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Monday, 1 November 2010

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Do excuse the title and unrelated images, I'm just in that merry wintery christmas kinda mood- oohhhh yeeaahhh :)

As you may have noticed, I have been a bit slack on the old blog front of late, so I thought I would fill you in and give you a bit of a chatty post, as these seem to be rather popular. I luurvvvee chatty posts because I feel like I'm off loading my thoughts and find it really theraputic.

(I want trot through here in a nice dress and heels. Mmmm heels, the bump puts paid to any thoughts of sexy high shoes nowadays. Roll on March!)
Well, in the last week or so I have been tres busy. I signed up to a recruitment agency because the job search was going nowhere. They send me on various assignments and my most recent has been at a very well known cosmetic surgery clinic. It's a lovely place, very swish and my main roll (brace yourself) is to label the pictures of ladies boobies, before and after the surgery!! Basically, every man's dream job. Mwahaha.
I've also been temping at my Dad's office, which involved phoning around various international holiday resorts and taking a few details. Out of about 100 calls, I found the American's the best and luurvveedd how they all wished me a good day. I know it's not sincere but I do wish us Brits could share the love a bit. What do you think?

(J'adore wrapping presents and making gorgeous Christmas cards. Pretty pretty)
In pregnancy news I am officially five months pregnant now and blooming! I have a full on bump and am thouroughly enjoying maternity jeans. I am seriously questioning why I have spent my life agonising over jeans shopping, when I could have just bought these beauties and been done with it. Sod dignity, I'm NEVER leaving the bliss of stretchy waist bands. NEVER!!

I can feel him (I think it's a boy) moving about and have had a few light kicks which feels amazing. My scan is this Friday and providing bambino is laying in the correct position, we will see if it has a winky or fairy and can get cracking on painting the nursery- wahoo!!

Being as I'm not working full time, I have found myself rich in time but poor in mula, so this Christmas will be handcrafted as much as possible. I have some super ideas up my sleeve and will be giving you a few tutorials on how to do these too. None of them will be difficult so you will all be able to give them a whirl!

(I want to sit here -on a waterproof somethingorother- and drink hot chocolate and smooch Matt. Tehe)
Our lounge is finally, after 18 months, decorated so I have a "Home Corners" planned for you.

I am love love bloomin' well loving the wintery feel nowadays. I live for this time of year and will literally die with joy if it snows!! There's nothing better than being ll cosy in doors, eating chocolate and snuggling the cat.

I haven't taken any snaps in about 50 years, but I promise I will get cracking and and whip up some homey and crafty posts for you, unless you have any other requests?

Let me know how you're getting on, I love hearing from you all.



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  1. a winky or a fairy hahah! xxx

  2. Hehe! Labelling boobs is the best job I've ever heard of! I'd love to write that on my CV!
    Can't wait to see some christmas-craft tutorials! :) and it's lovely news about your baby kicking (so sweet!) Have fun at your scan! :D

  3. Was actually wondering about you today! Not heard a peep from you in ages - not even on twitter! Glad things are going well though, super excited for baby news cos I am soblummin'broody.

  4. gorgeous pictures, I loved this post!!

  5. aww I love that first image, it makes me feel happy :)


  6. Hey I missed you! Homemade Christmas cards and presents are the best! xx

  7. Hi Lou! Was getting a tad concerned not seeing any new posts. Glad all is well; so neat about little 'un kicking!
    I finally did a post about our meeting...about a month after it happened! Hope it gets your thumbs up! Have a great week,
    Z xx

  8. So exciting about the baby!! It must be amazing but I cna imagine slightly strange feeling something wriggling around inside you!
    Cant wait to see the home posts I love getting inspiration for when I get my own house....
    Hope you have time to visit my blog! I love reading your posts

  9. i need some advice! my sister in law is pregnant also (1 month behind you!) and is realllllly suffering with morning sickness (she has been vomiting so much shes been in hospital with dehydration and more recently has actually...wait for it....fractured a rib from being so sick!!
    so my question, can you help me come up with a lovely present idea for her, i would like 2 get her something really special for christmas and thought id ask another mum 2 b what would be appreciated!
    thank u =) xxx

  10. This post makes me so happy because I love winter, too!

    Just came across your blog!

  11. I must say, this blog is lengthy but truly entertaining! :)

    Kudos to you on the boobie labeling! :)) You can now say that you've seen all shapes and sizes. lol. Americans are just friendly that way. They exude a certain attitude that lures people in. I noticed that since I moved to the States. lol.

    Congratulations on the pregnancy! :) I bet you're a blooming mama! Merry Christmas and good luck with the decors!

    New follower! :D

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