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Saturday 4 December 2010

Lou's Reviews :: Lush Ma Bar

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I know lately I have done quite a few Lou's Reviews, after the reviewing draught, but that's because 1) I have a bit of mula now to treat myself to a few bits and 2) I'm having a massive Lush and MAC obsession at the moment. Do you do that? Do you go through phases of being totally in love with certain things or brands??

I've mentioned the Lush Ma Bar before, but realised that I had never done a proper review on it, so here we are chums, a maaaaaaaaaarvellous maaaaaaaaaaa bar review. Mwahaha see what I did there?

(Ma Bar's don't have glitter on them but in my house, glitter is an occupational hazard so lordy knows where those sparkles came from. See anyone you know in the background??)
The Ma Bar is a chocolate-toffee flavoured bubble bar that smells good enough to eat. Retailing at £2.45 per bar, it won't break the bank and I usually get about 4 baths out of it, so a small price for big luxury. The idea of bubble bars is to break a chunk of, crumble under the running water and voila, bubbley bubbley goodness. I know some people crumble a whole bar but I prefer to preserve the pleasure and use about a quarter per bath....maybe one day I'll go wild and live on the edge..I'll let you know.

This bubble bar, like all the others I have tried, gave the water a really moisturising, slippery type feel. I know that sounds nuts, but it felt like someone had popped a bit of oil in and it was doing my skin some good. This could just be in my own baby brained head (yes, pregnancy has adled my mind), but I liked it none the less. After leaving the bath my skin did feel pleased and I felt totally soothed and relaxed.

(MMMmmmmm I want to eat it)
The scent of this product is A-Mazing! It reminds me of delicious cafe hot chocolates and makes me want to lick it a bit. Beware! Once in a moment of maddness, many moons ago, whilst nobody was watching, I did lick a lush product (soft coer massage bar if you must know) and I will tell you now, it did not taste good. So learn from my mistakes, don't lick things you shouldn't...ooer missus.

My one negative on this product would be the colour it turns the water. Obviously as the bar is brown and cream (with a very cute little brown sugar cube I might add, dissolves in the water, lovely), it's not going to turn the water pink. No. It turns it a light brown sort of colour.................a litttttllee bit like someone has had a little tiny accident in the bath. Yes, that's right, I said it. My sister won't thank me for this, but when she was a baby and I was about 11, I had a bath with her on my lap, thinking how cute she looked in the bubbles. Cute until she did a million tiny malteser sized poos that subsequently dissolved into the water, turning the whole experience into a runny poo flavoured nightmare.

Please try not to associate this yummy bubble bar with poo (oh gawd), it really is lovely and I have bought quite a few of these, and do look past the browny tinge. The smell is amazing, price is good and overall performance is a total winner.

Have you tried the MA Bar? What did you think? Do you perhaps think I have completely lost it and gabbled on about poo??




  1. LOL, I love this review. The smell sounds lovely, far more lovely than the smell from the "Malteser" bath, hahaha.

  2. haha, that story about your sister ;') tears!

    bubble bar looks lovely! might try it

  3. Oh you do make me laugh- only you would review a bubble bar and end up chatting on about poo! xx

  4. This is a lovely review it sounds yummy! The story about your sisters is cute and slightly gross, I laughed though! :) x

  5. I used the chocolate half of this the other day with a satsumo santa for a chocolate orange bath. It was amazing! Not quite chocolate orange but a very sophisticated yet girly scent... Hard to describe but well worth a try!!

  6. Best review ever! I was literally laughing out loud.
    I love Lush products, and their bubble bars in particular. I haven't tried this one yet but I definitely will now. Thank you!

  7. I love this purchased it many times and not been dissappointed xx

  8. I've been looking for a review of this for a while - it smells lovely in the stores!! x

  9. Oh my goodness! I had the EXACT same experience with my sister in the bath! YUCK! Totally horrifiying!

    The bar sounds yummyyyy! xxx

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  12. I love Lush products, and their bubble bars in particular. Lush Ma Bar yummy
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