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Monday, 8 November 2010

Pregnancy Update- 20 Weeks

Aloha Bloggerinos,

This little (or long as it has turned out) post will be especially for all the lovely Bloggerinos who have been asking about my pregnancy/telling me how broody they are/just being lovely-ahhh :)

If pregnant women wittering on about they're aches and pains isn't your bag, look away now!

So, as the title suggests, I'm 20 weeks pregnant now and feeling marvellous. We had our 5 month scan on Friday and it was truly the one of the best 30 minutes of my life! Matt was able to come to this one so for him, it was the first time he saw it. We saw the all four chambers of the heart, both halves of the brain, it's spine, ribs, leg bones, eye sockets, mouth, nose, everything. It was just an amazing experience to see our little baby moving about on the screen, totally unaware that it's parents were looking on loving it to bits.

After all the routine checks were confirmed as normal (hurrah!), the sonographer had a good look at baby's bits and told us we're having a little baby........................girl!!!! I literally burst into tears I was so happy. Matt had tears in his eyes and even the sonographer shed a tear with us. People always describe these moments as amazing and I never really got it, I just thought they were being dramatic, but now I understand. It was a moment when nothing else filled the room except pure and untainted joy. Joy for the moment and joy for what was to come.

Now I know what we're having, I feel a million times more bonded with her and sooooo excited. It's mad because I was so sure she was a he, and here I am, dreaming of sparkly shoes and frilly dresses.

In the last few weeks I have been feeling movement and in the last 10 days or so I have been feeling clear kicks and punches. It feels like someone tapping you with their finger but from the inside and is so odd!! You kind of forget your pregnant sometimes and then you have a little knock knock from baby and smile to yourself, that oh yes, your little baby loves you. The other morning, I was laying really still and she was kicking quite vigorously and Matt was able to feel her! I was so glad. I want him to be able to feel as close to her as I do, I think he does.

I had a bit of a scare last week, when I was bent over double in pain. Urgh it was awful. I know aches are usual as they are your body stretching to accommodate little one, but this was unreal. I went to the emergency dr and after a good prod about, he just said she had had a rather large growth spurt and my body was struggling to adjust- stretchy stretchy! I'm feeling a lot better now so panic not.

I've developed some oh-so-sexy stretch marks on my tummy too. I can't say I'm overly bothered by them though because I just think they are my body making my baby. If it contributes to a lovely baby it can't be that bad.

I have a properly defined bump now, which is just lovely and I find myself stroking it, or her, absent mindedly. Matt and I often talk about things we're going to do with her, show her, teach her. I feel so lucky to be able to have all this.

We've picked out her names but we'll be keeping these schtum until she's born I'm afraid. We've told both sets of parents and a few friends and the majority have loved her name. My Dad and Stepmum didn't seem too enamoured with it but there we are, I tried not to be too hurt- what a luxury to be able to be brutally honest eh?

We're slowly building our stash of stuff up, although I'm yet to buy anything pink or girly, mainly due to lack of funds :(. People have been so generous though and bought lots of lovely baby things so I am really pleased. I've been spending far too much time trawling through (like an eBay but for wonderful handmade products) for those gorgeous big headbands you see little American babies in. I haven't seen any over here and I don't want to put the baby in regular headbands because their heads are so delicate.

Anyway, have I rambled on long enough? haha. No snaps to share this time, hope you can forgive me :)

Are any of you pregnant/trying/had a baby? I love hearing other people's stories. Orrr do any of you make/sell those lovely baby headbands? Do let me know.

Lots of maternal love,




  1. Oh I'm so excited and happy for you! I bet you're overjoyed to finally know the sex of the baby, she'll be a spoilt little princess I'm sure (: xx

  2. Aww, congratualations lovely, you sound so happy! x

  3. Aww, how exciting!
    One of my best friends had a wee boy a month ago, and when I was shopping for him I got some great stuff in Primark actually! It was all very cheap, but really nice. Its not like they will be wearing it for long anyway! H&M has some really cool stuff, and Asda too! Can you tell I've been doing lots of baby shopping?

    Anna x

  4. Aww this is so sweet! Congrats on seeing your baby girl! :D

  5. Hiya , Great to see a update.

    I used to use this website to buy all my daughters clips and headbands its the BEST service ever xxx

    congrats on your little girl

  6. Wow! This made me a little emotional :') Thankyou for the update xxxxxxxxxx

  7. awww u sound sooo happy. Me and the boyfriend where talking about if we ever got pregant. he doesnt want to know the sex but i was i think i do so its gonna be a tuffie lol coz i couldnt keep something like that a sercert lol

    congrats to both of u


  8. yay i knew it!you must be so excited to meet your little girl now!

  9. Sounds like you're really enjoying being pregnant! I'm so pleased for you cos a little girl will be fab - that way when you have a boy he'll always have his big sister to look up to and go to for advice :)

  10. I absolutely love reading these posts - so sweet to hear everything you're going through!! Congratulations on your own little family :)

  11. congrats on ur pregnancy <3

  12. I told you you were having a girl!!!!! Hahahaha, congrats!!!!!

  13. Congratulations on starting your new wonderful family! :) So happy for you!

  14. Oh gosh I love this post!

    Sooo happy that I can be living through your excitment, I'm broody as fudge right now!

    I think it's dead bizarre and amazing that she can have a "big growth spurt" and they kick and stuff... it sounds so cool and I can't wait to do it all one day. I love shopping for babies :)

  15. Aww how amazing a little baby girl me and my fiance are going to start trying 3 months before we get married so hopefully we can announce it at our wedding. I dont know whether or not I would want to find out or if i would want it a lovely suprise. But I suppose finding out early is just as nice xx

  16. What a wonderful post! I am so excited for you both. She will be one lucky little girl having you as her mum!
    Z xx

  17. Aww how lovely!!

    Post a bump picture please?

    I have a little girl who will be 3 next month, it has gone so quickly. Honestly, everyone tells you how quickly it goes but you truly don't realise until you're baby is here. I was hoping for a lovely little girlie girl, but she is a good mixture, loves dressing up but is also a dare devil and is always running and bouncing around. Babies are lovely :) We've been trying for another for 18 months now which is frustrating but hopefully soon we'll be blessed with another soon xx

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