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Monday, 5 April 2010

Lou's Reviews- Tans and Talons Nail Polish

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Happy Easter! Did you all have a good one? I went to Liverpool and had THE BEST TIME EVER. I had a good old Primani shop and will be doing some Primark Makeup Reviews soon. I must say, so far, so good :)

Recently though, I was kindly sent some goodies from Tans and Talons, click HERE to have a look at this Nail Heaven! I was sent a beautiful nail polish, some funky nail art stickers (yet to use and review), a kissy mouths (see picture- im rubbish describing! ha) nail file, some amazing little silver hearts for nail art and a dotting tool, which frankly, I do not know how I lived without! haha!

With flash

So, onto the polish. I LOVE IT. If I didn't like it, I would say. I don't feel obliged to give something I like a good review, but I really, really like this nail varnish. It's a lovely vibrant pink that is perfect for spring and summer. I have been super keen on pastels of late but when I tried this, I instantly like it. So much so, that after I removed it, I re-applied it! This is a great review in itself because I am a serial swapper for nail colours, so this is a real testament!

Without flash

The nail varnish retails at about £6.80 (I think) from Tans and Talons and is from the Bio Scullpture range, which is the range all the Tans and Talons goodies are from I believe. On the bottom of the bottle, it says '2016 International', so I pressume this is the product code and colour. Splendid.

The polish glides on very easily and doesn't chip for AGES. I would even liken it to Avon, which is my go-to polish for non chipping. I applied this on Wednesday night, two coats and a coat of clear for extra sheen, and now it is Monday night and there is only a very slight chipping. I think this is pretty good considering I have had an action packed weekend.

This polish will definately be in my top favs and I look forward to being paid and trying out some new colours.

Have any of you tried any of the Tans and Talons range or think you might like to?

Toodlepip! xx

Apologies for any spelling errors etc, I'm pooped! xx


  1. They have makeup in Primani??! How have I missed that! Is it super cheap?

    Ellie <3

  2. Oh god yes! It's also really good which is shocking! I did a post back a while back called Highlighter low pricer which is one of the bronzers and i've used it everyday- instead of my MAC Belightful bronzer! Wowzas!! xx

  3. Missy Ellie, I have a Primarni lipbalm and it;s GORGEOUS!!! I'll have to blog about it sometimes.
    Anywho, Louise that pink nail varnish is gorgeous, I;m a sucker for anything hot pink.

  4. Love the nail polish! Jealous! I so want to go to a Primark (& Topshop)!!! day when I visit the UK! :)

    Love your blogs/videos!

  5. Love that second colour! So summery :)
    sweet blog - really enjoy your posts :D
    stop by some time xx

  6. Hey, You're blog is so fun to read! :D It's so creative and funny<3
    Please could you check out mine?

    thanks xx


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