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Friday 13 November 2015

Glitter Glasses || ad

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

If you've been following my vlogs for a long time, you might have noticed that sometimes I wear glasses. The times I don't, I'm wearing contact lenses because without either of these, my sight is about as good as a little mole, IE, terrible! With that comes annual vision checks and every now and then, new frames! I'm always on the hunt for gorgeous glasses to suit my face so when Red or Dead got in touch to ask if I'd like to look at some of theirs, I said yes!

#glitterspecs #redordeadlondon

Very aptly I chose these beautiful glitter glasses that are available in Specsavers and I think, are so so perfect for the upcoming party season if you want to add a touch more glamour to your outfit. I love that the gold glitter is on a black background because there's nothing that doesn't go with and I love that the frame has that fun 1950's feel to it. 

I wear glasses at least 2-3 days a week and if I'm on planes because I think they feel nicer on your eyes than contacts and this pair just make me really happy. 

I think glasses are often overlooked as a fashion item because they are there to serve a pretty serious function but that doesn't mean you can't have fun and go glitzy!

I'm due to change my glasses soon so I'll definitely be keeping my little peepers on Red or Dead's twitter and instagram! What do you think? Are you as in love with these glittery beauties as much as I am? I'm obsessed!



PS- The case is sparkly too! Wooo!! 

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Mini Happies || October Diaries

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Today has been blissful. 

It was diarised to go into London but with so much happening at the moment, Maddie and Natalie very kindly took it out my diary and gave me a 'home day' to, as I so eloquently put it, 'get my shit together'. I know it can look like I'm doing nothing but it never feels that way. I'm constantly working on things behind the scenes, adjusting to living alone (and so being the only person to do all the shopping/keep on top of stuff), being a Mama and yanno, just living normal life things. I love it but I tell you, 'home days', they keep me sane. 

I uploaded THIS video earlier today. It was filmed way back in July but it's a goodun. I really like it a lot. 

Today I feel like life cut me some slack and I got on it. I was on time, nay, early!,  for dropping Darcy off at school and managed to pack every single thing she needed (including PE kit and money for a bookbag thank you muchly). I mean, I looked like a stick of crap dropping her off but she looked adorable in pigtail plaits and freshly laundered shirt, these are the things that count I think. 

I came home, did admin. My favourite. By lunchtime I was editing THIS video and reading articles about me. That sounds really weird (because it is) but today there seemed to be a little flurry of things (I'm not talking the Telegraph here, I'm talking about people who write sweet reviews of my book tours or publishers featuring my fundraiser etc) and I'm always interested in what's said. Does that make me crazy vain? I hope not! *checks self in mirror and flicks hair* jks. 

Before I knew it I was driving to collect Darcy from school and I had such a lovely moment. It's quite a scenic little trip and I was singing to a good song on the radio and orange leaves were falling from trees and the sun shone through their branches making the road look dappled and I just thought about how, in that moment, I was so so happy. I felt confident driving, everywhere looked gorgeous and I was about to pick up my most favourite thing in the world from a place she loves being. I know this word is so overused but I felt, brace yourself, blessed. Buhlessed. 

We arrived home and her friends from across the road came over to play. I love having them over because they all entertain each other AND these kids are crazy tidy and clean up after themselves- it's great!! I was in my room working so I could hear what they were up to and I heart squished a bit when I heard them playing 'weddings'. Abi said, 'Ok Darcy I'll marry you. I will never break a promise to you, I will love you most in all the world and I will always look after you' and then they were an item. 

It got me thinking how pure childhood is and how perfect Abi's vows were. In her young mind, those were the most important thing and I think as we grow we loose sight of those sometimes. This last week or so I have been spending more time with Matt than we have done in months and it's been really nice to enjoy each others company again and do some of the things we used to enjoy in the olden days like watch Downton or be way too excited for pizza. We've talked about the vows we took and the love we had and although it isn't that way anymore, I'm so pleased that we're learning to develop a healthy friendship and are able to visit those conversation topics and that despite having separated parents, Darcy is seeing a Mother and Father that can respect and care and co-operate. I am so keen to continue fostering this, what I hope to be, lovely environment for her. 

After the girls had gone home and Darcy had eaten dinner and done her homework (yep, my 4 year old has homework. We had to stick a leaf to a hedgehog, very taxing) and had her bedtime stories read (I'm loving all the new stories she brings home from school. I think reading bedtime stories is just about my favourite thing to do ever), my gorgeous friend Clare popped over for some much needed chat time. I haven't had proper chats with her for over a month so we had plenty to catch up on and really put the world to rights. It felt great. I'm really excited to spend more time with her over the following months. 

On top of all these 'big' things in the day, I'm caught up on laundry, my kitchen is clean and tidy, I've eaten healthily and I'm ready for tomorrow. Winning!

I'm so pleased that the peaceful feeling from last week has carried through. I don't fully know if it will stay because I'm a temperamental creature but I hope it does. It's feels so, so, so good to be stand strong on some personal choices I am currently making and I feel empowered and motivated for the coming weeks. Please cross your fingers that this feeling lasts! 

Tomorrow I have a big London day for Google's Brandcast event so I'm not sure how much energy I'll have to blog but keep an eye on my instagram for updates!



PS- I just watched THIS video and loved it so thought you might too. It's a Disney mash up. Disney. What's not to love?! Also, THIS Carrie Hope Fletcher video has been on repeat as I wrote this blog post. What a voice. Little chunks of happy.

Monday 12 October 2015

Broken and Stronger || October Diary

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Today went from 'meh' to A-meh-zing! in one big swoop today. It was so good that I'm not even sorry about that terrible bit of word play.

I woke up tired and rushed like crazy to get Darcy and I ready for London. We were due to meet a girl who had won a competition through my first book at Waterstones Piccadilly and since I valued making sure we had everything we needed in my bag over making my face ultra glam, I basically looked very 'tired'. That's the word Dan kindly used as he accompanied us into London on the train. To make up for this though, he entertained Darcy for a full 45 minutes so I could close my eyes and hopefully this helped me look slightly less like a haggard crapbag. 

We arrived (a tiny weeny bit late) and helped Zoe, the sweetest 11 year old you ever did meet, choose a selection of books that Simon & Schuster (my amazing publishers) were gifting her. Then we popped upstairs for the most delicious afternoon tea I've had in a long time. I never knew that Waterstones had such a sweet cafe (with great views) on it's 5th floor but if ever you're around there you really should check it out. It wasn't busy despite being a Sunday afternoon and the food was plentiful and very nice. My hot chocolate was perfection and I think if you took a couple of freshly purchased books up there you could really enjoy a couple of hours. I clearly like to live life on the edge. 

I mosied round the store and bought Darcy a few new books to add to her collection too. I am obsessed with finding the classics and building her up an entire bookshelf of amazing stories and since I'm the one that reads them all to her, I think it's a healthy obsession to have! 

My sister Tiyana joined us and Zoe headed home (with her Mum, she wasn't just sent off into central London alone!) and I said goodbye to Maddie, my Manager. That woman. I don't think I'd actually do my life without her haha. 

Narna (Tiyana) and I jumped in a cab and headed over to Covent Garden where she wanted to spend a couple of vouchers that she had. On the way to MAC we went into Kate Spade and hot damn, that was a big mistake. That shop is heaven. Everything in there is perfection and I feel like they designed it with my magpie eyes in mind. From the tray of twinkly gold jewellery to the way they lay the glitter encrusted purses out like sweets, I can't resist it. I may have bought a thing. A beautiful, pink, shiny thing. *drools*

After I'd severely dented my bank balance we did Narna's errands and took a few minutes to wander round Covent Garden and soak up the sunshine a bit. It was so lovely to just be in a familiar comfortable place, on a sunny day, with people that mean so much to me. 

After my super lonely day earlier this week I feel like things have really picked up. Sometimes you have to feel a bit broken to feel strong again I think. For the first time in quite a few weeks I feel like I'm doing it. I don't know quite what I'm doing but whatever that is, I'm really giving it my all and trying hard. I told Maddie on Friday, 'this morning I woke up and felt such a peace'. I still do. Let's hope it continues another week!!



Sunday 11 October 2015

So. Much. Cheese || October Diary

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Notice :: Do you live in Tribeca New York? If you do and would like to come and hang out, I'll be at Barnes & Noble on 97 Warren Street from 4pm on Friday October 16th signing my book Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter and would LOVE to see you! More details HERE

Oh Saturday, you've been good to me. Thank you. 

The day started really beautifully with Darcy being dropped off by Matt and us dashing about running a couple of errands. By 12 noon we were at the station picking up my lovely friend Daniel J Layton Actor (this is the full name that we fully call him by) and we zipped out into the countryside to visit Lamport Hall which was hosting it's annual craft fair. 

(I let Darcy choose a little irredescant silver fairy tree ornament and she was THRILLED to carry it round all day!!)

Now, call me middle aged but I try to go to this every year. There is something so pleasing about being in ye olde surroundings (imagine Downton Abbey, it's like that) and gently moseying round looking at stalls of handmade goodies and sampling fudge and cheese. Oh man, the cheese. We went gaga for it. Sometimes I wanna dance in a club until 3am and flirt mercilessly with hot, tall, brunette men and then sometimes, i want to wear stretchy leggings and say, 'Oh Daniel, there's a table of handmade honey over there!'. Swings and roundabouts folks, swings and roundabouts. 

Darcy enjoyed looking at the owls (whilst I hovered nervously hoping she didn't have her little eyes pecked out) and sharing fish and chips with me. After spending/being conned into spending £15 on olives, we climbed back into the Minimobile and headed back to surburbia. 

After a quick pitstop at the farm shop to buy pumpkins we were home, snuggled up on the sofa with Darcybird to watch Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone. I started reading Darcy the new illustrated book this morning and thought it might be fun for her to watch the film so that as we read, she can understand a little better. I think 4 years old might be a little young for Harry Potter (just the first one, I think they get much older after book 2) but we're gonna take it slow and see how we go. With any luck she'll be hooked and I can relive my Potter love through her. 

So here I am, on my sofa at 6pm with blankets, Darcy, Dan, cheese, olives, crisps, fairy lights and a couple of kitties. I could not be happier! 

Shortly my cousin is swinging by and we'll order pizza and crack open a bottle of something (no cleanse on a Saturday haha) and enjoy the evening. 

This is exactly what I need. No worries, just cosies. I love it. 

Which is your favourite Harry Potter film? 



Saturday 10 October 2015

Amazing Advertisers || October 2015

Aloha Sprinklerinos, 

It is officially Autumn and this pleases me. I'm all about the cosy blankets, fairy lights and darker evenings. Not to mention it's almost acceptable to begin the countdown to Christmas! It'll come around quick I can tell ya! Before then though we have a few more Amazing Advertisers to get through, so grab a hot beverage of your choosing and lets get going! 


Oh my little ovaries, you’re in for a cuteness overload. Paws and Prada is a doggy blog written by the lovely Joy, and what a joy she is! (see what I did there?) If you’re a poochy lover, then you’re in for a treat. Joy writes about all things canine, from advice to reviews and even birthday wishlists for your favourite furry companion. Whether you’re a dog owner yourself, thinking of purchasing a pup, or just enjoy puppy pictures that make you squeal (we all do it), Paws and Prada is definitely worth a gander. Grab your nearest furry friend (pet, not person) and enjoy.

I’ve discussed my love for Louise’s blog many times, she’s an inspirational gal that always gives me a bit of pep in my step after I’ve had a read through her posts. The What Now Blog is a lifestyle blog designed to help you get the best out of life, be it work, play or self-love, Louise has tackled it all. This month I thoroughly enjoyed Louise’s post on all to consider before quitting your career, I can draw on her advice muchly after I said goodbye to my office job days, I would recommend that post to anyone considering a career change! Wow Louise, what a knowledgeable woman!

I’m intrigued by Hooked On The Music, it is written by student and music lover Amy, who reviews various artists and their tunes on her blog for our enjoyment. I’m pretty convinced that this is a brill new way to discover music to please your ears, Amy my gal you’re onto something there! I’m guilty of listening to the same music on repeat and never really giving new artists a try, so I like the thought of sitting and having a gander of someone else’s music loves to decide whether or not I would enjoy it too. It’s a modern world out there, switch off that radio and get reading!

Love and Blossom is a ‘little bit of everything’ blog written by good egg Kat. Kat writes about everything from tasty food, make up loves and even a little segment called ‘brand focus’ which I’m quite the fan of! You’ll have to have read to see what that’s all about! Kat writes well, her photography is crisp and lovely and Love and Blossom is quite simply just a good ol’ blog. It’s beautiful to look at, and reading it pleases me muchly. Kat, you officially have another fan, keep up the good work and don’t stop sewing!

Angie is another returning advertiser with Sprinkle of Glitter so I’m sure you’re all a fan of her fabulous blog by now. Silverspoon London is a lifestyle, food and travel blog written by one of the most beautiful ladies you ever did see, Angie. Angie visits some of the swankiest places around, eats the most delicious foods and takes glorious photos along her way all for our viewing pleasure, and I’m always interested to read what she has to say about her experiences. I trust Angie’s reviews and I’m always intrigued by her recent travels and tastes. If you love food or travelling, take a virtual trip with Angie!

Collective Strand is another ‘little bit of everything’ blog written by Aussie gal Alexandra. Alexandra is a new advertiser with Sprinkle of Glitter so I made sure to have a right good gander of her posts and I am pleased as punch to have done so. Also she’s a Harry Potter lover, so extra brownie points there. Alexandra writes some lovely posts about life and making the most of it and it’s always refreshing to read. Recently Alexandra shared some of her favourite ‘lifey’ and I was all over that, I do love a good quote! Alexandra writes some top notch posts and I look forward to reading future content from her, lets show her some Sprinklerino love and say a big hello! 

And that my lovelies is the end of October Amazing Advertisers! 



Good Women | October Diary

Aloha Sprinklerinos, 

Notice :: Do you live in Tribeca New York? If you do and would like to come and hang out, I'll be at Barnes & Noble on 97 Warren Street from 4pm on Friday October 16th signing my book Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter and would LOVE to see you! More details HERE

Today has been a warm fuzzies in my heart kind of day. Such a stark difference from the lonely day, hooray. 

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I woke up early and without my alarm, hopped in the (broken but just about manages) shower, tidied the bathroom a bit, pulled all the junk out of the under-the-stairs-cupboard and Judith (my auntie) came over with her bag of tricks to potter about my house and get me in shipshape. 

Shortly after the plumber and bathroom designer called by to measure the bathroom (hence the tidying) for a re-fit and look at the cupboard-under-the-stairs (again, hence the emptying) to see if I could install a toilet and sink in it. I know it's terribly old and boring but I'm really crazy excited about the prospect of having a downstairs cloakroom. I want to hold more work meetings from home and by having some tinklywinkly facilities downstairs I can keep my upstairs floor nice and private and still feel like it's a home and not and office. I'm also excited to choose paint colours or wallpaper patterns and hang knickknacks on the walls in there. This blog actually started as a 'doing my home up' place so I'm excited to be revisiting that area of life. 

I feel a great sense of calm today. Lately I have felt like all my emotions are a big scribble but today, at last, they feel more like individually drawn lines instead of a big tangled mess. I hope this continues. When I feel emotionally calm I am a lot happier. I am able to stand strong in my choices and feel confident in my decisions and with such a cray cray life, this is a tonic!

The sun was shining and my car had a full tank of petrol so I headed on up to Nottingham for another Diary book signing. It was the best! The girls/women that came were all engaging and funny and the staff at WHSmith really were fabulous. It can be a bit hit and miss with these things but today was a total win. 

On the way home we (Maddie and I) were joined by Hannah my Publicist from Faber & Faber and I basically love her. We chatted for a solid two hours about books we love and films we enjoy and after a while I realised I had been smiling for a really long time. I spend a lot of life talking about work, Darcy or men (urgh), so it was really liberating to discuss something different and be with such smart, charismatic women for a few hours. I felt very uplifted by them actually. 

A short pootle home after dropping them off at Northampton train station and I was in cosied up with a bowl of risotto and a glass of peach squash. 

I'd resigned myself to a night of cats and netflix (not a bad night to resign yourself to I must say) and then my neighbour messaged to see if I fancied a glass of wine. I'm sticking to my cleanse so it's squash for me but I'm glad she's popping over, she's a lovely addition to my life. 

So today has been a day of good women. I'm happy. I hope the weekend is good. 



Friday 9 October 2015

Driving Fears || October Diary

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I was right, today was a better day. Thank goodness. 

I woke up without my alarm (always nice) and without having a bunch of distressing dreams (always even nicer) and got dressed and ready in a calm, lovely manner. 

I picked up Natalie from the station and we drove up to Sheffield for my first proper book signing for the Diary. This sentence might not seem like much but it's BIG. For as long as I've had a licence, I've been petrified of driving on the motorways. I missed out on events, took super lengthy train rides and paid for really expensive taxis just so I wouldn't have to face that fear. This last month though, I've cracked it. I've done a couple of big journeys and although I don't much like it, I can do it. The sense of freedom is incredible. I can go ANYWHERE now! So, that was a high point. 

The signing itself was dreamy. Lots of smiling happy faces and lovely little chats were had. My Publicist, Hannah, is a hoot and I think knows more about Harry Potter than JK herself. I like her a lot. I have another signing today in Nottingham at the WHSmith in the Victoria at 4pm, wristbands are available on the door so do pop in and say hello. 

The car journey home was long (thank you traffic) and so Natalie and I weathered it with out of tune signing to a selection of super cheesy pop songs. Amazing. 

I popped into Matt's for dinner (oh hi Dominos pizza) and now I'm home and thinking about a bath and/or netflix. Who knows??

All in all, a much better day! 

Since it's gone midnight, I've got about as much energy as a drunk flea so won't type too much but I'm enjoying these little updates. Diaries are good for the soul I think. 



Thursday 8 October 2015

Lonely || October Diary

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I've been fighting it all day but today, I am lonely. Loneliness is actually my least favourite emotion and I think the one that cuts deepest. 

I woke up early and trotted out to a salon appointment and enjoyed a chitchat with my oh-so-brilliant stylist who I love. I knew I was feeling down at that point because I had horrible dreams all night that really effected me. 

When I got in I did a little bit of work but really couldn't focus and since I'd barely slept I thought I would just take an hour to have a snooze and 're-set' myself. It didn't work. I slept for a long time (I was meant to have a shoot today and it got cancelled so I had the spare hours) and then when I woke up Matt text to say it was his night with Darcy (we alternate Weds) and that he'd collect her from school. 

I tried to edit my vlog that I've now uploaded (watch it here if you like) but really, I just felt super flat. I'm vlogging today and I'm powering through but I know it's not going to be a cheerful one. Urgh. I hate this. I hate not being able to just switch a button and feel ok. 

I know in my brain that I'm OK. I know that my life is so, so full of amazing, exciting things and that I am so much more fortunate than billions of other people but my heart, sometimes it doesn't hear my brain and so we have a little problem. 

I feel all my emotions. I'm not very good and brushing things aside and moving on. If I'm sad, I'm sad. If I'm happy, I'm happy. I'm cool with this because it makes things simple. I know where I am with things, I'm seldom confused. 

So, that's today. Diaries are not places you can hide. Sometimes things just are a bit flat and you have to accept and carry on. 

Tomorrow, I'm sure, will be much better. 



Wednesday 7 October 2015

A Good Audience || October Diary

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

It's 11.19pm and I'm listening to Heather Traska One Woman Medley's. You should check her out, she's incredible. 

So, today. A GOOD day. 

Woke up to my alarm (hurray no sleeping through) and got Darcy ready. She takes forever to do what she's meant to but I do love our mornings. We chat in the car on the way to school and it's nice to hear her thoughts and give her a little pep talk. 

Babykins dropped off and I was home and chatting to Marie on skype for an hour. We haven't chatted in a few days because Luca was in hospital (all better now) and so I missed her a lot. It's funny how you can have a best friend on the other side of the planet but still feel so close to them. 

After a bit of housework (my least favourite thing), I hopped in a cab, a train, another cab and I was at the Gleam offices in Shoreditch, London. I love being there. There is always such a buzz in the office and I feel super pumped to do this YouTube thing. 

I had a meeting about my next project that I'm working on and feel reeeeaaalllyyyy excited about it. I want to tell you all about it but I've been shh'd on that one. For now though, just know I've got something up my sleeve and you're gonna like it. Woo!

Another fun thing about the Gleam offices are when other YouTubers pop in. Today Marcus was there and it was so good to see him. We're going to make some videos together soon so if you have any collab requests or ideas, do send them my way please. I'm all ears. He's a good boy. 

The best part of my day was at Waterstones Piccadilly where I hosted a Q&A session to celebrate the launch of my 2016 Diary. The session turned more into a mini LouiseLIVE and I laughed so hard at some points that I thought I would cry. It was such a great event. I really felt like it was a super warm audience and a good crowd. I always enjoy events like this but the audience make all the difference and today they were brilliant. I feel all buzzy and happy from them. Squueeeee. I'm doing signings in Sheffield and Nottingham this week so check out my FB for more details if you're interested. 

In the car on the way home (I wasn't driving) I had the best text chitchats with Matt. I'm so glad that we are building such a nice friendship. It feels nice. 

I got in, heated up some pasta, fed the cats, put PJ's on, caught up on YouTube subscriptions, checked my Just Giving page (can't even talk about how emotional and grateful I feel about that) and here we are. I'm thinking about either having a soothing bath or falling asleep to netflix. I can't decide. 

I realise this blog post is short and sweet for such a huge day but I think this is the best my brain can do right now haha. I'm at home all day tomorrow so I think I might vlog it since lots of you say you prefer the homey videos. Keep your eyes on my Chatter channel tonight because I'm putting a video of my weekend up. Woooo!

I'm tired but happy. Life is being very good to me at the moment. 



Tuesday 6 October 2015

You Warm My Frazzled Heart || October Diary

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

(Little Notice - If you are in London today, I will be in Waterstones Piccadilly at 6.30pm giving a talk and Q&A session to celebrate my Sprinkle of Glitter 2016 Diary. Tickets are available HERE and I'd love to see you.) 

"If this were any other day, you'd be a broken woman by now"- Hazel Hayes describing my day haha. 

So things didn't get off to a good start. 

Matt was going to collect Darcy at 7.30am to take her to school. Usually I take her on a Monday but arrangements were shifted about a bit because he had plans the night before and yadda yadda long story short, I slept through my alarm. 7.38am and there he is, knocking on the door whilst Darcy and I are still fast asleep.

Morning panic ensues with me trying to get a sleepy kiddo dressed and ready for school as fast as possible, all whilst Matt is waiting and getting later and later for work. I felt so awful. I think I sent about three different apology messages!

After a rare night of being up and down (Darcy woke up several times wanting a drink or a cuddle or whatever else) I was pooped so decided to go back to sleep for a couple of hours and make the most of my morning off. Nope. The washing-machine-fixing-man arrived at 9am and so he had the lovely sight of me bleary eyed in a dressing gown whilst he fixed the machine and very kindly told me I'm an idiot and all I needed to do was clear out the filter now and then. Who even knew there was a filter to clear?? Not me. 

Just time for a quick wash and face sort and I had two more house related appointments and a bunch of emails under my belt. My Darcy & Me blog post was drafted, I uploaded the Pink Hair Story video, check all my social platforms, sorted out some details for a future video with a clothing company, planned my travel logistics for tomorrow (or your 'today') and it was time to dash out for my nail appointment. An oasis of calm. I do so love Chloe my nail lady. It's an hour just to chitchat about nothingness and fill her in on life bits and hear all of hers and watch my nails be made pretty. Well worth the £20 if you ask me!

Back in the car, a quick stop in Waitrose to pick up some sour cream (and then fifty other things that I didn't really need but hot damn I'll be glad of the 'perfectly ripe' avocados in the morning) and I was back in the car to collect Darcy from school. Never has a woman felt more smug than me when I was 5 minutes early at the school gate. Look at me other Mum's! I've got this school run thing down too!! I also am a together woman who can stand here casually reading the notice board and smiling about nothing! Yes! Here I am! I'm bloody doing it!!! 

Darcy was full to the brim with excitement. There had been a 'fire malarm' and they'd all had to stand outside in their PE kits in the rain. She was soggy and exhilarated. I was sort of pumped for it too. In the car home I was regaled of how the 'malarm' went 'wooowoooowooooowoooowooo' and the 'whoooollleeeeee school even the big girls' stood in the rain outside. Big time drama, big time happies. 

Home and dinner (rice and chili with the sour cream) and cuddles. Darcy requested Home Alone 2 (great taste kiddo, great taste) and we watched it together snuggled up for a solid 23 minutes before her attention wained and she went upstairs to play, 'discos'. 

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I tinkered about on my video upload and once it was live, stepped away from my laptop and popped across the road to my neighbour's house for a chitchat and to let Darcy run wild with her daughter's. Sometimes just 10 minutes away from a screen or your own house can really lift your mood. I wasn't feeling down but the day was hectic and that was the first time I really let go and breathed.

Home again and by now my ironing had been delivered. OK, let's talk about this. Ironing services. Amazing things. When my washing machine broke last week, I was in a bad place. I'd not kept on top of the laundry, clean garments were low in stock and Darcy was down to her last few pairs of clean knickers. I rang a local laundry service and voila, one night last week a nice lady comes round and takes my crumpled up stuff away. A weekend later and a few pounds down, there it is, in my porch in vacuum packed bags, washed and ironed like some kind of domestic dream. I was utterly thrilled by this whole process. I think even more so than Darcy with the fire 'malarm'. I've promised myself I'm not going to do this again and that now my machine is fixed (and I know about filters), I won't splurge on this luxury but wow, everything was so lovely. I felt so able to live my life knowing my laundry was in ship shape order. Let's see how soon I'm addicted shall we? 

After I'd put it all away, Darcy had FaceTimed her Dad and I'd read 3 bedtime stories and sung a lullaby (Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme tune counts right?), I popped back downstairs to see how my video was getting on. 

I was blown away by this community's generosity. I've never asked for charity like this so I wasn't sure how it would all go but oh my, it was amazing. My JustGiving page is currently at £7,081.83 of the £10,000 goal and it's only 9.20pm on Monday night as I write this. That's incredible. That will make a difference. I am so proud to be a part of this community and to be constantly shown the amazing hearts that make it up. If you'd like to donate, my page is HERE and the video is HERE

So, yes, Hazel was right. Normally missing my alarm or being a mess in front of the plumber or dashing about like a wild thing (I've had a few private appointments today too which took up time and energy) would frazzle me to tears. I cry very easily. But today, not so much. I feel strong and capable. Maybe that's the magic laundry service, maybe it's how much I loved Darcy's enthusiasm for standing in the rain in her PE kit or, maybe, it's you lot. 

I know we don't speak in the conventional chitchat terms but I always feel you, I always know you're there and I feel so much love that it's hard to quantify it in writing. Sometimes, without even realising it, you do good fuzzy warm heart feels to me. 



Monday 5 October 2015

Mummy & Darcy Love To Match!

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I am LOVING being more involved with my blog this month. I know it's only been a few days but it's reminding me just how much joy I take from tiptapping away on my laptop and pouring my heart out a bit. 

This weekend was so perfect. My friends from London came up and I had Darcy so I decided to treat the city dwellers to fresh country air and good pub food. 

Before we sat down for lunch I let Darcy run about on the village green and since I had extra people, I asked them to take a few snaps for me. I will always take advantage of a free photographer haha! 

I love the way they turned out. I'm definitely that Mama who has no shame in co-ordinating mine and Darcy's outfits so I was more than happy to be a bit matchy on the navy dungaree set and my navy top. 

Moments like these are to be treasured. I love going on huge holiday adventures or having special days out but I really do think these little captured snippets of time are the jewels you remember and cherish. 

Darcy makes me feel lovely inside and out. She's full of energy and smiles and has the sweetest heart so it's a pleasure to be her Mummy and have these pictures on my blog. 

Big thank you to Asda who asked me to show off how Darcy and I like to #LookGeorgeous together. This was such a happy mini project to work on! Asda are actually hosting a competition where you can win a £500 voucher so your whole family can look gorgeous too. All you need to do is post a picture on instagram with the #LookGeorgeous hashtag! More information HERE. Closing date is November 12th. 

I'm making more of an effort to have my proper camera on me so hopefully this Autumn there will be a few more Mummy & Mini photoshoots to share with you, and yes, we'll probably be matching- let's hope she doesn't mind when she's older haha!




My Bed || October Diary

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Today has been fun. 

The gang stayed over last night and in this teeny house, every inch was occupied. I must say, I'm always impressed by how hospitable this little building can be. I put Hazel in Darcy's room (I never let the boys stay in there, I don't know why, I just don't like the idea), Jack in the spare room because he has cat allergies and that's the only room they don't go in, Ciaran on the sofa (poor Ciaran drew the short straw) and me in my giant comfy bed. 

Let me tell you about my bed. I don't think I've ever properly addressed this before. My bed. Hot damn. It's amazing. I like to be in it and be a comfort sandwich. There's the memory foam mattress of loveliness, a duvet, a topper, the fitted sheet, me and then the softest, most glorious duvet you've ever nestled in. I went all out a few weeks ago when I revamped my room and bought 300 thread count sheets from John Lewis and despite the dent in my bank balance, I don't regret it. If you can splurge in the bedroom department (make of that what you will), do. I figured, I spend a lot of time in that soft rectangle, I may as well make it the best it can be!

I digress. 

A moochy morning of chatting and playing with Darcy (Matt dropped her off at lunchtime) and we hopped in the car for a jaunt to the countryside and the best Sunday roast I've had in, I'm gonna say it, years. It was amazing. I'm going to go back every single week. I never cook roasts (I never cook anything really) so I'd almost forgotten how good they are and with the colder months upon us and my new driving confidence in full swing, I might start going there more often. Darcy enjoyed a children's portion of mac & cheese and it was nice to see her eat so much. I know that's such a mumsy thing to say but honestly, the kid barely eats a thing and I worry. 

Four hours later and we were home, watching the rugby, snoozing, playing. I love time like this. Not doing anything but existing together and sharing time. 

Hazel and I shot a quick Halloween video which will be up on my main channel in a few weeks and they were off home. I'm so grateful they all made the effort to come up. They're a good bunch. 

Darcy is tucked up in bed (man oh man I love having her here. I'm glad to share her with Matt because I know so many Dad's aren't interested in their children but I do struggle when she's not about. I'm away twice this month so that's gonna be tough), Rocket is snuggled up next to me and I'm going to heat up some pasta, put my PJ's on and settle down for Downton Abbey and a Strictly Come Dancing catch up. 

Tomorrow (today for you) I'm uploading a super emotional video about my Mum/pink hair/raising money for Cancer Research so I'm going to spend some time tonight making my JustGiving page look nice. Wish me luck, I'm not that tech-savvy!!!



ps- Hazel and I totally did put wedding dresses on. I have mine and my Mother's so I always have two to hand whenever anyone fancies some dressing up. I'm of the opinion that you shouldn't save anything for best and material possessions are to be enjoyed rather than sat gathering dust. So, Hazel and I got our bridal beauty on and flounced about like sparkly princesses and it was glorious. Ha!

pps- Tomorrow (October 6th) I'm going to be in Waterstones Piccadilly answering your questions, having a hang out and getting to know you all. It should be a really fun, chatty, intimate event so if you'd like to come, HERE is the link of blurb and details and HERE is where you can get tickets.  I would really love to see you. x

Sunday 4 October 2015

I'm Is A Rapper Now || October Diaries

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

21.59 Saturday night. Writing this before my first glass of wine. Cleanse (no wine, more exercise and no rubbish dates) is going so well, ha. 

The day started on a sad note. I dreamt all night that my life was how it used to be and so when I woke up, I had that fresh wave of, 'Oh, it's not'. I'm 99% OK with this but every now and again it hits me and my heart feels so tender and broken all over again. 

Since Darcy is Matt and I've had a crazy busy couple of weeks, I cut myself some slack and spent the morning watching documentaries on netflix and eating way too many bourbon biscuits. Sexy. I'm so into documentaries right now. I think YouTube has really screwed over my attention span and so unless you are totally gripping or under ten minutes, I've lost interest. Documentaries though, I'm into them. I watched one today called 'Queen of Versailles' about a family who began to build the largest home in America and then the market crashed. Worth a watch. 

By 4pm Ciaran, Hazel and Jack had arrived and we. went. wild. 

Nope. We just sat in my room chitchatting. It was FaceTime but in 3D. I liked it. Things got pretty exciting when a pile on happened and Hazel told a rather graphic story about a yogurt. Yummy. 

Dinner was pubiliscious. If ever you're in Northampton, pop yourself down to the Greyhound. Tis nice. All the bants and lols. I drove to really knocked back the water- shots shots shots. 

And now I'm home and writing this while the gang watch Bridesmaids and Hazel and I fight over who's a mess. 'I'm soberly writing my blog and you're drunk', is how that just went. I do love that woman. Don't tell her though. Heh heh. 

Rightyroo, probably write more tomorrow, enjoying this no pressure approach. 

Also, my hair is straight. I love it more than anyone should ever love hair. 

What have you done today? 




There's talk of putting on wedding dresses. I'm excited! 

Saturday 3 October 2015

Why Is She Called Snoozey? || October Diary

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I'm glad there was such kind support for my diary idea and I'm glad you were all so chilled about the 'no pressure' approach. I'm going to go at this like a nervous new boyfriend. All good intentions but big fears of commitment and a good chance of messing things up. Heh. 

Today was Friday (I'm going to always sleep on my posts before I upload them) and I'd say, a good day. 

Friday's are my lie-in days because Matt has Darcy and takes her to school and so I hit the snooze button til 9.45 before getting up and finding my Auntie downstairs pottering about and putting flowers in vases. I do love that she has keys and does these things!

Katie Snooks (or 'Snoozey' as I like to call her, not because she sleeps a lot but because Matt once mis-heard her nickname of 'Snooksy' and said, 'Why is she called Snoozey??!?'. It stuck) had stayed over night so it was nice to have a little visitor in my house. My home always feels better with people in it. I don't always want constant interaction but I do really, really love the sound of someone else just being around. My friend Drew stayed last week and I was reminded of how much I just love hearing someone on their laptop or knocking on someone's door in the morning to wake them up (I'm sure he just loved that) and plan the day. I'm a social hermit haha. 

After buttered bagels and some morning TV, we filmed a couple of videos (Katie is now helping me out every month with filming so that I can make better content, it's exciting to me to be able to stretch my ideas further and try new things) and brainstormed some ideas for November. It feels really good to be so creative. I'm already thinking about Christmas videos ideas so do leave some in the comments if you have any requests. 

Katie left in the afternoon and after a super full week, I just flopped. I was going to watch a netflix docu (I'm obsessed with documentaries), but instead I just fell asleep. I must have really needed it. 

After wiping under my eyes (I think I cry in my sleep because after a nap I'm a total mess) I headed out the door and spent the evening at Matt's. I miss Darcy on his days so it was lovely to have cuddles with her and then lovely to have chinese and chitchats with him. It's quite hard being friends with someone you have so much history with because you have to draw new lines and your love changes but I think we both have a desire to do it. I also know that it's so, so good for Darcy. She is so well adjusted to life and every day we work hard towards making her life as sweet as possible. 

A couple of highlights from today-

My phone ran out of charge at about 10am and I just didn't bother plugging it in. All my texts, calls and emails come through my laptop as well so I wasn't unreachable but it was quite liberating to not constantly check and scroll through stuff. I didn't take it to Matt's (nor my laptop) so I was entirely present in the whole evening and it was great. I'm definitely going to make a more concerted effort to rely less on that little technology rectangle!

As I drove back from Matt's the moon was so huge and so orange. I liked it a lot. 


And there we have it. My not that thrilling day! Tomorrow the gang arrive for a weekend of fun so I'm excited for that. Now it's bubble bath and bedtime. 



Friday 2 October 2015

An Idea

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Once upon a time this blog was a hub and hive of activity. I would be super excited to plan and write my posts and spent a lot of time on the photography for each article. I poured myself into it. 

As Sprinkle of Glitter Ltd has evolved, some projects have taken more of my time and some have had to be cut back on. Sadly, my blog has been in the 'cut back on' pile and things like books (writing, promoting, book touring), youtube channels, live tours and clothing lines (I realise I sound like an obnoxious twit but it is what it is) have consumed a lot more of my energy. 

I call this place my 'sunset spot' because my favourite time to visit is as the sun is going down and everything feels super peaceful. 

I've tried quite hard to keep up with this slice of web but feel like I never do find my full footing and it slips away. So, I've had an idea. 

Life this month is about to get really, really cray. I mean it. Whirlwind crazy. I'm already looking forward to a rest in November!

What I thought I might do is use this blog as a diary. Just as an experiment, just for a month. 

I'm not sure if this is entirely unprofessional (I've always maintained that this blog is not a diary but a highlights reel of special moments or things that interest me) or completely genius (why not use it as a space for my day to day ramblings and document the good as well as the bad?). We'll see. 

I might throw in a bit of original photography if I'm able but mostly I think I'll just lift it from my other social media like instagram or twitter and see how I go. I'm giving it a completely no pressure approach. If I fail, I fail. Chances of this are high. 

If I succeed, it's a celebratory chinese takeout for actually sticking at something throughout what is set to be the busiest month of the year so far. 

I hope you like this idea. I'm not going to promote it at the start so if you're reading this- thank you for being such a loyal blog reader and I hope you will handle me gently as I go for this little challenge!!

See you....tomorrow??

Toodlepip! xx

Sunday 20 September 2015

Happy 6th Blogday

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

At this time of year I am always reminded of a few key days and one of them is my Glitter Birthday. Today Sprinkle of Glitter is 6 years old. Isn't that crazy? It feels like both the blink of an eye but also a lifetime. A world without it feels impossible to imagine but also I feel like the journey is just beginning and I still haven't had time to take it all in and adjust.

Thank you chummyswift

In 6 years my life has changed in almost every way.

Every year I like to look back and assess where this glitter has taken us and feel proud of the work we have done together, because it is together. You might not know it or feel it but we are a team. We have a symbiotic relationship. Without me you wouldn't have the videos or books or clothing line or live shows, but, without you, I wouldn't have anyone to do those things for and so operations would halt and we'd be in a pickle. I am now and forever your very grateful and humble team mate. <3

This year Sprinkle of Glitter has been quite a life raft for me. An incredibly exciting and showbiz glitzy life raft but a life raft all the same.

Thank you themallorymiller

Let's talk real stuff and then get onto the glamour.

This was the year my heart broke. 

It broke very slowly and then all at once and then I felt like I couldn't catch my breath and would never be OK again. Sometimes, in the small hours of the morning when it's very quiet and there is nothing to listen to but my own thoughts, I still wonder if I'll be OK again. I think I will.

Five years ago I married the great love of my life, Matt. I planned our lives and trusted that we would sail through and be on each others teams until we were old and grey (grey with pink tips I hope haha). But, like everything in life, things don't always pan out as you imagine and my great love story crumbled to a point where I couldn't pick up all the pieces and put them back together again. It felt like trying to hold a million tiny pieces and never really being able to keep them all in your hands at once.

I tried and he tried. We tried every way we knew how but eventually, I gave up. I couldn't do it. We were so far apart that the life of mostly good with a few bad moments felt mostly bad with a few good moments and I didn't think that was enough. I knew we deserved better and I knew the little life we were raising needed to see better too.

Thank you sugglet

I have never in my whole life felt like more of a failure than I have this year. It will forever be my greatest sadness. I'm crying as I write this. I'm crying for all the hurt Matt and I have both felt and the hurt I think I will always feel in a quiet, hidden part of my heart.

Neither of us are to fault and neither of us did an awful thing, so it's such painful grieving because there is nothing huge to be angry at. It's just sorrow.

Thank you starshiprichterranger

As the months have gone by, things have softened. I'm coming to terms with being the only adult on my team and I'm happy for the new life Matt is building too. For the most part we get on really well. We bicker (a hangover from our married days I think) but really, I know we both share the same goal of raising a good girl, constantly demonstrating that she is loved and supported and happily, we are finding a new way to love each other. I will always love Matt. He will always be my family, just not in the way we had originally planned.

So, as you can imagine, this year has been rough. I've tried to limit how much of that I share and to focus on the good (which has been there in abundance) but I thought it would be a disservice to gloss over it in a post like this. It's been hard, life does and will move on. 

On to the glitz. Good gracious there has been a lot. 

Thank you phan-girl004.

The blog year (Sept-Sept) began with a myriad of projects that I had to keep under wraps. I spent hours and days and weeks holed up in my bedroom writing my book, Life With A Sprinkle of Glitter. I thought it would be an easy project that blissfully filled cosy Autumn evenings and that I'd have sent off finished to my Editor by Christmas. How wrong I was. 

Writing a book is a big deal. It's a whole job. It's incredibly mentally consuming and takes a lot more effort than I had originally anticipated. So, it was with quite a shock that I found myself struggling and beginning to resent it. As Christmas rolled round and it was apparent I was going to spectacularly miss the December deadline, I was given a 3 month extension and my excitement and vigour returned. Book writing became a joy again and something to feel passionate about. 

I wrote the book, predominantly focusing on happiness, during one of the least happy times of my life. It forced me to find good on dark days and to look at life with positivity instead of wallowing in the pain of heartbreak. 

When I hold my book or see others holding it too, I feel a surge of emotion I would never have had if it hadn't have been hard to write or if I hadn't have been travelling down a painful road at the time. You can be pleased with things that were easy but you can be proud of things that were hard. 

To me, my book is a triumph. It is a symbol of how much I can do and what I can achieve. I hope it is the first of many. 

Thank you lovetheyoutubelife

In Spring 2015 I felt a spark of new life. I'd told you all that was going on and felt a little more able to go ahead with clear air. 

I went to New York City to attend a Creator Summit and watch the 2015 Brandcast show. I spent some really great time with my Manager Maddie, Alfie and Joe. Also, I turned 30. 

I had been dreading turning 30 for about 5 years and subsequently, it became a bit of a running joke that I would be 25 forever. Somehow, and I can't quite put my finger on why, a few days before the big three-oh, I accepted it. 30 wasn't something to fear and shy away from but something to celebrate and be joyful for. I'm going to say something bold now- my 30th birthday was the best day of my life. Everything amazing that could've happened, happened. I was surrounded by amazing people, given incredible gifts, had insane experiences and felt so alive and ready to run at the world. To age is a blessing. My Mum lost her fight against cancer when she was 37. I'm going to live all of my years with as much passion and joy as I can because some people, like my darling Mother, weren't given that chance. 

Thank you sleepwiththekings

In May I escaped. I booked last minute flights for me and Darcy and jetted off to Seattle to spend a week enveloped in the Bitsandclips family. That trip was life defining for a couple of reasons. One, it was the first time Marie and I had spent together just being supporters of each other. Our previous visits had been fun and frolics but this one was much more for love and comfort. Marie's dear Mother had recently passed away and so it was lovely to be able to offer the tiniest bit of comfort for her and in return, Marie reminded me how good it is to feel family love and welcomed me with such open arms. Two, I proved to myself that I can be a Mummy. That might sound crazy but for the first 3-4 years of Darcy's life, Matt and I had tag-teamed that parenthood gig. Going solo on an 8 hour flight and in a hotel is scary and I had a lot of doubts as to whether I'd cope. Fortunately (for Darcy haha), it turns out I'm ok at this motherhood thing and we both came out unscathed, even when the flight TV's failed and we had to play cards/crayons/quizzes for 8 solid hours-yay!

Summer was a whirlwind. My theatre tour, LouiseLIVE debuted in 5 different UK cities and hot damn, it went well. What started off as a Q&A session has now evolved into a structured, cohesive comedy/audience participation/self empowerment show and I couldn't be more pleased. Plans for LouiseLIVE 2016 have already begun and I'm crazy excited for how it will turn out. I think it might be my favourite project actually. If this whole YouTube thing pans, live shows are where my heart will be. 

Thank you memories-and-roses

After the shows it was straight onto promo for the book which had now transformed from text on my laptop to bright glossy pages of a hardback book. We had a launch party, TV, radio and magazine appearances, book clubs, videos, tweets and a tour. It was incredible. The book hit the top of Times Bestseller charts and I cried so many happy tears I couldn't even stop in the shower. It was the second greatest moment (after finding out I was having Darcy) of my life. 

As soon as the book was hot off the press, the project I'd been working on since January was launched - my clothing line. I worked with Simply Be to create a 10 piece collection of clothing that flattered and celebrated the fuller figure. I'm so keen for women to embrace their body shape and feel confident in the clothes they wear that it was a total pleasure to design this line with curvy figures in mind. Every item has now become a staple piece in my wardrobe and seeing the women who have ordered items, take pictures and send me their thoughts really sparks a little place in my heart for them. All being well, this won't be the last you'll see of clothes I've designed! 

Thank you Addisonand5sos

After a quick trip to LA for Vidcon and collabs, the book, the tour, the clothes and a soft launch of my first dip into the stationery world with my 2016 diary (you'll be hearing MUCH more about this in October- we have a tour and all sorts planned), I spent the last 4 weeks of summer at home, with my Darcygirl, being a Mummy and enjoying life in suburbia. I needed it. 

My friendship with my neighbour Vicky grew as we bonded over our Daughter's and as we added some more mamas to our group, I now have some local 'Mummy Friends' which is new to me. Before, all my friends with children lived far away, so to have some practically on my doorstep feels crazy comforting. I love that Darcy has so much interaction with children (as well as her school classmates) and I love that there are people I can socialise with who actually don't care about Sprinkle of Glitter. I know, that sounds ridiculous right? But it's not. When you live in a world of glamour and glitz, it's easy to be swept away into it and become a person you didn't mean to. It's easy to let yourself believe your own hype and drift away from your roots. I know this because sometimes I've felt it happen. It's like floating but very slowly. You begin to just float off a tiny bit and then before you know it, you're very far from where you came from. My goal is to never float off. I want to enjoy the glitz and glamour, it's freakin' amazing, but I want to never loose my love of supermarket shopping and the satisfying feeling of putting Darcy's fresh laundry away or the warmth of a chat on your neighbour's drive about the cost of school uniforms. Those are the things that nourish you I think. 

And here we are, in September, and I'm celebrating my blog's 6 birthday in the exact same spot that I started it all those years ago. A better decorated spot but the same one none the less. 

When I look back on the year I think of a lot of different things. I have enjoyed so many glitter adventures but I think my broken heart stole the show and so I won't ignore that. There is nothing wrong with accepting the sad moments in life and I will now move forward with confident strides and feel optimistic for our glittery future. 

Last year I wrote -

"Happy Birthday little blog! What a journey we've been on. First year a wedding, second year a baby, third year a business, fourth year friends, fifth year a community. What do you think will come next?"

As is tradition, I'm going to add to it. 

Happy Birthday little blog! What a journey we've been on. First year a wedding, second year a baby, third year a business, fourth year friends, fifth year a community and sixth year, sadly, a broken heart. What do you think will come next?

A million, billion thank you's to everyone who has made this year good, to every kind comment and supportive tweet, beautiful fan art, well edited fan video and every good natured Sprinklerino I've met in real life. You're a good lot. Thank you to everyone who submitted art for this post. Their names are credited below each piece. 

Special thanks to Dom, Maddie and Natalie who make Sprinkle of Glitter what it is. Without them, I'd probably just be a mess haha. 



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