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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Quickie Quickie Bargain Alert!!

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Sorry to bombard you with 3 posts in one day, this is a bit random. I was just looking on the Eyeko website to see if my link worked from my previous post (yes, I'm anal) and saw a HUGE BARGAIN!!

Eyeko are doing a VIP Set for £30.00, which includes two nail polishes, a new fat balm, a new lipgloss, a graffiti liner, the original glow cream, a pretty mascara and it will all come packaged in the lovely canvass bag that I was given at the event a while back.

For £30.00 this is a massive saving and I know they only do this deal once in a while, for a limited time. With Christmas coming up, you could spilt the set up and give individual items to friends, or just spoil yourself rotten and keep it all, mwhahahaha!

To have a looksie, click HERE and as always, if you would like a freebie, enter my Ambassador Code (E11341) at the checkout. You obviously don't have to, but who doesn't want a free item??

Are you game?




  1. This sounds AWESOME! I've been wanting to try the cream and mascara for ages now so I'm sure I'll have no trouble convincing myself that I'd actually be saving money by splashing out on this little set :)

  2. That sounds like a brilliant offer, but I really can't find an excuse for more make-up! (Try harder Zoe!) I have some of their nail varnishes and they are brill!
    Z xx


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