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Monday 29 November 2010

Catchy catchy catch up

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I'm having to type this in a really cackhanded fashion because I just slammed my swearwording index finger in the swearwording wardrobe door, looking for a pair of swearworing tights! Gargh!! I've got the rage I tell you!

I thought I would give you a little life update post as I have lots of life to update (hahaha I just made myself think of that line from Bugs Life where the Queen says "That's our lot in life! It's not a lot, but that's our life!" haha oh it tickles me so). As you can see, the pain of my throbbing finger has gone to my brain and I appear to be somewhat delirious.

So, tomorrow I am starting a new job. Yeesss I know, I change jobs like the wind but thus is the glamorous nature of a Temp. My job is a little part time number at the council, doing all sorts of officey stuff so should be nice. I quite enjoy working in an office and have come to find that most work on the same basic rules- There is always a hottie (thank god), there is always a really stressy woman who is mean but probably just quite insecure, there is always a boss, there is always someone on your wavelength who you can be your chum. One of my best friends Emma is someone I met when I was working for a very swish company in Liverpool, we hit it off immediately and had many shinangens. Hmmm maybe I should do a little feature on mine and her adventures (they once took us all the way to Ibiza for 2 days ahahahaha)- what do you think?

If only things were like this at an office. Thank you

Just a little subnote here- I was looking for tights for my first day at new work tomorrow. Why not wait til morning? I hear you ask. Well, this is why: When I went for my interview last week, I dramatically underestimated how long it would take me to fanny about getting ready. I suddenly realised I had 5 minutes before I had to get in the car if I was going to make it on time. I dashed to my wardrobe to find some tights but alas, there were none to be had. 3 Minutes to go. Had a desperate search through the wash basket (gross I know but it was dyer times) but no luck. 1 minute to go. Then at last, I found a pair of tights in the spare room and presumed I had left them there because I do tend to leave things everywhere. Pulled them on, got in the car. Felt VERY uncomfortable, like my legs were in cast iron clamps and lets not even get onto how my lady department felt!! I went through the whole job interview suspecting my blood supply to my legs had been cut off, drove home and ripped them off at the front door. It turned out they were my sister's tights. My size 6 sister. I rest my case.

In other job type news, I am just getting involved with a new venture that is all very top secret but I'm VERY, very excited about and I think that when it is launched, may well be something you'll like too......mysterious eh? Watch this space.

What I suspect you are all waiting for is baby girl Watson news. This week I am 24-25 weeks pregnant which sees me at 6 months- good grief doesn't time fly?! My bump is now unmissable and I can feel her kick/punch, wriggle and turn. I really love feeling her move and tell her a silent hello (if I'm in public, always best to try not to look too mental) but recently it's been making me feel quite nauseous and heart burny, mmmm lovely.

People have been soooo generous already. My grandma has knitted her all sorts of things, Matt's parents have bought tonnes of clothes and are sending a pretty generous cheque to enable us to buy a super duper pram/pushchair thingymajib, we've been offered a bouncer by a new neighbour and a steriliser by another relative! Oh, and my Dad says he's bought me a nice changing bag- woop woop! What I was really touched by though is that some of my YouTuberinos have offered to make things for her, like a cross stitch picture for her wall- how kind is that? She's not even born and already so loved.

We haven't had any snow to speak of in our neck of the woods which is a bummer because I luurrvvee the snow, but perhaps it'll be a white Christmas? We're spending it in Formby (near Liverpool) with Matt's parentals, so there will be chocolate and good TV galore!

Mindycat (clutching at straws here hahaha) is pretty cross at the moment. We're keeping her in the kitchen at nights because when baby girl Watson comes, we'll want our bedroom doors open and I don't want Mindy suffocating her or anything, so she's a bit shirty. Honestly, sometimes I feel a bit abashed round her and try and make it up to her with treats, talk about being manipulated!!

I have bought a few nice things really (it had been agggesss since I treated myself), so hopefully a few reviews are on their merry way to you as well.

Hmmm, I've just read this back and realised how looooooong it is, and what's worse is, I don't have any pictures to beautify here I come!

What's been going on in your world?




  1. Haha you are seriously one of my favourite bloggers ever. The way you tell your stories is hilarious. I'm always giggling away to myself.

  2. Ahh thanks Alison, that's really nice of you. Since writing this i've had a bit of an upset over something so that has really cheered me up and reminded me that there is a lot of happiness in the world.

    Sheesh my hormones are turning me into a total drip arent they?! xxx

  3. Oh no I hope you're ok lovely! Just have a little rub of your beautiful bump :)

  4. Another lovely post as always :)
    I love hearing the latest glitterbump news!
    Good luck in your new job.

  5. I couldn't help but chuckle at the tight tights story.
    I feel your pain with the manipulative cat and lack of snow, we've had one 10 min flutter but thats all folks,
    Good luck with your new job, hope its going well x

  6. Reading this after 3 years. But I loved this post. I just could not stop laughing on the part of tights. My fiance called me and I just could not talk to him, so he has to ring me back when I'm calmed down. =)


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