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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Lou's Reviews :: Lush - Once a Year

Aloha Bloggerinos,

What a festive Saturday I'm having! Matt is here tapping away on his laptop, the cat is curled up, Love Actually is on, I've done a bit of present wrapping and we just had bacon rolls- bliss, bbuuuurrrrliss!

With this in mind, I thought I'd give you my thoughts on the most Christmassy massage bar I have ever smelt- Once a Year. This massage bar retails at £3.95 for 60g which is quite steep in my opinion but if you can't treat yourself at Christmas, when can you?

It consists of the big pink oval and a quirky cream moustash which has gold sparkles in it. I did detect a hint of shimmer in the pink oval too but nothing substantial, so if you aren't a glitter fan (a crime in my eyes) then you'll still be alright.

This little number is packed with shea butter (your skin will love you for this), almond essential oil and hazelnut oil which is said to have deep moisturising properties and form a protective layer around your skin without blocking pores- super!

Sparkle sparkle!
When I first smelt this I thought "Mmmmmmmmmm Christmas!" but couldn't quite put my finger on it. Maybe desserts and suchlike? Since looking on the website, I have discovered that is in infact Brandy! Whilst brandy isn't my usual tipple, the scent is distinctly festive and something I really enjoy. I would also say that the fragrance isn't overly feminine or girly, so could be used with a loved one...ooerr missus ;)

I love this so much I may well buy a backup because it saddens me greatly when LE items leave us, like Jingle Spells did, and never come back.

Have you tried this? How's your wrapping coming along? Anyone want to send me another Once a Year? Mwahaha!




  1. I love lush sooo much! Greetings from Therés

  2. Ooooh, might have to try this. I love all of their Christmas products.:)xx

  3. LOVE this ... it looks MEGA cute! I may have to have a pop in Lush and have a good wiff of this!

  4. I always go crazy in Lush so I am thankful that in our town there is not one! Otherwise I would be very very poor!

  5. Such a glittery massage bar. Haven't been to Lush in a while, but I'll look for this the next time I visit!

  6. I saw this at the store and was unsure about it. Now after reading your review, I want to run out and get it!

  7. I haven't been to Lush for ages, Going into Birmingham on Wednesday its my burfday ! so may pop in get myself a treat. great post by the way

  8. Oh how cute is this!? Although would it be good to smell of Brandy? I don't want people thinking I'm some sort of alcofrolic haha!!

    Love J.

  9. I love shea butter, it’s excellent for skin and hair. mine smells great because it is 100% raw, i find that it smells nutty

  10. nooo! i'ts upsetting to think i missed this!! <3

  11. i love lush so so much. its the best smelling place in the world and they have made a mascara which i would really like to try. i loved this post


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