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Saturday 10 October 2015

Good Women | October Diary

Aloha Sprinklerinos, 

Notice :: Do you live in Tribeca New York? If you do and would like to come and hang out, I'll be at Barnes & Noble on 97 Warren Street from 4pm on Friday October 16th signing my book Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter and would LOVE to see you! More details HERE

Today has been a warm fuzzies in my heart kind of day. Such a stark difference from the lonely day, hooray. 

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I woke up early and without my alarm, hopped in the (broken but just about manages) shower, tidied the bathroom a bit, pulled all the junk out of the under-the-stairs-cupboard and Judith (my auntie) came over with her bag of tricks to potter about my house and get me in shipshape. 

Shortly after the plumber and bathroom designer called by to measure the bathroom (hence the tidying) for a re-fit and look at the cupboard-under-the-stairs (again, hence the emptying) to see if I could install a toilet and sink in it. I know it's terribly old and boring but I'm really crazy excited about the prospect of having a downstairs cloakroom. I want to hold more work meetings from home and by having some tinklywinkly facilities downstairs I can keep my upstairs floor nice and private and still feel like it's a home and not and office. I'm also excited to choose paint colours or wallpaper patterns and hang knickknacks on the walls in there. This blog actually started as a 'doing my home up' place so I'm excited to be revisiting that area of life. 

I feel a great sense of calm today. Lately I have felt like all my emotions are a big scribble but today, at last, they feel more like individually drawn lines instead of a big tangled mess. I hope this continues. When I feel emotionally calm I am a lot happier. I am able to stand strong in my choices and feel confident in my decisions and with such a cray cray life, this is a tonic!

The sun was shining and my car had a full tank of petrol so I headed on up to Nottingham for another Diary book signing. It was the best! The girls/women that came were all engaging and funny and the staff at WHSmith really were fabulous. It can be a bit hit and miss with these things but today was a total win. 

On the way home we (Maddie and I) were joined by Hannah my Publicist from Faber & Faber and I basically love her. We chatted for a solid two hours about books we love and films we enjoy and after a while I realised I had been smiling for a really long time. I spend a lot of life talking about work, Darcy or men (urgh), so it was really liberating to discuss something different and be with such smart, charismatic women for a few hours. I felt very uplifted by them actually. 

A short pootle home after dropping them off at Northampton train station and I was in cosied up with a bowl of risotto and a glass of peach squash. 

I'd resigned myself to a night of cats and netflix (not a bad night to resign yourself to I must say) and then my neighbour messaged to see if I fancied a glass of wine. I'm sticking to my cleanse so it's squash for me but I'm glad she's popping over, she's a lovely addition to my life. 

So today has been a day of good women. I'm happy. I hope the weekend is good. 




  1. So glad to hear you've had a happy, calm day! Those are the best :) I hope your days continue this way!

    Renee | Lose The Road

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  2. How exciting, i get hopelessly happy with decorating new areas and picking the finishing touches. Happy you had a good chat, personally i love nothing more than sitting with a cup of tea and a friend discussing our new fave book, tv show or movie! sounds like you had a lovely day, long may it continue!

    Ellie xx

  3. Its always so nice to have one of those days...feeling warm and cosy and just good, after a few rough ones. I had a super hard week last week and fell better now too, I think people you like and with who you can just chat and relax always help to make this feeling stay and I am so happy that you had a day like this. Oh and of cause ;) GO GOOD WOMEN <3 we all need you =D

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  5. I love these blogposts, and can't wait for more xx

  6. That sounds like a lovely day :) I moved into uni accommodation last week, so the past few days have been exciting but also quite overwhelming, but today's going to be a day of baking for my flatmate's birthday (which I'm actually really excited about). Sometimes calm days are the best xx

  7. I'm happy to hear you're feeling positive today Lou, also loved the video, it was brilliant - love how pretty and shabby chic Darcy's room is! xx

  8. Glad you had another lovely day and got in some girly chat as it is the best and your neighbor sounds so cool and wish mine were as nice.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

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  10. This post made me so happy to see that you're happy! I hope you have a fantastic weekend! :)

  11. Aargh my Saturday was stressful! Went into Glasgow City centre (always a challenge), turned into a no right turn street and was met by police on bicycles :( Even with tears I still got £50 fine. On the plus side I got wristbands for myself and my daughter for the book signing in Glasgow! It'll be worth it :)
    Glad you are feeling better Louise! :) x

  12. such a lovely room!

  13. Glad you're feeling better Louise! Looking forward to reading about you doing up your little bathroom, I'm sure it'll look lovely. I love what you;ve done with Darcy's room too - it's so so cute :) x
    Charlotte's Road // Beauty, Fashion + Lifestyle

  14. It makes me happy that you have amazing friends.. I hope one day I'll have some of my own!


  15. So glad you're feeling better Louise! Your such a lovely woman and deserve nothing but happiness!

  16. I love hearing about redecorating, please do more posts about it!

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