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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

MAC and World Aids Day- 1st December

Aloha Bloggerinos,

As you will no doubt know, I luuurrrvvee MAC Cosmetics. I love the feeling you get when you wander round a store, the fun you can have swatching the pressed eyeshadows, the smell of the wipes, the feel of the brushes......ohhh yeeaahhh *drools*

Because of this snazzy (blowing my own trumpet a bit there) blog, MAC kindly email me little previews of new lines or upcoming offers, which I always read with interest. I don't tend to post about them though (slap my wrist please) but this time, I felt it would be wrong not to.

December the first sees in World Aids day and along with tonnes of other organisations and company's (even my new office) MAC is supporting this valid cause.


Rather than bore you with my shoddy explanation of what MAC is doing, I am going to quote the email (sneaky tehehe). I've dotted about a few products that make mula for this great charity but if you pop yourself along to the website, you will find lots more of enticing goodies. I fully endorse this whole shibang- it's always a winner to support those less fortunate than yourself and you can buy yourself MAC products, guilt free!


MAC Say:

"On December 1, 2010 – makeup artists from M∙A∙C Cosmetics in London, Edinburgh and Dublin will put away their makeup kits and don red ribbons to participate in a company-wide volunteer effort to honor World AIDS Day.

Please find below a brief outline of our involvement….

M∙A∙C artists from London and Edinburgh will pitch in to help at London’s Positive East and Edinburgh’s Waverley Care and give up some of their free time to decorate nominated service areas and meeting rooms which are frequently used by visitors to both Charities. The M.A.C Aids Fund has supported Positive East since 2006 and Edinburgh’s Waverley Care for over 10 years.

To raise awareness on World Aids Day in Dublin, M∙A∙C Friends and Colleagues are joining the Open Heart House charity “Sleep Out”. This will be the inaugural Open Heart House “Sleep Out” and it is a great way for M∙A∙C to develop the support it has given to this charity since January 2000.

Did you know that one Viva Glam purchase can…….

· Provide 1 nutritious meal for a support group for 2 days.

· Provide support and education for 5 pregnant women diagnosed with HIV/AIDS giving them the tools to prevent transmission to their unborn child.

· Buy 1 pair of school shoes for a child orphaned by AIDS.

· Purchase 1 school starter pack of stationery for a child orphaned by AIDS.

· Buy 1 vegetable seed starter pack for a community garden.

· Purchase health education posters for a child care resource centre

· Provide 1 Party Pack for a child to celebrate Christmas, Easter or a birthday.


Since the inception of the M∙A∙C Aids Fund, together we have raised in excess of $190,000,000 (Since 1998, through the sale of Viva Glam lipsticks and lipglosses, the UK and Eire have raised over £4.4m), which is a fantastic achievement towards the help & support of people who are living with HIV & AIDS."

What do you think Bloggerinos?



Images courtesy of MAC.
They did send me some rather snazzy press pictures but could I download them? Nooooo. Once again, technology fails me. *sigh*


  1. One of the girls from my counter is going to Edinburgh! We're going to raise awareness big style, every customer MUST buy a viva glam lippy....I joke, but that would be nice!

  2. Lovely post - I had absolutely no idea MAC did this and its really nice to see such a big company doing something great for charity. At the very least it makes people aware of whats going on which is always a good thing and all the pennies created by the sales should be very handy :)


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