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Wednesday 31 December 2014

A Year In Glitter World 2014

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It has become a custom over here in Glitter World to spend a few moments on the last day of December to look over the year and reflect upon all it's adventures. 

In the past I have done a month by month summary of what happened here on the blog, but with only 97 posts this year, I think we'll go for something new!

2014 has been a most challenging year. Some challenges have been oh so rewarding and some, less so. It's hard to talk about these things objectively because Sprinkle of Glitter is a happy place designed to only showcase the highlights of my life, celebrate the exciting and inspire positivity. With that in mind, I'll get the hard stuff said first and then move on to easier shores. 

I will be brutal. This year has been hard. I have often found myself in situations I know not how to handle and have regularly felt out of my depth. My confidence has been knocked and subsequently so has my self esteem. 'Lost' is a good way to describe the worst parts of the year. I have felt lost in a sea of people who seem to know where their paths lead. Whilst professionally I have felt cool, calm and confident (more on that shortly), my personal life has been a very private struggle that I hope will ease in 2015. 

I have sought constantly for the approval of others when really, I should have only needed my own. I have made big, hard choices and spent days and weeks unsure if they were right. I have cried, a lot. 

A lot of this pain was reflected in my blog and youtube channels in the form of absence and I want to take a moment to thank you for never pressuring or resenting the big gaps and the lack of posts and videos. 

That was hard to write. Really hard. I hate admitting I'm not constantly a life winner but 2014, you were a toughie. A goodie, but a toughie!

Moving on to brighter topics, three things that have made me smile from ear to ear are my sweet baby girl (as always), Sprinkle of Glitter and friends. 

Darcy Jane Watson has been a joy. Watching her develop and delighting in her milestones has been such a privilege. She has grown from a tot to a small child and whilst my Mama heart wants to keep her a tiny snuggly baby for ever, I am constantly impressed by the wonders of Motherhood. To see a child experience pure happiness is better than having it yourself. Watching Darcy play with other children or be thrilled by something so mundane makes me feel like my heart might burst. 

Now she is 3 and 9 months she is enjoying imagination games (last night she made us call her Charly over and over), making up jokes ("I've got an idea! When we get home we will all climb into the bins! AHAHAHAHAHA I'm fully kidding Mummy!") and being a 'big girl' (eating food well herself, sleeping in knickers instead of pullups and getting out of the carseat with minimal assistance). 

As she grows, she is also becoming aware of bigger topics. She understands that my Mummy lives in Heaven ('with Mufasa and Ariel's Mummy') and that it is more important to be kind and smart than to be a princess. I am proud of her. I think I always will be. 

Sprinkle of Glitter has been crazy amazing this year. I have been to Florida, Milan, New York, LA, New Jersey and on a UK Tour to meet as many of you as possible, have talked on panels, been part of live shows, given Q&A's and even started my own stage tour, 'LouiseLIVE'. It has been an absolute whirlwind. 

I began the year quite overwhelmed and unsure but after starting (go me!) the topic of YouTube Culture, I have noticed a big, big shift in the way I am treated by viewers and hopefully this in turn has positively effected they way I treat you. 

At large conventions like Playlist and Vidcon, I noticed a much calmer vibe from so many people and loved it! I felt able to stand about and have relaxed conversations and actually interact with the people that watch Sprinkle of Glitter and make it so (I think) special. I love how this is all just one big conversation and how we, as a community, can take control and make it how we want it to be. Even as it grows (and wowee oh my woah woah, has it grown this year!!), I think the community feel remains and that Sprinklerinos are very protective over keeping it a kind, loving, happy place. I know with all of our efforts, that will continue into the new year. 

I have also been working behind the scenes on several large projects that will come to light in 2015 and can't wait for those too. 2014 has been a year of building, 2015 will be the unveiling!

Friends. You know that song with the line, 'I get by with a little help from my friends'? That's 2014 for you right there. 

In 2014 I made brand new friends and strengthened existing friendships so much I could cry. I have a very special place in my heart for all my oldie but goldies (Zoe, Clare, Emma, Marie, Jack and more) but have found a little bit of extra space for Hazel Hayes who wins the award for Most Time Spent Listening To Me Ramble On About Utter Crap That At The Time Felt Important. Seriously, I feel almost ashamed at how much of her time I have taken up and how nurturing she has been. She is a good egg and will join the esteemed list of 'Oldie but Goldie's above. In 2015 I would love a little getaway with her and Zoe for facials, massages and all the lols!!

A huge highlight of 2014 was fiiiinnaaalllyy flying out to Seattle with Matt and Darcy to visit Marie BitsandClips and her family. I have so much love for those people and want to spend all my days bringing them as much delight as they give to me. I said to Marie the other day, 'you are sunshine incarnate' and I was right. She cannot not make me happy. Ooff. 

Other little mentions and thank you's (I'm at the Oscars now apparently) go to - Dodie for lovingly stroking my arms the time I hyperventilated in a bar, Cayleigh for never failing to be as enthusiastic as me about insane ideas, Amber for being such a kind soul in New Jersey when I was sick and scared, Maddie for always remembering and acknowledging the hard days, my neighbour Vicky for always chitchatting on the drive, Sam, Nic and Caroline for giving perfect big sister advice, Cat for listening and analysing, Ben Cook for encouraging me to talk about big topics and Jack for forever forcing me to up my game. 

I have felt incredibly loved this year. 


And so there we have it, a big ol' brain dump of the last 12 months. A year of filming and flights and skater skirts and sparkly nails and baby squishes and late night dinners and red carpets (yay!) and big discussions and hotel lols and skype chats and lovely lists and fairy lights and laughter and tears and fist pumps and kittens, it's been a year!!

I am ending this year with a thankful heart and as always, an optimistic mind. 

Tell me, how has your 2014 been? 



Wednesday 24 December 2014

Aloha Sprinklerinos, 

Twas the night before Christmas and Louise was proud to introduce her final Amazing Advertisers of 2014 after a cracking year of blogging discoveries. Wowee have we had a good month once more, there's something about festive blogging that gives me all the feels and these gals have been blogging up a triumphant storm. Grab yourself a hot chocolate, perhaps a treat or two (it is Christmas after all) and let's get cracking! 

Abracadabra Girl is a beauty and lifestyle blog written by Kara, quite the blogging extraordinaire and Abracadabra Girl it is one of the most pleasing blogs I ever did see. Kara’s beautiful photography skills and in depth reviews make for quite the professional content and lovable blog indeed! Not to mention I’m a lover of the passion she has for products, as a makeup artist and a previous salon owner Kara certainly knows about all things beauty, and I’m pleased as punched she has shared said knowledge and wisdom with us.

Last month Dee impressed me muchly with her fabulous blogging skills and I’ve been a keen bean to see what treats she’s had in store for us in December, oh boy oh boy we’ve not been disappointed! Dee’s reviews this month have been tip top, and I’ve particularly enjoyed reading about her experience with iScream nail polishes, Dee has shown the range of colours flawlessly, and as a camera user and blogger myself I can tell ya it’s not an easy job! I look forward to future content from Dee, perhaps even a tutorial or two? Pretty please?

Wowza, Anna in Wonderland has been quite the busy blog this month, including guest post galore, Frozen inspired hair tutorials and even a lesson in publishing, Anna you certainly are a whizz! I’ve been a fan of Anna in Wonderland for a few months now, I enjoy Anna’s adventures and aspirations as a published writer, it’s unique and educational which is a nice little twist amongst the ‘little bit of everything’ blogs. Whether you’re after some inspiration, in need of a holiday destination idea, or simply believe variety is the spice of life, then Anna in Wonderland is for you.

Oh my goodness gracious! We’ve got a beauty amongst our midst Sprinklerinos. Lifestyle blogger Angie and her slice of the web SilverSpoon London are bloomin’ gorgeous, you’d be a fool to disagree. SilverSpoon London is a swish, Carrie Bradshaw-esque blog and it’s certainly shown me a thing or two about wining and dining around London! From Japanese to Italian and even a tasty cocktail or two, Angie is trying it all. If you’re a foodie lover and in need of a restaurant to make your mouth water, then I’d give SilverSpoon London a gallivant. Warning, it will make you hungry.

Sunny Sweet Pea makes me smile. It’s a lifestyle blog written by Jenny, and I can’t quite pinpoint why, but it gives me the warm and fuzzies and having a sneaky peak into Jenny’s life with her partner and pup makes for a good read, and a lovable blog. Whether it’s a beautifully written musing, a thoughtful quote with meaning to provide a much needed pep in your step, or even the opportunity to fall in love with fellow advertising bloggers of SilverSpoon, Jenny has kindly provided it all and Sunny Sweet Pea is a blog I’m happy to have in my feed, as should you all!

I hope you've had a jolly good read from our final gals of Amazing Advertisers 2014. I hope to have all your smiling faces ready for another lot of my beautiful bloggers in the New Year. Who has been your favourite blog of 2014? 



Friday 19 December 2014

Avon | Connecting Beauty Lovers

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I’ve been using my trusty pals at Avon for donkeys years now. There’s something I’ve always loved about their personal approach to the business world, I even wrote about their amazing door-to-door service way back when in 2010 and still find myself getting super excited when my local representative drops my monthly brochure through the letterbox. You can’t ask for much more than being able to fill out a form and have everything you’ve ordered delivered directly to your door with a smiley face and a little catch up to boot.
A beauty review by Sprinkle of Glitter on Avon and Avon Beauty Connects

You may already know, but Avon also offer an online service – if you need things a little more urgently you can shop your must haves on the web and have them delivered that way.

Now of course they offer a top-notch service but let’s not forget about what they actually sell! Avon have always been my go to affordable beauty brand, their books come jam-packed with makeup, beauty products, perfume, clothing AND home ware all at amazingly competitive prices. 
A beauty review by Sprinkle of Glitter on Avon and Avon Beauty Connects

There are some items I've been dying to get my mitts on including a selection of the Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliners, the Ideal Luminous Shimmer Block and True Colour 8 in 1 Eyeshadow Palette. Avon's eyeshadows always pack a punch with their pigmentation so I'm looking forward to creating some festive looks with the palette and the glimmersticks together!

I also spotted this UH-mazing snow leopard throw...

Quotes: 'IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!!' (name that film ;))

A beauty review by Sprinkle of Glitter on Avon and Avon Beauty Connects
Which apparently makes the perfect perch for displaying those beautiful items!

You can also keep yourself in the loop with all the other Avon fans using Avon Beauty Connects. It's an online community haven - where you can share your beauty tips, read blogs and watch tutorials from Avon's beauty experts! Click here to get yourself involved in the fun!

What do you think? Will there be any Avon products at the top of your Christmas list this year?

*This is a paid for advertisement/ advertorial but all views are my own!

Wednesday 3 December 2014

Beauty Review | Tarte Cosmetics

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

If there is one brand that has had heaps of hype this year it’s Tarte Cosmetics and I’m not going to lie when I say I was firmly perched on that bandwagon.

I’ve been itching to get my hands on some of their products and now they’ve launched a select amount in the UK it seemed the perfect time to share them with you lovely lot. 
A beauty review on Tarte Cosmetics coming to the UK

Tarte were lovely enough to send me a nice little parcel, but the products I’m most excited to try (and that are available for us here in the UK, too) are…

Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush

It’s been one of their most talked about products and from simply opening the packaging I can see why. With highly pigmented shades, packaging to match the colour that’s inside (good thinking, guys!) and a beautifully sized compact mirror they’ve already got me sold. 

A beauty review on Tarte Cosmetics coming to the UK

Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara
With a cheeky hint from the title, this mascara promises to provide four lash benefits – curling, lengthening, volumising and conditioning. It’s safe to say that it’s going to be the one to reach for on an evening out, when you want to achieve a dramatic, dark eye. It’s also Dermatologist proven to increase volume in the lashes, which is a bit swishy if you ask me. 

Amazonian Clay Volumizing Brow & Hair Powder
Available in a variety of shades, halleluiah! Not only is this little beauty packing a punch with some gorgeous packaging it, like the mascara, gives volumised, fuller brows – perfect for those Cara Delevingne inspired looks. 

A beauty review on Tarte Cosmetics coming to the UK

Lastly, the Amazonian Butter Lipstick
Containing ingredients such as vitamin A and emollient butters (like cocoa butter) they’re super hydrating, ultra moisturising lipsticks with bold, pigmented application. They have a trio pack available on QVC at the moment that includes Coral Blossom - a golden coral shade, Tulip - a soft rose shade and Creamy Rose. 

I'm really excited to give this brand a whirl!

What do you think?

Do you have any Tarte items on your Christmas wishlist?


Monday 1 December 2014

Motivational Monday || Fight or Flight

Aloha Sprinkerinos,

Merry Monday to you! Not only a new Monday but a new month. Merry Month to you? Heh heh. 

Today's Motivational Monday will be a little different to the usual, it's a really personal tale of triumph but hopefully one you can take elements from and incorporate them into your own life. 

A couple of weeks back I wrote THIS post about comfort zones and feeling super unsettled in new places. I was blown away by your responses to that and amazed at how many of your feel the same way. For the longest time I have not vocalised my feelings about new places because I felt a bit silly or like if I didn't think or talk about them then they wouldn't be real and I could quietly overcome them. 

I am slowly realising that by being more open, I can accept it more and will find ways to deal with it better. The most crucial thing to me is that this doesn't get worse. I'm not looking for miracles, I would just like to be able to go on trips without feeling anything more than a standard amount of fear, as opposed to an irrational amount. I'd like to not say, 'Will you though? Will you actually? Will you definitely?' to someone when they say, 'You go down and get in the taxi, I'll be there in 5 minutes'. That actually did happen this weekend. Grr. 

So, last weekend I jetted off to New Jersey to attend the Playlist Live Tri-State conference. We stayed in a Hilton which was great because I stay in those a lot and felt really secure and familiar there and Dean was in the room across the hall so I felt nice about that. 

Usually when I travel for these work things, a big group of my friends go as well as either my Manager or Producer. With those people I feel somewhat cocooned in a safety net but this time I only flew out with Jack and Dean and felt a little vulnerable. Don't get me wrong, they are the greatest. Jack is one of my absolute best friends and Dean is someone who after this weekend I feel truly bonded with but none the less, I was nervous and on edge. 

The flight was great, lots of lols and a tiny bit of sleep (after an initial cry at the airport because I just anticipated all the worst things) but by the time we were at Newark, I was feeling the fear. I don't know what it is. I just detest being in environments where I can't seem to latch onto anything familiar. I kind of need that anchor. Even silly things like if I see a Starbucks makes me feel good because I know where I am with that, I know what it is and what's inside and how it will be and so can relax. 

We arrived at the hotel late so there really wasn't an evening and everything began the next day. 

We headed into New York City with some of Jack's American friends (who were so lovely- big cuddles to Amber and Dom) and I immediately didn't feel great. I've been to New York once before and I think because I was with Matt and we only did little outings for just a couple of hours at a time it was a lot less heavy. 

Everything was like an attack on my senses. We had to walk fast, dodge people, keep up convo, be freezing, smell weird street food stuff, look everywhere, everything was loud, etc etc. It was a LOT. We ate and then went to Times Square and at this point I knew I was really struggling. Whilst everyone was having a great time I tried to remind myself that it's just 'big London' and that it was all mind over matter. 

Eventually matter won over mind and I felt way too hot, I couldn't catch my breath, I wanted to jump in a taxi and zoom away but instead I darted into a bar and threw up (in the loos, not just over the drinks dispensers haha). Not good. 

That was the point I wanted to throw the towel in and grab a cab back to the hotel. I was a teary mess and felt like the city was this big bad force that was going to swallow me up and I was drowning. 

After a big glass of ice water and very soothing words from Jack (who was just perfection about the entire thing), I decided to stay. 

Long story short, I had one of the best afternoons I've had in years. I have a lot of good afternoons so this is really saying something. We went ice skating, had hot chocolates (well, I watched the gang have hot chocolates for fear of being ill again), looked in shop windows and laughed and chatted and oh me oh my it was so magical. 

If I hadn't have forced myself to do it (or Jack hadn't have helped me I should say), I wouldn't have had that. It was scary and horrible and I cried and wanted to hide away but I stayed in the situation and (ungracefully) triumphed. I'm glad about that. 

When the innate 'flight or fight' instinct kicks in, my body always opts for 'flight' and to run to safety. This weekend (lots of other things have led me to this conclusion but there are too many to write about) I found myself taking the 'fight' option on numerous occasions and I'm really pleased. 

If you do have the chance to make that choice, try 'fight'. Right now, it doesn't feel as good as 'flight' but I know if I keep doing it, it will. 

I'm going to keep being vocal about this issue and keep updating you on progress (or set backs) because it feels healing and that's nice. 

Let me know in the comments if you have ever felt this way or if you have any similar stories. 

Thank you for always being such loves on this blog, it is never un-noticed and always appreciated. 



Friday 28 November 2014

Benefit Advent Calendar | Candy Coated Countdown

Aloha Sprinklerinos, 

It's less than a month until CHRISTMAS!

I don't know about you but if there's one thing that get's me super excited for the festive season it's advent calendars. And when they come in the form of beauty? Well, it certainly beats a slither of chocolate in my opinion!

When a perfectly presented parcel arrived on my doorstop I almost couldn't stand to open it. 
Just look how lovely it is!

I gave it a good shake (as you do) and I could feel the little pockets of joy rustling inside...
The Benefit Advent Calendar - Candy Coated Countdown. 

AKA. The beauty lovers dream.

Personally, I love the whole beauty product calendar concept. In a nutshell, they contain miniature sizes of the selected beauty brands products. 
Firstly, it's perfect to stock up on travel-sized versions of your favourite products.
But the very best part is that this particular one costs £60, and wait for it!...Everything inside is worth a whopping £109.53!! So you're not only getting a lovely treat every morning in the lead up to Christmas, but also huge value for money.

It's a great treat to yourself, but it also makes for the perfect gift to friends or family.
So, what's inside you say? 
Let me tell you!

**Maximum of 2 per order**
set includes:
1. “that gal” | 7.5ml
2. the POREfessional | 7.5ml
3. benetint | 2.5ml
4. high beam | 2.5ml
5. chachatint | 2.5ml
6. posietint | 2.5ml
7. stay flawless mini
8. they’re real! mini
9. ultra plush in dandelion mini
10. ultra plush lip gloss in A-lister mini
11. ultra plush lip gloss in fauxmance mini
12. BADgal lash mini
13. stay don’t stray in light/medium mini
14. fakeup in 02 medium mini
15. it’s potent! eye cream mini
16. total moisture facial cream mini
17. ooh la lift mini
18. watt’s up! mini
19. beauty sticky notes
20. doodle pad
21. heart-shaped paperclips
22. pinky, polka-dot hair tie
23. elastic hair band with bow charm
24. metallic silvery hair tie
Sadly, it's sold out online (everyone had the right idea!) BUT, all hope is not lost my little loves. Benefit have been running giveaways daily on their social channels over the past few weeks, so you could potentially even nab one for free. Merry Christmas, indeed. 
And do keep your eyes peeled, let's hope they'll be back in stock before November is up!
What do you think? Does the beauty advent calendar hype tickle your pickle?
I'm so excited for next week to come around so I can start opening mine!


Tuesday 25 November 2014

Amazing Advertisers | November 2014

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I can't quite believe we've reached the penultimate Amazing Advertisers of 2014, where has the time gone I ask you?! I'm pleased as punch to announce it has been another magical month of blogging and these beauties have worked their little socks off to produce some of the best content you ever did see, so lets get cracking shall we?

If I had to describe The Prosecco Diaries in one word it’d be classy. Like swanky, only with even more elegance. The adventures of Sarah, the brains behind Prosecco Diaries, are somewhat Carrie Bradshaw-esque and I personally love it! This month we’ve been treated by Sarah to swanky posts on wine tasting, the benefits of yoga, and, my personal favourite, an in depth description on the life and roll of a lifestyle blogger, which I definitely recommend a read of if you’re confused by the nature of blogging. Sarah’s writing is down to earth, informative and a pleasure to read, I cannot recommend The Prosecco Diaries enough!

Darling Dee Dee
I feel in love with Darling Dee Dee last month due to its divine photography, indepth reviews and all the brilliance you could desire from a beauty blog. Dee has achieved said brilliance once more which pleases me muchly, it’s been a cracking month of blogging on Darling Dee Dee, from product reviews a plenty, the swatches of high definition dreams and pure beauty that makes you ‘ooooh’ with lust. Darling Dee Dee is a beauty lovers haven and I’m giddy with joy to have the pleasure of sharing Dee’s hard work and passion for blogging with you, oh beautiful ones.

Swell Caroline is a returning advertiser with Sprinkle of Glitter, it is an online trove of beauties, with jewellery pieces to please everyone’s eyeballs and money bags, from statement necklaces to monogram earrings and dainty charm bracelets for those who prefer it subtle. Swell Caroline really have dazzled me with their unique pieces and I’ll bet good brownie points they’ll dazzle you too! Not forgetting that time of year is upon us where Father Christmas has gifts to be giving, perhaps have a gander and add a piece or two to your list?

Anna is my go to gal for adventure and an education, be it about history or the world and each month I enjoy packing my imaginary bag and coming along on her travels learning all about the wonders of the world. Anna has a knack for bringing fun, educational information to her blog which is a treat for the eyes and the brain. Unfortunately this month Anna has been a poorly bean and has instead be updating us on her life shenanigans from her hospital bed. I hope she’s feeling tip top again soon and ready for more adventures. Let’s all fly on over to Anna in Wonderland and offer some love!

We’ve got another traveller in our midst in the form of Lauren, an American gal with a passion for European travels and documenting her adventures along the way. Lauren’s snaps alone are bloomin’ lovely, not to mention her posts are always informative, honest and have me itching to explore more worldly landmarks with my camera in toe. Lauren’s love for discovering places and genuine enjoyment of adventures make Bon Voyage, Lauren a joy to read and I thoroughly recommend having a gander, it may even help decide your next holiday destination for ya!

Oof we’ve got a beauty.  A stationary galore, Christmas present haven, beauty. Fox and Star is perfection for those of you, like me, get excited over arts and crafts, excessive note book usage and, above all else, all forms of beautifully designed, yet practical, stationary you could possibly need. I’m particularly lusting after the sticky notes, Christmas labels and the woodland creature notebooks. By golly someone control my stationary desires, I need it all! What’s more the Fox and Star’s bits and bobs are a dream on the purse strings so a splurge is simply a must.

I have a soft spot for Alice and her blogging in all its glory, simply because I love reliving my university years through Alice’s Antics. Whether it’s a confession about boys, a honest truth on the hardship of being young or a light hearted updates on her recent gallivants with friends, Alice’s writing is a touch of young, fresh air. Any gal who can be honest about her Saturday nights in with ice cream and Desperate Housewives is always a keeper and you should definitely be keeping Alice in your blogging feed, she’ll keep you entertained have no fear!

Wonder to Wonder is a lifestyle blog written by Miho, food lover, London enthusiast and quite the camera whizz! If you’re in need of a blog with all the trimmings, then Wonder to Wonder should fill that spot snuggly, it’s a beauty. I’m a sucker for good camera action, well written words and genuine passion for blogging and it makes me oh so gleeful when Sprinkle of Glitter advertisers have it all, Wonder to Wonder being the perfect example. It’s an online wonderland of delicious food, beautiful places and beautiful people, have a look for yourself, it’s one to appreciate!

Jewellery lovers of the world unite, you’re in for a treat! The Vintage Pearl is another online jewellery boutique to have graced our presence this month and what a beautiful presence it has! The pieces are simply divine, particularly their unique keepsake pieces which give me all the feels, I would recommend anyone to have at least one unique jewellery piece which represents someone special and gives you the warm and fuzzies. The Vintage Pearl are sure to have just the piece for you, I can promise you that! The keepsake locket and sweetheart jewellery box are particular favourites of mine and would make a b-e-a-utiful gift.

The Road is Long is somewhat different to your usual blogging antics, and to say it intrigues me would be an understatement, the approach to blogging by the two talents behind The Road Is Long is unique and actually rather beautiful. Lucy and her other half capture snippits of their life together, documenting their thoughts, feelings and adventures and present them in a time capsule manner, it feels personal and I love that. Life musings are some of my favourite posts to read and The Road Is Long is brimming with all you could ask for and more. Brownie points for uniqueness!

Meet Vicki, lifestyle blogger, kitchen extraordinaire and travelling gal with a talent for writing, smiling and flashing that camera. She’s a good’un and Bowsessed is just as smashing! If you’re after a little bit of everything, from dessert recipes to travelling tips or even a bit of beauty advice then Vicki is your gal, a talented gal indeed. Even more wonderful, not long after a blogger evening of bridal gown dress up Vicki’s other half put a ring on it and we’ve been promised wedding updates in future which pleases me muchly! I love a good wedding and I look forward to future content from Vicki and her camera. 

Alrighty! I hope you've had a jolly good browse and found a favourite or two, they're a good ol' bunch and it pleases me muchly to have the pleasure of introducing them to you. Let me know who you've been loving this month.



Friday 21 November 2014

A Review || Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Palette

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

A month (and a bit) after it’s official release in the UK I feel now is good a time as any to dish the dirt on Urban Decay’s latest release.

A beauty review of the new Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Palette
There isn’t one beauty lover out there that doesn’t let out a yelp of excitement when Urban Decay bring something new to the table. It’s always a highly anticipated release and this variation to the Naked family is quite the change, let me tell you.

Housed with 5 matte shadows and 1 satin for highlighting – it steps away from the sheerness of the original Naked Basics and  introduces some cooler, taupe and grey toned matte shades.

I don't know about you, but matte shadows always scare me a little? It's no secret that I love a bit of glitter, and I typically find shimmer shades so much easier to work with on the eyes. That being said, there will always be an occasion where a matte eye is more appropriate than all the glitz!

A beauty review of the new Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Palette
A beauty review of the new Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Palette

And when that occasion arises? This is the palette for you. 
For a matte finish these shadows don’t have that dry, chalky finish which is refreshing and the quality is super-duper high, exactly what you’d expect from Urban Decay. They blend b-e-a-uuutifully and combined to create a complete look they definitely achieve a more sophisticated finish, taking a neutral matte eye to a whole new level – wowee! 
Not only are they throwing in 5 brand spanking new (full-size) shades to this palette, but the packaging is my absolute favourite. Being teeny-tiny it’s perfect to slot in your handbag and with almost a suede-like finish it feels heavenly to touch!

The shades you’ll find are:

Skimp (pale nude satin),
Stark (nude-pink matte),
Frisk (warm grey matte),
Cover (muted red-brown matte),
Primal (muted brown matte)
And Undone (deep, smoky brown matte).

My personal faves are Cover, which I love to use in the crease and Stark, that I like to use all over the lid as a base colour. There's minimal fall-out with these eye shadows and the neutral colours make it perfect for a natural look at work or school!
 For £22 it doesn’t break the bank and it literally has everything you could want for the perfect basic, neutral look. I was apprehensive on this one, but actually? I ruddy love it!
It's currently sold out (boo!!), but keep your eyes peeled, I'm sure it'll be back soon enough.

What do you think? Are you going to give this palette a whirl?!


Wednesday 19 November 2014

Darcy Does Disney

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

If you read THIS post way back when last year, firstly, thank you for being a long time reader, but secondly, this week I fffiinnaaallly uploaded the video of the day!

Oh me oh my editing and uploading that was like reliving it all over again, especially since we are going back to the most magical place on earth with the BitsandClips familyin March 2015. 

I remember on the holiday I hardly filmed anything (I just have these 2 vlogs) because I felt like I needed to be super present in all the moments. Whilst I do want to have those super connected moments with Darcygirl, I also wish I'd filmed more because having these visual memories are priceless. Next time, I'm going to film and snap more!

If you are struggling to view the embedded version, click HERE to watch it directly on my channel. 

To the viewers that described this video as a 'hug in a vlog', I'm so with you!



Monday 17 November 2014

Motivational Monday || Letting Go

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Merry Monday to you my little puffballs. Ooof the festive spirit is upon me. If I could call you candycansugarsnaptwinklelightpuffballs I would. Oh wait. 

Today's motivation is a bitter sweet but positive one. 

Sometimes, the very best thing you can do is let go. A scary, scary concept. 

I'm the kind of woman who likes to have her shiz together at all times, micro manage everything and everyone and keep all the balls in the air (ooer). 

Recently it dawned on me that in certain areas of my life, I. Just. Can't. I can't keep everything contained and perfect. I can't control other people. I can't make every single thing be exactly what I want it to be and by trying I only upset, hurt and frustrate myself. 

What's the point? Surely there are other precious areas of life you could focus your valuable energy on?

This week I decided to fully, fully let go of something. It's not a major thing but a thing none the less and I tell you what, I feel so good for it. I actually feel more in control for letting go of trying to control it. How crazy is that?

I know how frightening it can be to consider letting go of something. I know it can feel like if you let go you won't ever be able to pick it up again or that you won't be able to manage but, I think you will. Give it a try. If you are worried, just let go a tiny bit and see how you feel. Baby steps. 

Apologies if this all sounds very mysterious and dramatic, it's not, I just think some things are better left unsaid. 

What will you be letting go of this week?



Friday 14 November 2014

Zoeva Pink Elements Eye Set & Graphic Eyes Pencils

Aloha Sprinklerinos,
Happy Friday! I hope you're looking forward to the weekend, with lots of lovely things planned!

Oh yes, wait a minute Mr. Postman! Waaaaaaait Mr Postman. 
*composes self*

Ahem. It’s as if he knew, what with this rainy old weather England is experiencing that I needed a little pick me up. And so, my morning was brightened by a heavenly little parcel from Zoeva.
A beauty review on the Zoeva Pink Elements Complete Eye Set


I mean, I don’t think I need to say any more? (but I will).

Secured safely in a little makeup bag of goodness were 12 brand spanking new Zoeva eye brushes from their Pink Element Eye Set.

142 Concealer Buffer
224 Luxe Defined Crease
226 Smudger
227 Luxe Soft Definer
228 Luxe Crease
230 Luxe Pencil
231 Luxe Petit Crease
234 Luxe Smoky Shader
237 Detail Shader
315 Fine Liner
317 Wing Liner
322 Brow Line
A beauty review on the Zoeva Pink Elements Complete Eye Set and their graphic eyes pencils
Described by the brand as the brush collection to celebrate women - women who dare to run the world
Well, it's certainly got my vote, because who doesn't love a bit of girl power? 
Their new range is all about empowering women to be confident, be bold, be daring. 
And given all the pressure the media puts on us to be perfect? It's quite refreshing to see such a happy and positive approach from a beauty brand.
They are the perfect addition to my (ever growing) stash and have been released just in time for Christmas, too. All 12 brushes – plus the bag – retail at just under £57 which really, for so many staple brushes is pretty darn impressive. 

To go alongside them Zoeva cheekily slipped in a selection of their Graphic Eyes – ultra smooth and waterproof eyeliners. I’m yet to test them out but with glittery, magnetic pigments, bold colours and the promise of staying put? I’m excited. 
On swatching, the formula is incredibly creamy which means it’ll glide on like a dream and now it’s approaching the festive season I’ll be looking for any excuse to get my eyes all bright and snazzy!
A beauty review and swatches of Zoeva Graphic Eyes Pencils
L-R: New Jewels, Opulence, Glance, Regency, Cool Factor
You can pick them up for £5.50from Love Makeup, so they’re the perfect little stocking filler to go alongside the brush set. 

What do you think? Has the sight of pink brushes and glittery pencils got you all flustered too?


Wednesday 12 November 2014

Autumn Lookbook Comments

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I just wanted to drop by and say such a huge thank you for all the amazing comments you left on my recent Autumn Lookbook. 

I logged into my YouTube account today to be met with this little message! 

I am always so amazed at how much of a community this is. I see so many lovely things written to and about me but what really gets me is when I see the wonderful things you write to each other. 

Thank you for always being so kind to me. I'm not sure I say that enough and wanted to remind you how grateful I am for you. Big, big loves. 

Also, apologies for this being so short- I have a three year old desperate for me to do some colouring with her!!! Mama duties call!!! <3 p="">



Monday 10 November 2014

Motivational Monday || Courage

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Merry Monday! A fresh week, a fresh start! Today I will be walking the red carpet for the Hunger Games movie premiere and I am beside myself with excitement- squuee!!

Today's topic is courage. 

I don't always feel very brave, in fact, quite the opposite. I often need a lot of help from those closest to me. I lean on my loved ones a lot for reassurance and seek a lorra lorra comfort in them. Last week I opened up in a blog post about my fear of being out of my comfort zone and I felt brave for saying it. 

Since I don't do a great many courageous things, I can't talk too much about it but this week I would like to encourage you to do something a little bit brave. Nothing major (unless you absolutely want to) but just a little tiny something. If it doesn't go well, try again. That's the bravest thing of all. 

Wishing you all the most wonderful, courageous week and sending you big cuddles and sparkles. 



Friday 7 November 2014

I Hate New Places

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

This is a blog post I decided to write today, quite out of the blue, just because I feel like it will help me to write it all out, help other people who have to deal with me and potentially help those who feel the same way. 

I don't do well in new places. By 'new places' I mean like foreign towns, hotels I'm unfamiliar with, areas of this country that I haven't been before and people's houses if I have to be there for a long time (ie. over an hour). 

(From Seattle. The only place I've ever felt 100% ok when on a trip)

I realise this all sounds totally pathetic and I'm often embarrassed by it but it's something that I really struggle to over come. 

It began when I was little and lived in a really turbulent home. Our house was very violent and a lot of nasty things happened on a daily basis. I never, ever felt safe and I would dread 3.35pm because I knew that was time to leave the safety of school and go home to a place where nobody cared and there was no protection or comfort. 

As this lifestyle wore on, I was moved out of my home for safety and stayed in another house for a few months. I felt safe there (the family were really loving) but always knew it wasn't my home and that I was a guest. 

Things seemed to ease up when I went to university. I was really happy in my halls and even though we moved every year, I was always with the same group of girls who very much looked after me (my friend Faye particularly who would cook for me and chat to me about all the little things on my mind- I like to think I repaid her in laughs and adventures heh heh) and so felt safe. 

Then I met Matt, slipped into a work, home, sleep routine and felt really, really safe. I liked the walk to the office, I liked the 2 bedroom city apartment we had, I liked shopping on a Saturday morning and partying til Sunday. I liked always being in a place I felt familiar with and spending most of my time with a man who I knew cared enough about me to care when I was sad or afraid. 

In that time I went abroad 3 times. The first was to Las Vegas with my Dad. It was half his business trip and half a 'well done for graduating' trip. I was so excited. The plane journey was fine - I'd flown virgin before and was sat with Dad. The hotel was nice, although at this point I found myself calling home and feeling a slight sense of panic that I was so far away, and the city, well, it was too much. It was so unlike anywhere I'd been before that I couldn't adjust my comfort zone. I felt like everything was a bit that same but totally different. Same language, different roads, same foods, different currency. It's hard to explain because I know those are things I can easily learn and handle but when I suffer from home sickness like I do, it's hard to be rational. I stood looking out of my hotel room on the first night and felt like I didn't want to go outside or be a part of all the action and that I'd feel calmer in my room. As it happened, due to a death in the family, we flew home the next morning. All the same, that's when I fully realised that holiday's weren't for me. 

A year later I tried to tackle this with a girls holiday to Ibiza. My friend Emma invited me along with some of her friends and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to let my hair down, party all night and not worry about feeling homesick or unsettled. I was so wrong. I was on edge at the airport and by the time we arrived on the island I was so tense I could barely eat. I hated the hotel, I couldn't socialise nicely with Emma's friends and spent most of my time trying really hard not to cry. I don't fully know how to explain it but it just felt like everything was MORE. The music was louder, the food was weird tasting, the boys were lairy, the sun was hotter. Obviously it was loud music and hot climates but I mean more than everyone else found it. After two nights I changed my flight and came home alone because I couldn't cope. My friend was so kind but she couldn't really understand the extreme stress levels I was experiencing and I couldn't really articulate them either. 

Just before our wedding, Matt and I went on a honeymoon (I know, weird way round- I was pregnant and there were work commitments too) and it wasn't too bad. I was 9 weeks pregnant so felt very sick but it was in a resort I'd been to as a child with my Dad, Matt was there to look after me and I felt OK. I still had a mini panic when we left the resort to visit the local area but at the time we blamed that on the pregnancy hormones. 

In those three trips I noted that if I had a strong male with me (Matt or Dad), I did better and if it was a totally new place, I felt really freaked. Also, if it was a hotel I'd visited before, it was better (now when I work in London, I always opt for the same places and never try somewhere new unless I'm forced to).

By the by, I WISH I could use better words than 'stressed', 'freaked', 'panicked' and 'unsettled'. I don't know how else to describe it. When I'm in the actual moment of fear, it's like standing on the edge of a cliff, totally alone, watching everyone below have a wonderful time all together, all coping and happy and I feel like I'm shouting down, 'Hey!!! I want to enjoy this but I can't! I feel unsafe! I want someone to protect me! Will you do that?! No because you're all busy having the great time I should be having too!!". 

Protection seems to be a massive thing. I don't know what I want protection for precisely. I think just the fear. I worry that I'm going to get the fear, won't be able to keep a hold on it and then I'll just be a freaked out mess that needs to go home because when I'm at home, I feel safe. Then I'll feel like a failure. I hate failing too. 

I've been on a lot of work trips this last two years and there have been trips I've done really well on, and those that I haven't. One trip (Vidcon 2013) I actually surprised myself on but it took every fibre in me to keep the fear at bay and to have a good time. I spent a lot of time in my room giving myself little pep talks or not letting anyone see my cry. Still though, that's classed as a success. 

Trips I did well on (still with spells of panic or fear or having to be in my room a lot though) were Playlist 2014, Vidcon 2013 and New York for Digitour. On my family holiday to Seattle I was 100% fine the entire time. Trips that made me experience super high anxiety levels were ItaTube in Milan (everywhere was so, so, so unfamiliar), Vidcon 2014 (where I spent almost all social time in my room or in the corner of parties emotionally leaning on Hazel) and AmityFest last month. 

On a bad trip I don't eat properly, when I do eat I feel really tummy poorly, I can't hang out with Zoe (who would normally make me laugh and make me happy) much because she likes warm aircon and it makes me feel suffocated (obv she'd turn it off if I insisted but I hate being such a pain), I get so so so worried that if we leave the hotel I will get lost from the group or the group will loose me, I drink more at evening events as a (really bad) coping mechanism, I feel really insecure about how I look, I don't at all want to go near crowds (a problem at YouTube conventions) and I don't sleep well at night (although this could be the jet lag). 

On a bad trip things that calm me down are constant reassurances before and during the trip, little physical gestures like hand squeezes and hugs and such (which is unusual for me because I'm not overly into that), familiar things (people especially, stories, restaurants that I know the chain of etc) and very, very clear plans for the day (so what everyone is doing at what time and why). I've noticed when people have actually used the words, 'protect you' or 'can leave at any time' or 'I won't let you get lost, I'm looking after you', I've instantly felt calmer and safer, even if deep down I know they didn't mean it.  I've even noticed that in crowds (like at YT events or premiers) I've said in panic to whoever I'm with, 'Don't loose me will you?!!?'. Being lost is a thing. I've also noticed that I am much calmer with men than women. 

When I feel that bad all I can think about is either being at home where I feel safe or seeking out a person (usually male or a super strong female) to reassure me or escaping whatever experience I am in, going to sit on my own and going online to familiar places (skype, facebook, fave blogs etc). 

I worry that my friends think I'm high maintenance and so try to only mention it a bit. It's not only abroad that I feel this way, it's on overnight trips to their houses. Hazel and Zoe are both now in the habit of telling me all the nice things waiting for me on arrival which really touches me that they are so thoughtful and even Jack who is so un-into those little gestures will be nice about it to some extent. 

I don't know why I'm like this. I don't know if it's because of my violent and unstable upbringing or something I have developed because I'm weak in certain coping or adjustment areas but I don't want to be this way. I feel like I can never fully tell people the extent of my stress levels about this because it sounds so very pathetic and stupid and so in return, I as a person am pathetic or stupid. I know I'm a smart woman, I know how to be rational about situations and be self aware in experiences but I can't always FEEL that. 

At AmityFest I felt the fear even in Birmingham which is an hour from my home!! I could literally have been wrapped in my own duvet within 90 minutes! When it was suggested that we take the show to Australia I cried and almost couldn't go on stage because I imagined the fear I might face when I was there. Even typing about that trip is making my eyes well up a bit. 

I feel so very, very silly about this but don't know how to deal with it. My friends are kind and try to jolly me along a bit, my Dad tells me 'don't be silly, you can never get lost in the world', but it doesn't help. Although I've mentioned, 'missing home' or being homesick in a lot of vlogs, I've often cut out huge chunks of teary attempts at explainations for why I feel how I feel. I'd also like to point out, it's not a Mummy thing and panic about being away from Baby Glitter, I've been this was since long before her arrival. 

I realise that if you love new places and new experiences and meeting new people, this will sound so trivial and ridiculous. I feel a bit trivial and ridiculous sharing it to be honest. 

I always try and do things. I don't (yet) miss out. I travel frequently and do have a lot of new experiences each month but I would love to be able to do them fully excited or relaxed and not fret for days before hand. I'm going to New York in two weeks for Tristate Playlist and already I'm worrying, burdening my friends, imagining things and mentally planning what I'll do if things get too much. I hate it. 

I hope this will be of some interest to those of you that have followed me for a long time. I might one day make a video on it but for now, I feel like this is a big enough step. I'm sorry I can't be more articulate about all of this, perhaps I will do a follow up when I understand it more myself. 

If anyone has any coping tips for this kind of thing, leave them in the comments and I will gratefully read them all. 

If you think this is all a load of rubbish, please be gentle with your comments, I'm quite sensitive about this I think.

Edit - When I'm feeling like this, I don't have panic/anxiety attacks. It's not a matter of having an attack, calming down and then carrying on. It's a constant dread/worry/stress that I can't shake until I feel like I'm safe/protected/relaxed. Just thought I'd add that in because I'm not sure I was clear! 



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