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Monday, 14 May 2012

Pintrest Inspired :: Disco Baths

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

A few months ago I created an account on Pintrest, not for Sprinkle of Glitter (although you are welcome to try and find me), but just for myself and to discover new things to do in my home, with Baby Glitter and for life in general. I tell you what, Pintrest is addictive. If you have a creative mind and like to gorge on eye candyliscious photographs, go there. Go there now!

(I know this snaps are fuzztastic, but seeing at it was late and I was naked in my bathroom, I didn't think I'd wanna take the big camera! Instagram images it is then.)

During one of my many late night mooches, I came across a lady who had put glosticks in the bath and thought, 'yes, that's doable'. So, I placed an order on wilkinsons plus, waited for my magical luminous sticks to arrive, ran a bath, got nakie (nice mental image for you there) and wallowed happy as a clam in my glowy, jazzy tub!

This really is what you might call, 'life's simple pleasures'. It's an incredibly low skill project, simply run a bath and chuck a load of sticks in! Yes, it's a little tricky when you first get in because you don't want sticks going where they shouldn't, but I'm sure you can all manage :)

Currently Baby Glitter goes to bed and wakes up whilst it's still light so she won't reap the benefit of this fun until Autumn, but I think young children (and grown women haha) would absolutely love this game and if it makes bath time fun, I'm all over it- Darcy is still not one for the tub. I also think this sort of lighting effect makes a good alternative to candle light and could be quite sensual.....oooerr. 

Is this a project you might try or have tried? Do you obsess over Pintrest too?



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  1. Wow what a fun idea! Disco bath lol love it! xx

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  2. Gawwd! I absolutely love this, off to stock up on glow sticks now :') but am a bit worried about one of them snapping and coming out of the bath more luminous then when I went in..

  3. OOOh this is lovely. I also saw on pinterest somebody who had broken a glowstick into a jar so that it was like a lantern! Perfect for BBQs and outdoor parties. Although they do smell vile, so screw the lid on tight! xx

    1. Ooh I will be trying this :) Thank you xx

  4. I loveeeee this idea, it looks so pretty!
    I'll definitely be trying this when I'm at home again with a bath!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  5. aah this is so cool!
    I really want to try it.

  6. Yes this is awesome! Can't wait until Baby Glitter has the opportunity to experience it :) It must be unreal for little kids.

  7. What a cute idea! I saw these piccys on your twitter a little while ago and was amazed- so glad you done a post on it! I would love to try it but I'm always a bit fearful of what is inside- its so glowy and mysterious!

    Julz xx

  8. this is such a simple great idea!!

    love it !!

  9. this looks soo cool i would do this but i think it would be a little uncomfortable :/ but i would do it just to take a picture haha

  10. Hahah OH MY GOODNESS. Never thought of this but I think I've just become obsessed with the idea.

    Enter to WIN my hotel, afternoon tea and beauty Competition!

  11. Awesome I love it. On you tube could you do the 10 little secrets tag please

  12. I am completely obsessed with Pinterest. I just wish I was not renting so I could try out more of the cool ideas I find on there! Will definitely have to try this idea out :)

  13. This is COOLIO.... I'm the pinterest queen ya'know! We even have a hashtag on twitter #Pinaddicts - hahah!

  14. This.Looks.AAAAAAAMAZING.

    How exciting.

    How has anyone never thought of this idea before?

  15. I wonder what would happen if you poured the liquid directly into the tub water. Would the water itself glow? I know it wouldn't be safe to bathe in, but maybe with a wet suit or something, it might work.

  16. i am toooooootallygoing to try this out!! That is so cooool .

  17. Great Post!

  18. Nice!
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  19. Now this is very cool! I can imagine it being quite fun and a lovely way to relax!


  20. I'm not a fan of the bath, I get bored and over heat but I think this could be a bit of a winner (obviously it wont do anything about the overheating...although maybe it'll distract me and I wont feel like I'm about to faint!)
    And I agree that this would be perfect for little people bath time...if only our parents had thought of this!

  21. im in love with pintrest. i recently saw a really nice site with creative ideas for kids (babies too with sensory play!) look at the playdough, so fun!

  22. Thats such a good idea! x

  23. I want to try this, it looks great!



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