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Tuesday 29 November 2011

Ebay Hearts :: Organising Jewellery

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Since last weeks 'Ebay Hearts' feature was so well liked, I decided to make it a regular thing- Yippee!

This week I have lusted over charming, shabby chic ways to display, organise and store jewellery.

I love jewellery. I don't have a tonne of expensive jewels, I'm more of a cheap 'n' cheerful kinda gal. If it twinkles I'm happy. I often think it's a shame to stash everything away in drawers and boxes and love to display my favourite bits and bobs, so that I can enjoy them everyday and add a touch of glamour to my dresser. Of course, there are the few pieces that you don't want out and about, and for those I have a solution too!

All pictures are taken from

THIS JEWELLERY HOLDER is multifunctional and super girlie. You could pop your studs in the mesh parts and hang your dangly earrings on the little hooks. I would also end up draping bracelets over the swirly wires at the top too. I love that this has little hinges, so that if you fancy changing things up a bit, you can fold it, pop it in a drawer and not begrudge it taking up all you space.

THESE LITTLE BASKETS are super duper sweet. They are the kind of things that I would have on my dresser with my jewellery with the best of intentions of keeping organised, but would end up chucking all my trinkets in. I don't know about you but I have all sorts in my jewellery box- a memory stick with my wedding photos, floral badges, bag charms, coins (why?), Baby Glitter's hospital wrist band and more. These little wire jobbies are pretty enough to scatter around your room to collect all those lovely little bits of life. Failing that, candle holder anyone?

Is this the cutest RING STAND you have ever seen? You all know my obsession with birds, so this definitely floats my boat.
If you look carefully you will see that it is actually a teeny tiny bird pond with itsybitsy birds sat round it, probably chatting about how pretty your jewels are. I'd scatter my sparkliest cocktail rings in there and struggle to choose which to wear.

Finally, this MIRRORED DRAWER SET is very similar to one I currently have and I must say, I loves it! It's great to display all your most pretty of things, but those heavily bejewelled butterfly dangly hoops that you think you ought not to have bought? Store them in here and nobody ever need know your secret love for them. Tehe.

I do hope you liked my ideas to organise your jewellery. I might do another one at some point with less girlie options (think muji acrylic drawers etc), but I figured that since these are all the things I really love myself, you might enjoy them too!

How do you store your pretties? Do you have any requests for next week's Ebay Hearts?



Monday 28 November 2011

Magic With The GlossyGirls

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Last week, after a rather weird journey, Zoe and I hotfooted it down to Waterloo to board that most magical of wheels- The London Eye.

Having never been on it and wanting to for just about forever, I was almost delirious with excitement!

Playing with my new camera- slow shutterspeed, speedy hands, happy LouLou!

This was snapped by Zoe and her swish camera. She's a wizz!

Little Festive Market nearby- tres cute.

This snap and the one above are from the GlossyBox Facebook Page. Do go and say 'hi'. 

I won't write too much because I plan on making a video about this (just as soon as I'm not plagued by this awful fluey thing) and showing you all the footage from the evening. My photos didn't come out as well as I would have liked (I think I needed a tripod, but who lugs one of those around in their handbags?!), but I did do a lot of filming so if you keep an eye on my YouTube channel, you won't miss out.

I met some fantastic new ladies, caught up with old chums and had some really interesting chitchat with the GlossyTeam. I have to take my hat off to them, they are so lovely, so knowledgeable and knew all of our names! You might be thinking, "of course they know your names, you have blogs and whatnot", but I was pretty impressed. I was even asked about Baby Glitter, which I thought was very sweet.

We had champagne, canapes, two rotations and lots of talk about what's coming up in GlossyWorld. I'm pretty excited for the Men's Boxes. They'll be quarterly and contain 7 products. I don't know about you, but most the men in my life (oerr that sounds a bit wrong! I mean like my Husband, Dad, Brother's-in-law etc) like to look after themselves, so this will be a welcome product.

If you'd like to have a mosey around GlossyBox for yourself, HERE'S their website. (Defo have a look, I've just seen the male model for the men's box- hubbah-hubbah!)

Are you a GlossyBox Gal? Have you tried any of the other beauty boxes on the market?



Saturday 26 November 2011

A Sorting Saturday

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Baby Glitter is rolling around at my feet (on a blanket with toys I might add, she's not just been slung down there and ignored! haha), Mattmoo is watching Sky Sports News (gad zukes I hate that channel) and I'm pootling around on t'internet.

I know I've already blogged today, but I haven't filmed or uploaded any videos because of this horrid fluey thing, so I'm feeling blogtastic.

What's happened today then?

*I lugged all the junk out of our cupboard under the stairs and we (by 'we', I mean 'Matt whilst I pointed at stuff and tried to look busy') moved it all to the garage, where I can forget it exists and not deal with it at all. The aim was to then put other, more relevant junk -hoover, pram, ironing board, the obligatory bucket that every household has and wonders why etc- under there. Now our dining room is less full of junk. Essentially, it was all just a big exercise in moving junk from different places and feeling better for it.

*We took a few bits to the local tip, where we were met with the most helpful (please sense the sarcasm there) man ever.
Matt drives up. Tip man signals at us to stop and wind window down.
Matt- Looks questioningly at Tip Man.
Tip Man- Stares back.
Matt- Umm...I want to chuck out a big rug and an old tent.
Long weird pause.
Tip Man- One 'n' Two.
Matt- ...........thanks then.

*Despite Matt saying he hates Hobbycraft, I made him come in with me on the premise that I'm poorly and deserve to be mollycoddled. I bloomin' love that place. I actually only wanted to buy some star shaped cookie cutters, but got a bit carried away in the bead department. Woopsie.

Is it weird that I spent quite a lot of time swilling my hand around this bowl of beads? I like to do that with chestnuts in supermarkets as a normal person.

*We accidentally bought a McDonalds, parked up near a nice grassy area and housing estate that we love. We play this game where we look at the street of houses (not in a pervy casing the joint way, in a nice way) and say that when we win the lottery we'll buy the whole row and put all our friends and family in them and decide which houses each person will get and why.

*We came home, gave Baby Glitter her lunch, let her have some story time and I tweeted, fb chatted, did a bit of blog research, answered emails and texted back a few people. Technology attack!

* Whilst mooching around (I do love it when Matt's at home, I can mooch mooch mooch) my online favs, weheartit, etsy, ebay and folky, I came across a tres cool ebay shop. I wanted to include it in my Ebay Hearts post, but I really cannot wait, and to be fair, it doesn't really suit the theme I'll be going for.

Beauty Makeup Supply Jars & Bottles

THIS SHOP is a beauty addicts dream! It sells EVERYTHING storagey (real word there) and oragnisey that you would ever need. It has jars, tubs and atomisers to decant products into- perfect if you like mixing products or travelling. It has mascara wands, powder puffs, foam wedges and sponge applicators- perfect if you are a makeup artist or your friends use you as one (like mine, hmmm). It even has a 3 tier 24 slot acrylic lipstick holder (HERE) which I'm seriously considering.

I hate to sound so thrilled about jars and organisers but things like that really float my boat. I've had so many requests for a makeup collection video but really desperadosly need to sort my cosmetics drawers out before I unveil them to the world!

*Hmmm since starting this post, Baby Glitter has had her dinner and gone to bed and Mindy is attempting to sit on my shoulder. Looking forward to a cheesy omelet, Saturday night TV and uploading this week's London photos. And do you know what, I'm not in the least bit ashamed that 5 years ago I was probably drinking cheapo vodka, straightening my hair and setting off on a crazy adventure with my friends and now I'm snuggled up with a blanket, the cat and my laptop...........well, not much anyway.

What have you done today? Do you love that shop as much as I do? Am I a fruitloop? Don't answer that last one!



All pictures aside from the ebay store one wear taken on Matt's phone. Hope you can actually see them now, after that slight technical hitch!

Holidays are Comin', Holidays are Comin'

Aloha Sprinklerinos?

On a scale of one to ten, how much do you love the coca-cola Christmas advert (hence the title). I think I would say about eleven. As soon as I see it, I declare it Christmas time. I know a few people feel it crass or OTT to be Christmassy before December the 1st, but frankly, I'd be ready to celebrate from September onwards I love it so much.

I have so many Christmas related posts lined up for you! I plan on doing a few Christmas themed weheartit posts, like last year some Christmas Craft posts, tips for surviving Christmas, maybe a few gift guides, Christmas Money Saving ideas and since Ebay Hearts was so well received, I'm going to make that a regular feature and do a few of those too!


I love writing posts like these, where I get to offload my thoughts a bit and let you into what is coming up and going on. I currently have a horrid cold, so filming youtube videos is on hold and Matt is looking after Baby Glitter and bringing me plenty of lemsip!

If you don't already, be sure to follow me on twitter, because I chitchat all day and I like to say howdy to you all!

What sort of Christmassy related posts do you want to see on Sprinkle of Glitter?



Superdrug's Salvation Army Support

Aloha Sprinklerinos!

Can you say the title of this post over and over, really quickly? I can't.

This Christmas, for the fourth year running, Superdrug are supporting the Salvation Army's Christmas Present Appeal.


From November the 23rd to December the 18th, Superdrug customers are able to drop new, unwrapped presents into the store. Then, Salvation Army volunteers will wrap the gifts and distribute them to families and children who may have otherwise had nothing or very little this Christmas.

I think this is a lovely idea and next time I'm in town doing a spot of Christmas shopping, will remember to stop by my local superdrug. Even if it's just a couple of fun toys from PoundLand, you could really bring a smile to someone's face.

Do you think you would consider taking part in this?



Monday 21 November 2011

Ebay Hearts :: Doctor Style Bags

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I've mentioned it a few times, but of late, I have stepped over to the dark side. The easy payments, convenient packages-through-your-door, crazy good value side. Yes Sprinklerinos, I'm in love with ebay.

I have wanted for some time now, to do a post on some things I am lusting over and perhaps make a bit of a feature of it. However, I have been in two minds about this due to a spot of blog etiquette.

My chum Victoria (who I lovingly call Vixypops) from VIPXO is an ebay queen and currently has a fantastic ebay feature running on her blog. Each week (sometimes more if we are lucky) she hunts down designer inspired items, works her photoshop magic and displays them beautifully for us to gawp at and maybe do a spot of shopping. Whilst our features are not the same, I still wouldn't want Vixypops to think I am stealing or taking attention away from her (far better) thang. So Sprinklerinos, do please hop on over to her blog and see what she has going on, I promise you'll like it. Also, if you ask her nicely on her tumblr account, she will hunt down anything you want, free of charge- what a wizz!!

I hope that kind of clears my worries up a bit. I know lots of people do similar things on blogs but I don't like to feel like a copycat!

With that aside, on with my love of ebay! Like etsy and weheartit, I have taken to putting anything that pops into my glittery mind into the search bar and seeing what comes up.

This week I searched for Doctor Style bags. I think they are the right mix of fun and formal and look lovely with with winter coats.

Here are some of my top picks:

I love love love the ostrich effect of this brown beauty. I also love the £16.49 price tag and that fact that it comes in 6 different colours. Yay! You can find it HERE.

This leather beauty is faaaarrrrr too far out of my budget, but says, "put your jimjams in me and escape for the weekend". You can drool over it HERE.

Dr Bag + Clutch = These cuties!! I think these would look super on an evening out or popped under your arm for a day time meeting...hmmm how many daytime meetings do I have? Oh wait, none! Haha! They are a reasonable £10.99 and available HERE.

I could go on and on for hours about my love for ebay (and etsy, and folky, and weheartit and...the list goes on!). Would you mind if I made this a regular feature? Have you checked out the wonderful Victoria's blog?



Sunday 20 November 2011

FOTD :: Simple Lips

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

You may know this, but I make little videos for this website thing call YouTube. Lately, I have taken to recording a big batch all in one day and having a babysitter for Baby Glitter. Now she is a little older, she doesn't nap for as long in that day and it doesn't give me enough time. Also, whilst she naps, I need to do things like cook, clean, have a shower!! Gargh!

So, in my videos I have been sporting a certain look A LOT. I am literally in love with it. Simple eyes, bright lips, glowy skin, easy hair. The look really is a basic yet effective one and takes minimal time- a quickee if you will.

I feel like this look enhances my nice features and is easy on the eye. For nights out and fun things, I love me a big ol' pair of false lashes, dark eyeshadow (MAC Shadestick in Shark Skin being a favourite) and sparkly lips, but now I'm busy busy, I like to tone it down a bit but still feel vibrant.

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint in Beige 02
Make Up Forever 5 Cream Camouflage Concealer Kit
MAC Mineralised Skin Finish in Soft 'n' Gentle
Boots Lipsalve in Strawberry
Barry M Lip Crayon in 04
Non brand kabuki brush
MAC Paintpot in Bare Study
HD Brows in Foxy
MAC Brow Set
Studio Makeup Liner Styler Pen
Barry M Soft Eye Crayon on Black

The brush is new from the Denman TuttiFrutti range and actually smells like blueberry's. I love a gimmick.

Do you have any good time saving makeup application tips? I'd love to hear them!!



Friday 18 November 2011

Dragon Lipstick

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I know, this is a short post but I just HAD to share this picture with you!

I don't quite know how, but I have reached 25 and never eaten a dragon fruit. I picked one up today and when I came home and sliced it in half, I literally gasped. It's soooo puurrdddy. This picture really does not do it enough justice. I google imaged it but the majority of snaps portray the flesh of the fruit as white, any clue?

Anyway, being the makeup and beauty obsessive that I am, the very first thing I thought was, "I need a lipstick in that colour!".

So there you have it, my dragon fruit cherry (see what I did there) has been popped, and I have a new lipstick hunt on my hands. Hooray!

I was going to finish up the post with a question, and I was going to write, "Have you ever tried a dragon fruit?", but then I realised you're probably not under 5 and don't want to be asked such lame-ass questions!



Thursday 17 November 2011

Blog Event :: Look Beauty

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Last night I attended the super swishness that was the Look Beauty event. Do you want to hear about it? Then read on oh chummy.

The beauty brains at Look magazine have put their glossy haired heads together and come up with a fabulous beauty range, comprising of over 100 beauty products ranging from nail polish to palettes, lashes to lipstick duos. It has something for everyone.

We were all given fabulous goodie bags and I was mightily impressed with this cute card. Trust me to pick that as my favourite thing! Haha! No, no, my favourite thing was actually this popsicle pink lipstick. More on that later.

With 32 nail varnish colours to choose from, whether you're a girlie girl or a gothic girl, you'll find your shade.

I love this shade, it reminds me of an Illamasqua one from last year, except £4 is much more managable than the £13ish that one was!

A little snap shot of the very reasonable prices. Even the huge interchangeable eyeshadow palettes were only £15. Also, £2 from every sale (which is A LOT) will go to the charity 'Look Good...Feel Better'. This charity is for women fighting cancer and allows them the opportunity to learn how to apply makeup to suit their new needs. Ladies are taught by professional makeup artists how to do things like draw in eyebrows or cool down a flushed complexion.

I would have loved for my own Mother to have had such an opportunity before she passed away but sadly Look Good...Feel Better only came to England in 1994 (it began in America in 1989). It now has 64 workshops across the country and a vast variety of brands denote products to this very worthy cause.

If you believe in the afterlife, do take a little moment to say (in your head or out loud), "Hello Mummy Glitter, hope you're enjoying heaven". I do that quite often.

Hat's off to Look Beauty for being so generous. I think this is the best thing about the entire range.

If you're a blusher girl, you're covered.

I love these! I must admit, I was pretty pessimistic at first. I thought the clear plastic packaging was a bit poopy and that the colours would be chalky. I hold my hands up and take it back. The packaging has a satisfying chunkiness and the pigment in the colours I swatched was AMAZING. Seriously, please go to Superdrug and give these a little swatch, they are fantastic. Velvety and beautiful. We were told that wet they are superb too. EEEeeeeeexcited!

A quick swatch shot. Excellent colour pay off.

The lip range comprises of lipsticks, lipglosses and a duo that contains both. Liptastic!! I have my eye on that very dark red one and the nudey corally duos. Yum!

I didn't swatch these but the palettes have interchangeable segments, so when they bring out new ones, you can refresh your makeup and mix and match til your heart's content. I love things that you can customise so this is another winner for me.

As an eyelashaholic, this floats my boat. I wish I had picked this up and looked at it more closely. I'm intrigued by all the little accessories.

And here we have it, the goodie bag. OOhhhhh yyeaaahh!

My favourite goodie bag treat, the aforementioned lipstick in 'Rock Candy'. I love the names in this range. My coral lipstick is called 'Juicy'. Yay!!

As if all that wasn't enough, Look Beauty had also put on this very cool photobooth dealio which we could all jump in, pose and take the prints home. I thought it was sooooo much fun and suspect Zoe and I may have overdone it somewhat!

How many bloggers can you fit in a booth? Nine. I'd like to apologise now to Zoe for the slight dry humping situation, I don't know what came over me!

All in all, I had the funnest night in a long time. The products were brilliant, the booth was a hoot, but most of all, it was just smashing to chitchat to all the other bloggers. I had a particularly long chat with Milly and meeting Anna of Vivianna Does Makeup was also a pleasure. Lily looked ever the fashionista, Kate had some pretty insightful tips re PRs and it was lovely to catch up with Jen again. Emma has the snazziest spotty sheer dress with customised sleeves I ever did see, Lily Pebbles wins it for the shmexy sparkly top award (I emailed her and it was from Forever 21 if anyone was lusting after it as much as I was!), and Corrie was a second away from having me break out into Disney song! Most of all, the tip top gal of the night HAS to be my original chummy Zoella, who even went out of her to escort me on the tube all the way back to Euston- that's friendship for you. <3

A great big thank you has to go to Zoe of The London Lipgloss for setting this event up and being the hostess avec la mostess! Woop woop and a high five to you Zoe! Also (Gosh I feel like I'm at the Oscars trying to remember everyone) a little shoutout to Victoria who I like to call 'Vixypops' because after a bus/taxi/train fiasco she couldn't make it *blue face*.

What do you think of this range? I'm excited for it!



Monday 14 November 2011

Lou's Reviews :: Intergalatic Starlight Crown

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

A little while ago, Baby Glitter and I were contacted by the lovely Sophie at Crown and Glory who asked if we would like to review one of her latest dazzling creations, the Intergalactic Starlight Crown. Being the accessories queen she is, Baby Glitter accepted and we were not disappointed.

Baby Glitter was sent a crown (ribbon) and I was sent a headband (elastic) and both were beautifully packaged, they'd make great presents. This range varies from £8 - £12. For the uniqueness of these products and time that must go into their creation, I think this is worth it.I know I sound like I'm raving or being excessively favourable to this product but I honestly was that impressed. 10/10 Sophie!!

As they say, a picture says a thousand words.

This has been one of the funnest things I have reviewed in a long time and I had such a hoot taking the pictures of our matching sparkly hair pieces. Thank You Sophie!

I am also uploading a YouTube video with these in, so do keep your eyes peeled for those. Out of interest, how many blog readers are also video viewers? I often wonder if there are two seperate groups of Sprinklerinos or if you merge into one big glittery group? Hmmm. Pondering over!

In summary, it's love. There need to be more Intergalatic Starlight Crowns in the world. Pick yours up HERE.


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