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Sunday, 17 April 2011

MAC Surf Baby!

Aloha Bloggerinos,

As always, those crazy kids at MAC Cosmetics have come up with a new Limited Edition line of goodies to tempt us with, and I was very kindly sent the promo image of 'Surf Baby!', which will be hitting our MAC stands and stores this summer.

I love the look of the 'crushed metallic pigments' and I'm a total sucker for a good bronzer, I'm still in love with my MAC Golden Lariat, so I'm tres excited for this to come out. The packaging reminds me a bit of holidays in Cornwall, which is always a winner too.

Surf Baby! is out May-June 2011. Does it float your summertime boat?




  1. Oh my god I absolutely love the look of this collection! :D

  2. Ooh that's a pretty big collection of products. Exciting! x

  3. Love the look of this collection, cannot wait until it comes out. Cant believe your back to blogging already , hope all is well xx :o)

  4. They're re-realeasing the limited edition lipgloss from the venomous villians collection 'Strange Potion'. Definately the best lipglass colour ever!!!!! Genuinely excited for this. x

  5. i love the look of that bronzer.. but im a pale redhead, so i dont know if bronzer would work on me...

  6. Oooh this looks like it'll be amazing! Thank you for the sneak peek :)

  7. I'm not excited for once! I will get the blush though xx

  8. I'm saving all my pennies for it at the moment as that will be a massive haul! Can't wait :)

  9. Floats my boat for sure!!! Can't wait for this collection, I want everything!! :)

  10. i was soo happy to see your blog pop up with a new post :) and im not to sure whether i like the packaging yet


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