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Saturday 30 November 2013

November Video Round Up.

Aloha Sprinklerinos! 

I hope you're all well and keeping snug in this winter weather.  I've got a surprise video round up for you today in which I share with you Sprinkle of Glitter November videos! Enjoy! 

Lush Haul

I may or may not have bought an overly large amount of Lush items to make myself and my bath smell beautiful. If you haven’t swooned at the festive bathy bits and bobs the Lush are currently offering, then you must watch and get excited with me. Warning: I will not be held responsible for the wrath of a huge water bill after all your lushtastic baths!

 Beauty Faves

This month I shared with you some of my current favourite beauty products, including a swanky pink hairdryer, a drug store foundation and tasty American treats. If you haven’t already discovered what I’m loving this month, then do so! Let me know you’ve popped along by telling me your favourite beauty love this month in the comments.

Baby Glitter Room Tour

Darcy and I shared a tour of her bedroom this month, I’ve loved decorating it with trinkets and treasures over the years, I want it to be the perfect little girls’ palace for Darcy as she gets older. What was your favourite bedroom trinket as a child?

Zoe or Louise?!

A few weeks ago when Zoe Chummy came to play with Matt, Darcy and I we filmed a fun friendship video in which we guessed who out of the two of us would be most likely to… watch the video to find out!!

Boundaries and Saying No

Zoe and I also started a new series called ‘Chummy Chatter’ on our vlog channels in which we discuss serious topics and offer some advice. On Sprinkle of Chatter this month we talked about boundaries and saying no to those of you who put you in situations you’re uncomfortable with.

Phew! I hope you've enjoyed this months videos, let me know which has been your favourite! 



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Friday 29 November 2013

The Best Of November

Aloha Sprinklerinos!

November has been an exciting month for Sprinkle of Glitter! We’ve officially begun the blogging Christmas countdown with unanimous love for the festive John Lewis advert and the introduction of HannahBobana to the Glitter Family and her Christmas gift guides! Let's have a glimpse at November on Sprinkle of Glitter shall we? 

We began the month by deciding how to spend our Mondays here on Sprinkle of Glitter! I always love a good feature and together you lovely lot decided you’d like to see some home corner posts, yippee! This month I filmed a tour of Darcy’s room over on Youtube and shared a few snaps HERE, the first featured glimpse of the corners of my home, tada!

Next up I shared another video with you lovely lot, this time in the form of a cheeky Lush Haul! I’m a lover of all things luscious and bath-tastic, they make me squeal with excitement! Naturally I had to share my over excitement and love of Lush. You can learn a fun Sprinkle of Glitter fact on the blog post HERE, oooh mysterious!

I also shared some snaps HERE of the beautiful Benefit boxsets and goodies which are available just in time for Christmas! I have been a fan of Benefit for a long time now, the products are always good quality and the packaging is so fun and fancy! Are you asking Father Christmas for any Benefit goodies this year?

HannahBobana spent a lot of November doing some online shopping and writing a few cheeky gift guides for us all at Sprinkle of Glitter. You can have a read of her student gift guide HERE. Is your Christmas shopping nearly complete? Have the gift guides given you some inspiration to make your loved ones squeal with joy?

I hope you've all had a jolly good month and are looking forward to the up and coming festivities! I can't wait until I can officially put up the Christmas decorations and write my letter to Father Christmas! 



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Wednesday 27 November 2013

Gift Guide For Dads

Aloha Louise's Sprinklerinos! 

Huston we have another gift guide. I am back once more with presents to excite your eyes, only this time the presents in question are gift ideas for the leading man in your life, your dad. Personally I find buying gifts for my dad relatively easy, partly because my mother will always tell me what to get him, but also because I know what he will use. I have chosen a lot of the generic dad gifts as well as including a few personal items in the mix also! Enjoy! 

Gifts Up To £25

Novelty Gifts
 I think it’s an unwritten rule that all fathers must receive a novelty gift annually, whether it be a comical pair of socks, racing granddads to kindly remind them of old age or a random knickknack to display on their desk, we’ve all bought them for father dearest. Debenhams sell a pretty immense range of novelty gifts HERE which are worth having a look at, I’m particularly a fan of the camera lens mug myself.

Toiletries Gift Set
 Again this is generally a standard dad gift, we often refer to them as ‘smellies’ in my family and you can guarantee each male member will receive at least two Lynx gift sets at Christmas due to the over generosity of the females. THIS Elemis gift set is slightly more expensive than your standard toiletries set, but you can’t put a price on smelling good now can you? Plus the packaging is rather jazzy and the products themselves seem pretty luxurious.

Shoe Cleaning Kit
 Bit of a random choice, but I love the vintage like packaging of THIS shoe shining kit, and for men that wear rather expensive leather shoes on a regular basis then it may come in pretty handy! I remember having my school shoes shined and polished back in the day, and I’m sure my dad still shines his shoes regularly so this gift would be well received. Perhaps not an enthralling gift but it’s something a little different which may come in pretty darn handy for dad folk!

History Book
 If historic knowledge is something your dad is interested in (as many dads are) then a book dedicated to said knowledge may be the way forward gift wise. My dad thoroughly collects military history books, he enjoys learning about past conflict, battles and weaponry therefore THIS book would be an ideal present and it would definitely lead to ‘favourite daughter’ status. Buying a gift that is relevant to hobbies and interests is always well received plus they’re generally pretty inexpensive! What more could you ask for!

Gifts Up To £50

Personalised Cufflinks
 I love a good comical set of cufflinks; they make any formal attire look slightly more exciting. Similarly personalised cufflinks are pretty swish also and I should imagine any dad would wear them proudly if they’ve been specially designed by their little darlings. THESE cufflinks can be personalised with up to three letters, so you could go for the obvious ‘dad’ seeing as he is the bearer of the gift, or maybe your own initials if not his. A personal, wearable and appropriate gift for man folk who like to dress fancy.

‘Best Of British’ Beers
I’m sure THIS would be a popular present choice amongst many dad folk out there, I’m pretty taken with it myself and I don’t even like beer! The ‘Best of British Beers’ gift set includes 12 bottles of award winning beers (all of which are listed on the website) and I think it adds a unique twist to your usual Christmas alcoholic gift for men, such as a hefty bottle of whisky, for a start there are 12 different flavours! It would certainly be a great talking theme on Christmas day amongst them men (and women, no sexism here!) comparing tastes and deciding which beer is the best at least!

Man Fragrance
 All men should smell good, including dads. Personally I don’t feel manly perfume is something men would often go out and buy for themselves, especially not dad type men. I’ve always known the men in my family to have all forms of hygienic items and clothing bought for them once wed. How 1950’s of us aye?! At least the benefits of buying perfume for your dad means you can guarantee he will smell socially acceptable, really it is a gift for the both of you. Once again I have turned to my faithful Debenhams to have a browse of their selection and I’ve decided THIS Thierry Mugler fragrance seems very dad like. I would suggest a sniff check first before fragrancing your dad; you don’t want him to disown you after all!

 Jolly Jumper
 My dad would never allow me to buy him a festive jumper, he wouldn't ever wear one. However I think they’d make rather dapper Christmas present and therefore I have included one in my gift guide. You can’t beat an overly excitable dad dressed in a woolly jumper on Christmas day, even better if there is a snowman on it. The one I have decided to include has slightly more subtly than a snowman jumper, but is still festive nonetheless, I have chosen THIS jumper from Marks&Spencer, it is festive whilst still subtle and wearable all winter.

Gifts Up To £100

 I included an iWallet in the gift guide I wrote aimed at men which seemed a rather fitting present, so I decided to include a wallet in the dad gift guide also. I have chosen a very posh Ralph Lauren wallet HERE which looks pretty swanky and formal, I’d be happy to keep all my (currently) non-existent notes in there anyways. The wallet has all the standard pockets needed and I love the simple black leather design with the Ralph Lauren emblem in the corner. I’d be happy for my dad to purchase presents for me if he had that wallet in toe!

Electric Shaver
I also included a shaver in my gift guide for men and I would likewise like to pop one in this gift guide also. Whilst you may choose a slightly less fancy version for dad folk, a shaver would still be an ideal gift which you know would get regular use. John Lewis stock a vast range of shavers on their website which you can browse HERE and they do vary in price so hopefully there’ll be one for everybody! No one likes a stubbly dad, so do both you and him a favour and allow him to be clean shaven this Christmas.

Sat Nav
 I wanted to include a gadget of some form in the dad gift guide and I had originally decided to pop in the new Kindle, however as I included one in my gift guide for mums I have instead decided to include a GPS Navigational System, aka a ‘Sat Nav’ in the dads gift guide, after all variety is the spice of life! I’ve had a browse online for Sat Navs which fall under the £100 price band and I’ve concluded that THIS TomTom seems rather fancy, it includes European maps so can be used whilst having adventures as well as offering personalisation, updates and all the usual malarkey you’d look for in a good family Sat Nav. Can you tell I’m not a technology expert?

Gift Experience 
Once again I am including the infamous gift experience in the gift guide, I genuinely believe they’re a great gift idea and there are possibilities out there for people of all ages and interests. In particular, father folk may enjoy the golfing experience, the clay target shooting or the car racing options also as I mentioned in my gift guide for men. Debenhams range of gift experiences can be viewed HERE. I’ve now spotted the ghost bust tour experience and I’m rather intrigued myself!

That's all gal pals! I am officially pooped, internet shopping is harder than it seems! I hope I have been helpful for you and that you're now pulling out less hair over the decision of what to buy your dad for Christmas. Do let me know! 



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Tuesday 26 November 2013

Gift Guide For Mums

Aloha Louise’s Sprinklerinos!

Guess who's back? It’s Hannah again from Student Life. I’m secretly hoping you’ve all missed me terribly. I am back with another gift guide to please your eyes and heart, not so much your purses and bank accounts I will confess, but definitely your heart. This my friends is the gift guide for mums! 

I have a confession to make; I think mums are the hardest person to buy gifts for. Whilst it is general consensus that men are the most difficult species to by Christmas presents for, I beg to differ. Unless my mum tells me exactly what she’d like for Christmas then I spend the majority of December frantically browsing the John Lewis website in the hopes I can find her something that won’t spend its lifetime pushed to the back of a cupboard with old VHS tapes and the photographic evidence of her 80’s mullet (sorry for telling them mum.) 

Each year when I ask my mother what she would like for Christmas I get the usual response of “oh don’t worry about me, spend your money on yourself” only this is a trap, because if you don’t get her anything you’ll hear about it all day from the rest of your family members and suddenly you’re the worst daughter in existence. So despite her wishes of not wanting a gift each year, I have to get one anyways solely to please the extended family! Don’t get me wrong, I would buy my mum anything and everything if I had the funds to do so. She has always worked her tushy off in order to buy me everything I’ve wanted in life and one day it will be the utmost pleasure to return the favour. Having said that, I’m a long way off making my millions just yet, so that mansion and donkey sanctuary (yes my mother wants a donkey sanctuary) will have to wait. I have however scowered the internet for mother appropriate, purse friendly gifts which I shall now share with you, yippee!!

 Gifts Up To £25

Cath Kidston Goodness
I should imagine anything Cath Kidston is an ideal Christmas gift for many mothers. I’ve had a browse of the website and I’ve spotted a few things I’m sure my own mum would love. If I were to be slightly selfish I’d say THIS travel toiletries set would make a great present, purely so I can use it as a bribe in the hopes she’ll visit me more often in university as an excuse to put it into action. Alternatively, Cath Kidston sell beautiful make up bags, home accessories and various other feminine items which you can browse HERE.

‘Dear Mum, From Me To You’ Book.
I am slightly in love with THIS book, given that I probably won’t be able to explain it as well as the website, I shall just do a cheeky copy and paste for you. The book is “filled with different questions for mum to answer. Each is designed to give you an in-depth look into mum's life as you discover things you never knew before.” I love the idea of personalising the cover image of this book so it becomes a family photo album and then have my mum answer the questions over time. It would make a great sentimental keepsake to pass down to my children for them to flick through whilst at Nanny’s donkey sanctuary.

 Last time I was home my mother was complaining about her broken purse so it only makes sense to buy her another, before she purchases one herself which is so ugly that it should be burnt and thrown across the country. Loving child, aren’t I? I like THIS purse from Accessorize. It’s simple, cute and I think my mama would like it. If not I’ll have it off her, I too am in need of a new purse. Purses obviously range in price greatly, but you can definitely find good quality purses for under £20.

Jazzy Chocolates
 You can’t really go wrong with chocolates, especially if they’re all fancy looking. Thorntons do a great range of chocolate boxes specifically aimed at women which would make a great inexpensive gift for your mum. I like the look of THIS box, it contains a variety of dark, milk and white chocolates and looks pretty darn fancy too. I should imagine my mother wouldn’t be sharing if I bought her that box, which would be a good inkling that she likes the present!

Gifts Up To £50

Clarins Skincare
 My mum is a huge fan of Clarins and I’m often expected to stand patiently at the Clarins counter whilst she rubs various creams of youthful goodness into her hand. It’s not often mums treat themselves to something that’s not quite a necessity such as expensive skincare, so I’d love to do it for my mama instead and keep her feeling happy and beautiful with a pot of cream or two. Debenhams stock a variety of Clarins skincare ranges of which you can browse HERE.

Personalised Candle
This was a very random find I came across on the internet, but I think it would make a pretty swell present. You can’t really go wrong in buying a woman a scented candle, my family home is full of them, so much so I’m contemplating buying my dad a protective mask to shield him from the fumes of jasmine and other feminine scents (I jest, he loves it) I love THIS candle as you can personalise the jar with your own little message and once the candle is burnt out then the jar makes a lovely little keepsake, something different from your average Yankee but still a mumsey winner.

Canvas Print
 You can’t really go wrong with a blown up photo of your face. I like to tell myself that I am my mother’s pride and joy (though I’m pretty sure it’s the dogs instead) and therefore I’m sure she’d love to fill our living room with various family frames. Gone are the days of framed photos, canvas is where it’s at. Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like ‘here mum, have a giant picture of my face, don’t say I don’t treat you’. Photobox do a great range of canvas prints HERE. They do vary in price, but I would recommend a good quality canvas around the £40 mark, only the best for my face!

Mother and Daughter Necklaces.
 I once suggested my mother, sister and I should all get matching tattoo’s, funnily enough that didn’t go down too well with my mum so instead I’ve decided matching necklace sets are probably the next best thing. Of course I turned to Etsy to look for cute jewellery designs and I found THIS one which is my personal favourite. The design is simple, and just like a wedding band the ring signifies eternal love. There are other mother and daughter necklace options such as THIS engraved one, but personally I would rather wear something slightly simpler.

Gifts Up To £100

High End Perfume
 Quite an obvious present choice and generally one that can’t go wrong, every woman likes to smell good and mothers are no exception. My mum is a massive fan of the Dior ‘Poison’ perfume range which falls under the high end category, but is still relatively affordable depending on quantity. I think this will be her main present from me this year, I know she has been lusting after a new bottle and my dad isn’t often one to part with his wallet for the purpose of a smell in a bottle. Men, eh? The scent ‘Pure Poison’ is certainly my favourite of the range which you can buy HERE, I thoroughly recommend having a whiff, it’s very mature and strong in scent, but I love it and so does my mama.

Food Mixer
I wish I had the funds to by my mother the ultimate food mixer by Kitchen Aid, but as it is over £400 in price, she shall just have to wait. Instead I have found some cheaper alternatives which I’m sure work just as well, not to mention in purchasing a fancy food mixer you’re likely to come home to freshly baked cakes, so we’re all benefiting here. THIS mixer by Kenwood looks pretty snazzy and I’m sure it is something mother bakers would enjoy thoroughly. My mum uses her Next food mixer religiously so if that were to break then I would definitely buy her another quick sharp.

Spa Day
 Once again, you can’t really go wrong with a spa day as a typical mumsy present, and many of the spa experience packages on offer are for two people to enjoy. Therefore it would make a perfect Christmas gift for both you and mum, you can laugh and bond and get your nails painted all at the same time! Debenhams do a vast range of spa experiences HERE (currently 10% off) and I’m ever so slightly getting jealous of the women in the photos, I want someone to put a towel on my head and rub my back. Again the prices vary so hopefully you’ll find a package in your price rage and voila, you can enjoy a day with mum and complementary champagne!

A gift favourite each Christmas and this year is no exception, especially now that the jazzy new Kindle Paperwhite is available to pre order HERE. Whilst it is slightly over budget of £109, it is certainly worth considering busking in the streets for that extra £9 to treat the woman who birthed you. You can’t go wrong with a Kindle and a Jane Austin novel, mums love it. Little disclaimer: I will not take the blame for your mother’s anti-social behaviour come Christmas day when she is thoroughly enjoying reading on her kindle thus not socialising with the family.

I hope I have given you some worthy gift ideas for your mother dearest, I also hope these gift guides are providing useful, do let me know in the comments as I read them all :) 

Until next time, 



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Saturday 23 November 2013

Amazing Advertisers || November 2013

Aloha Sprinklerinos! 

Another month has flashed before our eyes once more, Christmas will be upon us before you know it and the snow will soon be making an appearance! Before we get excited over winter festivities however, I must introduce you to my fabulous advertisers of this month and their equally fabulous internet spaces!

Let's go! 


A Midnight Wonderland is an online boutique of shiny galore. Myself and my magpie like tendencies have had a whale of a time browsing through all the statement pieces of jewellery, I’m particularly a lover of the necklaces which are bright and cheery and would certainly make any neck look pretty! I’ve also spotted a sheer mint blouse which I now have my eyes on (mint is my weakness, I want mint everything!!) A Midnight Wonderland sells all sorts of fashion jewellery which I would recommend lusting over, not only are they smashing to look at but they’re affordable too! What more could you want in pretty!!

ieWOW is something a little bit different which excites me greatly! It’s a sharing platform for those creative beans out there, particularly those of you who love to sew, stitch, crochet and so on, the creative list is endless! If you’d love to share your creativity and swanky designs as well as learn some new skills then I recommend you register for ieWOW and get excited over all the designing possibilities! ieWOW also offer courses for you design folk out there too, which sound a little bit exciting don’t you agree? We can all create together!! 

I’ve been having a love affair with Etsy for quite some time now and I’m constantly discovering exciting shops which sell handmade items that make me squeal with glee. Misty Aurora is no exception to the squealing, the handmade jewellery is cute, fun and I’m now lusting after little moustaches to decorate my earlobes with. I think Misty Aurora jewellery would make an excellent stocking filler, plus they’re currently running a Christmas offer of 10% off all orders! Quick! Grab your little moustache earrings and bunny necklaces, what are you waiting for!!

Amy has been a long time advertiser with Sprinkle of Glitter in past months and after having taken a short break from blogging last month Amy has returned in full force! This month Amy has written some fantastic reviews and paired them with beautiful photography, as always! I’ve particularly enjoyed swooning over her neutrals galore MAC palette! I’m hoping to see some smokey eye posts in future with some of those shadows! (no pressure Amy)

 My favourite culinary expert is back once more, and once again I have not been left disappointed! Oh Sophie, how do you do it?! This month Sophie has provided us with a variety of beauty reviews (including Jo Malone perfume, how posh!) as well as her famous cooking recipes, including cookies, soup and cheese straws! Could you ask for anymore?! If you’re in need of a recipe or two, or even a good beauty review then Sophie is your gal, she’ll know it all!

Can we all just take a second to appreciate the beauty of this blog and the ever so talented writer responsible?! Aimée is immensely talented and writes beautifully about it all! She’s a crafting, baking, beauty reviewing kinda gal and I love it! If you’re a fan of ‘a bit of everything’ type blogs, then Dress It Up will not disappoint, in fact you'll probably fall in love and wonder why you hadn't been reading sooner! Aimée's photography is simply stunning and I love the care and devotion she clearly puts into her blog. Let us all show Aimée some blogging love, there are brownie points on offer!!

Eeek! The cutest, most adorable homely gifts in the world! I’m a huge lover of home décor, in fact it gets me quite excited! And Zakka Mart really delivers when it comes to unique pieces to add a little flare into your humble abode. The drinking glasses are a personal favourite of mine; I love adding homely touches to my kitchen with funky glassware, they’re something a little bit different! Zakka Mart definitely offers different and you’d be a fool not to hop on over and get excited over the cat cup and saucer set!

AinaKia is a Hawaiian (how swish) Etsy store that sells handmade earrings in the most beautiful pastel coloured gemstones! The earrings are all very unique and definitely look very exotic and swanky! I would describe AinaKia earrings as quite an elegant and dainty array; they’ll definitely add a bit of class to your ears when you need it! Who doesn’t love having classy ears! The turquoise stones are fast becoming my favourite, I’m particularly swooning over the beach wedding jewellery range! Have a cheeky browse and tell me your favourite!

Confessions Of A Secret Shopper is written by the lovely Louise (brownie points for having the best name.) Firstly I must address how absolutely adorable Louise’s children are!! Her most recent post features a custom makeup bag which proudly displays her children in all their cuteness and glory, I think it’s a fab idea! As well as giving us some fabby beauty reviews this month Louise has also written an insightful post on stopping smoking and discussed a swanky looking baby monitor which is certainly worth having a read for you mummy folk out there! Let’s all coo over her babies together and give Louise some blogging love!

I’ve been a reader of Charlotte’s blog for quite a while now and I can confirm that I am still thoroughly enjoying her posts. Charlotte writes fascinating lifestyle posts which are a joy to read and I always look forward to a Saturday morning sit down having a read through these easy, yet inspiring blogs. Also Charlotte celebrated her 2nd blogging birthday at the end of last month which is a huge achievement! Charlotte’s love for blogging is evident in every post and it makes you love her even more. What are you waiting for? Have a scroll and fall in love!

Gosh I’m a jewel extrodinarre this month! I’m pleased as punch to be introducing you to another beautiful online jewellery boutique. Once again the pieces are wonderfully made, and certainly unique. Having spent quite some time lusting over all the pretties I can confirm that DIXI offers pieces which would appeal to all ages, so definitely worth sneaking a peak if you’re on the hunt for Christmas jewellery buys for your female friends and relatives.

That is all for this month I'm afraid! Lots of exciting links for you to clickity click!



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Friday 22 November 2013

Benefit Christmas Kits

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Life is crazy busy right now with no sign of slowing down until January (good busy, but busy) and so I wanted to take this chance (Darcy is asleep and I'm sat on my bed going through our recent photos) to showcase some of Benefit's most charming box sets and individual items that they have rather aptly brought out in time for Christmas. 










I'm holding back from doing a full review on anything because I plan on doing Vlogmas on my second channel (Sprinkle of Chatter) and know these will be featured a lot in those, as well as the spectacular Benefit Christmas advent calendar that I was kindly gifted (oh me on my!). 

I have been a sucker for Benefit products for well over 6 years now and have indulged in many a beautifully packaged foundation, highlighter or mascara before now. I used to gleefully look forward to the moment the Benefit counters would have their new product booklets out, take it to my desk (as you can tell, I worked hard at my office) and make little lists of what I wanted Father Christmas to bring me. 

It's not just the beauty products themselves that I love about this brand, it's the fun and frivolity that comes with them. They have that little extra something and I'm happy to pay a little more to have that. 

All these pieces would make great stand alone gifts (the perfume set for example) or sweet stocking stuffers (oh hey there lipsticks I'm looking at you) for friends and family. 

If you want to really tease yourself, have a look at Benefit's Website and try not to swoon. It's impossible! If you get the chance, visit one of the counters or flagship stores, they're girl heaven. 

What do you think? Would you buy makeup as gifts? Do you have a favourite Benefit product?

Also, are you enjoying Hannah's lovely contribution to Sprinkle of Glitter? I know I am! 



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Thursday 21 November 2013

Gift Guide For Men || CHRISTMAS

Aloha Louise's Sprinklerinos! 

I love men. I love men because they’re soothing to look at, especially if they resemble Ryan Gosling. I love men because stubble is God’s gift to women and I love men because they are useful for a variety of needs. Granted I also think they’re big meanies, but in general they’re not so bad. You know what I hate about men though? They’re impossible to buy for and it is literally the bane of my life. If you think a university degree or climbing Everest is challenging you've clearly never had to buy Christmas presents for man folk.

Having said that, I love a good challenge (hence why you’ll see me at the Chinese buffet more often than is socially acceptable to admit) and therefore I have taken it upon myself to seek out twelve stonkingly good presents for the men in our lives, for their use and enjoyment in the hopes that it will one day lead to a ring on our finger, a kiss under the mistletoe or a chance to rub our faces against their jaw stubble. I'm easy to please, can you tell?

(Original image from Pinterest)

Have no fear, if you’re having an Amazon panic and contemplating asking Father Christmas to cancel Christmas this year, I am here, in all my glory. I shall be writing a separate gift guide for dad folk later on in the week, this guide shall provide more suitable gifts for male companions and brothers. Are you excited? Are you sitting on the edge of your seat? (I also now have Queen stuck in my head, ‘another one bites the dust’ anyone?)

Gifts Up To £25

Shaving Set
 It makes me quiver slightly when I think of men with just the right amount of stubble, and you know what they need to achieve said stubble? A handy dandy shaving set. I think THIS one looks pretty impressive and very manly. It’s like a makeup brush for men, I wonder if PixiWoo will consider designing one of these bad boys any time soon. I'm almost tempted to rub those bristles across my face.

I've noticed a lot of my male friends use an iWallet, as the name suggests it's a handy iPhone case with built in slots for all your cards. Personally I love a good purse full of money receipts but I imagine men folk like to keep things simple. THIS iWallet from Debenhams is pretty standard, but it would do the job nicely! They can protect their phone and keep their cards intact, what more could you want from a wallet! 

101 Sandwiches 
Men love food. This is just a fact. And if they’re at all similar to Joey from Friends then they’re most likely a lover of a good meaty sandwich or two. Granted I also love a good sandwich, given that they’re usually almost entirely made up of carbs, but I'm going to pretend to be lady like and act as though THIS book doesn’t excite me. If your man can open a few bits of packaging and butter some bread, then I’d recommend the sandwiches book.

The Projecteo 
The Projecteo is a gift suggestion that Louise has been raving about, and I have to confess it is pretty hunky dory. A projecteo allows you to reminisce over your snaps on the big screen (THIS is a pretty bloomin’ brilliant blog review of the Projecteo in case your mind is baffled) Louise has also said “When you place an order, you are given a little code to share with friends. If they use your code when you order, you are gifted $5 off your next order so that's a little bonus! My code is FRIEND05Y3 so if you do decide to shop with them and fancy using it, feel free. I don't think you get any money off but it's nice to share the love if you want to (please don't feel pressured). For those wondering what I bought, I ordered the Projecteo and a couple of wheels of Darcy snaps for Matt's stocking this year. Hope he doesn't read this post! Eeep!!!"

Gifts Up To £50

Breaking Bad Boxset
If you haven’t heard of Breaking Bad by now then I salute your resistance from social media and I wish I was ever so slightly more like you. Breaking Bad has without a doubt been one of the most talked about television shows this year and I have to confess, I am in love with it. At first I was sceptical and only began watching to see if it was worth the hype, and within 3 episodes I was hooked. If your man person hasn't yet been sucked into the world of Walter White I recommend you buy him the boxset HERE. He will love you forever. Although I do apologise if he ignores you for the duration, I will not be responsible for arguments.

Man Perfume
 Of course you want your man smelling beautiful, I love a good whiff of boyfriend, they always smell so manly and it’s usually down to the cologne, given that I’m not a fan of the au natural smell. Cologne is a pretty standard present for men, but one that we can all enjoy. Debenhams have a vast range of men's fragrances HERE which are worth virtually sniffing. I’m a lover of Gucci fragrances for me, so if you’re reading this and currently smelling of Gucci, line up so I can have a whiff. Single file please.

Call Of Duty
I shall confess, I HATE war games. I think they’re too violent and unnecessary. However I am aware that they’re hugely popular amongst the male species and therefore you’ll most likely win girlfriend of the century award if you indulge their fantasies and pop a copy of Call Of Duty under the Christmas tree. You can buy the latest game on Amazon HERE. Why can’t men just play Sims or Crash Bandicoot in their spare time? I don’t understand them.

Engraved Watch
I’m actually a huge fan of this gift. Many man folk wear watches in order to know when it is socially acceptable to eat once again and I genuinely think THIS watch is very charming and attractive. It could make any wrist look sexy, no matter how hairy the hand attached is. I love that you can have it engraved, it adds a nice personal touch whilst not screaming ‘this is the male version of an engagement ring, run.. run a mile’ Subtle yet serious, no?

Gifts Up To £100

Swanky Electric Razor 
Similarly to the shaving set I shared earlier, men do enjoy a good electric razor or two. Partly because it makes them feel rugged and manly, but also because they know it means their girlfriend won’t be stealing it to shave her legs. THIS razor from John Lewis looks pretty snazzy, and I certainly won’t be putting it anywhere near my legs in fear that I’d chop them off. An everyday essential that’s a little bit swanky (and gives you exclusive access to their manual boring old Gillette)

Gift Experience
 In my Student Gift Guide I recommended concert tickets as a desirable gift, and I feel this could also apply to men, if not a concert than certainly a gift experience. Debenhams have a range of gift experiences HERE. You can either send your man off roading or racing in order for him to feel like Lewis Hamilton for the day, or for a nice massage and glass of bubbly in the hopes he’ll invite you too.

 Sexy Suit
Men in suits are sexy. Fact. I’ve never bought a man friend a suit, I’ve not quite reached that stage of adult life, plus they’re pretty expensive. Having said that, I reckon if I left a boyfriend to buy his own suit it certainly wouldn’t ooze as much sexiness had I of chosen it for him. Therefore, do your fella a favour and make him look swanky this Christmas. Asos have pretty eyelash futtering worthy suits; which you can have a browse at HERE one. I’ll have one of the models too if they're on sale also.

Cosy Hoodie 
This is an entirely selfish gift idea I must confess. I'm a lover of the boyfriend hoodie look and currently I am in need of a new one. Therefore so is my boyfriend. I think I’d look good in THIS Superdry hoodie, as I'm sure many of you fellow females will also. Let’s all match this Christmas in man hoodies whilst feeling generous and economical. Sharing is caring!

That concludes my gift guide for men! I hope this has been vaguely useful for you! Men are notoriously difficult to buy for, but there is actually a pretty immense selection out there. That being said, I still don't enjoy shopping for men. It was fun having a browse for this gift guide though, I really do want that hoodie.



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Wednesday 20 November 2013

Student Gift Guide || CHRISTMAS

Well hello there, this feels a lot like an awkward date given that I now have to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me. Have no fear though, I've not shaved my legs especially or done my hair therefore not making this a date. You can relax once more. My name is Hannah and I am a blogger. I write the blog Student Life which is pretty immense, and I'm not bias in the slightest. I am however heavily sarcastic. I have been asked by Louise to contribute a gift guide or two for Sprinkle of Glitter, let us all spread the generosity together! 

Ooh la la, I feel like one of those ladies on the QVC shopping channel with all my recommended gift knowledge. If only I too had beautifully manicured hands and a questionable Christmas jumper. Sadly I am not a rockin' QVC lady, rather I am a third year student with much knowledge of university life. Such knowledge definitely provides useful for this gift guide as we're discussing ideal gifts for students, the magical necessities Christmas can provide for your average university attendee. 

Of course I could include all the gifts I 'want' for Christmas (I'm looking at you Bobbi Brown 'Old Hollywood' collection) however for a lot of students, including myself, university is not a stage of life in which you are able to live in materialistic galore, rather it is a time for appreciating what has previously been taken for granted and kindly asking Father Christmas your nearest and dearest for gifts of which will provide a useful necessity in student living, perhaps slightly 'boring' but much appreciated none the less! 

Are you ready to excite a student this Christmas and earn yourself an extra glass of Eggnog? Then let's go! 

Student Gifts Up To £25

Toiletries Gift Set
Something of which I used to refer to as 'boring bath stuff' but now consider a holy grail in student living. Usually getting a Sanctuary gift set off your Nana and every other relative at Christmas isn't overly enthralling, however once you're confined to student living and are unable to spend precious pennies on fancy shampoo and body products then 'boring bath stuff' becomes an essential on the gift list. I'm telling you, when you're poor and unable to afford a night out, exfoliating becomes one of the only pleasures in life. I personally like THIS gift set from Soap and Glory. It includes a few minis of their much loved products and ensures your student friend/relative smells good during lectures. 

Student Recipe Book.
Once again I come recommending a gift of which is not overly exciting, however I do consider it a student essential, especially if your student loved one lacks basic cooking skills. I own the recipe book 'Nosh For Students' of which you can buy HERE. Nosh For Students details exactly how much the preparation of each meal will cost you as well as serving estimations and nutrition content. Owning a simple student recipe book allows you to plan ahead for mealtimes and set a food budget, essentially avoiding the "I only have a tin of baked beans to last 5 days because I bought Dominos on Friday" diet. Preparing meals also makes for great flatmate bonding time, not to mention splits the cost if you're all eating together. 

'Fun' Journal/Diary.
Since beginning university I have documented my student adventures through blogging. I think it is important to capture all your thoughts and feelings throughout university, as a person you change immensely and these years are certainly worth remembering. A diary would make a great student gift, although not your standard "deary diary, I'm not going to keep this up", rather an alternative journal which offers something a little different, such as 'My Future Listography' which you can buy HERE. As quoted on Amazon, My Future Listography "encourages users to think not only about memories/places/things of the past and present, but to think about future goals and aspirations." Sentimental, don't cha think?

Similarly to a journal, a scrapbook also allows for documenting student memories and would make a lovely, thoughtful gift. Whilst having pictures saved to my phone and laptop is great, I also like to have them in print and display them. A scrapbook allows you to store photos as well as tickets, letters and cards that become incredibly sentimental during your student years living away from home. I really like THIS scrapbook from Paperchase (partly because I love the design, but also because it reminds me of the Burn Book in Mean Girls.) Maybe consider purchasing fancy stationary to go along side the scrapbook also, I'm thinking old school scented gel pens and patterned paper. The possibilities are endless with scrapbooking! 

Student Gifts Up To £50 

Depending on how often your student loved one is topping up their printing credit at the library or travelling home to use and abuse the family printer, then having a printer at their disposal may provide very useful. I am forever printing off lecture notes and reading material so having my very own printer is handy dandy. Whilst printers can be expensive, I have seen a few online that fall below £50. THIS Inkjet printer does lots of fancy things and is pretty inexpensive (for a printer) Of course the cost of ink will have to be factored in also, but a printer is definitely a useful investment for student study! 

Good Quality Bedding. 
When I began accumulating all the necessities for university I bought everything as cheap as possible. Only in hindsight this was not an overly wise idea and I ended up repurchasing items of better quality. One of these repurchases was bedding. Good quality, thick and comfortable bedding is an essential, more specifically the duvet and pillows. Student house mattresses aren't always comfortable so having exceptional bedding does allow for better sleep. John Lewis has a great range of good quality bedding HERE. If you're feeling really generous I would consider popping a mattress protector under that Christmas tree also. A really squishy one.

Laptop Bag.
I take my laptop to every lecture (the ones I actually attend anyway) and as a result it has suffered a battering or two after having been shoved in my tote bag with keys and other vicious items. Therefore I recommend investing in a bag or sleeve for your student loved one and their computer companion, especially if they're joined at the hip. THIS Cath Kidston laptop sleeve is a particular favourite of mine, and something of which would protect my laptop whilst still allowing me to carry it in my usual bag. 

Concert Ticket.
Experiencing Beyonce perform earlier this year at the O2 is something of which I shall always treasure. However had I not of received a ticket as an early birthday present then I would never have been able to go. The majority of students enjoy listening to music and I'm sure would love to go to a concert or two during their time at university, but the tickets are expensive and definitely not something student loans can stretch too regularly, therefore they make great gifts. You can check out Ticketmaster if you'd like to see which performers have upcoming dates. A concert ticket would certainly soften the blow of getting pillows for Christmas at least! 

Student Gifts Up To £100

This one is rather self explanatory. We've all seen the hideously inappropriate photos students have been tagged in on Facebook, and these beauties usually require the use of a camera. If you would like to see hideous photos of your student loved ones, then consider buying them a digital camera. Obviously cameras do vary in price immensely, but there are a fair few under the £100 price tag and are of decent quality. THIS FUJIFILM looks fairly promising and it's nice and compact so can be fitted easily into a handbag. Let the tagging commence! 

Hybrid Bike.
The need of a bike does depend slightly on the type of university campus that your loved one attends. Many university students cycle to campus as public transport and owning a car can be expensive. I considered buying a bike this year, then I remembered I have a fat bum, thus making bike seats hideously uncomfortable. However if fat bums aren't going to be an issue, then a bike makes for a very useful student gift! I have struggled to find one under £100, but I'm sure independent shops will sell them, or you could even browse Ebay. THIS bike from Halfords is £119.99, so should they have an offer pending then it is likely to fall below £100 and I can feel less guilty about cheating. Problem solved. 

'Fashionable' Backpack.
I've suffered a fair few hip aches during my degree due to carrying around excessive weight in my book bag, and by 'book bag', I mean handbag which is not appropriate for university use. Whilst the thought of rockin' a backpack doesn't exactly appeal to me, it would provide far more useful and I wouldn't walk round lopsided. THIS backpack from Asos would be perfect for carrying around my university books and it looks pretty too! Probably a lot more durable than my tote bag too! 

Okay, can we all just take a second to appreciate how bloomin' beautiful THIS suitcase is? I travel back to Wales quite frequently during the university term and recently I broke the handle on my suitcase, meaning I am now in need of another before I trek home once more. All students require baggage to get from point A to point B so why not buy them some beautiful baggage that will last them? They'll need a swanky bag to bring all their Christmas presents back to university in anyway, two birds with one stone? I think so. 

I hope I've offered some useful student gift ideas for you. Students can be difficult to buy for and whilst endless makeup palettes are great, they're not a necessity and certainly aren't a student essential. I am yet to meet a student who attends every lecture with a full face of make up, they do however always have need for the above. Do let me know if any of the above float your boat! If you'd like to sneak a peak at my student blog then you can click HERE. I'm quite friendly, as well as slightly inappropriate and Bridget Jones like. You'll learn to love me I promise. 




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