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Monday 8 August 2016

Preparing Darcy for School

Disclaimer: This is a paid for advertorial with Tesco. 

Aloha Glitterbugs!

Oooeeee it's been a while since I tiptapped away here on my blog. Summer holidays are in full swing so most of my time has been taken up with Mummy duties and squeezing in work round playdates and trips and you get it, you get it. More posts to follow soon I promise! Also, it's about time this blog had a bit of a makeover so keep your eyes peeled! 

Something I've really enjoyed blogging about more this year has been Motherhood and the fun that accompanies that great adventure. 

Darcy is now 5 and so school is a big part of our lives. Last year was her very first year and with every milestone I felt my heart swell. Trying on her uniform, her first stage show, sports day, parents evenings, I love them. Watching her grow and develop is such a pleasure. 

Naturally, as she grows and progresses through her education, there are certain things I need to do to make life run smoothly and the back to school kit is always something I enjoy sorting out. There's something really pleasing about the start of a new school year. Fresh uniforms, unscuffed shoes, sharp pencils and brand new lunch boxes all bring the promise of exciting times ahead and make me feel all the warm fuzzies- is anyone on the same page with me? I hope so!! 

I thought it might be fun in this post to tell you a few of the ways I like to help Darcy prepare for the start of a new year, and how Tesco help me make that easy peasy. Yay!


I'm pretty strict on a 7pm bedtime throughout the year (Darcy is like me, sleep is vvveerry important) but with no early mornings during the holidays, I usually let it slip. So, a week before school starts, we transition back to 7pm (from about 8-8.30pm). By doing it gradually, I don't have to completely throw her the night before and cause a melt down. Slowly, slowly. 

F&F School Girls Gingham Dresses with Scrunchie (Red, Green and Yellow). Subject to availability, while seasonal stock last, selected stores only).


If I'm totally honest with you, I might actually be the least organised person on the face of the planet. I regularly find myself at almost the point of tears because I've lost things/left stuff to the last minute so to avoid this when term starts, I collect together everything she needs uniform wise, wash it, iron it and have it ready by the door/hanging in her room so that when it comes to it, we can just put it on and GO. I find it so helpful that Tesco have everything you need without having to schlep to lots of different places. Trousers (with reinforced knees for little boys- yay for Mummies!) have amazing quality fits in slim, flat and pleated, the dresses are super sweet (would you just look at those matching scrunchies-so sweet) and these light up anti-scuff shoes were such a hit that I think all shoes are going to need flash features now!! Eeep!


Darcy generally has hot lunches cooked by her school but she does take in snacks for break time or evening clubs, so buying her new lunch and snack boxes is always fun. Plus, we can use them for non-school outtings. Or, yanno, if Mummy's feeling fancy and wants to put her popcorn in a bright pink box, she can. Heh heh- it certainly gets my 'Mum Stamp Of Approval'!


If you know me at all you know how deep my love for stationery is. So, at this back-to-school time of year, when Tesco is full to the brim with a huge range of untouched pads of paper and giant packs of coloured gel pens, my heart feels aflutter. I hope hope hope that Darcy feels the same love for brand new stationery as I do because this kid is spoilt with supplies! Oooeeeeee I could fill a room with all the lovely things! 


Although she isn't moving school this year (last year we transitioned from nursery to reception), she will be moving class and spending time in a new area of the building. We're going to talk a lot about this (I think whilst having a little role play game of Schools so it doesn't feel too intense for her), just so she is mentally prepared for the change and her mind is ready for something different. I know that if my work or leisure spaces changed, I'd feel a bit thrown so the prep is worth it. 

I'm so thankful that Darcy loves her school life so much and that we can enjoy this back-to-school prep together. I'd love to know what you do to get your little ones ready, tell me in the comments! 



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