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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Gift Guide For Dads

Aloha Louise's Sprinklerinos! 

Huston we have another gift guide. I am back once more with presents to excite your eyes, only this time the presents in question are gift ideas for the leading man in your life, your dad. Personally I find buying gifts for my dad relatively easy, partly because my mother will always tell me what to get him, but also because I know what he will use. I have chosen a lot of the generic dad gifts as well as including a few personal items in the mix also! Enjoy! 

Gifts Up To £25

Novelty Gifts
 I think it’s an unwritten rule that all fathers must receive a novelty gift annually, whether it be a comical pair of socks, racing granddads to kindly remind them of old age or a random knickknack to display on their desk, we’ve all bought them for father dearest. Debenhams sell a pretty immense range of novelty gifts HERE which are worth having a look at, I’m particularly a fan of the camera lens mug myself.

Toiletries Gift Set
 Again this is generally a standard dad gift, we often refer to them as ‘smellies’ in my family and you can guarantee each male member will receive at least two Lynx gift sets at Christmas due to the over generosity of the females. THIS Elemis gift set is slightly more expensive than your standard toiletries set, but you can’t put a price on smelling good now can you? Plus the packaging is rather jazzy and the products themselves seem pretty luxurious.

Shoe Cleaning Kit
 Bit of a random choice, but I love the vintage like packaging of THIS shoe shining kit, and for men that wear rather expensive leather shoes on a regular basis then it may come in pretty handy! I remember having my school shoes shined and polished back in the day, and I’m sure my dad still shines his shoes regularly so this gift would be well received. Perhaps not an enthralling gift but it’s something a little different which may come in pretty darn handy for dad folk!

History Book
 If historic knowledge is something your dad is interested in (as many dads are) then a book dedicated to said knowledge may be the way forward gift wise. My dad thoroughly collects military history books, he enjoys learning about past conflict, battles and weaponry therefore THIS book would be an ideal present and it would definitely lead to ‘favourite daughter’ status. Buying a gift that is relevant to hobbies and interests is always well received plus they’re generally pretty inexpensive! What more could you ask for!

Gifts Up To £50

Personalised Cufflinks
 I love a good comical set of cufflinks; they make any formal attire look slightly more exciting. Similarly personalised cufflinks are pretty swish also and I should imagine any dad would wear them proudly if they’ve been specially designed by their little darlings. THESE cufflinks can be personalised with up to three letters, so you could go for the obvious ‘dad’ seeing as he is the bearer of the gift, or maybe your own initials if not his. A personal, wearable and appropriate gift for man folk who like to dress fancy.

‘Best Of British’ Beers
I’m sure THIS would be a popular present choice amongst many dad folk out there, I’m pretty taken with it myself and I don’t even like beer! The ‘Best of British Beers’ gift set includes 12 bottles of award winning beers (all of which are listed on the website) and I think it adds a unique twist to your usual Christmas alcoholic gift for men, such as a hefty bottle of whisky, for a start there are 12 different flavours! It would certainly be a great talking theme on Christmas day amongst them men (and women, no sexism here!) comparing tastes and deciding which beer is the best at least!

Man Fragrance
 All men should smell good, including dads. Personally I don’t feel manly perfume is something men would often go out and buy for themselves, especially not dad type men. I’ve always known the men in my family to have all forms of hygienic items and clothing bought for them once wed. How 1950’s of us aye?! At least the benefits of buying perfume for your dad means you can guarantee he will smell socially acceptable, really it is a gift for the both of you. Once again I have turned to my faithful Debenhams to have a browse of their selection and I’ve decided THIS Thierry Mugler fragrance seems very dad like. I would suggest a sniff check first before fragrancing your dad; you don’t want him to disown you after all!

 Jolly Jumper
 My dad would never allow me to buy him a festive jumper, he wouldn't ever wear one. However I think they’d make rather dapper Christmas present and therefore I have included one in my gift guide. You can’t beat an overly excitable dad dressed in a woolly jumper on Christmas day, even better if there is a snowman on it. The one I have decided to include has slightly more subtly than a snowman jumper, but is still festive nonetheless, I have chosen THIS jumper from Marks&Spencer, it is festive whilst still subtle and wearable all winter.

Gifts Up To £100

 I included an iWallet in the gift guide I wrote aimed at men which seemed a rather fitting present, so I decided to include a wallet in the dad gift guide also. I have chosen a very posh Ralph Lauren wallet HERE which looks pretty swanky and formal, I’d be happy to keep all my (currently) non-existent notes in there anyways. The wallet has all the standard pockets needed and I love the simple black leather design with the Ralph Lauren emblem in the corner. I’d be happy for my dad to purchase presents for me if he had that wallet in toe!

Electric Shaver
I also included a shaver in my gift guide for men and I would likewise like to pop one in this gift guide also. Whilst you may choose a slightly less fancy version for dad folk, a shaver would still be an ideal gift which you know would get regular use. John Lewis stock a vast range of shavers on their website which you can browse HERE and they do vary in price so hopefully there’ll be one for everybody! No one likes a stubbly dad, so do both you and him a favour and allow him to be clean shaven this Christmas.

Sat Nav
 I wanted to include a gadget of some form in the dad gift guide and I had originally decided to pop in the new Kindle, however as I included one in my gift guide for mums I have instead decided to include a GPS Navigational System, aka a ‘Sat Nav’ in the dads gift guide, after all variety is the spice of life! I’ve had a browse online for Sat Navs which fall under the £100 price band and I’ve concluded that THIS TomTom seems rather fancy, it includes European maps so can be used whilst having adventures as well as offering personalisation, updates and all the usual malarkey you’d look for in a good family Sat Nav. Can you tell I’m not a technology expert?

Gift Experience 
Once again I am including the infamous gift experience in the gift guide, I genuinely believe they’re a great gift idea and there are possibilities out there for people of all ages and interests. In particular, father folk may enjoy the golfing experience, the clay target shooting or the car racing options also as I mentioned in my gift guide for men. Debenhams range of gift experiences can be viewed HERE. I’ve now spotted the ghost bust tour experience and I’m rather intrigued myself!

That's all gal pals! I am officially pooped, internet shopping is harder than it seems! I hope I have been helpful for you and that you're now pulling out less hair over the decision of what to buy your dad for Christmas. Do let me know! 



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  1. I don't know anything about shavers but that one looks snazzy! How often do men have to replace razors??

  2. thanks for all these ideas! definitely inspired me!

  3. Definitely referring to this when I shop for my boyfriend's dad - he's so hard to buy for!

    x Michelle |

  4. I never know what to buy my Dad. I usually go for something useful ..this year I've got for a set of yellow frying pans. Sounds boring but he loves yellow and uses them a lot!

  5. I normally get a mug for my dad, and the kids get his things they have made

    Ineffable Beauty

  6. great ideas! :) Dads are difficult to buy for..

  7. Thank you Louise! I really didn't know what to buy my father this year. I like the shoe cleaning kit. I think it's an original idea.

  8. Great collection, dads can be tricky!


  9. Great ideas! I'm glad you think novelty gifts are a must too, I always have to buy them for every male in my family. They might not like them but it gives me a laugh at least :)

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  10. haha My dad is the hardest to buy for so I envy your ease!

    Lucie //Fatbeautyx

  11. Thanks for this! I struggle when it comes to thinking up gifts for all the men in my life. Wait... that sounds dodgy. Oh never mind. You know what I mean! HAHA ;)

  12. Dads are so hard to buy gifts for!
    I think novelty gifts are the way to go
    elizabethsophiee x

  13. I love these ideas, I never can find a present for my dad :/

    ❇♥ Blog written by two friends: ♥❇

  14. thanks, such good ideas! :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  15. This one is even more useful I find it hard to shop for my dad or guys in general

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. good ideas :) thank you
    but still too expensive for me :( As A 16 year old student I cant spend a lot ...
    I did a blog post on christmas presents but they are all DIY`s and very cheap
    I am aware that my (newly started) blog isn`t as amaziiiing :) as louise`s, but you might get a couple of ideas and inspirations out of the things I made :)

    27 November 2013 15:39

  18. My dad would go CRAZY for the shaving kit! Great idea xo

  19. Really good ideas, thank you :)

    I found your blog a short time ago and I'm absolutely loving it! :)

  20. thanks for the handy gift guide, men are notoriously difficult to buy for!

  21. Oh how wonderful! We love this gift guide as well, thank you for sharing!!


  22. I've always thought it's a lot harder to buy gifts for men! Thank you so much for sharing this :)

    Lipstick and Mocha

  23. Thanks for the suggestions, always have such a hard time finding a gift for my papi. Might look into this Sat Nav ;)

  24. I so needed something like this! My dad has birthday soon and your present suggestions are so helpful! Thankssss!

  25. your blog is so preciousss! <3

    B L O G:

    Y O U T U B E:

  26. great udeas, thank u ! x

  27. I give you a virtual pat on the back for finding dad's easy to buy for - that is truly a sixth sense to be cherished! Really good ideas to help us mere mortals to buy men's gifts :P Thank you - really enjoying these gift series! Hannah xx

  28. This is are so difficult to buy for!

    Katie x

  29. Wonderful list! Buying for my dad and brother can be so difficult because they both hate typical man things. No football, no golf, no ties, no beer, etc. etc. It's gotta be expensive booze and musical instruments all the way. So thanks for the extra ideas! :)

  30. Thanks for these ideas, i never know what to get my dad!

  31. Thanks for the ideas, normally for my dad there's an unwritten rule if it's not food or for the motorcycle don't get it....

  32. Really good ideas, thank you!

  33. Thank you so much! I just ordered my Dad personalised cufflinks after reading this! :D

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  36. Hell yeah, I got, what should I brought him for Christmas. Thanks to share such fantastic idea.

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