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Monday, 14 December 2009

Easy Peasy Wreathy Peathy

At this time of year in this neck of the woods, it is tradition to shlep to the florists, buy a wreath for oodles of mula, and then hang it on your front door. Well bloggerinos, not this time! No more Miss Nice Guy! This year, I have made my own!

It's not as fantastic as you might expect....yet. I plan to add more and more embellishments as the years go on, but for my first year in my first home, this'll do!

The big one was made this year, but the little slinky one was made up in Liverpool last year.

Merry Christmas!



  1. Hi Louise I have been reading your blogs from the very beginning and have been watching your YouTube for a while now, you really inspire me to be The best I can, nowadays everything is all about your looks and you told me through your channels that being yourself is the best you can, even though you and Matt are not together any more you have both rraised are beautiful young girl Darcy,if I have children and split from the father I hope that I will deal with it how years have putting my child first

  2. It wouldn't let me finish,^^

    I really hope that you continue writing a blog and making your videos, they make a lot of people smile including me! I really hope you read my COmments, I love you Louise and I can't wait for our book to be released! 👸💘xxxy

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  4. I adore your wreath so much that it's made me want to make one myself, I've never had a wreath before. xx

  5. I love your blog and your YouTube channel. It honestly is the one thing that's making me happy and it's something I can truly relate to. I hope my blog will do the same to others. You're my inspiration!

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