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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

"There's a snake in my boot!"

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I jest, there is no such thing in my boot. In fact, I'm not even wearing any boots, I was just feeling the love for Toy Story. When my sister was really little, she used to pretend to be Buzz Lightyear, stand on the sofa, jump and shout "To ifididy and leons!". Random fact for you there.

Well, as you will have seen, there has been no blog sale *slaps wrist*. Sadly life got in the way and I will now be doing it after Christmas. We're going to Liverpool to stay with Matt's ma and pa for the festive season so I won't be blogging or able to get to the post office and suchlike so it seems a bit silly to do it now. Still, good things come to those who wait.

I've got a very packed life at the mo, I seem to be forever seeing the midwife, or going to the hospital for my gestational diabetes test (I had to go twice because they couldn't draw blood :( ), going to work, going to far off lands (Peterborough) to buy baby things and all sorts!

I will defo have to do a baby post soon, with pics of the bump, the pram, the cot etc and I have a few Lou's Reviews in the pipeline too.

How are you all? Let me know, I enjoy a random ramble comment!




  1. Some tips for helping them to take blood in case there are any of these they've not tried...

    Keep your arm really warm before hand, and open and close your fist repeatedly to help them find a vein. Ask for their most experienced nurse, then stick with her. Stay away from doctors, they're not half as good at taking blood.

    Ask them about using a butterfly needle and syringe, it's what they use for babies with teeny veins so takes longer and I find it hurts a little more (no idea why) but if it means avoiding being stabbed 7 times before they can find a vein then that can only be good!

    Booo for gestational diabetes though lovely, keep your eyes on the prize (cute, squooshy baby in case you'd momentarily forgotten ;) )


  2. Ooh have you been to Kiddicare? I want to go, I bet its like pram heaven!

    My daughter is nearly 3 and says " To infinity and a wand!"

  3. Have a lovely Christmas! I can't wait to see your baby posts, awww! Also, I tagged you in a post :)


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