me. I've tried and reviewed quite a few of their products now, ranging from skin care to fragrance to hair care, and all (aside from my slight issue with the shampoo but as explained, this is MY issue) have wowed me. I feel a bit like they are the grown up sophisticated big sister of my beloved Lush products. Both being natural and backed by good ethics, but Liz Earle being sleeker and more refined somehow. That's not to say I don't still hanker for a pink glittery bubble bath that smells like sweets!

All in all, I am one happy bunny. If you would like to find out more about these products, check out the Liz Earle website HERE.

Have you tried or would consider trying either of these?



Baby Glitter says Hello and that she'll be back in a video as soon as her Mummy feels up to it ;)

Wednesday 20 April 2011

Tiny hands and tiny toes, milk spots on her button nose

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Whilst Baby Glitter is snooooozing and my house is clean and tidy, I thought I would make the most of the peace and whip up another quick blog post.

These are just a few snaps I have taken of Baby Glitter over the last few weeks. I don't think I'll be doing this kind of post too regularly, maybe every few weeks or so, so don't panic, I'm not going to overload you with baby relatedness :)

As I said in my latest YouTube video (LOU'S VIEWS: Baby Glitter's First Video), I know every Mother thinks they have the most beautiful baby, but I REALLY do think I have the best baby ever! haha!

I could just gobble her right up!



CONTEST WINNER for Guess Baby Glitter's Real Name

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Can I just say, as I started writing this post a total palaver happened.

 Baby Glitter was laying next to be on the sofa having a snooze, my laptop was on my lap, the window was open to let in a relaxing breeze and all was well in the world. UNTIL A GIANT WASP FLEW IN! I have a huge phobia of wasps and totally freaked out. I grabbed Baby Glitter and put her on my chest, covered her with a muslin square, shouted "Maaaattttttt!!!! Mayday! MAYDAY!! HEEELPPPPPPPPPPPP!! HEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!".

The wasp was zooming about like a kid on sherbet and I couldn't get up (my sofas are low, my vajayjay is stitched to bits and hurts) and so Matt ran downstairs and started wafting a cushion at the beast. I was shouting "Just get the Raid (spray that kills flies/bugs/wasps), stop angering it! GET THE RAID! THE RAAIIDDD!", he was waving a cushion about, Baby Glitter was confused in her muslin prison. Then he ran to get the Raid, leaving me defenseless against the now angry wasp and then came back and sprayed the little blighter to death. Peace is restored.


Anyway, Baby Glitter is 2 weeks old today and I thought it was about time I announced a winner for the contest.

Thank you to everyone who got into the spirit of it and took part and well done to everyone who guessed the correct name, which is Darcy Jane Watson. When I put the correct answers in a hat I didn't penalise for incorrect spellings, as long as I could tell you meant Darcy Jane Watson, that was good enough for me :)

So, drumroll please....the winner is:

Congratulations Gem! I have emailed you already to ask which shade of MAC Lipstick, Lipglass of Lipliner you would like, so please do get back to me ASAP.


I've actually got another contest coming up very shortly, with the prize being a set of Sigma Brushes, so do keep your eyes peeled for that!

Hope you're all enjoying the sunny weather and not being attacked by wasps!



Image taken from

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Baby Glitter's Birth

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It's 8.30am on Monday morning and I've been up since 5am, having cuddles, feeds and nappy changes with Baby Glitter (her name is Darcy but on the Blog and YouTube, she'll be Baby Glitter I've decided).

I thought since she is having a little snooze next to me on the sofa, I would take a few minutes to start my Birth Story post. Chances of being able to write this all in one go before she wakes are slim to none, but I'm getting used to never being able to finish anything these days! My life seems to work in 3 hourly chunks, and this one's up at 9am!

So Bloggerinos, I'm going to tell you the whole shibang. If you don't like details about yukky stuff or feel weird hearing about lady parts, probably best to stop reading now. For the record, I now have zero qualms about talking about my lady bits. I used to be very reserved and veering on the side of prudish even, but once you've had a baby, you seriously, seriously don't give a monkeys. I never used to believe people when they said that, but it is la facte.

I woke up at home on Tuesday 5th April, super early and super nervous. I had a VERY thorough shower (after all, if I was going to have a gaggle of people rooting around my ladyzone, I wanted to be extra fresh!) and then proceeded to put on so much makeup, I looked a little bit like a woman-of-ze-night. I think it was nerves that made me overcompensate somewhat.

We got to the hospital for 9am and by the time we got there, I was a total bag of nerves. We were ushered into a little ward with four beds (separated by curtains) and a really nice midwife came in and told us how induction worked and what I could expect. I was sooooo glad of this midwife because I'm a believer in the 'knowledge is power' idea, and by knowing what I was walking into, I felt a whole load calmer.

I was put on the monitor for a couple of hours and had my obs taken and at 11am it was time for the first of many internals. Mmmmmm lovely undignified fingers-up-fanny internals. The midwife said I was about 2-3cm dilated and she 'popped up' a pessary that would kind of seep hormones into my cervix and 'ripen' it to stimulate labour. Now I don't know about you, but the thought of having my cervix ripened is really gross. You ripen fruit, not your downstairs department.

Within a couple of hours contractions had begun. They were really irregular and manageable, so we basically just waited it out for the afternoon, playing Toy Story Top Trumps, reading magazines, eating and I even managed a little snooze.

By the evening I was in a lot more discomfort. They offered my cocodomol which helped but I would have liked something stronger. Matt went out and bought a dominoes pizza because I didn't want the hospital food, but by the time he got back (about 7pm) I was only able to chew between regular contractions and hardly ate anything.

By about 8.30pm I was pretty distressed. The pain was bad, Matt was being sent home at 10pm (partners aren't allowed to stay on the ward past 10pm unless you are in 'established labour') and I didn't want to be on my own. The midwife suggested a deep bath to sooth the pain which did take the edge off but only slightly.

10pm saw Matt reluctantly leave and I spent the ENTIRE night awake and having contractions every 5-6 minutes. I begged for more than cocodomol (the lady came round to do her checks and I asked for more and she said "I'm sorry but you're not due another dose until 3am I'm afraid" and I desperately whispered "Plleeaassee, I won't tell anyone!!" hahaha.) but it only alleviated the pain for about 40 minutes before I was wanting more.

By 9am on Wednesday morning, Matt was back and I was delirious with tiredness and pain because there had been no rest.

I was put on the monitor to check Baby Glitter's heartbeat and my contractions and the midwife said I was 'contracting nicely'. It didn't feel nice I can tell you. At 11am they removed the pessary (which by the way was not the 'small tampon' I was promised but more like a slimy tapeworm ribbony thing (urgh) and told me I was ready to labour and they would go and sort out a delivery suite.

This is when things started to go downhill.

The midwife came back an hour later and I thought 'great, delivery suites ready, let's get this show on the road'. Errr no. She told me they were fully booked so I would have to 'hang on' til one became available. Basically, there was no room at the inn. So I sat, I contracted, I huffed and puffed and three entire hours later at 3pm, we were told there was a suite available.

This is where things get hazy for me but Matt has filled me in on most of the details.

As soon as we got in there I was asking for an epidural and practically threw myself at the gas and air sucky thingy. I want to get gas and air installed in my lounge, brilliant stuff. Then the first crap thing happened. Due to the busyness of the labour ward, the epidural man/woman was busy in theatre and the wait for it would be 2-3 hours. Well 2-3 hours was not doable. No way, hose. I had previously said I didn't want anything that made me feel 'out of it' or 'spaced out', but by this point I would've taken a punch in the teeth if it would take the pain away from my bump/back/ladyzone. So I had meptip. Beautiful, wonderful meptid.

Meptid made me feel all woozy and sleepy and underwatery and not-in-the-room. I'm pretty glad of that to be quite honest. Then the sickness set in. It was pukeville. I think I filled at least 10 of those cardboard bowl things. Matt was helping me sip water (my arms barely worked, except to hold the gas and air jobby) and I was just puking, I even got his hand mwahaha! Unfortunately, because of all the puking, the nurses had to put a drip in my hand to get some fluids into me.

I don't really know what happened because, to be blunt, I was off my face, but the putting in of the drip went wrong and blood spurted everywhere! All on the floor, all up the chair, all down my arm, everywhere! Eventually they got it in right but some of the fluids kind of seeped into my hand flesh (as opposed to a vein or something) and it made my hand and fingers swell so much that Matt described it as 'fingers like a bunch of bananas'! Thing weren't going well.

At 5.10pm the midwife checked me, broke my waters and put a tiny monitor on Baby Glitter's head to monitor her heart rate as they couldn't find it on the external monitor- naughty little baby!

Before I knew it, and a cathaterisation (mmm lovely), later, it was 8pm and I was being told I was 9cm dilated. Worryingly, Baby Glitter's heart rate dropped into the 80's (very low for a fetal rate) and my legs were whipped up into stirrups and I was being told to push.

Pushing was AGONY! I've honestly never felt anything like it. It was like being on fire and ripped in two all at once. I actually feel light headed just thinking about it. The midwife then told me that we needed to get her out quicker and that she was going to give me a numbing injection and then cut me. Shudder.

She needn't have bothered cutting me though because on her exit, Baby Glitter ripped me to smithereens. I tore internally and externally and even round my tinklehole, so you can only imagine how much it hurt to tinkle afterwards. Imagine weeing acid. That's what it was like. To make matters worse, because I was so spaced out, I couldn't do a wee, so they re catheterised me but because I was torn, it really bloomin' hurt.

So, 8.25pm and Baby Glitter was out. They put her on me and the first thing I said was "She's so soft". She was so lovely and warm and wet (I thought I would be grossed out by this but wasn't) and Matt was welling up beside me saying "oh my god we've got a daughter, we've had a baby" and smiling and it was just so lovely.

Then all of a sudden there were lots more midwives and nurses and one was standing at the door to the corridor shouting "Dr! We need a Dr!!" and a Dr came rushing in and they were saying things about blood loss and '40 units' and my stomach was being massaged and there was blood everywhere. I was layed back, Baby Glitter was given to Matt and I was crying because I was so scared. I (somewhat dramatically I suppose but I was all drugged up!) asked if I was going to die and the lady just kept saying "Look at your baby Louise, just keep looking at your baby", which actually freaked me out more because I thought 'Are you just saying that because I'm not going to see her again?!'.

They stopped the blood and put another drip in me and sewed up my poor torn vajayjay. By now, I was feeling very, very woozy. Baby Glitter was on my boobie sucking away and Matt was feeding me some toast that appeared from somewhere!

By about 9.30pm I was all stitched up and such and a lovely nurse called Natalie came in to kind of do some aftercare. This is the bit that I don't want to go into because it was the worst. In a nutshell, I was in that same room til 4am, was faint, had crazily low blood pressure, felt horrid and sweaty and dirty, was catheterised, couldn't move properly, couldn't pick up my baby because my hands were so swollen and all in all a total mess.

At about 4am, they took me in a wheelchair (which the porter drove like some kind of deranged boy-racer! I wanted to say "excuse me mr, but if you had more stitches than you care to imagine in your crack or down your willy, would you want to be wizzed about like you're on the waltzers?!?!", but my British politeness wouldn't allow it dagnamit) to the ward and Matt had to go home.

I couldn't move because of my lady parts and I couldn't use my banana hands so I had to keep ringing the buzzer and annoying the nurses until Matt came back at 10am on Thursday.

Thursday was spent in hospital but I HATED the ward. It hurt so much to tinkle, they wouldn't take the cannula thingy out of my hand in case I needed a blood transfusion because I had lost 20% of my body's blood (waaayyy way too much!), I didn't feel like there was much privacy and breast feeding helper type people kept coming and manhandling me. I asked them to let me go home and they were reluctant but could see that if they didn't, I would've discharged myself.

The next week was a blur of sore bits, trying to breast feed, no sleep, visitors, cards, nappies and midwife visits. I had lost so much blood that I wasn't making enough milk but I didn't realise. Poor Baby Glitter was hungry and grizzling but I didn't realise she was hungry. When I found out, I felt AWFUL. I felt like I had been starving my baby, but now know that I couldn't have known (the midwife weighed her and she had lost too much weight you see and so we spent 2 days back in hospital) and that I was doing my best to be a good Mummy. After 2 days in hospital, discovering breast feeding wasn't for me, switching to the bottle and doing strict 3 hourly feeds (or sooner if she is wanting it), she had gained weight, was re hydrated and a much, much more happy and content baby.

So that brings us to now. Baby Glitter is recovered, feeds well on formula, sleeps soundly, is alert and loves to follow your fingers with her eyes or look at your face and we are getting a bit more sleep. I still feel sore and am on iron tablets because of all the blood loss but each day gets a little bit better and each day I fall more and more in love with her. She is such a joy, a big bundle of sparkly goodness. Matt is besotted too. We love giving her snuggles and making faces at her. I do the 6am feed and I love it because she is usually awake by about 5.30am and we have a lovely 30 minutes of quiet snuggles in bed, bliss. Worth it.

Jeepers that was a long post!

Hope I haven't bored your socks off and now I feel I can get back to normal on here and will be blogging as regularly as possible :)

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PS- It's now 8.30am on Tuesday morning, told you I wouldn't get all this done in one go!

Sunday 17 April 2011

MAC Surf Baby!

Aloha Bloggerinos,

As always, those crazy kids at MAC Cosmetics have come up with a new Limited Edition line of goodies to tempt us with, and I was very kindly sent the promo image of 'Surf Baby!', which will be hitting our MAC stands and stores this summer.

I love the look of the 'crushed metallic pigments' and I'm a total sucker for a good bronzer, I'm still in love with my MAC Golden Lariat, so I'm tres excited for this to come out. The packaging reminds me a bit of holidays in Cornwall, which is always a winner too.

Surf Baby! is out May-June 2011. Does it float your summertime boat?



Monday 11 April 2011

Darcy Jane Watson

Aloha Bloggerinos,

As you will have seen from the lovely Zoe's posts (she was like my blog maternity cover haha), I have indeed had Baby Glitter and she is PERFECT.

One hour old.

This is just a quick post to give you the news in person so to speak, but I will do a looonngg post soon. The labour and delivery didn't go to plan at all and I've been having a bit of a time of it. I do want to tell you all the details but right now I'm just kind of getting over them in my own head first and it's a bit traumatic. Fortunately, Darcy is totally gorgeous and really is a big bundle of glitter!

So here are the glitter stats:

Labour: 35 hours, 25 minutes
Time of birth: 8.25pm
Weight: 9lbs
Length: 51cm
Name: Darcy Jane Watson
Gorgeousness: 10/10

I know people say when you have your baby you totally fall in love with them, and I always thought it was a bit soppy and overemotional but it's so true, she's just a little pudding :)

Well done to everyone who guessed the correct name, I will sort all that out soon, but as you can imagine my life is kkeerrrraaazzzyy right now, so do be patient oh lovely bloggerinos.

Thank you so, so, so much for all your amazing messages of support and congratulations, it really has meant so much and I've been deeply touched.

I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things again but 1. New babies are demanding (a million times more than I thought! sheesh!) and 2. I've got a fair bit of recovery to do, so it'll all take a bit of time.

Lots of Love and Toodlepips!

Mummy and Baby Glitter


Friday 8 April 2011

Baby Glitter Update

Hello Everyone,
It's Zoe again. I bet you're all sick of me and just want Louise back!
Just another update for you all, Louise rang me today, I literally sprang to my phone and answered it with a squeal.
She gave me a brief run down of the last 3 days, and my gosh, all I can say is what a TROOPER!
She is doing well, however her birth sounded truely horrific, everything that you'd never want to happen to you, probably happened to her...although i'll let her decide herself what she wants to fill you in on and in how much detail.
Aside from what sounds to me like pure HELL, she is home now, and recovering with a gorgeous little baby (a hefty, healthy 9lbs) and whilst chatting away to Louise I could hear her making baby noises in the background. eeee, so cute.
So, in short, Louise is recovering and Baby Glitter is happy and healthy. Louise said she's really long and has whispy hair hehe.

She is hoping to be blogging and YouTubing soon, but at the moment she cannot move so she asked me to let you know that she is still here, and will definitely not abandon ship, just give her a few days to become a little more flexible. In fact she said she wanted to make a video today, but was stuck sat upright with a baby attached to her. haha.

I also read her a few of your comments as she hasnt even had time to log on, and she "awwwed" at all the support and lovely messages you guys have given her, so im sure she's very grateful for those :)

Zoe xx

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Baby Glitter is on her way!

Hello Louise's Bloggerino's.
It's Zoe here (of Zoella) and I have hacked into Louise's blog, to inform you lovely lot, that she is in LABOUR. yaaaay!
She went into hospital this morning at 9am and has been induced as Baby Glitter didn't want to come out, I think Lou made a very nice home for her in there.
She has been updating me via text message all day and after many hours of Toy Story Top Trumps with Matt and lots of waiting around, she is finally having mammoth contractions.
Fingers crossed she is born tonight so Louise doesn't have to sit through hours and hours of pain and lot's of lady garden groping.
Leave all your messages of support below and I shall be sure to text her the nicest ones so they bring a smile to her face whilst she sits labouring away into the night.

I have also hacked into her YouTube account and did an update video on there so go give that a watch also.

I'm hoping the next time she updates her blog, we will see a picture of her beautiful bundle of baby glittery-ness.
Good Luck Chumbolina, I know you can do it.
LOVE YOU xxxxxx

(all images taken from

Monday 4 April 2011

Mothering Sunday

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Firstly, Happy Mothering Sunday to all those Mummy Bloggerinos out there, I hope you had a really pampered lovely day :)

My day was happy, sad, frustrating and exciting- that's a lorra lorra emotions non?

As you may have noticed from my lack of "I've had a baby" posts, I still haven't given birth. I never, ever thought I would be one of those women who go 2 weeks over and I'm gutted. I read that Mylene Klass (who's book I LOVED) had her first daughter Ava, at 36 weeks and 6 days and had hoped I'd be similar. She has since had her second daughter Hero (thoughts on the name?) and so I bet she had a busy Mothering Sunday.

Anyone care to guess the weight of Baby Glitter when she's born? I reckon about 5 stone.

My second stretch and sweep (shudder) clearly hasn't worked, nor has vigorous birth ball bouncing, pineapple (despite being allergic and my lips and mouth swelling up a fair bit!), walking, bumpy roads in the car and rudeytudeycoupletime, so I have been booked in for an induction this week. I'm uber nervous but know I can't go on like this a much longer!

Clearly, this was the frustrating part of my day, that I sttillllll don't have my Baby Glitter to cuddle. Amazingly though, she managed (with perhaps a little help from Mattmoo) to bring me croissants, nutella, and orange juice in the fancy glasses (does anyone else have glasswear that they save for special visitors and are too frightened to use themselves?! haha) annnddd a really nice card thanking me for being so comfy and womby. What a clever fetus! Also, my chum Charly dropped a card through my door from Baby Glitter, which I thought was really sweet of her to think of me. This, was the happy part of my day.

What was the exciting part then Louise? Well chummies, we went to one of my favourite places ever (prepare to think me very lame)...IKEA!!! I love, love, love wandering round IKEA. Matt and I play 'Fantasy Home' and we pretend the little show rooms are in our house and I pop in to visit him in his snazzy study or he pops in to my kitchen for a hearty stew hahaha. Today we bought this goorrrgeous big chest of drawers, primarily for my obscenely large makeup collection and I'm so impressed at Matt for assembling it all. We also bought a bedside table in a similar design and a big print that will go in out front room that we are redecorating and are going to be terrifically pompous and call the 'Sun Room', mwahaha. I'm super excited to organise all my makeup into this- would you like to see pictures once it's done? I won't put any up unless you ask because I don't want to be a poncy show-off.

Sad part of the day. Well, if you have been reading a while you will know that my Mum died of cancer when I was 7 and Mothering Sunday is always a day I think of her a little bit more than all the other days. I know people always say lovely things about people who have passed away, but she really truly was a very special person. She did so much good for people and brought a lot of joy to the world.

Here's just one example to show what I mean. When I was 4 or 5, Mum and Dad went on a little trip to Moscow so see the sights and soak up the culture (I didn't go). Whilst there, they met a family which was a Mother and her 2 young daughters. They were living in extreme poverty in awful accommodation and life was a misery. Mum and Dad came home from their trip but my Mum couldn't shake her meeting with the family. She wasn't sure what she could do to make a huge change but knew she wanted to do something. By now it was December. She flew back to Moscow, found the family, went to some kind of Embassy (my Dad will know the exact details if you really want to know) and Mum refused to leave until she had to forms she needed to bring the Mother (Elaina) and her 2 daughters (Katya and Marsha) back to the UK. They came and stayed with us for Christmas and I remember how amazed they were at EVERYTHING. When we went to Tesco for the Christmas shop, Elaina was gobsmacked because she had never seen a place with so much food as she had had to queue for hours just to buy the basics. The family had a brilliant Christmas with all the trimmings and presents but then it was time for them to go back to their real lives. My Mum couldn't stand it and helped them sort out visas, a job for Elaina, school places for the girls and a place to live with furniture, clothes, toys, the lot. This kind of thing wasn't unusual for my Mum. Perhaps in another post I will tell you more of her crazy amazing adventures. Last I heard (about 10 years ago), the Russian family were living in happily in London. I'd love to find them and get back in touch.

Hmm that was a bit waffly but I just wanted to demonstrate the goodness she did. I miss her everyday and wish now more than ever that I could pick up the phone and say hello or get in her clapped out white astra and go shopping with her. I wish she could touch my bump and feel Baby Glitter kick, come with me to my antenatal appointments and then cuddle her grandaughter.

I know people say "she's looking down on you" and I don't disbelieve this, but it's not the same as really being here. Now that I have Baby Glitter to make Mothering Sunday special, I feel a lot more at peace with it all, so this is a positive indeed.

So that's it for my little update. In other news I have a few Lou's Reviews to post, we had our first BBQ of the year yesterday (the best bit was when Matt said to me "I'm just going to the loo, if the flames get too high, put the lid on it", ummmm no, I'm not a fire fighter and I'm a walking whale!), Mindycat has gone nuts and has taken to licking the cushion of my bedroom chair (most unsavoury of her) and that's about it really.

Seeing as I'm giving birth this week (cripes!!), I perhaps won't be on too much, but rest assured I will be back and won't forget you- don't forget me either please!!


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