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Saturday 3 December 2011

Christmas Crafts :: Inspiration

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

If, like me, you have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with crafts, glitter and handmade trinkets, Christmas really is the most wonderful time of year.

If you can't throw sequins on something and call it 'customised' at Christmas, when can you?

I think I have mentioned in a previous post that I have a few Christmas craft tutorials up my festive sleeves for you, but before that, I thought I would share on of my favourite Christmas things with you.

Every year, about October/November time, when the festive itch scratches, I start to look at homey magazines. Throughout the year I'm a More, Reveal, Look, Glamour kinda gal, but come winter, I start to feel a real need for this 'grown up' magazines, with their tips for good housemaking, recipes and craft tutorials.

Over the years I have racked up a few of these Christmas edition magazines. I'd suggest if you buy one, to keep it til next year because lets face it, a brushed felt robin decoration is going to be the same in 2011 as it is in 2017, non? Also, they usually retail around the £4-5 mark, which for a glossy mag, is pretty pricey I think.

I really love flicking through these. I always try some of the little projects (and sometimes fail- I actually made a video last week on how to make a 3D Chocolate Crispy Tree, but it was a total disaster and never made it to YouTube!) and always take decor inspiration from them.

I urge you to don your hat and scarf, skip down to your local news agents, grab a bag of maltesers and a Christmas magazine and immerse yourself in the festive cheer of it all.

What do you do to get yourself in the Christmassy mood? Also, I feel like I've typed the word 'Christmas' about 5,000 times!




  1. I work in a newsagents and I couldn't believe how expensive these magazines are! But like you say, you can keep them for ages! :) xxx

  2. I never have this kind of magazine :P

  3. Ooh I love these sort of magazines, though I'm hopeless, I just do a bit of wishful thinking and never make any of the crafts... oops! But at least they make me all festive! So do the Gift Guide's in most magazines, and in the food magazines! Ahh!

    Lucy xxx

  4. Love the idea! It's a great way to get into the whole Christmas spirit...I'm not really a crafty person though:)


  5. I do love these magazine but like you say they are pretty expensive! Only get one if I have something specific I want to do in it and for a treat :P!
    Excited for these Christmasy posts btw!

    Amanda |

  6. I always love to try and customise things over Christmas! By the way, talking about Christmas goodies, when are you and Zoe going to unviel your secret venture? I dont want to sound pushy! Just so interested!

  7. Can't wait to see what you make! X

  8. Looking forward to see what you make, I want to try and be creative and thought I might make our stockings this year.
    Great timing on the post - today is my first christmassy day when we put up our tree, write our christmas cards, make the christmassy food that needs to be done eary & eat mince pies hehe! It really gets me into the Christmas spirit! :-)

  9. Love this post I love the idea of getting all crafty at christmas I like to go to the christmas markets as they always have little christmas crafts and things that are already made but I'd love to make some for myself xo

  10. love ths post! and you can never say 'christmas' too many times, i think the christmas charts have taught us that :)

  11. I'd love to buy those magazines and get creative!
    I'm just using google, paper and scissors haha! xx

  12. I dont think I could possibly be in any more of a Christmas mood, i might explode!

  13. Girl after my own heart! I have to make sure i'm super tidy with mine or they get thrown out :P

    Seriously though, you should check out a magazine called Mollie Makes. They have their Christmas edition out right now and it's full of really simple and modern Christmas craft projects as well as excellent blog recommendations.

    Just watched your latest vid and the top your sister made for baby glitter is really cute, she might enjoy the mag too!

    They have a website and blog too :)


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