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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Amazing Advertisers :: February 2012

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Is it that time of month again already? Yep! It's time to have a look at this months Amazing Advertisers and get to know them all a little more. If you have emailed me about advertising, rest assured, I will respond- I tend to save up a big batch of advertising enquiries and answer them all in one go. If you are wanting to place an ad on Sprinkle of Glitter, please do send an email soon as March spaces are filling up FAST! Email for bookings.

(Image: weheartit)
Passion About Fashion

Laura is a regular advertiser with me. I've noticed this month her blog has had a bit of a makeover and is looking rather swish. From foundation to fashion, gems to swanky events, this blog is a girlie haven of interesting posts and pictures. Pop over and see for yourself!

Laura Laments

Another Laura, another regular. I've loved this blog since I discovered it last yeat and I like to think you will too. Laura's posts are beautifully written and allow you to loose yourself in her witty accounts of the life of a single gal in London. A brilliant lifestyle blog and a breath of fresh air.

Beauty Butterfly Blog

Jade is another regular on Sprinkle of Glitter (gee wizz I must be doing something right haha!). Her beauty product reviews are brilliantly laid out, with clear subtitles, so if there is just one thing you are looking to find out, it's simple pimples. With product reviews from MAC to Blistex, there is something for every budget and beauty fan. Loves it.

Beauty and Baggage

Seonaid is another regular advertiser (haha spot a pattern? Happy Customers!) and is a total gem. She has eyelashes that make me very jealous- despite reviewing some very lovely false lashes, she really doesn't need them, blending skills to die for and is currently running a giveaway for some Benefit goodies- Yay! If you'd like to win some gorgeous luxury cosmetics, check her out.

La Vida Fresa

If you like reviews, hauls, tags, cute kitty snaps and dupes, THIS is the blog fr you. With regular updates and a fresh layout, this blog really is a pleasure to read. Paula is also on twitter as @Miss_PaulaB, so check her out and say, 'Howdy Doody'- she's very friendly I promise!!

Obvious Leigh
Leigh's blog makes me tres happy. Like me, she is a Yummy Mummy (I have high opinions of myself haha) and shows us all that you can still find a little bit of time to pamper or treat yourself to a few beauty products here and there. Her posts range from beauty (with great swatches), fashion and hauls. Well worth a read.

Bella Blonde

Sarah-Jayne is one busy lady. Her blog encompasses beauty, lifestyle and craft posts, which is just as well considering Sarah is a qualified Beauty Therapist who also teaches in college- oof, where does she find the time? I think this is the blog that has everything- easy step by step craft tutorials, shopping hauls, hair and beauty reviews and a little bit of 'lifeyness' thrown in to boot. Yay!

Flossie's Beauty Love

Flossie is a busy Mum of two, 'trying' (her words, not mine!), to stay glam and imparting her beauty knowledge on all of us eager beavers. Flossie has worked for an array of beauty companies and so really knows her stuff! If you like posts about storage, reviews, events and hauls, this is a blog for your reading list.

Miss LV

Miss LV (not sure if she'd like her first name published) is a makeup obsessed animal lover. Although her posts range from high end Illamasqua to the ultra affordable MUA, she is currently running a mini series on MAC Lipsticks, so do head over and check those out. A lovely blog, with surprise give aways, beauty and a touch of life to boot!

A World Full Of Prettiness

Kate's blog is jammed packed with everything girlie- OOTD'S, NOTD'S, reviews, hauls, ideas and lifey posts, there is bound to be something you'll enjoy reading. If for no other reason, you should check it out purely because of how gorgeously cute her bedroom is! See for yourself!


Wired is the most amazing jewellery company ever! I have actually given this advert a complimentary month (Faye bought a January slot) purely because I just love all the pretty things and think it deserves as much coverage as possible and you all need to know about it!

As I mentioned above, if you would like to advertise your blog or handmade business on Sprinkle of Glitter, please do get in touch as spaces are limited and filling up quickly. Please note that there is a small (very reasonable I promise) fee for this service and you MUST be a blog or HANDMADE business. Ads can be a maximum of 200pixels wide (and to be supplied by you) and run for one month from the 1st of each month. Payment is to be made upfront via paypal.

I know that sounded all very formal, but rather than have you wondering and me asnwering the same questions multiple times, I thought I'd try and makes things easy for us all.

Also, as it is Amazing Advertisers Day (haha it's officially a day!), then if you have a blog and would like to give yourself a shoutout on my Facebook Page then today you can. Pop over and say, "Amazing Advertiser Day Shoutout......." and then whatever you like and your blog link. For today only, go wild!!




  1. I love finding new blogs to follow & read, for me its like my daily newpaper :) so thankinyouu.

  2. Thanks Louise! And hello to my lovely new subscribers! x

  3. Will be checking these out X

  4. Thanks Louise, new people to follow and read!
    Check out my new beauty post and updated blog!

  5. Great idea for a post ! Your blog is lovely ! I am a new follower, I was hoping you could help me spreading the word about my make up giveaway ! You're very welcome to enter =)
    You're invited to enter Fashion and Cookies' Glam Girl giveaway to win two amazing make up sets from Benefit and Urban Decay !
    Fashion and Cookies
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  6. Will definitely be checking them out :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  7. Thank you Louise! What lovely things to say! Everyone should advertise with you, it's the business!
    S xx

  8. Smile x

  9. thanks again louise for another successful month of advertising for me!!

    If anyone is umm-ing and ahh-ing.. take it from me it's well worth it!

    I <3 being a Sprinklerino!

  10. Thank you so much Louise for the lovely mention!

    Emma x x

  11. Ooooh this looks like such a great opportunity! I'd love to do it but paypal and I do not get along :( maybe I'll set one up in time for next months amazing advertisers xxx

  12. thankyou louise for the lovely comment, i really have appreciated you letting me advertise on your blog :)
    i will be back soon for more advertising :D



  13. I love Laura from Laura Laments her blog is amazing !

  14. So kind of you to help promote peoples blogs!
    Charlotte Couture Blog

  15. Some great blogs here!

  16. will be checking these out :-)
    please check out my blog xo

  17. I will have to check some of these out! BTW, I'm a new follower of your blog and love it!


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